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Help and advice for SHADWELL: Transcription of the Shadwell population census, 1911 by Lesley Beales.

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SHADWELL: Transcription of the Shadwell population census, 1911 by Lesley Beales.

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birthInfirmity
Goodman, JosephBay Horse Farm 58Head361596FarmerOwn AccountNorthampton 
Goodman, Louisa  59Wife    - Goole 
Goodman, Hannah  35Dau    - Middleton 
Goodman, Kate  20Dau    Farmer's dau. DairyAt homeShadwellFeeble Minded
Randerson, Young1 Bridge Terrace, 32Head4330House PainterOwn AccountThorner 
Randerson, Margaret  32Wife      Harewood 
Randerson, Jessie  3Dau      Shadwell 
Randerson, Francis  2Son      Shadwell 
Randerson, Harry  1Son      Shadwell 
Everett, George2 Bridge Terrace, 51Head24110GardnerWorkerSuffolk 
Everrett, Maria  48Wife      Wales 
Todd, Maria3 Bridge Terrace, 57Wid311046CharwomanWorkerFeatherstone 
Todd,Hilda Annie  30Dau    CharwomanWorkerThorner 
Todd, James Trulove  22Son    Groom Thorner 
Todd, Walter Harold  14Son    Golf CaddieWorkerShadwell 
Britton, Henry4 Bridge Terrace, 48Head2287 ?1Horseman on FarmWorkerBramham 
Britton, Edith  41Wife      Cryke 
Britton, George  18Son    GardenerWorkerEast Rigton 
Britton, Robert  14Son    GardenerWorkerCollingham 
Britton, Edith Mary  5Dau      Shadwell 
Britton, Cathleen  1Dau      Shadwell 
Burnett, John WilliamBridge Cottage433Wid    Shoeing SmithEmployerLeeds 
Pawson, ThomasCroft Nursery380Head53000Market GardnerOwn AccountCounty of York 
Pawson, Mary Hannah  75Wife      Harewood 
North, WilliamGrove Lodge1041Head18110Barrister at Law Leeds 
North, Louisa  40Wife      ? 
Taylor, Aber ?  29Serv      ? 
Leggott, John FrancisBank House1049Head22000Retired Draper Walkington? 
Leggott, Kate  52Wife      Doncaster 
Bowman, Florence  35Niece      Bradford 
Kinghorn, Cissie  16Serv    Servant Boston Spa 
Hadwen, ArthurThe Grove943Wid    Groom Liversedge 

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birthInfirmity
Fearnley, MrsGrove House          No full Sheet
Debenham, ErnestLaurel Cottage333Head9110Iron TurnerWorkerWalton 
Debenham, Francis  33Wife      Redcar 
Debenham, Ernest  8Son    School Hunslet 
Robson, Martha  17Adopt      RedcarFeeble Minded
Flint, Robert HenryHolme Cottage427Head3220ChauffeurWorkerHarewood 
Flint, Beatrice Lillian  26Wife      Thorner 
Flint, Kenneth Henry  3Son      Shadwell 
Flint, Reginald Stanley  1Son      Shadwell 
Hartley, Emily Adeline1, Crofton Cottages352Wid28770None Bramhope 
Hartley, Percival  20Son    Horseman on farmWorkerShadwell 
Hartley, Ruby Adeline  17Dau    None Shadwell 
Hartley, Roland Evelyn  15Son    Market Gdnr LabWorkerThorner 
Hartley, ?David Stan  12Son    School Adel 
Petty, Herbert2, Crofton Cottages325Head1110GroomWorkerShadwell 
Petty, Kate  27Wife      Leeds 
Petty, George Mawson  9mSon      Shadwell 
Elam, DanielCrofton Lane364Head43330Farmer Morley 
Elam, Elizabeth  68Wife      Bridlington 
Elam, Robert  41Son    Farmer's son Durham 
Elam, Francis Louise  38Dau    Farmer's dau Durham 
Godfrey, EmmaCrofton Villas444Head    Laundry workOwn AccountHarrogate 
Stott, Alice Victoria  23Niece      Harrogate 
Smithson A SCrofton House 29Head    Poultry Farmer   
Stella  28Friend    Poultry Farmer Ireland 
Swain  25Friend    Milliner Durham 
Mawman, Thomas2, Crofton Terrace366Head37321Retired F'man Bricklayer Leeds 
Mawman, Annie Elizabeth  6Wife      Leamington Spa 
Mawman, Dorothy Annie  8Gr dau.      Leeds 
Greavson, Mary Ann3, Crofton Terrace 84Wid 0    Leeds 

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Taylor, Edmund Craven4, Crofton Terrace441Head19615Retired Dairyman Leeds
Taylor,Annie  39Wife      Leeds
Taylor, Edmund  7Son      Leeds
Vickers, Thomas5, Crofton Terrace423Head    Gardener Cherry Burton
Vickers, Alice  22Wife      Dalton Holme
Thorp, William Walkington7, Crofton Terrace334Head1000Assistant OverseerParish CouncilLeeds
Thorpe, Ada  31Wife      Leeds
Hoyle, Herbert8, Crofton Terrace534Head6110CashierGrease ManufLeeds
Hoyle, Allice  32Wife      Leeds
Hoyle, Clifford Frederick  2Son      Shadwell
Hartley, ElizabethAshhills Lane,
Main Street
544Wife21871  Leeds
Hartley, Dorothy  18Dau    School s/h & typing Roundhay
Hartley, Gladys  16Dau    School s/h & typing Shadwell
Hartley, Hilda  13Dau    School Shadwell
Hartley, Roland  11Son    School Shadwell
Hartley, Kathleen  9Dau    School Shadwell
Hartley, Leonard  5Son      Shadwell
Lonsdale, HarryMain Street273Parted    Jobbing GardenerOwn AccountAldborough
Sparling, JosephMain Street779Head49963OAP Barwick
Sparling, Hannah  77Wife      Thorner
Sparling, john  85Bro    OAP Barwick
Donkersley, Dorothy  14Gd Dau      Leeds
Johnson, ThomasHobberley Lane 25Head3321Yeast SalesmanSelf emplLeeds
Johnson, Ada  24Wife      Tadcaster
Johnson, Gertie  2Dau      Leeds
Johnson, Thomas  1Son      Shadwell
Harindel, JosephHobberley Lane366Head48826Retired Cloth Fininsher Gildersome
Harindel, Sarah Ann  67Wife      Holbeck
Hodgson, Maud  20Serv    Servant Leeds
Woodroff, Kathleen  8Gd dau      Shadwell
Webster, Elizabeth 60Hobberley Lane366single    Own Means Collingham
Hodgson, HoraceHobberley Lane332Head12431Landscape GardnerNursery ManMiddlesbrough
Hodgson, Nellie  29Wife      Leeds
Hodgson, Florence  11Dau      Shadwell

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Rogers, WalterHobberley Lane226Head6220Gardener, jobbingOwn accountShadwell
Rogers, Gertrude  28Wife      Leeds
Rogers, James Arthur  4Son      Shadwell
Rogers, Doris  8mDau      Shadwell
Beeforth, Elizabeth AnneHobberley View,
Hobberley Lane
474Head45752Own means Leeds
Culton (Cutler) Ann  39Dau80    Leeds
Hammond, James2, Hobberley View,
Hobberley Lane
455Head33440Police Pensioner Leeds
Hammond, Ann  53       Waterford, Herts
Walker, James WilliamHobberley Lane332Head9550Stationery Engine ManBrass WorksYorks
Walker, Amelia  29Wife      Yorks
Walker, Emily  8Dau      Yorks
Walker, Rose  6Dau      Yorks
Walker, Winifred  5Dau      Yorks
Walker, Olive  3Dau      Yorks
Walker, Dorothy  5mDau      Yorks
Umpleby, Samuel1, Clifton Houses,
Hobberley Lane
440Head11220Farm Labourer Seacroft
Umpleby, Martha  36Wife      Seacroft
Umpleby, John  11Son      Seacroft
Umpleby, Eliza  6Dau      Seacroft
Birkenshaw, Edward2, Clifton Houses,
Hobberley Lane
640Head171486Quarryman Wetherby
Birkenshaw, Emma  39Wife      Thorner
Birkenshaw, John  14Son      Bilton
Birkenshaw, William  13Son      Bilton
Birkenshaw, Hilda  11Dau      Tadcaster
Birkenshaw, Joan  8Dau      Shadwell
Birkenshaw, Lucy  2Dau      Shadwell
Birkenshaw, James  10mSon      Shadwell

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Castle, Thomas1, Backhouse Row348HeadS   Labourer Shadwell
Castle, George William  45BroS   Labourer Seacroft
Castle, Hannah  57Sisters   Housekeeper Shadwell
Atkinson, Arthur2, Backhouse Row353HeadS   Bricklayers Labourer Shadwell
Atkinson, Charlotte  53Sisters   Housekeeper Shadwell
King, James3, Backhouse Row374Head49321Private means Markington
King, John  47SonS   Labourer Shadwell
Dean, Annie Elizabeth4, Backhouse Row343Head23220Housekeeper Shadwell
Mawson, Edwin  23S-i-law2222Labourer Meanwood
Mawson, Florence  20Dau      Shadwell
Mawson, Edna  3G-dau      Shadwell
Mawson, Eric  1G-son      Shadwell
Firth, Mary Jane5, Backhouse Row348Head270  Lady's Help Hunslet
Simpson, JosephSchool View,
Main Street
362Head21220Horseman on Farm Stutton
Simpson, Ann  55Wife      Brotherton
Simpson, Maud  17Dau      Shadwell
Hogg, WalterMain Street 29Head12550Police Constable Rawdon
Hogg, Annie Eliza  26Wife      Guiseley
Hogg, Clarice  11Dau      South Kirkby
Hogg, Emma  9Dau      Guiseley
Hogg, William  7Son      Harrogate
Hogg, Charlie  5Son       
Hogg, Lillie  3Dau       
Umpleby, SamuelMain Street660Head32880Farmer Shadwell
Umpleby, Sarah  61Wife      Shadwell
Umpleby, Minnie  20Dau    Dairy work Shadwell
Umpleby, Harriet  18Dau    Dairy Work Shadwell
Umpleby, Walter  17Son    Page boy at Golf Club Shadwell

