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THORPE SALVIN: The Parish Burial Registers for Thorpe Salvin, 1730-1749

10 31 1730JohnLEESON Son of William [buried in woolen]Gentleman
15 11 1730PeregrineROGERS Son of George [buried in woolen]Gentleman
04 12 1730JacobCUTTILL [buried in woolen]Servant
16 04 1731AnnFOLLS [FELLS?] Daughter of Widow Folls [buried in woolen] 
27 06 1731AnnBOOTH Daughter of Samuel [buried in woolen] 
02 07 1731AnnRICHARDSON Daughter of Richard [buried in woolen] 
01 09 1731GeorgeALLIN A Bachelor [buried in woolen] 
12 09 1731JohnBARKER [buried in woolen]Gentleman
30 12 1731ElizabethPASHLEY Daughter of William [buried in woolen] 
21 04 1732SarahCHANBREY ? A Spinster [buried in woolen] 
27 07 1732WilliamRICHARDSON [buried in woolen]Labourer
18 02 1732ThomasGUEST [buried in woolen]BlackSmith
25 02 1732GeorgeGUEST [buried in woolen] 
06 03 1732BarbaraSTANCELL Wife of John [buried in woolen]Labourer
03 03 1733AnthonyBARLOW [buried in woolen]InnKeeper
24 06 1734SarahSHIPPAM Wife of Richard [buried in woolen]Farmer
17 07 1734DorothyBARLOW Daughter of Widow Barlow [buried in woolen] 
22 12 1734MabellBARLOW A Widow [buried in woolen] 
23 12 1734CatherinePAGDEN A Widow [buried in woolen] 
02 04 1735MarySHIPPAM Daughter of Richard [buried in woolen]Farmer
27 07 1735ElizabethDUNSTAN Wife of Richard [buried in woolen]Farmer
05 02 1735CatherineROGERS Daughter of Mr ? [buried in woolen] 
18 02 1735MaryGUEST A Widow [buried in woolen] 
01 05 1736ElizabethROGERSNetherthorpeDaughter of George [buried in woolen]Gentleman
26 01 1736AnneROGERSNetherthorpeWife of George [buried in woolen]Gentleman
07 02 1736WilliamGASCOIGNE Son of Thomas [buried in woolen]Gentleman
13 04 1737GeorgeROGERSNetherthorpe[buried in woolen]Gentleman
03 09 1737EstherDUNSTAN Daughter of Richard [buried in woolen]Farmer
20 04 1738ThomasSHIPPAM Son of Richard [buried in woolen]Farmer
04 11 1738ElizabethRYEHILL [RYALL] Daughter of James [buried in woolen]WheelWright
08 12 1738ShipstonBOOTH [buried in woolen]Clerk
12 02 1738HannahPRICE A Widow [buried in woolen] 
13 12 1739GraceHOBSON A Widow [buried in woolen] 
25 03 1740RichardPASHLEY Son of William [buried in woolen]Labourer
08 01 1740SarahGLOVER Wife of William [buried in woolen]Farmer
19 07 1741RobertHAWKESLEY [buried in woolen]Miller
06 08 1741FaithPAGDEN Daughter of John [buried in woolen]Labourer
03 11 1741GeorgeGREAVES [buried in woolen]Farmer
11 12 1741RobertBARLOW Son of Widow Barlow [buried in woolen] 
14 12 1741SarahGLOVER Daughter of William [buried in woolen] 
27 07 1742JohnNEEVES A Pauper [buried in woolen] 
18 03 1742MaryGREAVES Widow of George [buried in woolen]Labourer
29 04 1744ElizabethALLEN Wife of John [buried in woolen]Farmer
22 05 1744DeborahSMITH Wife of Mr Benjamin [buried in woolen] 
05 08 1744GeorgeGOODWYN [buried in woolen]Labourer
06 08 1744JamesFOSTER [buried in woolen] 
07 08 1744PeterSTANCELL [buried in woolen]BlackSmith
23 12 1744MarySTANCELL Daughter of Widow Stancell [buried in woolen] 
20 06 1745EdmundNEEVES [buried in woolen] 
19 07 1745GeorgeHUTCHINSON [buried in woolen]Collier
15 11 1745HannahBOOTH Daughter of Shipston [buried in woolen] 
01 12 1745AnneBENTLEY Daughter of George [buried in woolen]Carpenter
19 01 1745JohnWALKER [buried in woolen]Labourer
12 02 1745ElizabethWILSON Wife of Thomas [buried in woolen]Farmer
08 04 1746MaryCARRWorksopA Widow [buried in woolen] 
11 03 1746MaryKNUTTON Wife of Francis [buried in woolen]Labourer
22 03 1746Mr BenjaminSMITH [buried in woolen]Sojourner
15 12 1747JohnPARKINSON Son of Richard [buried in woolen]Farmer
22 01 1747EstherPARKINSON A Widow [buried in woolen] 
24 04 1748GeorgeFOLLES [FELLS?] Son of Mark [buried in woolen] 
14 07 1748ThomasWILSON [buried in woolen]Farmer
16 10 1748HannahGOODWYN A Widow [buried in woolen] 
08 04 1749MargaretGUEST Widow of Thomas [buried in woolen]BlackSmith
17 04 1749RichardSHIPHAM Son of Richard [buried in woolen]Farmer
26 07 1749EllenMATHERS A Widow [buried in woolen] 
20 09 1749AlexanderMALCOULMAN A disbanded Soldier 
22 10 1749WilliamBASWNDAL ? A disbanded Soldier & Pensioner 

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
This transcription has not been checked.
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