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Help and advice for SHADWELL: Transcription of the Shadwell population census, 1851.

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SHADWELL: Transcription of the Shadwell population census, 1851.

 AgesRelationshipOccupationPlace of birth
1Snowden, William35HeadSchoolteacherShadwell
Snowden, Ann35Wife Rawcliffe
Snowden, Ann5Daughter Shadwell
Snowden, Lucy Anna3Daughter Shadwell
Snowden, Sarah A9mDaughter Shadwell
Winter, John14BoarderScholarThorner
Wooler, George15BoarderScholarMirfield
Johnson, James14BoarderScholarWestbury
Brown, George14BoarderScholarLeeds
Maning. Richard12BoarderScholarDublin
Thornton, James12BoarderScholarLeeds
Hodgson, David11BoarderScholarLeeds
Armitage, John10BoarderScholarLeeds
Rycroft, Charles11BoarderScholarLeeds
Johnson, Thomas11BoarderScholarMexborough
Thornton, John10BoarderScholarLeeds
Hudson, John8BoarderScholarBradford
Briggs, Charles7BoarderScholarLeeds
Webster, Hannah20 ServantWike
Armitage, Ann14 ServantPatrington
2Middleham, John53HeadFarmer (19 acres - 2 men)Thorpe Arch
Middleham, Ann51Wife Brandon
Middleham, Edwin22SonFarmer's sonLeeds
Tate, Charles15 Farm servantBurn Bridge
3Fawcett, Robert53HeadFarmer (144 acres - 5 men)Hessay
Fawcett, Jane35Sister Hessay
Wetherill, Ann18 ServantBrandon
Anson, William26 Farm servantKillington
Wetherill, William18 Farm servantBrandon
Swift, James45 Farm servantCo Mayo, Ireland
4Stead, Ann72HeadAnnuitantChurch Fenton
Thompson, Elizabeth76 ServantChurch Fenton
5Snowden, Thomas67HeadLanded proprietorShadwell
Snowden, Ann70Wife Hull
6Birch, Richard61HeadAgricultural labourerLittlestone
Birch, Jane28 DaughterLittlestone
7Westerman, Henry31HeadWheelwrightGarforth
Westerman, Hannah31Wife Aberford
Westerman, William3Son Aberford
Westerman, George2Son Shadwell
Westerman, John4mSon Shadwell
8Thin, Fanny41Head Leeds
Thin, Fanny Ann6DaughterScholarLeeds
Thin, Jane Emily4DaughterScholarLeeds
Thin, Louisa3DaughterScholarLeeds
Dunn, Mary20 ServantKirby Malzeard
9Falshaw, Mary45HeadFarmerWest Tanfield
Falshaw, John Thomas18SonButcherLeeds
Falshaw, George G16SonFarmer's sonLeeds
Falshaw, Samuel F4SonScholarShadwell
Falshaw, Dorothy A8DaughterAt homeShadwell
Fennel. Hannah15 ServantCollingham
10North, John36HeadFarmer (20 acres - 1 man)Thirsk
North, Ellen33Wife Fishlake
North, Sarah2Daughter Bramhope
North, Jane1mDaughter Shadwell
Dean, George20 Farm servantSeacroft
Pickard, Maria35 Labourer's wifeFishlake
Nettleton, William25 Journeyman tailorDoncaster
11Gale, Benjamin39HeadRetired wine and spirit merchantLeeds
Gale, Eliza43Wife Leeds
Gale, Matthew M29BrotherAnnuitantLeeds
Dean, Deborah22 ServantHowarth
Feathers, Sarah16 ServantBradford
12Ellis, John50HeadFarmer (52 acres - 3 men)Micklefield
Ellis, Jane39Wife Aberford
Matson, William16NephewFarm servantShadwell
13Whittenbury, Nathaniel40HeadFarmer (55 acres - 2 men )Manchester
Morrell, Grace55 HousekeeperWortley
14Tilburn, Mary72HeadGrocerHampole
Carter, Mary40 ServantAshton under Lyme
15Hargreaves, David48HeadFarmer (21 acres)Harewood
Hargreaves, Mary49Wife Chapeltown
Hough, William20 Farm servantBrandon
16Roberts, John33HeadAgricultural labourerShadwell
Roberts, Mary Anne41Wife Wakefield
Roberts, Hannah9DaughterScholarShadwell
17Dickinson, Benjamin29HeadAgricultural labourerChapeltown
Dickinson, Hannah28Wife Askham Bryan
18Wright, James56HeadButcherThorner
Wright, Ann37Wife Shadwell
Wright, James12SonScholarShadwell
Wright, Ann10DaughterScholarShadwell
Wright, Arthur7SonScholarShadwell
19Knapton, John47HeadStone cutter and masonCowthorpe
Knapton Sarah47Wife Thorner
Knapton, Frances21DaughterDressmakerThorner
Knapton, Joseph17SonAt homeThorner
Knapton, John13SonAt homeThorner
20Hodgson William31HeadAgricultural labourerHeaton
Hodgson, Helen24Wife Hunsingore
Hodgson, Mary A2DaughterAt homeClifton
Hodgson, Martha21SisterAt homeManningham
21Arrowsmith, Robert36HeadVictualler and agricultural labourerArkendale
Arowsmith, Martha38Wife Shadwell
Arrowsmith, Mary4DaughterAt homeShadwell
Arrowsmith, Sarah2DaughterAt homeShadwell
22Kent, William72HeadAgricultural labourerWigton
Kent, Mary61Wife Otley
Kent, William22SonWheelwrightShadwell
23Reed, George45HeadAgricultural labourerRoundhay
Reed, Margaret42Wife Harewood
Reed, James20SonAt home - blindMoortown
Reed, William14SonAgricultural labourerMoortown
24Ingham, James64HeadQuarrymanChapeltown
25Thackrah, John52HeadAgricultural labourerEast Keswick
Thackrah, Ann51Wife Bardsey
Thackrah, Emma19Daughter Thorner
Carter, Mary12 VisitorWakefield
26Mills, Jane33HeadDomesticSouth Milford
Aaron, Dinah17Niece Alwoodley
27Holmes, John33HeadGardenerWoodhouse
Holmes, Mary30Wife Kirby Overblow
Holmes, Hannah6DaughterAt homeShadwell
Holmes, Thomas4SonAt homeShadwell
Holmes, John2SonAt homeShadwell
Stocks, Sarah35Niece Holmfirth
Mitchell, Elizabeth25 HousemaidBeeston
Mennell, Amelia19 Lady's maidBrierley
Diggles, Mary42 CookHunslet
Mills, James37 Agricultural labourerHarrogate
29Lowrey, James48HeadCoachmanDurham
Lowrey Mary39Wife Ireland
Lowrey, Euston15SonScholarHalifax, Canada
Lowrey, Ellen12DaughterAt homeBath
Lowrey, Osborne1SonAt homeShadwell
30Wright, William28HeadAgricultural labourerThorner
Wright, Ann26WifeLaundressHorsforth
Wright, Mary Ann4DaughterAt homeBrandon
Wright, Walter2SonAt homeShadwell
31Shaw, James25HeadLanded proprietorCarlton
Shaw, Elizabeth24Wife Leeds
Shaw, James1Son Moortown
Shaw, Henry8mSon Shadwell
Kettleton, Sarah31 Cook 
Adkin, Mary20 HousemaidEast Keswick
Oldfield, Elizabeth20 NursePontefract
Sparling, James17 GroomBarwick in Elmet
32Boynton, John41HeadFarmer (64 acres - 3 men)Skidby
32Boynton, Clementine39Wife Holbyn
Boynton, James R1Son York
Boynton, Rebecca13DaughterServantSkidby
Boynton, Charlotte53Mother Skidby
Boynton, Michael33BrotherShepherdSkidby
Grogan, Thomas23 Agricultural labourerIreland
Horsfall, John56HeadWoollen merchantIllingworth
Horsfall, Susan60Wife Leeds
Merryweather, Hannah44 CookHonley Moor
Iveson, Mary27 HousemaidThornhill
34Castle, George67HeadAgricultural labourerNorth Duffield
Castle, Mary56Wife Branton Green
Castle, Jesse29SonAgricultural labourerShadwell
Castle, Iaiar23SonAgricultural labourerShadwell
Castle, Eli20SonAgricultural labourerShadwell
35Umpleby, John51HeadFarmer (58 acres - 2 men)Collingham
Umpleby, Harriet48Wife Shadwell
Umpleby, Elizabeth17DaughterAt homeShadwell
Umpleby, John15SonAt homeShadwell
Umpleby, Mary13DaughterAt homeShadwell
Umpleby, Thomas12SonAt homeShadwell
Umpleby, Christiana7DaughterAt homeShadwell
Umpleby, Jane5DaughterAt homeShadwell
Umpleby, Harriet3DaughterAt homeShadwell
Umpleby, Arthur2SonAt homeShadwell
Umpleby, Mary Ann1DaughterAt homeShadwell
Umpleby, Samuel1mSonAt homeShadwell
36Armitage, George45HeadBrick and tile maker (1 man)Hookstone
Armitage, Ann41Wife Aldborough
Armitage, William R19SonBrick and tile makerAldborough