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Greenwood, HerbertLivery Stables536Head46130 Livery Stable Keeper Normanton
Greenwood, Eliza   Wife      Meanwood
Caves, John RichardIvy Cottage341Head16963Bricklayer Maidford. Northants
Caves, Phoebe  34Wife      Woodhouse
Caves, Lily  9Dau      Woodhouse
Caves, Elsie Winifred  7Dau      Woodhouse
Caves, Mabel Doris  4Dau      Bramley
Eaves, Samuel  2Son      Shadwell
Eaves, Phoebe  10mDau      Shadwell
Rowley, HarperRose Cottage1049Head22632Machine Minder Printer Micklefield
Rowley, Annie Elizabeth  43Wife      Howden
Rowley, Ella Gladys  20Dau    Dressmaker Leeds
Rowley, Gladys  16Dau    Dressmaker Leeds
Rowley, Carl Routh  6Son    School Shadwell
Leeder, Thomas  68Bdr    Confectioner /Dealer Norfolk
Mann, RobertThe Schoolhouse558Head10110Schoolmaster Howden,
Mann, Emily  36Wife      Truro Cornwall
Mann, Fred  8Son      Shadwell
Vyner, JohnChurch Farm7 ?46Head    Farmer Shadwell
Vyner, Sarah  58Sister    Housekepper Shadwell
Greenwood, George  43B i Law20330Farmer Kippax
Greenwood, Lucy  48Sister      Shadwell
Greenwood, John  19Neph    Farmer's son Shadwell
Greenwood , Joseph  17Neph    Farmer's son Shadwell
Greenwood, Mary  15Niece    School (typewriting) Shadwell
Chadwick, AlbertShadwell Vicarage1248Head14330Clerk of Holy Orders Dewsbury
Chadwick, Madelaine A  44Wife      Aberdeen
Chadwick, Leonard Mark  7Son      Inverness
Chadwick, Paul  5Son      Shadwell
Cartwright, Winifred M  21Gov    Nursery Governess Burley
Renton, Lucy  23Serv    Housemaid Headingley
Vyner, Eva Bovill  22Serv    Cook Shadwell

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Walker, ElizaManor Farm948Head    Farmer Gledhow
Walker, Sarah  27Dau    Working on farm Shadwell
Walker, William  25Son    Working on farm Shadwell
Walker, Sidney  22Son    Working on farm Shadwell
Walker, Annie  18Dau    Working on farm Shadwell
Wilkinson, Herbert  20Serv    Waggoner on farm Easingwold
Pattinson, RobertStocks Hill, 1337Head16651Boot makerOwn AccountLeeds
Pattinson, Kate  38Wife      Leeds
Pattinson, George  12Son      Leeds
Pattinson, Lizzie  11Dau      Leeds
Pattinson, Annie  5Dau      Leeds
Pattinson, John  3Son      Hull
Hartley, John WilliamStocks Hill, 2440Head15220Joiner Leeds
Hartley, Blanche  41Wife      Leeds
Hartley, Hilda  14Dau    Kitchen Maid Leeds
Burnett, ArthurStocks Hill, 3355Head34981Stone Mason Shadwell
Burnett, Clara  54Wife      Leeds
Burnett, Edgar  20Son-   Blacksmith Shadwell
Burnett, Sarah  22D i law12m     Bramham
Burnett, Annie  17Dau    Housemaid (Dom) Shadwell
Burnett Walter  15Son    Farm Labourer Shadwell
Burnett, Sarah  14Dau      Shadwell
Burnett, Dawson  8G son      Shadwell
Burnett, Arthur  6G son      Shadwell
Burnett, John  5G son      Shadwell
Clayford, WilliamStocks Hill, 4345HeadS   Farm Labourer Oxton
Clayford, John  43BroS   Farm Labourer Oxton
Clayford, Mary  50Siss   Housekeeper Tadcaster
Clayford, HenryStocks Hill, 5451Head w26752Scavengercouncil workerOxton
Clayford, Annie  23Dau    Housekeeper Bardsey
Clayford, Edith  20Dau      Bardsey
Clayford, Frank  18Son    Grocer's Assistant Bardsey
Clayford, John Willie  15Son    Gardner Bardsey
Clayford, Henry  1mG'son      Shadwell

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Viner, HerbertStocks Hill, 6328Head5220Cowman on farm Shadwell
Viner, Seva  30Wife      Newtown Wales
Viner, Doris  4Dau      Shadwell
Viner, John  1Son      Shadwell
Hartley, AnnStocks Hill, 7374Head      Hickleton
Hartley, Matilda  45Dau    DressmakerOwn accountLeeds
Abbott, JamesStocks Hill, 8345Head25550Working on farm Plumpton
Abott, Ellen  44Wife      Burton Salmon
Abott, Edward  9Son    School Shadwell
Abbott, Herbert  4Son      Shadwell
Abbott, Annie  17Dau    General Servant MonkFryston
Abbott, Elsie  13Dau    School Shadwell
Pope, Ethel Emily ClareThe Beeches731Wife-     Leeds
Gillatt, Eva Mary  24Vstr12m   Doctor's dispenser St Austell Cornwall
Watkins, Nellie Kate  17Svnt    General servant Bristol
Dalton, JamesMinster View872Head45514Pavior Contractor ? Ashton under Lyne
Dalton, Ruth  76Wife      Brighouse
Umpleby,George Thomas  41S I law    Market Gardener Leeds
Umpleby, James Dalton  12G son      Shadwell
Umpleby, Kathleen  10G dau      Shadwell
Umpleby, Ralph  8mG son      Shadwell
Bryes, Elizabeth  51Dau      Leeds
Bryes, Mary  31G dau      Leeds
Bryes, Elsie  20G dau      Leeds
Fisher, William RobertBelvedere, 1840Head14330Teacher of MusicOwn AccordCornwall, Penzance
Fisher, Alice Rhoda  41Wife      Sheffield
Fisher, Claire Emma  13Dau      Sheffield
Fisher, Gertrude May  12Dau      Sheffield
Fisher, Rose Kathleen  4Dau      Sheffield
Baley, John RobertBelvedere737Head    Own Means Thorner
Walker, Elizabeth  65Sister      Thorner
Cullwick, Emma AnnBelvedere869Widowwid    Private means Sheffield
Stuart, Caroline  65ow    Private means Sheffield
Roberts, Margaret Henderson  25single    Private means Torquay Devon
Cooke, Samuel  51marr    Private means Haslington Cheshire

