Wetherby Directory of Trades and Professions for 1834


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for WETHERBY in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Post Office,

  • High street, John Smith, Post master

Nobility, Gentry, & Clergy,

  • Arrowsmith Miss Jane, Horse fair
  • Beckwith Rev. Henry, Collingham
  • Brewin John, esq. North Deighton
  • Fox George Lane, esq. Bramham park
  • Gelderd Rev. James, Kirk Deighton
  • Goodricke Francis Lyttleton Holyoake, esq. Ripston park
  • Herbert the Hon. & Rev. William, Spofforth
  • Maude Gideon Michael Angelo, esq. North grange
  • Middleton Peter, esq. Stockeld park
  • Middleton William, esq. Linton spring
  • Parker Mr. Samuel, Market place
  • Pearson Rev. John Holt, High st
  • Raby Rev. William, Spofforth road
  • Ramsden Henry J. esq. Linton spring
  • Scott William Lester F. esq. Wood hall
  • Stourton Hon. Lord, Allerton park
  • Wilson Christopher, esq. Bilby grange
  • Wilson Richard Fountayne, esq. Ingmanthorpe
  • York Richard, esq. Wighill park

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools

  • Bamley Joseph, Collingham
  • Greaves James, Westgate
  • Hannam William (gents boarding) North Deighton
  • Kay Dorothy (ladies boarding & day) New st
  • Pearson Rev. John Holt (gents boarding & day) High st
  • Potter J. (boarding & day) Spofforth
  • Turner Ellen, Market place
  • Wetherby John Allen, New st


  • Clayton John, High st
  • Coates James, High st
  • Maude Gideon, Market place


  • Hogg James (& land agent) New st
  • Hudson Thomas, Market place


  • Burnley James, High st
  • Wheelhouse Barnabas, New st


  • Coates, Meek & Carter (branch of Knaresborough) High st --- (draw on Sir James Esdaile & Co. London)
  • Knaresborough & Clare Banking Co. (branch of) High st --- (draw on Barnetts, Hoare & Co.)
  • Savings' Bank, Market place --- (open on Thursday) --- Mr. Storey, secretary


  • Beaumont Edward, Grafton square
  • Brown George (& earthenware dealer) Chapel hill
  • Ellis William, Collingham
  • Hartley David, High st
  • Hill Thomas, High st
  • Johnson William, Collingham
  • Mason James, High st

Bookseller, Stationer & Printer,

  • Hawkesworth Richard Proby (& circulating library) High st

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Akers Robert, High st
  • Drury John, Collingham
  • Field Jonathan, Westgate
  • Hamsley Daniel, Walton lane
  • Johnson John, Collingham
  • Leak Nathaniel, Market place
  • Lickas Thomas, Collingham
  • Norrie Alexander, Horse fair
  • Ogilvie John, Westgate
  • Wood John, Horse fair

Braziers & Tinmen,

  • Dawson Thomas (& patent bugle manufacturer) Market st
  • Newsted George, High st


  • Dalby Joseph, Westgate
  • Farrow Joseph, Shambles
  • Hill John, Chapel hill
  • Hill William, High st
  • Messen James, Shambles
  • Miller Thomas, Shambles
  • Ridsdale William, Shambles
  • Ripley Timothy, Shambles
  • Thompson George, Shambles
  • Tomlinson Benjamin, Shambles
  • Walker John, High st

Dress Makers,

  • Breasley Mary & Hannah, High st
  • Crossley Ann, Westgate
  • Smith Dorothy, Market st


  • Goodyear Robert, New st
  • Thompson Joseph, Westgate

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Leeds & Yorkshire, Thomas Robinson, Market place
  • Norwich Union, John Clayton, High st
  • Phoenix, Robert Umpleby, Market place
  • Royal Exchange, James Coates, High st
  • Yorkshire, Gideon Maude, Market place

Gardeners & Seedsmen,

  • Horner James, High st
  • Prentice Thomas, New st
  • Turner George, High st

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
(See also Shopkeepers &c.)

  • Asquith Joseph, High st
  • Bean Benjamin (& druggist) Market place
  • Bulmer George (& druggist) High st
  • Dawson William (& flour) High st
  • Hill William (& druggist) Market place
  • Smith John, Market place
  • Umpleby Robert (& stamp distributer) Market place
  • Willey William, High st

Hair Dressers,

  • Barstow James, High st
  • Spinks Joseph, High st

Hatters & Hosiers,

  • Barstow James, High st
  • Crossley James, High st


  • Angel (commercial & posting) John Clemshaw, High st
  • Golden Lion (& posting) Procter Hall, New st
  • Red Lion, Joseph Sayner, High st
  • Three Masons (& excise office) Jane Tiplady, Market place


  • Smith John (& bar iron and glass dealer) Market place
  • Wilson William (& cutler) New st


  • Bulmer William (& builder) High st
  • Dacre William, Walton lane
  • Forest Jeremiah, Grafton square
  • Green Samuel, Westgate
  • Hudson Thomas, Market place
  • Pratt John, High st
  • Whitfield David, Back lane
  • Whitfield James, Westgate

Linen Drapers,

  • Bean Benjamin, Market place
  • Robinson Thomas, Market place
  • Smith Dorothy, Market st
  • Whitehouse Thomas, Chapel hill
  • Willey William (& woollen) High st


  • Cooper John, Collingham
  • Craven Robert, Collingham
  • Hargraves John, New st
  • Midgley Henry, Collingham
  • Parker Edward, High st
  • Rhodes Quintin, Market place
  • Skilbeck Richard, Collingham


  • Coupland John, Collingham
  • Greenwood John, Wetherby mills

Miscellany of trades

  • Painters -- House, Sign, &c.
  • Ellis Francis, Market place
  • Smith John, High st
  • Trumble William, Market place

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Dawson John, Chapel hill
  • Thompson John, Chapel hill

Saddlers & Harness Makers,

  • Malton John, High st
  • Mawson James, Market place
  • Thackray Henry, Market place
  • Wiggins Walter, High st

Shoe Thread Manufacturers,

  • Grimston Ralph & Thomas (& bleachers) Clifford mills, near Wetherby

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Dawson William (& bacon and flour dealer) High st
  • Hudson Thomas, Westgate
  • Oates Stephen, Chapel hill
  • Thackray Joseph, Collingham
  • Varley Samuel, Chapel hill
  • Whitfield Ann, Westgate
  • Wiggins Daniel, Cross st

Stone Masons,

  • Pick David (& lime burner) Quarry hill
  • Utley William, New st
  • Webster William, Back lane

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Harrison Elizabeth, High st
  • Margerrison Elizabeth, New st
  • Wiggins Ann, High st


  • Beaumont James, Wharf cottage
  • Donald John, near Market place
  • Hunter John Lees, High st


  • Beecroft Thomas, Micklewaight
  • Birkinshaw James, Back lane
  • Greaves George, Shambles
  • Greaves William, Westgate
  • Lawrence Joseph, High st
  • Lawrence Thomas, Back lane
  • Margerrison William, Collingham
  • Teal Joseph, Collingham
  • Whitehouse Joseph (& draper) Chapel hill
  • Whitehouse Thomas (& draper) Chapel hill

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Asquith Joseph, High st
  • Ellis Francis, Westgate
  • Hill Benjamin, High st

Tanners & Tawers,

  • Hill Joseph, Horse fair
  • Midgley Charles, Westgate

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Barley Corn, Henry Midgley, Collingham
  • Black Bull, John Brown, Chapel hill
  • Blacksmiths' Arms, James Mason, High st
  • Blue Boar, Henry Burley, High st
  • Crown, William Atkinson, High st
  • Drover's Inn, Sarah Burley, Micklewaight
  • Fox, Elizabeth Pitts, Westgate
  • George & Dragon, Richard Burley, High st
  • Half Moon, Joseph Thompson, Collingham
  • Legs of Man, Elizabeth Hill, Market place
  • Old Star, George Whitacre, High st
  • Star, Mary Margerrison, Collingham
  • Swan & Talbot, William Trippett, High st
  • Union, William Bulmer, High st
  • White Hart, William Webster, High st

Retailers of Beer,

  • Craven John, High st
  • Cullingworth William, Market place
  • Dacre William, Walton lane
  • Dalby Thomas, Westgate
  • Irish John, Westgate
  • Prockter James, Westgate
  • Robinson Benjamin, High st
  • Utley William, New st
  • West Joseph, New st

Tea & Coffee Dealers,

  • Clark Josiah, New st
  • Dalby Barnabas, High st

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Moorhouse William, Market place
  • Whitehead Thomas, High st


  • Kitching Kelita, Micklewaight
  • Pitts William, Back lane
  • Rhodes Samuel, Collingham
  • Sawyer Robert (& agricultural machine maker) Walton lane
  • Webster John & Joseph, Westgate

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Asquith Joseph (spirit) High st
  • Britain John, High st
  • Wiggins Thomas, High st


  • Armitage Elizabeth, woollen draper, New st
  • Clark Thomas, lime burner, Westgate
  • Dalby Barnabas, chymist & druggist, High st
  • Green John & William, dealer in timber, High st
  • Hemenway Jonathan, rope & twine maker, Westgate
  • Margerrison William, corn dealer, New st
  • Penrose William, excise officer, Bridge end
  • Prince Thomas, cattle dealer, New st
  • Rhodes Quintin, brewer, Market place
  • Smith Henry, currier, High st
  • Whitehead William, flax dresser & spinner, Market place
  • Wiggins John, cooper, Horse fair


  • To Bramham, Thomas Stapler, from the Blue Boar, every Thursday
  • To Knaresborough, Ann Dickinson, from the Union, every Thursday
  • To Leeds, Francis & Richard Pickersgill, from the Swan & Talbot, daily --- Joseph Sayner, from the Red Lion, every Tuesday --- & William Naylor, from his house, every Tuesday & Saturday
  • To Manchester, Hobson & Peacock, from the Union, every Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday
  • To Newcastle on Tyne, and all parts of the north, Francis & Richard Pickersgill, from the Swan & Talbot, every Tuesday & Saturday --- and Hobson & Peacock, from the Union, every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday
  • To Tadcaster, --- Knowles, from the Golden Lion, and William Martin, from the
  • Three Masons Inn, every Thursday
  • To York, Ann Cooper, from High st, every Tuesday & Saturday --- and Joseph Sayner, from the Red Lion, every Saturday

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000