Spofforth parish:


Wetherby, War Memorial transcription:

The World War I memorial on Boston Road, Wetherby.

The inscription at the top of the memorial (see also Photo)

In Honour And
Everlasting Memory
Of The Men Of
Who Fell In
The Great War
1914 - 1918

The 3 plaques on the front of the memorial. (see also Photo)

Lt.Col. Sir R.B.N. GunterBart. Y.R. Lc.Cpl. O. MillerLinc. R. Private G. PreciousP.W.O.W.Y.R.
Capt. C.M. DurrantR.M.A. Lc.Cpl. E. HannamNorthd. Fus. Private T.G. ScuttP.W.O.W.Y.R.
Lieut. C.G. WestonY.R. Private G. UtleyC. Guards Private P. ShieldsP.W.O.W.Y.R.
Lieut. K.G. KellyM.C.C. Sapper F. WalkerR.E. Private J. WigginsP.W.O.W.Y.R.
Lieut. G.J. ArmitageR.F.C. Gunner E.W. BygraveR.F.A. Private E. WalkerP.W.O.W.Y.R.
Mdspm. H.M.L. DurrantR.N. Gunner E. ChapmanR.F.A. Private A. WoodP.W.O.W.Y.R.
2nd Lt. J.P. HargreavesR.F.A. Gunner N.W. VarleyR.F.A. Private T. YoungP.W.O.W.Y.R.
Py. Off. G.A. MarchR.N. Private F.J. BowenP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private J.W. PrattP.W.O.W.Y.R.
Sergt. W. DukesLinc. R. Private F.J. ByromP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private H. TaylorP.W.O.W.Y.R.
Sergt. R. FowlerR.F.A. Private S. BackhouseP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private G.W. DawsonE.Y.R.
Sergt. H. WestermanP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private M. DalbyP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private J. ListerE.Y.R.
Sergt. J.C. KirkGordon Hldrs. Private A. CroslandP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private T. BingeE.Y.R.
Sergt. T.A. WigginsK.O.Y.L.I. Private J. CrossleyP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private G. AtackW.R.R.
Corpl. G. TelfordR.F.A. Private R. DeanP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private E.F. DurhamLinc. R.
Corpl. J.W. HarperR.G.A. Private A.E. FrostP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private G.R. PreciousNorthD. Fus.
Corpl. H.W. Alexander3rd Hus. Private F. HodgsonP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private W.W. SmithK.R.R.C.
Corpl. T.F. Mason10th Hus. Private J. HoltP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private H. BackhouseCamn. Hldrs.
Corpl. W. WilkinsonP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private W. HoodP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private J.W. SwannCan. Inf.
Lc. Cpl. C. BrownP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private W. HillP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private G.A. BurnsideS. Rifles
Lc. Cpl. A.J. AdkinP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private T. KitchenP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private W. ColesR.A.M.C.
Lc. Cpl. F. BartonP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private E. LinfootP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private H.W. KellyA.I.F.
Lc. Cpl. A. HobmanP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private J.C. MetcalfeP.W.O.W.Y.R. A.B.S. J.G. MilesR.N.M.R.
Lc. Cpl. A.E. WebsterP.W.O.W.Y.R. Private J. MarsdenP.W.O.W.Y.R. Kathleen M. TapsellV.A.D.
Lc. Cpl. E.A. MarchWorc. R. Private W. PawsonP.W.O.W.Y.R.   

The Second World War Plaque at the left hand side: (see also Photo)

They Also Served
1939 - 1935

Capt. P.E. SkirrowD.W. Reg.
Flt. Lt. J.G. BirksR.A.F.
Lt. R.T. DemaineR.H.A.
F/O R. RichmondR.A.F.
F/O D.E.D. Harvey D.F.M.R.A.F.
F/Sgt. P. MooreR.A.F.
Sgt. S.H. AtkinsonR.A.F.
Sgt. G.H. KitchenR.A.F.
Sgt. J. HallR.E.
L/C L. AutonGrn. Hwds.
L/C L. FrostK.O.Y.L.I.
Gnr. J. DawsonR.A.
Dvr. H. EtheringtonR.A.
Gnr. J.G. WaistellR.A.
Fusl'r. R.E. NewcombeR.S.F.
Sgmn. S. LeafR.C. Sig.
Sgmn. W.E. WrigglesworthR.C. Sig.
Dvr. T.W. FrostR.A.S.C.
Drv. F. LambertR.A.S.C.
Drv. S. SimpsonR.A.S.C.
Spr. A. WhiteR.E.

There is detailed research on these men on the Wetherby War Memorial web site.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson