Shadwell, War Memorial transcription


Thorner parish:

Shadwell, War Memorial transcription:

The World War I memorial in the churchyard at Shadwell.

Photo of sides 8, 1 and 2

Photo of side 3:

Photo of sides 4 and 5

Photo of sides 6 and 7

Pte. Vyner, W. 1914 2nd Lt. Ellerby, H. L.Cpl. Smith, C.B. Pte. ????????? Pte. Charr, W. Pte. Moat, R.A. Pte. Todd, E.P.
Pte. Wray, H.E. - Flt. 2nd Lt. Bray, F. L.Cpl. Stephenson, M.C. Pte. ????????? Pte. ????????? Pte. Simpson, A. Pte. Trotter, J.D.
Pte. Willis, P.P. 1919 L.Cpl Birkenshaw, J. Pte. Bryan, P. Pte. ????????? Pte. ????????? Pte. Simpson, T. Pte. Umpleby, W.
    L.Cpl Greene, L.C. Pte. Railes, J.W. Pte. ????????? Pte. ????????? Cnt. Stubbs, N. Pte. Vyner, D.
Robert Geoffrey Barr              
William Harvey Chadwick 1939 - 1945 E. Stanley Smith          
Thomas Nevil Linley   John Percy Vyner          
George Maurice Newton   George Joy Wilson          

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson