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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for THORNE in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

Post Office,

  • Market-place, Joseph Mason, Post Master.
  • Letters for the North are despatched at four in the afternoon, and arrive at half-past nine in the morning.
  • Letters for the South are despatched at nine in the morning, and arrive at four in the afternoon.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Fox Rev. Thomas, Hatfield
  • Gossip William, esq. Hatfield
  • Holbrey Rev. William, Fislake
  • Rudd Rev. E. Stonegate

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

  • Ashford Thomas, Ellison street
  • Cattle James, Church lane
  • Free School, Stonegate-William Allcroft, master
  • Free School, King street William Waller, master
  • Mason Eleanor (boarding & day) Orchard street
  • Pye Misses (ladies' boarding) Hatfield
  • Watson Thomas, Church lane
  • Wrightson William, Jacob lane


  • Beckitt William, King street
  • Fretwell Thomas, Ellison street
  • Thorpe William, Finkle street


  • Hill Littleton, Church lane
  • Lee Richard, Stainforth
  • Middlebrooke Richard, Ellison street

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Britton Joshua, Green
  • Cassan Curtis, Finkle street
  • Eastwood George, Hatfield
  • Fish James, Finkle street


  • Cooke, Childers & Co. Market place,(draw on Coutts & Co. London)
  • Leatham, Tew & Co. Market place,(draw on Denison & Co. London)


  • Beldam Stephen, Stainforth
  • Boyne Thomas, King street
  • Ellis George. King street
  • Fenton William, Market place
  • Sanderson Henry, Church lane
  • Sargison James, Green
  • Wade Thomas, Canal side

Boat Builders,

  • Atkinson Joseph & Thomas, Canal side
  • Atkinson William, Canal side
  • Pearson Richard & Co. Quay side
  • Ward & Ainley, Canal side

Booksellers & Stationers,

  • Crampton John, Church lane
  • Mason Joseph, Market place
  • Whaley Stephen (& printer) King street

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Auckland James, King street
  • Bancroft John, King street
  • Gabitas Samuel, Finkle street
  • Harrison Abner, Finkle street
  • Hawler John, Finkle street
  • Jubb John, King street
  • Meggitt Samuel, Market place
  • Morley John, South parade
  • Poynter Robert, King street
  • Roberts John, Green
  • Sanderson Benjamin, Stonegate
  • Watson Robert, Church lane

Braziers & Tinmen,

  • Turner Jonathan, Ellison street
  • Watson Thomas, King street


  • Smith Edward, Market place
  • Thorley James, Church lane


  • Bailey Isaac, South parade
  • Boyes Robert, Finkle St
  • Brady Benjamin, Silver street
  • Coates Thomas, Finkle street
  • Fletcher Joseph, King street
  • Hutchinson Benjamin, Market place
  • Hutchinson Henry, King street
  • Jennings John, Finkle street

China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Lillford Isabella, Finkle street
  • Wells Mary, Jacob's lane

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Goodworth John, Finkle street
  • Hickson William, Green
  • Knowles William, Silver street

Coal Dealers,

  • Ainley Samuel, Canal side
  • Carter John, Ellison street
  • Hirst George, Orchard street
  • Wyatt Christopher (& lime) Canal side

Corn Millers,

  • Bradbury Abraham, Jacob lane
  • Haddlesor William, Finkle street
  • Harrison William, Finkle street
  • Jenkinson Richard, Finkle street
  • Moore James, Green
  • Oldfield John, Ellison street
  • Priestley William, Finkle street


  • Casson Mordecai, Market place
  • Hill Littleton, Church lane

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • County, Jonathan Goodworth, Finkle street
  • Norwich Union, Joseph Mason, Market place
  • Sheffield, Mordecai Casson, Silver street
  • Yorkshire, William Beckitt, King street

Gardeners & Seedsmen,

  • Pattrick George Ellison street
  • Pattrick Richard, Ellison street
  • Snow William, King street

Grocers & Tea Dealers,

  • Acastor John, Finkle street
  • Birks Simon Wasteney, Market place
  • Birks William, Hatfield
  • Casson Mordecai (and chandler & maltster) Silver street
  • Clarke Joseph, Hatfield
  • Nolloth Joseph, Market place
  • Richardson Hugh, Green
  • Ward Daniel, King street
  • Welch George, Hatfield

Hair Dressers,

  • Blowe Thomas, Finkle street
  • Hudson John, Market place
  • Kirby Thomas, Finkle street

Joiners & Cabinet Makers,

  • Crosland Andrew, Ellison street
  • Crowcroft John, Finkle street
  • Firth John, Market place
  • Gill Richard, Green
  • Harrison John, King street
  • Hawksworth John, South parade
  • Kitchen Jonathan, Stonegate
  • Middlebrooke Richard, Ellison street
  • Pepper William, King street
  • Todd William, King street
  • Wade William, Church lane

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Birks Simon Wasteney, Market place
  • Casson Mordecai, Silver street
  • Nolloth Joseph, Market place


