Woodsetts Registers: Marriages, 1930-1949


Woodsetts Registers: Marriages, 1930-1949

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameOccupationGroom ParishGroom notesStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride ParishBride notesStatus
01 09 1930FrankSTOTHARDHair DresserWorksopSon of J.W., GardenerAged 20Kathleen MaryWRIGHT Daughter of Arthur, MinerAged 20
06 09 1930Cyril WebsterBEARDMOREQuarryManShireoaksSon of Adam, deceased MinerAged 24AnnieHALLAM Daughter of John, MinerAged 21
26 12 1930William HenryALLISONMinerWorksopSon of Henry, MinerAged 24AnnieKAY Daughter of Robert, MinerAged 24
04 04 1931CecilKAYGardener Son of William, retiredAged 22MarionRODGERS Daughter of Fred, MinerAged 20
06 04 1931HerbertDEAKINMinerDinningtonSon of Owen, MinerAged 23JaneBAKER Daughter of Walter, MinerAged 21
06 04 1931JohnTAYLORMiner Son of Charles, retiredAged 25LizzieTAYLOR Daughter of William, deceased MinerAged 20
12 09 1931FredRODGERSMiner Son of Fred, MinerAged 22VeraKNOWLES Daughter of Edward, FruitererAged 19
26 09 1931George HaroldDAINESMiner Son of John William, deceasedAged 24Margarite UnaBETTS Daughter of John, QuarryManAged 21
24 10 1931Charles EdwinWHITELOCKSDaybrook Estate Worker Son of James, deceasedAged 33MayELLISGildingwellsDaughter of Albert, FarmerAged 27
19 12 1931ErnestGREENMiner Son of Bernard, MinerAged 22EdithLYON Daughter of George William, MinerAged 24
25 12 1931Arthur JamesWATERHOUSEMinerShireoaks Aged 27EvaROWETT Daughter of Frederick, MinerAged 23
02 01 1932GeorgeTAYLORQuarryMan Son of Charles Jenkinson, FarmerAged 29ElizabethCOVERDALE Daughter of John William, GardenerAged 26
11 04 1933Frank EdwardPARRYJoinerFirth Park Road, SheffieldSon of Edward, StewardAged 25AliceSPENCER Daughter of William, deceasedAged 23
30 09 1933AllanKAYMiner Son of Robert, MinerAged 24Mary ElizabethRANDALL Daughter of William, deceased 
26 12 1933Francis George ShearmanDINSDALEMinerSouth AnstonSon of Alfred, GrocerAged 22OliveTAYLOR Daughter of William, deceasedAged 21
17 09 1934William CharlesJONESVan Driver Son of Isaac, MinerAged 23Violet IsabelALLEN Daughter of William, MinerAged 24
09 02 1935Walter EdwardJACKSONSurveyorWhitwellSon of William Hand, CashierAged 23Catherine EdnaWESTBY Daughter of Henry, deceasedAged 25
21 12 1935Charles WilliamLAYLEMinerWorksopSon of Charles, MinerAged 21PhyllisCOLTON Daughter of Charles, MinerAged 21
11 04 1936SydneyCOLTONMiner Son of Charles, MinerAged 30RosieHAYES Daughter of John W., Miner 
25 04 1936WilliamSPENCERQuarryMan Son of Frederick, QuarrymanAged 29EllenMERRICK Daughter of James, Insurance AgentAged 27
05 06 1937LeslieGOODISONFarmer Son of Joseph Edwin, FarmerAged 32SybilPETCH Daughter of William, Quarry OwnerAged 26
31 07 1937Jarvis WilliamALLENQuarryMan Son of William, MinerAged 23Mary EllenRATHBONE Daughter of James, LabourerAged 22
09 10 1937Frederick JohnPAGEButler Son of William, retiredAged 32NellieHALLAM Daughter of John, MInerAged 28
03 12 1938HenrySPENCERQuarry Worker Son of Fred, Quarry WorkerAged 32CatherinePICKERING Daughter of Frederick William, FarmerAged 26
29 04 1939William EdwardRAYCoachbody BuilderMoston, ManchesterSon of William, FettlerAged 26MarionCOLTON Daughter of William, MinerAged 26
19 08 1939AlickHEARSONMinerTodwickSon of William, deceasedAged 22KathleenLYON Daughter of George William, MinerAged 21
25 11 1939Geoffrey NorwoodWALESColliery Sales ManagerEdensorSon of Henry Thomas, deceased Mining EngineerAged 42Isobel MertonGULLICK Daughter of Geoffrey Merton, Mining EngineerAged 27
21 09 1940Albert EdwardHAZLEHURSTSoldierCarlton in LindrickSon of Thomas Henry, MinerAged 27Dorothy MaryHERRINGTON Daughter of James, LabourerAged 25
12 04 1941CyrilCOCKINGMiner Son of Joseph, Ammunition WorkerAged 32GladysKAY Daughter of Robert, GardenerAged 28
14 04 1941BernardFOULDSSteel WorkerAnstonSon of Ashley Thomas, MinerAged 32JoyceKNOWLES Daughter of Henry, Brick WorkerAged 23
