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South Kirkby parish:

South Kirkby parish:

Moorthorpe, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial to the dead of Moorthorpe and South Elmsall in the two World Wars.

The front panel: (see also Photo)

Panel 2: (see also Photo)

Panel 3: (see also Photo)

The rear panel (4): (see also Photo)

To the greater
glory of God
this cross
is erected
in memory of
those who gave
their lives
South Elmsall
in the
World Wars
1914 - 1918 - 1939 - 45

PteSAnsell CplM WDalton PteHLiall PteG ERoberts
POG HArundel CplJDixon PteRList PteERodgers
SgtHAttwood L/CplW EDavison CplL WLockett PteHRodgers
PteG FBaddiley PteEDaniels PteALockwood PteL ERontree
CplRBamling PteFDaniels L/CplBMarchington PteARowley
PteHBarber PteW Daniels PteW GMarriott PteFRyalls
SaprCBarlow PteGDixon GnrW OMarr L/CplWRyalls
CplCBoocock PteWDixon PteCMedd PnrRSaxon
PteEBough PteJDrake PteB TMelling PteA WScorsby
PteABowskill PteWDurkin PteTMicklefield WO RNASlater
2nd LieutW RBradbury POW RDurkin PteA HMiles PteHSmith
L/CplW SBradder PteWDutchman L/CplJ WMillward PteSSmith
PteC NBrooke L/CplA WDonaldson A/B RNAMilner PteTSmith
PteJBrothwood SgtR HEdwards PteEMinett PteHSnowden
PteHBrown L/CplGElliott PteG EMorley PteW MSpink
PteJCairns PteGElwell L/CplJ Morley A/B RNJStables
SgtACarris PteA Exley PteHMorris PteWStanton
PteWCassell PteO WExley L/CplWMountain PteC WStocks
PteHCastle PteGEyre CplAMunn PteWStoker
PteTChester PteE HFenton PteCMyers PteAStreet
PteE HClayton PteH WFenton PteJNarey PteBStreet
L/SgtWClempson PteGFretwell PteL WNettleton PteJSugden
CplJ WClowson PteJ EGermain CplANicholson L/CplL Sutton
SgtSCooper SaprH Gibson PteG ENicholls PteHTaylor
PteJ WConnolly GnrBGissop PteH ENicklin PteNTeague
Qr Sgt MajHCook PteAGrantham A/B RNJNorris PteEThomas
PteWCope PteWGray GnrE MNowell PteG HThomas
PteGCrossley A/B RNJ C HGriffiths PteJNowell PteJThompson
PteG BCrossley CplHHall PteMO'Connor PteFTomlin
PtePCrossley PteJHall GnrTO'Malley SgtJTwigg
GnrACrossley PteRHall PteP S GOutlaw LieutJ NWalker
L/CplG HCummings PteTHarrison A/B RNJParker CplAWalters
PteHCurtis L/CplFHarris PteJParsons PteJ RWalton
    PteGHazlehurst PteH EPashley GnrWWanless
    PteP RHinds PteW WPercival PteMWard
    PteW HHolmes PteJPiggott PteJWatkins
    PteE SHornsby SgtEPiper PteAWelch
    L/CplAHorton L/CplTPrice PteC EWelch
    L/CplBHumphries PteA EPrice PteJWestwood
    PteGJarvis PteL WPriestley PteJWhite
    PteJ WJarvis PteJRagan L/CplTWilliamson
    CplTJohnson PnrWRamsden Sgt MajH AWinwood
    L/CplA CJones BombrJRattigan PteHWood
    PteR Jones PteWRhodes PteJ WWood
    PteJJoyce PteTRoberts PteEWray
    PnrTKirby     PteHWright
    PteAKitchen     PnrJWright

Panel 5: (see also Photo)

Panel 6: (see also Photo)

1939 - 1945 1939 - 1945
Flt MechJArmishaw GnrBPallett
O/S RNC SAtkinson PteJParkin-Coates
CplRBamling Wo AgJParsons
CplL ABates SgtVPicken
A/CG HBessant PteSPollard
GnrA JBird Sgt PilotC ERaikes
DvrW FBirkin SgtG MRhodes
PteW FBrooke LRodgers
PteJBrown Flt SgtD HRyder
SgtJCarney MarinerRSchofield
CplW Carrington Flt LieutL [DFC]Simpson
GnrC SCatton SgtFStocks
TprWCharlesworth A/B RNC WStocks
GnrEClayton PteJStonier
GnrG ACoates CplFStubbs
CSMID ACooper Sgt NavCSunderland
PteD Counsell Stkr RNWTartt
Stkr RNHCrossley DrvJThompson
GdsmanSDavies PteG MTill
PteL AFarmery BombrC WTinsley
SgtHFindler Sgt NavATooth
CplA JFisher Sgt ObvFTooth
TprMGamble VADMiss MTye
PteFGlover FiremanAUtley
L/CplR WGough CplAWagstaff
CplC SGreasley PteSWall
PteJ WHale PteHWalton
GnrTHammond GnrH Watson
CplRHancock PteAWebster
PteGHatto Sgt GnrJ HWhite
DvrHKirk GnrG WWhiteley
PteA Lee Sub LieutJ LWilson
PteW RLongden GnrJWilliams
Sgt Wo AgHLyrgill CplFWorsnop
A/B RNG AMaxfield Sgt PilotJ MWright
Plt OffrFMcGreavy SgtHWyrgill
Sgt Wo AgHMiddleton    

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott and Colin Hinson
from photography by Colin Hinson