  • James John, Ellison street
  • Whitfield William & Co. King street

Painters-House, Sign, &c,

  • Cook Joseph, King street
  • Gunnee George, King street

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Machin George, South parade
  • Pattrick George, Finkle street
  • Swallow William, Green

Rope Makers and Flax Dressers,

  • Jackson James, Market place
  • Pearsons & Whaley, Quayside

Sacking Manufacturers,

  • Bramwell Thomas, Market place
  • Jackson James, Market place

Saddlers and Harness Makers,

  • Cundith John, Market place
  • Pearson Richard & Co. Quay side

Sail Makers,

  • Raywood George, Canal side
  • Thickett Thomas, Finkle street

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,

  • Blackburn Richard, Finkle, street
  • Casson Mary, Finkle street
  • Chester Sophia, Jacob's lane
  • Cooper John Finkle street
  • Crampton James, Quay side
  • Hawksworth John, South parade
  • Kay Susannah, Finkle street
  • Schofield Richard, Hatfield
  • Wood Elizabeth, Market place

Spirit Merchants,

  • Ariell William, King street
  • Cobb Mary & Co. King street
  • Maples Henry, King street.

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Michinson Sarah, Church lane
  • Noonan Jane, Silver street


  • Dove William, King street
  • Lea John Charles, Finkle street
  • Maples Charles & William, Stonegate
  • Matthews William, Hatfield


  • Abbey Joseph, Jacob's lane
  • Atkinson John, King street
  • Blackburn Richard, Finkle street
  • Cooper John, Finkle street
  • Cooper Richard, Green
  • Easton ---, King street
  • Hunter Thomas, Bank end
  • Kirby William, King street.
  • Towas Isaac, Market place
  • Towras William, Market place

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, William Chesman, Hatfield
  • Black Moor's Head, Jonathan Wade, Church lane
  • Blue Bell, Robert Hedley, Hatfield
  • Blue Boar, James Hawkes, Market place
  • Canal Tavern, Samuel Ainley, Canal side
  • Green Tree Inn, John Hepworth, Bear's wood green
  • John Bull, Thomas Dowsing, Quay side
  • Marquis of Granby, William Beal, Silver street
  • Neptune, Miles Akid, Quay side
  • Red Bear, Richard Carr, Green
  • Red Lion, Thomas Barley, Finkle street
  • Rising Sun, Thomas Hall, Horse-fair green
  • Rodney, Robert Tomlinson, Quay side
  • Ship, John Hodgson, Hangman's hill
  • Steam Packet, James Jenkinson, Silver street
  • White Hart, --- Cook, Hatfield
  • White Hart, Mary Valise, Market place
  • Windmill, John Pine, Finkle street

Timber Merchants,

  • Briggs Charles Bradford, Ellison street

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Blagbrough Benjamin, Market place
  • Kellett John & Co. Finkle street


  • Beaver John, Stonegate
  • Beaver Thomas; Stonegate
  • Bleasby John, Ellison street
  • Kerby John, South parade
  • Robinson John, Stainforth
  • Whiteley William, Stainforth


  • Adams Christopher, iron-monger, Market place
  • Barrow Henry, farrier, Jacobs lane
  • Brown Thomas, chair maker, Silver street
  • Cutbard Thomas, whitesmith, Green
  • Darleys, Marriott & Co. bone merchants, Finkle street
  • Grayburn Jonathan, clerk to the steam packets, King street
  • Hampson Jonathan, basket maker, Church lane
  • Harriman Henry, hat manufacturer, Jacob lane
  • Moat Francis, iron dealer, Finkle street
  • Moat John, governor of the workhouse
  • Pearson & Whaley, wharfingers, Quay side
  • Pilkington Wm, land agent & surveyor, Stonegate
  • York John, tanner, Finkle street


  • To Doncaster, the Royal Mail (from York) calls at the Red Lion, every morning at half-past nine
  • To Sheffield, the John Bull and the Rockingham, from the Red Lion, upon the arrival of the steam packets from Hull.
  • To York, the Royal Mail (from Lancaster) calls at the White Hart, every afternoon at four, goes through Snaith and Selby.


  • To Doncaster, John Chantrey, from the Market-place, and Samuel Down, from the Marquis of Gunby, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday-and William Scales, from the Steam Packet every Thursday.
  • To Epworth, John Bowman, from the Marquis of Granby, and --- Reed, from the Steam Packet, every Wednesday.
  • To Rawcliffe and Snaith, Thomas Drew, from the Red Lion, every Wed.
  • To Sheffield, John Jackson, from the Steam Packet, every Tuesday & Thurs.
  • To York, John Harrison, from the Marquis of Granby, every Wednesday.

Conveyance By Water,

  • To London, Trading Vessels, from the Quay-side, weekly.
  • To Hull, the John Ball and the Rockingham, every morning (Sundays excepted) at half-past eight. England Robert, Silver street Siddall William, Ellison street

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003