Armitage, James A18SonBrick and tile makerAldborough
Armitage, Caroline15DaughterAt homePatrington
Armitage, Charlotte10DaughterAt homePatrington
Armitage, George7SonAt homePatrington
Armitage, Mary A1DaughterAt homeShadwell
Rogerson, George17 Labourer in brick and tile yardAldborough
37Laycock, Charles33HeadGamekeeperShadwell
Laycock, Ann36Wife Horbury
Laycock, Elizabeth5DaughterAt homeMoortown
Laycock, William R2SonAt homeMoortown
Laycock, George R`1mSonAt homeMoortown
38Greensides, Mark33HeadCoachman and gardenerClifford
Greensides, Mary38Wife Bramham
Greensides, Elizabeth4DaughterAt homeShadwell
Greensides, Ann2DaughterAt homeShadwell
Greensides, William1mSonAt homeShadwell
Festow, William47HeadCloth stuff and blanket merchantScotland
Blair, John27 ButlerDurham
Hitson, Elizabeth29 ServantCowthorne
Wilson, Mary20 ServantSowerby
James, Emma16 ServantWentworth
40Smith, George40HeadFarm bailiffMicklefield
Smith, Mary42Wife Scarcroft
Smith, George16SonAgricultural labourerThorner
Smith, Mary13DaughterScholarShadwell
Smith, William10SonScholarShadwell
Smith, John8SonScholarShadwell
Smith, Thomas3SonAt homeShadwell
Smith, Samuel2mSonAt homeShadwell
41Burton, William21HeadFarmer (180 acres - 6 men)Roundhay
Rollinson, Jane26 HousekeeperWhitby
Gascoigne, William32 Farm servantSeacroft
Harrison, William19 Farm servantThorner
42Nettleton George49HeadStonemason (6 men)Thorner
Nettleton, Hannah48Wife Sheffield
Nettleton, John22SonStonemasonThorner
Milner, Harriet15Daughter in law Roundhay
43Tate, Edward33HeadAgricultural labourerShadwell
Tate, Elizabeth22Wife East Keswick
44Wright, Joseph63HeadFarmer (148 acres- 4 men)Thorner
Wright, Mary Ann57Wife Askham Bryan
Ridsdale, Mary18Granddaughter Shadwell
Ridsdale, Peter20Grandson Hampsthwaite
Smith, Thomas37 Farm servantBurley
Wetherill, Thomas20 Farm servantWigton
Smith, John21 Farm servantThorner
45Bailey, John42HeadFarmer (100 acres - 5 men)Seacroft
Bailey, Margaret30Wife Colecoats
Bailey, Elizabeth5DaughterScholarShadwell
Turlay, George70Father in lawAnnuitantColecoats
Brown, Fanny7VisitorScholarLeeds
Lister, William25 Farm servantBarwick in Elmet
Holliday, Samuel18 Farm servantSeacroft
Robinson, Margaret16 ServantTadcaster
Walton, George14 Farm servantEast Keswick
46Bradley, Isaac58HeadBlacksmithSeacroft
47Marshall, Mark58HeadVictuallerLittle Heaton
Marshall, Jane39Wife Cross Gates
Marshall, Hannah17DaughterAt homeBramley
Parker, Mary J15Niece Leeds
Pickles, Henry11NephewErrand boyThorner
48Wrigglesworth, Thomas26HeadAgricultural labourerThorner
Wrigglesworth, Sarah26Wife Shadwell
49Viner, William61HeadAgricultural labourerAskham Bryan
Viner, Mary59Wife Green Hammerton
Viner, Isabella64SisterAt home - blindThorpe Arch
Atkinson, William10GrandsonAt homeShadwell
50Swift, George25HeadBlacksmithTadcaster
51Kirk, John35HeadWheelwright (1 man)Shadwell
Kirk, Elizabeth34Wife Leeds
Kirk, Emma6DaughterScholarShadwell
Kirk, Randal4Son Shadwell
Kirk, George1Son Shadwell
Sinclair, Elizabeth26 ServantNewark
Smith, Mary R24VisitorSchoolmistressLeeds
53Johnson, John69HeadTailorCollingham
Johnson, Hannah70Wife Sandon(Staffs)
Johnson, Robert33SonAgricultural labourerSandon(Staffs)
Johnson, Sophia40Daughter in law Thorner
54Goodall, Richard54HeadAgricultural labourerStanks
Goodall, Elizabeth62Wife Normanton
55Whitfield, Stephen63HeadAgricultural labourerBramham
Whitfield, Grace58Wife Seacroft
Whitfield, George15SonAgricultural labourerShadwell
Whitfield, Ann15DaughterAt homeShadwell
