Woodsetts Registers: Marriages, 1842-1869


Woodsetts Registers: Marriages, 1842-1869

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameOccupationGroom ParishGroom notesStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishBride notesStatus
04 10 1841JamesRALPHStone MasonRoache AbbeySon of JosephWidower of Full AgeMaryMALLINDER Daughter of JohnOf Full Age
12 01 1843WilliamOLDALECurrierEckingtonSon of George, FarmerOf Full AgeMaryGOODWINGildingwellsDaughter of Joseph, FarmerOf Full Age
06 07 1843JohnCLARKSONBlacksmith Son of John, WheelWrightOf Full AgeAnnTURNERGildingwellsDaughter of JamesOf Full Age
01 01 1844JosephPATTISONLabourer Son of Joseph, Stone MasonOf Full AgeSarahTAYLOR Daughter of George, LabourerA Servant, of Full Age
06 05 1844RobertKAYLabourer Son of ThomasOf Full AgeCharlotteWOODHEAD Daughter of JohnA Servant, under age
12 07 1844Robert MathiasTHOMPSONAttorney's ClerkRotherhamSon of RichardWidower of Full AgeMaryLAUGHTONWorksopDaughter of George, LabourerUnder Age
15 07 1844WilliamTAYLORLabourer Son of GeorgeOf Full AgeSarahLINDLEY Daughter of ThomasOf Full Age
29 07 1844DavidSPENCERLabourer Son of JohnOf Full AgeRoseWORTHINGTON Daughter of JohnOf Full Age
18 01 1846CharlesSIMPSONMechanicSheffield Widower of Full AgeMariaHOBSON  Of Full Age
26 03 1846GeorgeBLANDLabourer Son of JosephOf Full AgeSarahWOOD Daughter of WilliamOf Full Age
30 07 1846GeorgeTURNERWheelWrightGildingwellsSon of James, WoodmanOf Full AgeHarrietPEARSONSt.John'sDaughter of Godfrey, CarrierOf Full Age
26 10 1846WilliamSPENCERLabourer Son of John, LabourerOf Full AgeHannahVICKERSWalesDaughter of Jeppson, LabourerOf Full Age
13 05 1847WilliamCLARKSONJoiner Son of John, JoinerOf Full AgeAnnBELLAnstonDaughter of Thomas, LabourerServant of Full Age
15 07 1847HenryTURNERJoinerGildingwellsSon of James, LabourerOf Full AgeSarahFISHERDinningtonDaughter of James, BlackSmithAged 20
06 09 1847JohnTAYLORLabourer Son of George, LabourerOf Full AgeSarahSPENCER Daughter of John, LabourerOf Full Age
13 01 1848JosephBRAMMERLabourerAnstonSon of Benjamin, LabourerOf Full AgeMaryWOOD Daughter of WilliamOf Full Age
22 04 1848WilliamSANDWICHLabourer Son of William, WeaverWidower of Full AgeAnnGUEST  Widow of Full Age
22 05 1848RobertSPENCERLabourer Son of John, LabourerAged 19MarySANDERSON Daughter of George, LabourerAged 20
10 11 1849CharlesWHITWORTHTailorCarltonSon of John, ButcherWidower of Full AgeAnnSTOBBARTWallingwellsDaughter of John, BrickWorkerOf Full Age
08 05 1851ReubenFISHERShoeMakerGildingwellsSon of James, FarmerOf Full AgeFrancesTURNERWincobank Hall, EcclesfieldDaughter of James, WoodmanOf Full Age
22 04 1852WilliamGOACHERFarmer Son of Robert, FarmerOf Full AgeFrancesCLARKSON Daughter of John, WheelWrightOf Full Age
22 07 1852ThomasHALLFarm Servant Son of Jonathan, LabourerOf Full AgeMaryBARLOW Daughter of Joseph, LabourerServant of Full Age
26 12 1853WilliamFOXFarm ServantGildingwellsSon of George, LabourerOf Full AgeElizabethFOSTERGildingwellsDaughter of Robert, LabourerOf Full Age
24 05 1854CharlesDANGERFIELDLabourer Son of Thomas, BlackSmithOf Full AgeElizabethHYDES Daughter of George, FarmerOf Full Age
28 11 1854MartinSTANLEYFarmerGildingwellsSon of John, FarmerOf Full AgeHannahBACON Daughter of William, LabourerOf Full Age
18 02 1856JoshuaMELLORSLabourer Son of James, FarmerOf Full AgeSarahBROADBENT Daughter of George, LabourerAged 20
13 10 1856JohnJEPSONLabourer Son of George, LabourerOf Full AgeAnnTWIGG  Of Full Age
16 10 1856Horace MarmersMONCKTONCaptain, 3rd Light DragoonsWallingwellsSon of William George, Arundell Viscount of GalwayAged 32GeorginaWHITEWallingwellsDaughter of Thomas Wollaston, BaronetAged 30
01 06 1857RobertLIVERSIDGEShoeMakerCarltonSon of Richard, ShoeMakerOf Full AgeEmmaCHADWICKWallingwells MillDaughter of George, MillerOf Full Age
25 12 1857JamesSTRINGFELLOWServantWallingwellsSon of John, BlackSmithOf Full AgeMaryOXLEYWallingwellsDaughter of William, WoodmanOf Full Age
29 12 1857WilliamHAYESLabourer Son of John, WoodmanOf Full AgeMaryJEPSON Daughter of George, LabourerOf Full Age
13 04 1858CharlesCADMANFarmerEckingtonSon of John, FarmerOf Full AgeHannahGOODWINGildingwellsDaughter of Joseph, FarmerOf Full Age
14 03 1859EdwinJACKSONLabourerWallingwellsSon of John, LabourerAged 20AnnMANNIFIELDWallingwellsDaughter of Robert, LabourerOf Full Age
22 05 1859WilliamHAGGARDLabourerDinningtonSon of ?Of Full AgeSarahHOLMES Daughter of ?Of Full Age
12 07 1859WilliamBOTHAMButcherBrampton nr ChesterfieldSon of William, FarmerOf Full AgeSarah ElliottARCHDALE Daughter of Joseph, CutlerOf Full Age
28 11 1859WilliamRADFORDLabourer Son of James, Stone MasonOf Full AgeJaneHARKER Daughter of John, LabourerOf Full Age
20 12 1859ZabulonGOACHERGrocerWorksopSon of Thomas, Steam SawyerOf Full AgeAnnHORNBYWallingwellsDaughter of William, Farm BailiffOf Full Age
31 01 1860ThomasMELLORSLabourer Son of James, LabourerOf Full AgeSarahTURNER Daughter of Joseph, ShoeMakerOf Full Age
10 12 1860JohnSANDERSONLabourer Son of GeorgeOf Full AgeAnn MariaINMANGildingwells  
08 10 1861JarvisWARING South AnstonSon of Robert, LabourerAged 24HannahHORNBYWallingwellsDaughter of William, ShepherdServant, Aged 24
17 10 1861JamesSHAWJoinerDover, KENSon of William, SurgeonAged 24AgnesHUDSON Daughter of John, BlackSmithDressMaker, Aged 22
28 11 1861JohnDOLBYLabourerGildingwellsSon of Joseph, LabourerAged 19Mary SmithMITCHILLGildingwellsDaughter of Jonathan, LabourerAged 20
02 06 1862JamesBEALLYFarmerNewton on Trent, LINSon of William, FarmerAged 33AnnBROWNCotterill WoodDaughter of William, FarmerAged 27
07 04 1863JosephMARSHLabourerGildingwellsSon of Joseph, LabourerAged 36AnnJEPSONGildingwellsDaughter of John Tuke, LabourerWidow of Full Age
07 12 1863CharlesDANGERFIELDLabourer Son of Thomas, BlackSmithWidower, Aged 49SarahGILLAT Daughter of John, JoinerAged 35
20 08 1865WilliamMARSHButcher Son of George, WoodmanAged 28AnneSTRACKAN Daughter of John, SaddlerAged 24
26 04 1866JosephHURSTMaltster & FarmerEast MarkhamSon of Samuel, MaltsterAged 31Mary AnnHURST Daughter of George, Woodman & FarmerAged 27
13 12 1866GeorgeSTOCKSLabourerGildingwellsSon of John, LabourerAged 30CharlotteWINFREYGildingwellsDaughter of John, LabourerDomestic Servant, Aged 25
13 04 1868GeorgeSMALESCollierCarhouse Colliery, GreasboroughSon of George, FarmerAged 23SarahFEATHERSTONEGildingwellsDaughter of William, LabourerAged 22
21 05 1868WilliamCHAPPELLLabourerThorpeSon of George, LabourerAged 24MaryCHAMBERSGildingwellsDaughter of William Hanstock, LabourerAged 25
20 07 1868JohnCAWKWELLCollier Son of Joseph, LabourerAged 23AnnSPENCER Daughter of William, LabourerAged 18
29 09 1868JosephDOLBYCarpenterGildingwellsSon of Joseph, LabourerAged 23MaryTUKEGildingwellsDaughter of John, LabourerAged 23
16 11 1868JohnCOLTONLabourerGildingwellsSon of John, LabourerOf Full AgeEmmaSTOCKSGildingwellsDaughter of John, LabourerOf Full Age
12 05 1869James Ramsay-GibsonMAITLANDEsquireSt.Ninians, Stirling, SCTSon of Alexander Ramsay-Gibson, BaronetOf Full AgeLucy FowkeWHITE Daughter of Thomas Wollaston, BaronetOf Full Age

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