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SOUTH ANSTON: Woodsetts Registers: Marriages, 1910-1929

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameOccupationGroom ParishGroom notesStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishBride notesStatus
01 01 1910WilliamTAYLORMiner Son of George, QuarryManAged 21HarrietSPYVE Daughter of Thomas, QuarryManAged 18
08 02 1910WilliamPETCHMiner Son of Joseph, FarmerAged 30Sarah JaneSPENCER Daughter of John, MinerAged 24
28 03 1910RobertRANDALLMiner Son of Alfred, deceased LabourerAged 21FrancesKAY Daughter of Thomas, GreenGrocerAged 20
12 05 1910HarryCLARKSONMiner Son of John, deceased JoinerAged 28SarahINMAN Daughter of Samuel, FarmerAged 20
16 05 1910Charles WilliamHARRISONRailwayMan  Aged 22Grace EllenBETTS Daughter of Samuel, MinerAged 22
15 09 1910EdwardROWETTMiner Son of David, Farm LabourerAged 23AliceSPENCER Daughter of John, MinerAged 22
24 12 1910HarryKAYMiner Son of Thomas, GreenGrocerAged 31CatherineCRADDOCK  Aged 21
17 04 1911HarryLUNDPlumberEckingtonSon of John, PlumberAged 25Mary ElizabethKIPLING Daughter of Arthur, MinerAged 27
29 04 1911JohnSTEADMANMechanicDarnall, SheffieldSon of John, Night WatchmanAged 30Annie EllenBOWLES Daughter of George, GreenKeeperAged 24
27 05 1911WilliamCOLTONGolf ProfessionalCommon Gates, LindrickSon of John, LabourerAged 24Martha EllenKIPLING Daughter of Walter, Farm LabourerAged 18
03 06 1911Horace JosephCAWKWELLMiner Son of John, LabourerAged 19Lucy WinifredBOWLESCommon Gates, LindrickDaughter of George, Head GreenKeeperAged 21
04 09 1911LeonardPALMERButcherShireoaksSon of John, ButcherAged 32JessiePERKINS Daughter of Alexander, FarmerAged 28
10 02 1912EdwardKNOWLESMiner Son of Jacob, MinerAged 21AnnieINMAN Daughter of Samuel, FarmerAged 19
18 05 1912HarrySAVAGEMiner126 Sandy Lane, WorksopSon of George, MinerAged 23LilyTAYLOR Daughter of James, CarterAged 25
18 06 1912JosephPIGOTTMinerGildingwellsSon of Thomas, LabourerAged 35BeatriceGOACHERGildingwellsDaughter of deceased William, FarmerAged 40
06 08 1912Walter LesterOLDALEMiner Son of George, QuarryManAged 20Phoebe ChristineGILLETT Daughter of James, deceased LabourerAged 19
30 09 1912FrancisSMITHFarm LabourerBrando FarmSon of Henry, deceased Farm LabourerAged 37MinnieSEAMANBrando FarmDaughter of Frank, deceased Boat MakerAged 40
26 12 1912John WilliamTAYLORLabourer Son of John, deceased HorseManWidower, Aged 39SarahBETTS Daughter of Samuel, deceased MinerAged 27
26 12 1912John HenryOLDALEMiner Son of George, QuarryManAged 30Clara MillicentGILLATT Daughter of James, deceased LabourerAged 21
24 03 1913ColinTAYLORMoulderGreenside, SheffieldSon of Angelo, MoulderAged 27SarahCAWKWELL  Aged 25
05 07 1913Fred PercyPETCHMiner Son of Joseph, LabourerAged 27RebeccaINMAN Daugher of Samuel, FarmerAged 28
16 08 1913HarryKNOWLESMinerPark ViewSon of Jacob, MinerAged 22Winifred AnnKIPLING Daughter of Arthur, MinerAged 23
19 11 1913John ClarksonGOACHERFarmerGildingwellsSon of William, deceased FarmerAged 43EmmelineHAYWOODDinningtonDaughter of Sydney, deceased ClerkAged 30
24 12 1914RobertSPENCERMiner Son of John, MinerAged 24AnnKNOWLES Daughter of Jacob, MinerAged 22
26 12 1914RobertSPENCERMiner Son of Samuel, MinerAged 22EllenSPYVE Daughter of Thomas, QuarryManAged 22
23 12 1916William WellsHERRINGSoldier of the BilletMarston, DBYSon of William, retiredAged 35AmyKAY Daughter of James, MinerAged 19
04 03 1919GeorgeINMANWoodmanThe Dale, AnstonSon of Job, deceased WoodmanAged 43Rose GwendolineKETLEY Daughter of James William, GardenerAged 25
19 06 1919HaroldTHOMASMinerShireoaksSon of Richard, DealerAged 27FannyROUSE Daughter of Joseph William, FarmerAged 24