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Umpleby, John ClaytonMain Street437Head13220Domestic Gardner Collingham
Umpleby, Harriet  39wife      Halifax
Umpleby, James Freeman  9dau      Shadwell
Umpleby, Edith Alice  4dau      Shadwell
Russell, ThomasMain Street373Widwr    Retired Gardener Northamptonshire
Bull, Emma  43single      Warwick
Greaves, WilliamMain Street325Head3220Domestic Gardener Bardsey
Greaves, Mary Jane  35Wife      Grimston?
Willard, Florence  13Step-d      East Keswick
Greaves, Jenny  3Dau      Shadwell
Greaves, Esther  2mdau      Shadwell
Welburn, JamesBeechwood Farm549Head25651FarmeremployerDrax
Welburn, Mary  50Wife      Millington
Welburn,Clara  15Dau    Farmer's daughter Shadwell
Welburn, James Bowland  12Son    School Shadwell
Stephenson, GeorgeBrandon Lane450Head    HorsemanGolf courseHowden
Stephenson, Rachel  46Wife      Hunslet
Stephenson, James  21Son    GroundsmanGolf CourseManchester
Stephenson, Edward  13Son    School Moortown
Stephenson, Annie  10Dau    School Little Fenton
Stephenson, Alfred  8Son    School Thorner
Stephenson, Lucy  11mDau      Shadwell
Jones, ElizaBrandon Lane359Widow 000  Seacroft
Simpson, Albert  22Marr-1   Assistant Postman Shadwell
Simpson, Mary Ellen  23Wife-1     Monk Fryston
Mitchell, Mary Louisa  33Single    Assistant Teacher Durham
Umpleby, HannahBrandon Lane371Widow      Huddersfield
Clayton, Victoria  74Single      Huddersfield

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Todd, HenryNorwood House
Brandon Lane
650Head311073Retired Watchmaker Rillington
Todd, Elizabeth  50Wife      Hunslet
Todd, Joe  17Son    Watchmaker Hunslet
Todd, Elsie  15Dau      Hunslet
Todd, Frank  12Son      Hunslet
Todd, Arthur  7Son      Hunslet
Deighton, JosephBrandon Cottage450Head24110Mason & builder Thorner
Deighton, Anne Elizabeth  48Wife      Thorner
Deighton, Martha  14Dau      Thorner
Heather, Joh EdwardBrandon Lane, 2335Head wife14541Carting Agent Sheffield
Heather, Sarah Ann  36Dau      Sheffield
Heather, Hilda  13Dau      Barnsley
Heather, Minnie  9Dau      Barnsley
Heather, Beatrice  7Dau      Barnsley
Heather,Laura  2       Barnsley
Lear, TomBrandon Lane246Head22110Jobbing GardenerGolf ClubYorkshire
Lear, Emma  44Wife    GrocerOwn Acc HomeYorkshire
Burton, AliceRoughlee640single    District Nurse Lincolnshire
Bramley, JamesGateland House770Head13000Retired Publican Woodlesford
Bramley, Anisa?  44Wife      Bramham
Bramley, Lilian  15G-dau      Leeds
Goldthorpe, WilliamPreston House
646Head25321Farmer & Dairyman Holbeck
Goldthorpe, Mary  48Wife      Horsforth
Goldthorpe, James  16Son    Farmer's son Wakefield
Garner, Herbert JohnHillcrest834Head3220Wholesale Clothier Cumberland
Garner, Muriel Isabel Grayson  28Wife    Manufacturer Lincs
Garner, Muriel Anie Grayson  2Dau      Leeds
Garner, Emily Clarice Isobel  11mDau      Leeds
Merrkin, Martha May  14Servant    General Servant Lincs
Wilsdon, Spencer BlakeySouth View
Gateland Lane
Wilsdon , Ada  37Wife      Leeds
Wilsden, Benjamin  10Son      Leeds
Wilsden Greaves  6son      Leeds

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Gleave, Herbert LeighPrimrose Cottage
Gateland Lane
 28Head7220Builder & tile worker Leeds
Gleave, Edith Mary  31Wife      Leeds
Gleave, Reginald Norman  6Son      Leeds
Gleave, Winifred  4Dau      Leeds
Sunderland, Rufus  26br-i-law    LabourerSoap WorksLeeds
Vevers, WilliamLaurel Bank
Gateland Lane
 78Head20000Retired Law Clerk Leeds
Vevers, Sarah Jane  59Wife      Hunslet
Davitt, Helen  17Servant    General Servant Hull
Atkinson, JamesGladstone Villa
Gateland Lane
562Head36?   Animal trap ManufEmployerHeckmondwyke
Beales, Leah  42Hskpr    Housekeeper Norfolk
Beales, Edith  21Dau      Shipley
Beales, Flora  7Dau      Leeds
Beales, Harry  6Son      Leeds
Beales, Hilda  3Dau      Thorner
Beales, Willie  7mSon      Thorner
Wood, GeorgeGateland Cottage
Gateland Lane
466Head46100Retired farmer Leeds
Wood, Margaret  66wife      Wakefield
Umpleby, JosephGateland Lane572HeadSingl   Retired Salesman Roundhay
Umpleby, Jane  65Sistere singl e     Roundhay
Boocock, BenjaminGateland Lane562 39321Retired Beasella? Leeds
Archer, MaryWellington Lane452Widow28330Housekeeper York
Archer, Emily  26Dau    Laundress Selby
Archer, Lily  13Dau    School Shadwell
Archer, Doris  2Dau      Apperley Bridge
Furniss, John WilliamWellington Lane370Widower7043  Retired farmer Shadwell
York?, Isobell  43s-i-law    Laundress Kirkby Lonsdale
Swann, MarkWellington Lane543Head6211Wheelwright Pocklington
Swann, Sophia  40Wife      Stockton
Swann, Agnes  4Dau      Shadwell
Pask, ErnestWellington Lane431Head7440Market Gardener Cumberland
Pask, Annie  30Wife      Ampleforth
Pasl, Elsie May  4Dau      Shadwell
Pask, Frank Oliver  2Son      Shadwell
Pask, Albert Edward  1mSon      Shadwell

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Sagar-Musgrave, ClaraRed Hall2070Head 220  Kent
Sagar-Musgrave, Abraham  49Son16   Col. 3rd W Yorks Kirkstall
Robert Malcolm
  39Son    Brewery Manager Shadwell
Walker Lucy  50Servant    Cook Derbyshire
Lowes William  29Servant    Butler Monk Fryston
Standwick, Mildred  26Servant    Housemaid Selby
Hancock, Annie  25Servant    Kitchenmaid Flintshire
Street, BenRed Hall stables224Single    Groom Yorkshire
Parkin, Harry  30Single    Undergardener Barwick-in-Elmet
Varey, John  21single    Undergardener Ulleskelf
Craddock, ThomasWoodhouse Farm751Head24633Farmer Moortown
Craddock Sarah Ann  53Wife      Harewood
Craddock, Frank Lancelot  12Son    School Shadwell
Craddock, Elizabeth  23Dau    Farmer's Dau Shadwell
Craddock, Edith Nora  19Dau    Farmer's Dau Shadwell
Barber, FredFerndale546Head221 1Pork Butcher Lincoln, Market Raisin
Barber, Clara Elizabeth  48Wife      Bishop Thornton
Barber, Leah Gladys  21Dau      Leeds
Buckley, Bertha  26Neice      Warrington
Knight, Thomas EdwinFirbank746Head22541TravellerFurniture ManufChatham, Kent
Knight, Lillie Eliza  42Wife      Middlesex
Knight, Edwin  19Son    EngineerMotorMiddlesex
Knight, Reginald  17Son    EngineerMotorMiddlesex
Knight, Hilda  13Dau    School Leeds
Theodore, Edna Harriett  8Visitor      Leeds
Pickering, Thomas  1Boarder      Leeds
Jackson, JohnProspect Rise548Head2511110PlumberRepairsLeeds
Simpson, SamuelProspect Place428Head4220Joiner Shadwell
Simpson, Elizabeth  30Wife      Aberford
Simpson, Dorothy  3Dau      Leed
Simpson, Edna  1Dau      Shadwell
Bellingham, Alice Maud  48Boarder    Widow. Dressmaker Thorner
Roberts, George3, Prospect Rise457Head24110Jobbing Gardener Shadwell
Roberts, Mary  65Wife      Wakefield
Roberts, George  21Son    Map MountingSchool StationersRoundhay

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Burnett, HarryProspect Rise433Head90  StoremanBuildingShadwell
Burnett, Amy  35Wife      Barnard Castle
Spink, James RoadleyProspect House554Head19211Grocer Flaxton
Spink, Frances Alice  52Wife      Leeds
Spink, Lily Aliza  17Dau    Assistant to above Leeds
Guston, Georg4 Brandon
 44Head19220Butcher & Grocer Shadwell
Guston,Lydia  46Wife     Assistant Norfolk
Guston, Hilda  16Dau     Assistant Shadwell
Guston, Sydney  6Son    School Shadwell
Burkett, Willie  17Servant    Butcher's Assistant Shadwell
Hill, Harry3 Brandon
 44Head161 1Coachman Gardener  
Hill, Mary Ann  42Wife       
Simpson, George2 Brandon
553Head31990Sub Post & Joiner Seacroft
Simpson, Frances  51Wife      Meanwood
Simpson, RosePost Office 19Dau    Assnt in Post Office Shadwell
Simpson, Frank  17Son    Aux Rural Postman Shadwell
Simpson, Alfred  11Son    School Shadwell
Simpson, Alice  10Dau    School Shadwell
Hullley, Tom1 Brandon
649Head220  Shopkeeper Ecclesfield
Hulley, Sarah  49Wife220  Assisting in business Sibbeston Herefd
Hulley, Ann  76Mother37734None Ecclesfield
Heaton, ArthurRed Lion Inn1036Head4211Innkeeper Leeds
Heaton, Emily  32Wife    Assisting in Business Crossgates
Heaton, Mary  1Dau      Shadwell
Burnett, Gaunt AlbertMain Street462Head (W) 862Mason Shadwell
Burnett, Ernest  28Son    Mason Shadwell
Burnett, Ethel  23Dau    Housekeeper Shadwell
Stead, HarryMain Street531Head6220Fish Fryer Cumberland, Carlisle
Stead Ann Elizabeth  33Wife    Assisting in business Leeds
Stead, Harold Henry  4Son      Leeds
Stead, John Edwin  1Dau      Shadwell
Joy, JosephHolywell Lane469Head36752General Labourer Shadwell
Joy, Alice  60Wife      Shadwell
Joy, Nelson  23Son    Gardener (domestic) Shadwell
Joy, Arthur  21Son    Farm Labourer Shadwell
Joy Wilson, George  11G'son    School Shadwell
Joy Wilson, Fred  8G'son    School Shadwell

