Staveley, Rectors transcription


Staveley parish:

Staveley, Rectors transcription:

The List of Rectors in All Saints Church, Staveley.

of the
Church of All Saints, or All Hallows,
Staveley, Yorkshire,
In the Rural Deanery of Knaresborough, formerly in that of Boroughbridge, in the Archdeaconry
of Richmond; and successively in the Diocese of York, Chester, and Ripon.

?dns John de Beckes, cap. Edward IIIBy resignationTorre's MS
1 July 1351dns John de Brompton Edward IIIBy deathTorre's MS
4 Sept. 1361dns Robert de Aykesgarthdns Henr. FitzHugh mil.Edward IIIBy resignationTorre's MS
26 July 1366Hugo de Frithlaydns Henr. FitzHugh mil.Edward III Torre's MS
3 Jan. 1379dns Joh'es Laton, cap.dns Henr. FitzHugh mil.Richard IIBy resignationTorre's MS
23 Dec. 1392dns Thos. Hude, pbr.dns Henr. FitzHugh mil.Richard II Torre's MS
6 Aug. 1393dns Joh'es de Daltondns Henr. FitzHugh mil.Richard II Torre's MS
3 April 1395dns Joh'es Taylboys, el.dns Henr. FitzHugh mil.Richard IIBy deathTorre's MS
29 Jan. 1436dns Joh. Forster, cap.Will. Dns F. HughHenry VI Torre's MS
? 1535William Sponer, incumbentThos. Lord Dacre ?Henry VIIIBy resignationVal.Eccl.v., 257
30 Dec. 1550Joh'es Waynhows, el.King Edward VIEdward VIBy resignationBp.of Chester's Act Book
6 Feb. 1556Rob'tus Gibson, cl'icusPhilipp and MaryPhil. and MaryBy deathBy deathBp.of Chester's Act Book
7 April 1567Isaac GibsonEdward GibsonElizabeth Bp.of Chester's Act Book
?Thomas Lister, cl'icusThos. Lord Dacre ?ElizabethBy resignationBp.of Chester's Act Book
17 Sept. 1582Edmond Lowson, cler'usFrancis SlinebleElizabethBy deathDo. and Parish Registers
22 Jan. 1588-9Laurentius CurtisThos. Lord Dacre ?ElizabethBy deathDo. and Parish Registers
30 Aug. 1619Phatuel Otbie, M.A.Sir Henry Slingsby, Kt.James IBy deathDo. and Parish Registers
22 Nov. 1638Phatuel FishSir Henry Slingsby, Bart.Charles IBy deathDo. and Parish Registers
31 May 1676-7Thos. Fyshe, M.A.Sir Henry Slingsby, Bart.Charles II Do. and Parish Registers
2 Nov. 1691Benjamin HoldenWilliam and MaryWilliam and MaryBy deathBp.of Chester's Act Book
17 Dec. 1716John Forster or Foster, ClerkSir Thos. Slingsby, Bart.George IBy deathBp.of Chester's Act Book
31 May 1742Richard Kay, Jun.Richard Kay, Sen.George II Bp.of Chester's Act Book
? 1759Christopher Swainson, M.A.Catherine Carr?George IIBy deathBp.of Chester's Act Book
19 May 1775James HartleyRev. George AstleyGeorge IIIBy resignationDo. and Parish Registers
20 April 1820Richard Hartley, M.A.Rev. James HartleyGeorge IVBy resignationDo. and Parish Registers
22 Mar. 1847James Bishop Hartley, M.A.Rev. Richard HartleyVictoriaBy deathBp. Of Ripon's Act.Book and Parish Registers
28 Aug. 1872Perceval Hartley, LL.B.James Brown & Rev. Alfred O. HartleyVictoriaBy cessionBp. Of Ripon's Act.Book and Parish Registers
26 Aug. 1878Edward Ponsonby Knubley, M.A.Rev. A.O. HartleyVictoria & Edward VIIBy cessionBp. Of Ripon's Act.Book and Parish Registers
11 Aug. 1907Henry Alexander Hartley, M.A.Rev. H.A. HartleyEdward VIIBy cession
1914Charles Birkett, M.A.Rev. H.A. HartleyGeorge VBy cession
1930Albert Victor Jones, M.A.Sir Charles King HarmanGeorge VBy cession
1st July 1953Anthony Tatham Waterer, A.R.C.A.The King Harman TrusteesElizabeth II

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson