Woodsetts Registers: Marriages, 1870-1889


Woodsetts Registers: Marriages, 1870-1889

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameOccupationGroom ParishGroom notesStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishBride notesStatus
11 04 1870WilliamSPENCERLabourer Son of William, LabourerAged 22ElizabethPEARSON Daughter of John, LabourerAged 20
19 01 1871JamesBRAMMERBrickMakerShireoaksSon of William, FarmerOf Full AgeMaryHORNBY Daughter of William, ShepherdOf Full Age
21 02 1871GeorgeFOSTERLabourer Son of Stephen, LabourerAged 23ElizabethSMITHGildingwellsDaughter of Joseph, LabourerAged 19
17 06 1871HenryLOWELabourer Son of John, ServantAged 22Amie RebeccaLYMAS Daughter of John, FarmerAged 19
16 10 1871JohnCOLTONGroom Son of Benjamin, LabourerAged 33EllenSPENCER Daughter of William, LabourerAged 17
11 12 1871SamuelBETTSLabourer Son of John, LabourerAged 19HarrietTAYLOR Daughter of John, LabourerAged 21
25 12 1871EdwinFROSTLabourer Son of James, TailorAged 20MarySEWELL Daughter of Amos Inman, LabourerAged 23
01 02 1872ThomasKAYECollier Son of Robert, LabourerAged 22AnnieGOACHER Daughter of William, CollierAged 18
25 11 1872George JenkinTAYLORQuarryMan Son of William, QuarryManAged 25JaneELLIS Daughter of Henry, QuarryManAged 21
25 11 1872FrederickELLISQuarryMan Son of Henry, QuarryManAged 23ElizaWEBSTERAnstonDaughter of William, Stone MasonAged 21
05 12 1872RichardGRAINGERFarm Servant Son of William, LabourerWidower, Aged 36ElizaTURNER Daughter of John, LabourerWidow, Aged 29
26 12 1872IanMALLINDERCollier Son of William, LabourerAged 33MaryNEWSTEAD Daughter of William, FarmerAged 27
15 05 1873John NelsonMILLERPhysicianWombwellSon of William, PhysicianOf Full AgeMargaretHUTCHINSONGildingwellsDaughter of Joseph, GentlemanOf Full Age
19 05 1873HenrySPENCERQuarryMan Father deceasedAged 27EllenPAYNE Daughter of John, LabourerAged 20
15 09 1873EdwardBARBERButcherBailboroughSon of Miles, GentlemanAged 45AnnMATHER Daughter of James, LabourerWidow, Aged 34
13 10 1873JosephSMITHSONLabourer Son of Joseph, ShoeMakerAged 26ElizabethCLARKE Daughter of George, CarpenterAged 22
14 11 1873ThomasBOOTHLabourerLetwellSon of George, ShoeMakerAged 23ElizabethHARTLEYGildingwellsDaughter of Benjamin, LabourerAged 24
31 08 1874JohnFORDBlackSmithGildingwellsSon of George, deceasedOf Full AgeMaryTAYLORGildingwellsDaughter of John Salmon, deceasedWidow, of Full Age
02 09 1874John HenryMITCHELLCoachmanWallingwellsSon of James, GroomAged 28MargaretBURN Daughter of Robert, QuarryManAged 22
25 12 1874EdwardVICKERSQuarryMan Son of Henry, LabourerAged 30SarahFROGGATT Daughter of William HartleyWidow, Aged 42
28 12 1874JohnROTHERFORTHLabourerHarthillSon of George, LabourerAged 19HarrietBOWLES Daughter of Thomas, LabourerAged 24
26 01 1875James HutchinsonBARNESTravellerSheffieldSon of John, ShopKeeperAged 34MaryWRIGHT Daughter of Thomas, deceasedAged 27
18 02 1875ThomasMELLORSJoiner Son of William, QuarryManOf Full AgeElizabethSMITH Daughter of John, ForemanOf Full Age
23 10 1876John LeonardKAYECollier Son of Robert, LabourerAged 22CarolineWRIGHT Daughter of Joseph, LabourerAged 20
14 12 1876BenjaminDAYLabourer Son of BenjaminAged 20EmmaDANGERFIELD Daughter of Charles, CollierAged 22
02 07 1877JohnFEATHERSTONECoal Miner Son of William, LabourerWidower, of Full AgeElizaBOWLES Daughter of Thomas, LabourerOf Full Age
15 11 1877WilliamCAWKWELLTailor Son of JosephOf Full AgeMatildaSHARP Daughter of Thomas, ShoeMakerOf Full Age
24 12 1877RobertWILSONShoeMaker Son of Joseph, LabourerOf Full AgeMaryTAYLOR Daughter of John, LabourerOf Full Age
06 11 1879WilliamCLARKECollier Son of George, CarpenterAged 25SarahDAWSONMile End Road, Bardsey?Daughter of Isaac, EngineerAged 26
17 05 1880SamuelSPENCERCollier Son of William, LabourerAged 22ElizaHEWITT Daughter of Joseph, LabourerAged 20
25 11 1880John DandyPETERSFarm Servant  Aged 24Sarah AnnSPENCER Daughter of Robert, CollierFarm Servant, Aged 24
19 07 1881JohnBACONLabourer Son of WilliamWidower, of Full AgeElizabethWILSON Daughter of William Holmes, LabourerWidow, of Full Age
24 11 1881SamuelHUNTFarm ServantHeadon with UptonSon of John, Farm ServantAged 24Mary EllenCLARKE Daughter of George, deceased JoinerAged 20
02 14 1882HenryELLISCollier Son of Henry, QuarryManAged 25SophiaBOWNES Daughter of Ian, CollierAged 20
22 03 1882William AshtonROPERFarmer Son of George William, deceasedOf Full AgeMaryBARNES Daughter of Thomas, deceasedWidow InnKeeper, of Full Age
14 09 1882EdwardTHOMPSONMiller Son of Richard, MillerAged 22LucyVICKERS Daughter of Charles, FarmerAged 21
24 11 1882WilliamWILSONFarm ServantGildingwellsSon of George, LabourerAged 21AnnHILLSt.John's, LaughtonDaughter of Thomas, LabourerFarm Servant, Aged 22
16 08 1883BenjaminTAYLORPlumberLockwood near HuddersfieldSon of David, PlumberAged 30Grace EllenGOACHER Daughter of William, FarmerAged 27
22 01 1884WilliamELLISCollier Son of Henry, QuarryManAged 23JaneGOOD Daughter of William, DraymanAged 20
20 10 1884George WilsonCLARKSONGrocerKiveton Park, TreetonSon of Robert, ButcherAged 32MaryROSE Daughter of Edward, FarmerAged 32
17 04 1885William HaslamMARRISONCarpenter Son of Thomas, CarpenterAged 24Louisa AnnNORMAN Father deceasedAged 24
28 10 1886ThomasCHAMBERSMiner Son of Robert, LabourerAged 24Mary JaneHAYES Daughter of William, LabourerAged 23
25 11 1886Charles HerbertDANGERFIELDLabourer Son of Charles, Miner Ann ElizabethRICHARDSON Daughter of John White, MinerWidow, Aged 19
29 11 1887William GeorgeNEWBOUNDFarm ServantGildingwellsSon of Thomas, deceased Farm ForemanAged 24ElizabethLAWSONGildingwellsDaughter of John, Farm LabourerAged 19
31 07 1888Robert HenryGOACHEREngine Driver Son of William, FarmerAged 30AnnieBOWLES Daughter of Thomas, LabourerAged 30
05 03 1889ThomasMELLORSJoiner Son of WilliamWidower, of Full AgeFannyTHORPE Daughter of Thomas Mellish, FarmerWidow, of Full Age
08 04 1889George WilliamHOPEClerkSt.John's, WorksopSon of George, deceased JoinerAged 22BetsyHURST Daughter of Joseph, MaltsterAged 22

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