17 09 1919LawrenceDUNGWORTHFarmer   AliceDEARNALEY Daughter of Thomas, deceased FarmerAged 24
20 09 1919Edwin PettitPEARLEDry Dock Official20 Henry Street, RedcarSon of William John, retiredAged 34EthelCAWKWELL  Aged 28
06 11 1919WalterREDMILEPoliceManNormantonSon of Samuel, LabourerAged 28EdithKIPLING Daughter of Walter, FarmerAged 23
28 01 1920Reginald WilliamKETLEYMinerLodge Farm, WorksopSon of J.W., GardenerAged 24MildredKAY  Aged 20
12 06 1920HerbertSTOREYMinerAnstonSon of Frank, MinerAged 25Sarah JaneSPYVE Daughter of Thomas, MinerAged 25
02 08 1920FrederickSMOOTHEYMiner Son of Harry, EngineManAged 25Florence MabelSPENCER Daughter of Fred, deceased QuarryManAged 24
21 08 1920Alfred WilliamWHITEFiremanDinnington Aged 28ElizabethSPYVE Daughter of Thomas, QuarryManAged 22
28 09 1921ChristopherBREWERBlackSmithThe Dale, AnstonSon of George, FarmerAged 31NellieWRIGHT Daughter of John, FarmerAged 30
04 10 1921ArnoldHAIGHFarm LabourerMarnham, NTTSon of Charles, BricklayerAged 21NellieKAY Daughter of William Henry, MinerAged 20
26 12 1921BernardPATRICKBlackSmithDinnington Aged 29Kathleen MonaBETTS Daughter of John, QuarryManAged 22
29 04 1922John HenryBATTERSBYMinerWorksopSon of William Henry, LabourerAged 23Betsy JaneKIPLING Daughter of Arthur, deceased MinerAged 21
21 04 1924HenryTURNERMotor DriverGildingwellsSon of Alfred, JoinerAged 23Phyllis AmyWINNOldcoates, HarworthDaughter of George, LabourerAged 23
17 05 1924RichardLAMBERTFarm WorkerGreaseboroughSon of R.H., GardenerAged 29LizzieSPENCER Daughter of John, LabourerAged 21
28 03 1925ArthurTEWQuarryMan Son of Herbert, MinerAged 29HildaKAY Daughter of William Henry, MinerAged 27
23 12 1925George WilliamSTUBBSLabourerGamstonSon of William, ForemanAged 22ClaraTAYLOR Daughter of Walter, ForemanAged 24
24 12 1925Albert EdwardDOCKERILLWoodworkerHollowaySon of Albert, FiremanAged 22Rose EllenROUSE Daughter of Joseph, FarmerAged 23
05 04 1926JohnSCHOFIELDMiner Son of Frank, deceased Farm WorkerAged 26AnnisCOGGAN Daughter of John Thomas, Farm WorkerAged 21
08 05 1926Thomas HenryFINBOWMiner  Aged 44MaryRANDALL  Widow, Aged 41
02 08 1926JosephHILEYColliery Time KeeperLetwellSon of Fred, deceasedAged 22AdaCOGGAN Daughter of Tom, Farm LabourerAged 20
18 12 1926Robert HenryGOACHERElectrician Son of Robert, Cycle DealerAged 30ClaricePICKERING Daughter of Fred W., FarmerAged 24
19 02 1927John WilliamBOOTHMinerHolmes, RotherhamSon of J.H., MinerWidower, Aged 36JessieTAYLOR Daughter of Walter, Farm WorkerAged 20
16 04 1927Arthur JamesINGRAMShoeHandGlenfield, PeterboroughSon of John Thomas, Corporation WorkerAged 24DoraROWETT Daughter of Frederick, MinerAged 22
04 06 1927Joshua ThomasASHERLand Worker Son of Charles RAged 30Kathleen LilyROUSE Daughter of Joseph, FarmerAged 22
07 07 1927ThomasGREGORYInsurance AgentEcclesfield Aged 32RuthKIPLING Daughter of Walter, FarmerAged 26
06 04 1929RobertFOWLERFarmer Son of Joseph, RailwayManAged 30Beatrice MarySPENCER Daughter of John, deceased LabourerAged 28
24 08 1929CliffordHERRINGTONStone Worker Son of Samuel, Deputy Pit ManagerAged 23Margaret WynneWESTLEY Daughter of Henry, FarmerAged 21
23 09 1929GeorgeHERRINGTONGroundsman Son of James, MinerAged 25Margaret AliceKIPLING Daughter of Walter, FarmerAged 24
26 10 1929Albert EdwardGILLEngineerStoney, MiddletonSon of William, deceased GrocerAged 31MayCOVERDALE Daughter of John William, GardenerAged 26
23 11 1929Thomas HenryPRITCHARDMiner Son of Frederick George, GreenGrocerAged 20Annie ElizabethLYON Daughter of George William, MinerAged 23
14 12 1929WilfredTAYLORFarm Worker Son of Walter, Farm WorkerAged 25MaudINMAN Daughter of Amos, FarmerAged 24

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