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Kinghorn, William1 Holywell View546Head201183Gardener (Domestic) Cowthorpe
Kinghorn, Rose  42Wife      Spennymoor
Kinghorn, ernest  18Son    Groom (Domestic) Boston Spa
Kinghorn, Sissy  16Dau    Housemaid ( ) Boston Spa
Kinghorn,Marcia  14Dau    School Boston Spa
Kinghorn, Richard  8Son      Shadwell
Kinghorn, Jessy  10Dau    School Seacroft
Kinghorn, John Alfred  6Son      Shadwell
Kinghorn, Elizabeth  4Dau      Shadwell
Kinghorn, Sarah  1Dau      Shadwell
Hudson, John William2 Holywell View435 11110Farm Labourer Thorner
Hudson, Emma  39Wife      Woodlesford
Hudson, Annie  10Dau      South Milford
Bolton, William(Bollon?)3 Holywell View444Head18752Press Printer Leeds
Bolton, Jessie  43Wife      Leeds
Bolton, Ethel Mary  14Dau    Piano Teacher Leeds
Bolton, Sydney  10Son    School Leeds
Bolton, Leonard  8Son      Leeds
Bolton, Mabel  4Dau      Leeds
Bolton, Hilda  2Dau      Leeds
Petty, Jane4 Holywell View467Wife (W) 880Housekeeper Harewood
Petty, Afred  37Son    Farm Labourer Harewood
Petty, John  36son    Farm Labourer Harewood
Ellis, Charles PeterProspect View431Head7321Newsagent Gildersome
Ellis, Ada Elizabeth  32Wife      Armley
Ellis, Maud Alwyne  4Dau      Armle
Ellis, Jenny  9mDau      Shadwell
Stanton, Joseph2 Prospect View437Head6431Postman Chelsea London
Stanton, Mary  32Wife      Burton on Trent
Stanton, Edward  10Son    School Islington
Stanton, Thomas  5Son      Leeds
Stanton, Rose  4Dau      Leeds
Stanton, George  1Son      Leeds

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Moore, Charles3 Prospect View436Head12440Groom/Gardener(D) Newbrough Staffs
Moore, Matilda  39Wife      Moortown
Moore, Florence May  11Dau    School Chapeltown
Moore, Nellie Matilda  10Dau    School Chapeltown
Moore, Lillian  9Dau    School Chapeltown
Moore, Charles  7Son    School Chapeltown
Radmore, Herbert4 Prospect View426Head20  Chauffeur (D) Rothwell
Radmore, Beatrice Ethel  29Wife      Hunslet
Bryan, Philip1 East View
Holywell Lane
447Head20220Stone Mason Leeds
Bryan, Hannah  45Wife      Shadwell
Bran, Emily  19Dau      Shadwell
Blockey, George Arthur2 East View443Head18330Joiner & Painter London
Blockey, Alice Elizabeth  40Wife      Salop
Blockey, Albert Heyward  17Son    Joiner & Painter Horsforth
Blockey, Winifred ALizabeth  15Dau    Confectioner Apprtc Horsforth
Blockey, George Leslie  8Son    School Shadwell
Halliday, William3 East View330Head6110Cowman on Dairy Swindon Harrogate
Halliday, Annie  26Wife      Shadwell
Halliday, Emily Maria  6Dau    School Shadwell
Haigh, Silas1 Holywell Lane761Head    Grocer Almondbury
Haigh, Charlotte  60Wife      Spofforth
Haigh, Agnes  32Dau    Bakeer Hastings Susse
Haigh, William  31Son    Manual Labourer Hastings Sussex
Haigh, Georgiana  18Dau    Shop Assistant Shadwell
Webb, Freda  8G Dau    School Shadwell
Nettleton, James2 Holywell Lane665Head    Tailor  
Nettleton, Elizabeth  65Wife      Thorner
Nettleton, William  35Son    Gardener Fewston
Nettleton, Sarah  33Dau    Servant Fewston
Nettleton, Louisa  31Dau    Housemaid Fewston
Nettleton, Laura  27Dau    Tailor's Assistant Shadwell
Linfoot, Harry  18G Son    Gen Lab Golf CLub Shadwell