56Whitfield, Elizabeth87HeadAnnuitantKirk Deighton
57Lacey, Robert35HeadFarmer (6 acres)Eccup
Lacey Alice35Wife Littlethorne
Wheatley, William H5NephewAt homeShadwell
58Braham, John56HeadPauper formerly Agricultural labourerBarwick in Elmet
59Whitfield, Thomas29HeadAgricultural labourerShadwell
Whitfield, Eliza30Wife Barkstone Ash
Whitfield, Stephen2Son Shadwell
60Gill, William45HeadAgricultural labourerKillinghall
Gill, Mary33Wife  
Gill, Thomas William4Son Bradford
61Watson, John38HeadAgricultural labourerThorner
Watson, Sarah38Wife Tadcaster
Watson, Elizabeth5Daughter Wigton
Watson, John3Son Thorner
Watson, Edwin1Son Thorner
62Viner, William33HeadAgricultural labourerAskham Bryan
Viner, Hannah38Wife Stourton
Viner, Mary12DaughterScholarShadwell
Viner, Jane10DaughterScholarErrington
Viner, George5Son Shadwell
63Dickinson, Frederick69HeadAgricultural labourerChapeltown
Dickinson, Mary74Wife Shadwell
64Backhouse, John32HeadShoemakerWighill
Backhouse, Elizabeth32Wife Hessle
Backhouse, Thomas5Son Shadwell
65Taylor, John30HeadMechanicManchester
Taylor, Elizabeth19SisterDressmakerLeeds
66Dickinson, James52HeadAgricultural labourerEccup
Dickinson, Elizabeth53Wife Shadwell
Roberts, Elizabeth13Granddaughter Shadwell
67Furniss, John73HeadFarmer (11 acres)Burton Salmon
Furniss, Sarah Jane13Granddaughter Milford
Furniss, John10Grandson Shadwell
68Green, Anthony71HeadFarmer (10 acres)Shadwell
Green, Alice65Wife Brandon
Green, William27SonFarmer's sonLeeds
Robinson, Mary17 ServantBardsey
Hampson, Charles2Grandson Norfolk
69Burnett, John36HeadStonemasonThorner
Burnett, Mary32Wife Sicklinghall
Burnett, Olave10DaughterScholarThorner
Burnett, Walter8SonScholarThorner
Burnett, Carmi6SonScholarShadwell
Burnett, Gaunt2Son Shadwell
Burnett, Sarah A1mDaughter Shadwell
70Bullock, James51HeadAgricultural labourerThorner
Bullock, Ruth36Wife Garforth
Bullock, Samuel13SonScholarShadwell
71Dickinson, Mary70HeadSchoolmistressStone, Staffs
72Bellerby, John60HeadAgricultural labourerTockwith
Bellerby, Hannah35Wife Tockwith
Bellerby, Sarah7DaughterScholarShadwell
Bellerby, Martha1Daughter Shadwell
73Thurlwell, James51HeadAgricultural labourerThorpe Arch
Thurlwell, Mary48Wife East Keswick
Thurlwell, John S12SonScholarShadwell
Thurlwell, Elizabeth9DaughterScholarShadwell
74Sparling, Thomas63HeadAgricultural labourerPotterton
Sparling, Sarah53Wife Barnbow
Sparling, Sarah13DaughterScholarScarcroft
75Renton, John58HeadShoemakerKirkbymoorside
Renton, Elizabeth52Wife Harewood
Renton, Sarah5Niece Leeds
76Viner, John56HeadAgricultural labourerAskham Bryan
Viner, Mary36Wife Shadwell
Viner, Hannah7DaughterScholarShadwell
Viner, Sarah4Daughter Shadwell
Viner, Mary1Daughter Shadwell
77Iveson, George33HeadAgricultural labourerBarwick in Elmet
Iveson, Betsy32Wife Chapeltown
Iveson, Mary A9DaughterScholarShadwell
Iveson, Sarah8DaughterScholarShadwell
Iveson, John6SonScholarShadwell
Iveson, Charles4Son Shadwell
Iveson, Harriet2Daughter Shadwell
Iveson, Thomas4mSon Shadwell
78Tate, Matthew44HeadAgricultural labourerNorth Deighton
Tate, Mary51Wife Moor Monckton
Tate, Matthew11SonScholarShadwell
Tate, Eliza8DaughterScholarShadwell
79Thomas, James46HeadFarmer (15 acres - 1 man)Leeds
Thomas, Mary45Wife Leeds
Thomas, Walter15Son Leeds
80Worcester, William57HeadLabourer in brick and tile yard 
Worcester, Frances56Wife  
Worcester, Thomas18SonGardener 

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott
© 2006