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SOUTH ANSTON: Woodsetts Registers: Marriages, 1891-1909

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameOccupationGroom ParishGroom notesStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishBride notesStatus
20 04 1891ThomasHILLIron Cutter Son of William Arnold, GardenerWidower, of Full AgeSarahBRITTON Daughter of George, Barberof Full Age
04 05 1891HarryGODFREYPoliceManSouth Collingham, NTTSon of Thomas, LabourerAged 24LucyHAYES Daughter of William, LabourerAged 22
28 10 1891WilliamMILNERPublicanEckingtonSon of William, PublicanAged 32Sarah AnnHAYES Daughter of William, LabourerAged 30
06 06 1892Henry EdmundPAGEJoiner Son of Edmund John, deceasedAged 25FlorenceHURST Daughter of Joseph, FarmerAged 21
24 07 1892John WilliamFULLERRailway PorterSt.John's, Worksop[illegitimate]Aged 23LucySAUNDERS Daughter of John, MinerAged 22
27 08 1892RobertBILHAMMiner Son of Anthony, ShoeMakerAged 26AliceWOOD Daughter of Charles, FarmerAged 28
15 10 1892ThomasALLSOPButcherCarlton in LindrickSon of John, Wood TurnerAged 24Helen TarbetTHOMPSON Father deceasedDomestic Servant, Aged 31
16 01 1893James WilliamKELLYMiner Son of James Walter, LabourerAged 30Mary EllenCAWKWELL Daughter of John, MinerAged 19
03 04 1893ThomasOWENMiner Son of Thomas, deceasedAged 32EmmaSPENCER Daughter of William, deceasedAged 33
04 04 1893George Andrew MillerGODFREYMasonHarthillSon of Henry, MasonAged 23FannyKAYE [illegitimate]Aged 21
16 11 1893RobertBLANDMinerAnstonFather deceasedAged 24Mary JaneSPENCER Father deceasedAged 24
26 03 1894George WilliamLAMBERTMinerAnstonSon of William, GardenerAged 26ElizaWOOD Daughter of Charles, FarmerAged 27
15 05 1894JamesKAYEMiner Father deceasedAged 31Mary AnnINMAN Daughter of Samuel, LabourerAged 22
24 12 1894JohnBETTSMiner Son of Samuel, MinerAged 21Eliza JaneCAWKWELL Daughter of John, MinerAged 17
02 04 1895ThomasTAYLORLabourer Son of William, deceasedAged 43Ann ElizabethMIDDLETON Father deceasedWidow, Aged 35
15 10 1895WilliamSPENCERMiner Son of William, MinerAged 21Mary AnnieTAYLOR Daughter of George, QuarryMan 
17 12 1895HenryBURCHBYLabourerLetwellSon of William, WoodmanAged 26SusanHAYES Daughter of William, LabourerAged 24
24 03 1896JamesCAWKWELLMiner Son of John, MinerAged 21AnnieBETTS Daughter of Samuel, MinerAged 18
24 11 1896JohnBAGGALEYLabourer Son of James Andrew, LabourerAged 21Mary EllenLEWIS Father deceasedAged 23
16 03 1897John JamesSTAVESJoinerChapeltownSon of John James, Foreman LabourerAged 25Fanny FisherTURNERGildingwellsDaughter of Henry, CarpenterAged 29
05 06 1897WilliamHALLMinerAnstonSon of Marshall, MinerAged 28Annie MariaTAYLOR Daughter of John, LabourerAged 28
10 04 1898WilliamKINGLabourerWorksopSon of Amos, LabourerAged 28Florence ElizaSAUNDERS Daughter of John, MinerAged 25
20 06 1899Holland WaterhouseLEADEREsquireMoor End, SheffieldSon of John Daniel, EsquireAged 40Margaret La FontaineSTEEL Daughter of Henry Allen, Clerk in Holy OrdersAged 24
14 02 1900AlfredTURNERCarpenter Son of Henry, CarpenterAged 25Fanny ElizabethTURNER Father deceased PoliceManAged 25
16 04 1900Harold OrmondWHITLAMSignalmanKirby in Ashfield, NTTSon of Joseph, LabourerAged 29HarrietBELLAMY Daughter of Henry, LabourerAged 29
17 04 1900Henry JamesHELLIWELLFarmer Son of Henry, FarmerAged 31AnnieBIRKINSHAW Daughter of Frederick Leon, FarmerAged 22
28 06 1900Ernest HeberHARVEYMinerShireoaksSon of Silas, MinerAged 20Sarah AnnCAWKWELL Daughter of John, MinerAged 21
24 09 1900WilliamMELLORSMiner Son of William, LabourerAged 32Sarah AnnTAYLOR Daughter of George, QuarryManAged 21
17 02 1901George HenryGODDARDFarmerGildingwellsSon of Michael Asher, FarmerAged 38Mary JaneWYRILLGildingwellsDaughter of Henry, FarmerAged 25
16 04 1901Albert HoskinELLISMiner [illegitimate]Aged 29EmmaINMAN Daughter of Samuel, FarmerAged 27
24 04 1901Isaac WilliamNEWMANLabourer Son of John, ShepherdAged 27Edith HilsonMELLORS Daughter of Thomas, CarpenterAged 19
13 08 1901John FrederickSAUNDERSMiner Son of John, MinerAged 23AliceTAYLOR Daughter of George, QuarryManAged 20
26 12 1901GeorgeHALLAMMiner Son of Thomas, CowmanAged 22Hannah AmeliaFINBOW Father deceasedAged 23
10 02 1902George HenryHORSLEYFarmerHaughton, NTTSon of Henry, FarmerAged 31Caroline AnnieGODDARDGildingwellsDaughter of Michael, FarmerAged 25
14 10 1902ArthurDURHAMLabourerLittle Gringley, NTTSon of John, FarmerAged 30EmilyHAYES [illegitimate]Aged 24
14 10 1902JamesHERRINGTONLabourer Son of George, LabourerAged 26AdaHAWKEShireoaksDaughter of Martin, LabourerAged 28
14 10 1902John BeaumontCAWKWELLMiner Son of George, TailorAged 25ClaraCAWKWELL Daughter of William, deceasedAged 22
27 11 1902JamesALLISONLabourerLetwellSon of George, LabourerAged 22AnnieWILSON Father deceasedAged 23
01 01 1903FredSPENCERLabourer Son of William, MinerAged 20EllenBELLAMY Daughter of Henry, LabourerAged 22
08 04 1903George HenryCLAYTONGameKeeperWadsworthSon of Joseph, WoodmanAged 24Alice ElizabethBOWLES Daughter of George, LabourerAged 24
01 06 1903AlbertWESTMinerShireoaksSon of Roland, deceasedAged 32HarrietALLEN Daughter of Jarvis, MinerAged 27
06 08 1903FrederickHOWARD St.John's, Worksop  Sarah ElizabethKAYE Daughter of Thomas, Miner 
03 09 1903ThomasBROWNLabourerDinningtonSon of George, LabourerAged 23ElizabethINMAN Father deceasedAged 30
17 12 1903FrederickROWETTLabourer Son of David, ShepherdAged 22LucyTAYLOR Daughter of George, QuarryManAged 18
25 04 1904EzraTOOTHILLFarmerCantleySon of Alfred, deceasedAged 27LucyBIRKINSHAW Daughter of Frederick Levi, FarmerAged 29
30 08 1904Richard MauriceFAWSETTSchoolMasterMears AshbySon of John Barratt, Clerk in Holy OrdersAged 29Sybil WentworthSTEEL Daughter of Henry Allen, Clerk in Holy OrdersAged 31
24 12 1904ThomasNEALLabourer Son of Thomas, deceasedAged 27Mary AnnCAWKWELL Daughter of William, deceasedAged 22
26 03 1905John WilliamHAYESMinerAnstonSon of William, QuarryManAged 22Grace EllenKAYE Daughter of Thomas, MinerAged 19
07 08 1905WalterBAKERMiner Son of John, LabourerAged 20SarahPETERS Daughter of John Dendy, MinerAged 19
06 11 1905CharlesCOLTONMiner Son of John, LabourerAged 29EdithCHAMBERS Daughter of Thomas, LabourerAged 18
12 11 1905George WilliamLYONMiner Son of George, MinerAged 27Sarah PearsonSPENCER Daughter of William, LabourerAged 22
23 07 1906JamesMERRICKMiner Son of James, MinerAged 22RoseTAYLOR Daughter of George, QuarryManAged 23
26 07 1906Arthur AndersonWRIGHTQuarryMan Father deceasedAged 26Mary AliceALLEN Daughter of Jarvis, MinerAged 18
01 01 1907ThomasHIRSTLabourerSt.John's, LaughtonSon of John, LabourerAged 29Annie ElizabethCAWKWELL Father deceasedAged 28
16 03 1907James JohnWARBOYSMinerTurner Wood, ShireoaksSon of Alfred, LabourerAged 21Annie ElizabethMERRICK Daughter of James, MinerAged 18
20 04 1908JohnHALLAMMiner Son of Thomas, FarmerAged 22EllenKIPLING Daughter of Arthur, MinerAged 22
05 07 1909JosephTWIBELLFarmerLindrick CommonSon of Samuel, FarmerAged 30Janet MaryBOWLES Daughter of George, GreenKeeperAged 28
14 08 1909WilliamMERRICKMiner Son of James, MinerAged 22AnnieCAWKWELL Daughter of George, LabourerAged 20
07 10 1909FrankHALLFarmerLangold, LetwellSon of William, FarmerAged 29EdithHELLIWELL Daughter of Henry, FarmerAged 24

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