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Downes, John James3 Holywell Lane547Head251192Chimney Sweep Moortown
Downes, Mary  45Wife      Retford, Notts
Downes, Hilda  21Dau      Yorkshire
Downes,Francis  12Dau    School Shadwell
Downes, James Hentry  10Son    School Shadwell
Downes, George Albert  8Son      Shadwell
Downes, Mary Charlotte  2Dau      Shadwell
Young, John4 Holywell Lane451Head 770Farm Labourer Tockwith
Young, Emily  53Wife      Eccup
Young, Fred  22Son    Groom (D) Shadwell
Young, Hetty  18Dau    Domestic Servant Shadwell
Young, Amy  10Dau    School Shadwell
Johnson, Thomas Edwin  24Boarder    Gardener (D) East Keswick
Wright, Elizabeth5 Holywell Lane554Head 220  Leeds
Hodgkinson,  35Son    Riveter (boot Manuf) Leeds
Dixon, Ernest6 Holywell Lane536Head (W)    Scavenger (Council) Leeds
Dixon, Albert  15Son    Labourer (Poultry) Shadwell
Dixon ,Ernest  12Son    School Sheffield
Dixon ,Herbert  10Son    School Sheffield
Goodall, James T7 Holywell lane552Head20642Labourer Shropshire
Goodall, Ada  42Wife      Wetherby
Goodall, Walter Fletcher  21Son    Second Horseman Shadwell
Goodall, Ann  16Dau    Domestic Servant Shadwell
Goodall, Mary Alice  7Dau    School Shadwell
Goodall, James Edward  4Son    School Shadwell
Batty, Harrison8 Holywell Lane542Head9440Farm Bailiff Stillington
Batty, Mary  36Wife      Pocklington
Batty, Ethel  7Dau      Easingwold
Batty, George Harrison  5Son      Easingwold
Batty, Selina Marion  2Dau      Topcliffe
Gue, William9 Holywell Lane(back)342Head10220Highways Road Man Bilson
Gue, Mary ELizabeth  32Wife      Bakewell, Derbys
Gue, Lily May  7Dau      Shadwell
Gue, Alice  5Dau      Shadwell

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Ward, Mary Ann10 Holywell Lane274Head9211Pension Leeds
Ward, Rowland  39Son    Artist Leeds
Noble, Edward11 Holywell Lane(back)223HeadLess   Farm Labourer Bardsey
Noble, Lilian  18Wife1 yr     Whinmoor
Gue, Gate12 Holywell Lane(back)266Head (W)38110Charwoman Bilston
Witty, Arthur14 Holywell Lane356Head14660Jobbing Gardener Beeston
Witty, Mary Elizabeth  39Wife      Boston Spa
Witty, John  12Son      Holbeck
Witty,James  10Son      Shadwell
Witty, Gladys  9Dau      Shadwell
Witty, Daisy  7Dau      Shadwell
Witty, Nellie  4Dau      Shadwell
Witty, Samuel  5mSon      Shadwell
Young, Walter15 Holywell Lane(back)328Head6330Farm Labourer Bilton
Young, Ellen  24Wife      Shadwell
Young, Mary  6Dau      Shadwell
Young, Thomas  4Son      Shadwell
Young, Ada  mo
Dau      Shadwell
Hey, Albert Edward15 Holywell Lane536Head16211Hairdresser Leeds
Hey, Ada  42Wife      Leeds
Hey, Albert Edward  8Son      Shadwell
Hey, William  66Father (W)      Leeds
Hey, Ada Hevatt  12Neice      Leeds
Clegg, Richard16 Holywell Lane538Head2000Farm Labourer Leeds
Clegg, Mary  39Wife      Eccup
Wray, Henry Ernest  15Stepson    Gardener Shadwell
Wray, Jane  77M in law      Eccup
Young, George18 Holywell Lane(Back)326Head4110House decorator Bilton
Young, Sarah Jane  28Wife      Shadwell
Nunn(?), Annie May  8S'dau      Halton
Young, Florence  4Dau      Bramham

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Longfellow, Samuel20 Holywell Lane(back)365Head25532Gardener Bramham
Longfellow, Sarah Ellen  55Wife      Halton
Longfellow, Glady  12Dau      Shadwell
Longfellow, Samuel  23Son    Farm Labourer Shadwell
Longfellow, Annie  25Dau in L      Leyland Lancs
Auckland, Thomas19 Holywell Lane234Head10000Engineers Labourer Leeds
Auckland, Edith  33Wife      Leeds
Longfellow, Leonard21 Holywell Lane 19HeadUnder110Farm Labourer Shadwell
Longfellow, Elsie  17Wife1 yr     Roundhay
Longfellow, Harry  4mSon      Shadwell
Fletcher, William22 Holywell Lane567Head42761General Labourer Walton
Fletcher, Elizabeth  66Wife      Bilton
Briggs, William23 Holywell Lane543Head211293Shopkeeper Draper Tresswell, Notts
Briggs, Ellen Maud  43Wife    & Boot. + Wife Ass. Grimsby
Briggs, Lily  17Dau    Domestic Servant York
Briggs, Lavinia  14Dau    School East Keswick
Briggs, Fanny  12Dau    School East Keswick
Briggs, Frank  10Son    School East Keswick
Briggs, Olive  7Dau    School Harewood
Briggs, Herbert  3Son      Harewood
Briggs, George Frederick  4mSon      Shadwell
Sexton, Charles1 SavilleTerrace539Head16743Farm Labourer Surrey
Sexton, Emma  35Wife      Lincs, Woolsthorpe
Sexton, Jane  12Dau    School Lincs, Barrowby
Sexton, Fred  12Son    School Lincs, Muston
Sexton, Emily  3Dau      Collingham
Chapman, George2 Saville Terrace373Head362  Farm labourer Bainbridge Yorks
Chapman, Alice  66Wife      Askrigg
Mison, Frederick3 Saville Terrace325Head111 Waggoner on Farm Norfolk, Kenninghall
Mison, Daisy  22Wife      Ribston
Mison, Eva-Mary  7mDau      Cleckheaton

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Young, George Henry4 Saville Terrace330Head7321Farm Labourer Shadwell
Young, Clara  28Wife      Kirkby Overblow
Young John  6Son      Shadwell
Young, Elsie Eileen  1Dau      Shadwell
Heaton, Albert5 Saville Terrace344Head90  Painter & Plumber Kearby
Heaton, Grace  44Wife      Shadwell
Fletcher, John6 Saville Terrace342Head15550Farm Labourer Wetherby
Fletcher, Ruth Hetty  42Wife      Eccup
Fletcher, Ernest  14Son    Caddy at Golf Shadwell
Fletcher, John Edward  11Son    School Shadwell
Fletcher, James  2Son      Shadwell
Fletcher, Jane Elizabeth  13Dau    School Shadwell
Fletcher, Lilly May  6Dau    School Shadwell
Bielby, Thomas7 Saville Terrace336Head10110Horseman on farm Nafferton
Bielby, Florence  32Wife    Working on farm Plompton
Bielby, Annie (crossed out)  9        
Johnson, John Robert8 Saville Terrace344Widower14642Polo Groundsman Leeds
Johnson, William  17Son    Bakers Errand Boy Shadwell
Johnson, Sarah Elizabeth  14Dau      Shadwell
Johnson, Arthur  11Son      Shadwell
Radstock, Harry9 Saville Terrace246     Painter House Leeds
Newland, Arthur10 Saville Terrace443Head201082Farm Labourer Harewood
Newland, Mary Ellen  42Wife      Leeds
Newland, William  10Son    School Wike
Newland, Thomas  7Son      Wike
Newland Nellie  11Dau    School Wike
Newland, Francis  4Dau      Shadwell
Newland, Dorothy  1Dau      Shadwell
Smith George HindleSaville House940Head11440Paper Merchant Manchester
Smith Annie Hindle  40Wife      Manchester
Smith Denis Vincent  10Son      Huddersfield
Smith Margaret Eileen Hindle  8Dau      Huddersfield
Smith Norah Patricia Hindle  5Son      Leeds
Smith George Derek Hindle  1Son      Leeds
Atkinson, Ella  20Servant    General Domestic Servant Leeds

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birthInfirmity
Richardson, Ernest Robert1 Strawberry Villas629Head    PlumberOwn accountLeeds 
Richardson, Annie Elizabeth  33Sister    Assistant Teacher Wakefield 
Richardson, Edith  24Sister    Housekeeper Leeds 
Oldroyd, Herbert William2 Strawberry Villas534Head10  Estate Agent ShadwellBR subj by
Oldroyd, Emily  27Wife      Leeds 
Lester, SamuelCraigantinny860Head10  Retired Hotel Newhall Derbys 
Lester, Edith  41Wife    Keeper Leeds 
Thompson, Constance  21Step Dau      Leeds 
Thompson Dorothy  19Step Dau      Hunslet 
Johnson, Marjorie  3Visitor      Shadwell 
Mitchell, JamesYarm Cottage755Head27321Retired Grocer Leeds 
Mitchell, Elizabeth  54Wife      Leeds 
Mitchell, Leonard  11Son    School Leeds 
Mitchell, Annie  23Dau      Leeds 
Chadwick, WilliamBrandon Villa854Head32541Retired Maltster Crossgates 
Chadwick, Sarah Hannah  52Wife      Leeds 
Chardwick, Elsie  20Dau      Shadwell 
Chadwick, Wiliam Harvey  15Son    School Shadwell 
Chadwick, Jane  12Dau    School Shadwell 
Taylor Eleanor  46Sis in law      Leeds 
Kent, Judith1 Malvern Villas760Widow48761Private Means Summersall, Masham 
Kent, Phala Risa  39Dau      Alwoodley 
Kent, Judith  35Dau      Alwoodley 
Walker, Martha JaneMoor Cottage752Single    Private Means Lncs 
Kirkaldy, Arthur2 Park View533Head1000Clerk to Estate Co Leeds 
Kirkaldy, Sybil  29Wife      Leeds 
Mexson, GeorgeTemperence Hotel849Head10202Temperence Hotel Herts 
Mexson, Rose Anne  45Wife    Keeper New Wortley 
Greaves, BenjaminNorth View958Head38752Farmer Ecclesfield 
Greaves, Sarah Ann  56Wife      Leeds 
Greaves, Clifford  26Son    Printer Leeds 
Greaves, Clarence  24Son    Printer Leeds 
Greaves, Wilfred  23Son    Printer Leeds 
Robinson, Alice  16Servant    Domestic Servant Aberford 

AliveDiedOCCUPATIONEmployedPlace of birth
Culey, NoahFair view
Slade Hill
646Widower5211Baker Shropshire
Culey Marion  5Dau      Leeds
Roberts, Joseph  50Assistant    Baker's Assistant Shropshire
Roberts, Lois  49     Housekeeper Shropshire
Bell, RobertHighfield,
849Head22550Commercial Ripon
Bell, Amy  45Wife    Traveller Leeds
Bell, Margaret  22Dau      Leeds
Bell, Dorothy  18Dau      Leeds
Bell, Douglas  17Son      Leeds
Robert Wm Hartley Bell  11Son      Leeds
Kathleen E Hartley Bell  9Dau      Leeds
Hartley, Annie  60Aunt    Private Means Halifax
Milner, James HenryHawthorn House
948Head22440Solicitor Manchester
Milner, Elizabeth  48Wife      Northumberland
Milner, Eric Henry  9Son      Armley
Milner, Alan  6Son      Armley
Milner, Joyce Eleanor  4Dau      Armley
Thompson, Mary  28Widow    Domestic Servant Mickelfield
Wilson, Laurence  23Single    Groom/Gardener Scholes

Data transcribed by
Lesley Beales
© 2018