27 11 1941Joseph JewittCOVERDALESoldier Son of John William, GardenerAged 30Alice SarahLAWSONHandsworth, SheffieldDaughter of Henry, Foundry ForemanAged 27
30 12 1941Colin LeslieTAYLORSoldierRotherhamSon of George, deceased MinerAged 23RubyKNOWLES Daughter of Edward, GrocerAged 23
28 02 1942Leonard WilliamMORRISSoldierNewarkSon of William, deceased GardenerWidower, Aged 24Alice BarclayFOULDS Daughter of Norman, retiredAged 20
05 12 1942WalterBAKERLorry Driver Son of Walter, Colliery LampmanAged 21Kathleen JoyceCHADBURN Daughter of Alfred, retiredAged 18
23 10 1943RaymondPERKINSSoldierWorksopSon of Herbert, deceased MinerAged 24AmeliaHAYES Daughter of John, LabourerAged 19
20 04 1944HarryBACONDraperMaltbySon of William, deceased Colliery WorkerWidower, Aged 53BessiePARKER Daughter of John, retiredAged 37
12 07 1944ArthurJACKSONFarm WorkerGildingwellsSon of Arthur, Agricultural WorkerAged 29Gladys AnnieBORROWSGildingwellsDaughter of Herbert, FarmerAged 21
21 09 1944EdgarJOHNSONGardenerDore, SheffieldSon of William, deceased Colliery Surface WorkerWidower, Aged 61Victoria ElizabethTYSON Daughter of Alfred, deceased LabourerAged 62
17 02 1945GeorgeMERRICKSoldier Son of James, News AgentAged 28NancyLYON Daughter of George William, MinerAged 29
09 05 1945EricWILLIAMSSoldierAnstonSon of John Herbert, Power House AttendantAged 20Beatrice MaryWALES Daughter of George, GentlemanAged 25
29 05 1945Leslie FrankTRAXSONSoldierStaple Hill, Burton on TrentSon of Frederick, SalesmanAged 19Muriel Jean ClarksonWRIGHT Daughter of Arthur Anderson, MinerAged 20
09 06 1945DonaldSLATERSoldierSpondonSon of George, SoldierAged 23EdnaSPYVE Daughter of George Henry, FarmerAged 22
22 12 1945John WilliamSHACKALLCaptain, HMFBansteadSon of Lionel William, Printer & Publisher RitaCAWKWELL Daughter of Arnold Walter, Haulage ContractorAged 27
03 01 1946Frederick AlfredBLACKWELLSoldierEaymSon of Harry, Boot & Shoe OperatorAged 23Margaret ElizabethBREWER Daughter of Christopher, FarmerAged 22
21 12 1946RowlandHORTONTractor DriverWalthamSon of Henry, retiredAged 25Edith MaryPETCH Daughter of William, Quarry WorkerAged 26
26 12 1946JeffreyHIGHFIELDMiner Son of Edward, DeputyAged 21Barbara RitaBOULTON Daughter of Frank, MinerAged 19
12 03 1947HaroldCOVERDALEFurnace Man Son of John William, retiredAged 31Minnie MargaretKNOX Daughter of James, FarmerAged 23
05 04 1947CyrilRHODESFarmerGildingwellsSon of Percy, FarmerAged 23JoyceKENNEDYLangoldDaughter of Walter, MinerAged 23
02 08 1947Albert WilliamMILLARDMinerDinningtonSon of WilliamAged 27Margaret AnnieHAYES Daughter of John William, Colliery Surface WorkerAged 19
29 05 1948James DouglasJONESMinerShireoaksSon of Edward, MinerAged 24Nancy PatriciaCOOK Daughter of Walter, LabourerAged 22
05 06 1948HerbertHIRSTLabourerAnstonSon of William, MinerAged 22Mildred MaryTAYLOR Daughter of Bert, MinerAged 20
28 08 1948AlfredWHITFIELDColliery WorkerMantonSon of Percy Maurice, Colliery WorkerAged 22Joan LilianSPENCER Daughter of William Edward, Colliery WorkerAged 23
25 01 1949John Robert MauriceJACOBSProfessional GolferAnstonSon of Robert, deceased Professional GolferAged 23RitaWRAGG Daughter of Joseph, GentlemanAged 21
02 04 1949Harold JarvisSPENCERLorry Driver Son of Frederick, Colliery Surface WorkerAged 28Eva MaySPYVE Daughter of George, FarmerAged 22
16 04 1949Robert WilliamBRADLEYBricklayerRetfordSon of Robert, retiredAged 24DoreenBETTS Daughter of Sidney, QuarryManAged 18
14 05 1949George GranvilleGALLEYSecretaryWorksopSon of George William, Colliery OvermanAged 20Iris JoanPRITCHARD Daughter of Thomas Henry, MinerAged 19
16 07 1949ReginaldBROWNMinerDinningtonSon of Thomas William, MinerAged 25JoanOLDFIELD Daughter of Henry, MinerAged 23
03 09 1949Douglas VictorALLENFactory Worker Son of Jarvis William, deceased Small HolderAged 30DoreenKNOXAnstonDaughter of James, FarmerAged 21
31 12 1949Thomas AllenSPENCERGroundsman Son of Frederick, Colliery WorkerAged 35Elsie NellieJACKMANAnstonDaughter of Joseph, Director of SteelAged 39

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