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THORPE SALVIN: The Parish Marriage Registers for Thorpe Salvin, 1800-1869

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom NotesGroom ParishAgeOccupationStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride NotesAgeBride ParishStatusNotes
27 01 1801WilliamDOWNES    BachelorElizabethDOWNES   SpinsterBy Banns
03 07 1802GeorgeMILLER    BachelorElizabethBOLAN   Spinster 
13 02 1803WilliamMARSH Chesterfield  WidowerRebeccaQUINGE  Thorpe SalvinWidow 
05 04 1803RobertOUTRAM    WidowerMaryMILNS   Spinster 
09 05 1803JosephBRIGHTMORE    BachelorSarahTWIGG   SpinsterBy Banns
04 07 1803ThomasWOOD    BachelorAbigailMARTON   WidowBy Banns
12 11 1803GeorgePEARCE    BachelorMargaretALLISON   SpinsterBy Banns
19 12 1803GeorgeWRAGG    BachelorIsobelle?   SpinsterBy Banns
26 12 1803RobertPARNELL    BachelorDinahFELL   SpinsterBy Banns
26 12 1803ThomasPARKER    BachelorMaryHILL   SpinsterBy Banns
19 03 1804DavidASHMORE    BachelorMaryFELL   SpinsterBy Banns
13 09 1804ThomasMONKS   Servant DeborahWEST   WidowBy Banns
22 10 1804HenrySHELDON Dronfield   LucyFLETCHER AKA FELLS   WidowBy Banns
01 03 1810RobertTAYLOR Harthill Farmer MaryOUDALE   Spinster 
24 12 1811CharlesWOOD    BachelorAnnMITCHELL   SpinsterBy Banns
04 05 1812JamesSMITH    BachelorSarahGOOD   SpinsterBy Banns
01 03 1813WilliamCOX Thorpe Salvin   ElizabethPARKINSON  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
19 07 1813JosephWELLS Thorpe Salvin Labourer SarahMILNES  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
09 10 1813JohnBROOMHEAD Thorpe Salvin Labourer ElizabethASHMORE  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
29 10 1813JamesWAGSTAFF Blythe, NTT Farmer MillicentWHITE  Thorpe Salvin By Licence
11 04 1814JosephMARSDIN Thorpe Salvin Tailor SarahPEAT  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
06 02 1815ThomasKAY Thorpe Salvin Labourer MaryCHARTRES  Thorpe SalvinWidowBy Banns
26 12 1815JosephDOWNES Thorpe Salvin Labourer SarahGILLAM  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
18 08 1817JohnFIRTH Harthill   MillicentHOLMES  Thorpe Salvin By Licence
01 06 1818GeorgeBIRKS Thorpe Salvin Labourer SophiaGILLAM  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
18 10 1818JervisGUEST Thorpe Salvin Farmer HannahPASHLEY  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
21 12 1818ThomasFULLARD Thorpe Salvin   ElindaHALL  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
31 11 1819JosephWINTERBOTTOM Darfield   MaryWOOD  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
29 12 1819GeorgeWHITEHEAD Harthill   AnnBENNIT [BENNETT]  Thorpe Salvin  
08 02 1820GeorgeBUTLER Naughton, NTT   FrancesTWIBBLE  Thorpe Salvin By Licence
18 01 1822FrancisATKIN Thorpe Salvin   CharlotteJACKSON  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
16 12 1822JohnFOSTER Mansell, Charlton Row, Manchester   SarahPARKINSON  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
16 12 1823MartinSHIRCLIFFE Thorpe Salvin   SarahHALL  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
21 11 1825ThomasLOEICK ? Thorpe Salvin   AnnSMITH  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
27 11 1825WilliamMASSE Thorpe Salvin   ElizabethPASHLEY  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
02 04 1827JohnWADESON Rufford   PhoebeTWIBBLE  Thorpe Salvin By Licence
02 07 1827JamesSCHOLEFIELD Thorpe Salvin   MaryGUEST  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
10 02 1828ThomasMONK Thorpe Salvin   ElizabethGUEST  Thorpe SalvinWidowBy Banns
25 08 1828JohnDUNK Worksop Lawyer ElizabethJACKSON  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
09 05 1829ThomasGODDWIN Spinkhill, Eckington, DBY   SarahPARKIN  Thorpe Salvin By Licence
26 06 1832JosephHOLMES Haveley ??   SarahTEASMAN  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
04 08 1832WilliamPASHLEY Thorpe Salvin   SarahKEETON  Thorpe Salvin By Licence
02 03 1837ReedHOPKINSON Harthill   MaryWILKS  Thorpe Salvin By Banns
31 10 1839JohnWILSONSon of GeorgeSheffieldOf Full AgeMillWrightBachelorSarahWILKSDaughter of JohnOf Full AgeDog KennelsSpinster 
10 08 1840JamesCARTONSon of ThomasThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarmer's ManBachelorMaryWRIGHT Of Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
14 12 1840WilliamDOWNESSon of JamesThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorMatildaSUTCLIFFEDaughter of William OutramOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinWidow 
28 01 1841GeorgeWILKSSon of GeorgeThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarmerWidowerAnnFELLSDaughter of GeorgeOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
24 05 1841WilliamBROWNSon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorElizabethDOWNESDaughter of JosephOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
10 01 1842FrancisGLOSSOPSon of FrancisHarthillOf Full AgeFarmerBachelorAnnWILKSDaughter of JohnOf Full AgeDog KennelsSpinster 
23 05 1842GeorgeHOLMESSon of JosephThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarmerBachelorAliceKITCHENDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgePeck MillSpinster 
11 08 1842WilliamHOLMESSon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLime BurnerBachelorAnnMARSHALLDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
25 08 1842George MarshWILKINSONSon of WilliamHarthillOf Full AgeFarmerBachelorAnnHOLMESDaughter of JosephOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
28 11 1842JohnHOLMESSon of WilliamBraithwellOf Full AgeServantBachelorMaryHALLDaughter of ThomasOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinServant 
23 03 1843EdwardFRITHSon of JohnThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarmerBachelorAgnesHOLMESDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
28 12 1843JarvisGUESTSon of JarvisThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarmerBachelorMariaROGERSDaughter of RobertOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
20 03 1844WilliamCATTERALLSon of HenryThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarmerBachelorElizabethROBINSONDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
15 07 1843ThomasSTOREYSon of ThomasThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorAnnTURNERDaughter of WilliamMinorMoor MillSpinster 
10 02 1846ThomasEVINSONSon of ThomasChesterfieldOf Full AgeDruggistBachelorFrancesCHIPPDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
18 01 1847JohnSTOREYSon of ThomasThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorElizabethHALLDaughter of ThomasOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
11 02 1847JosephCHILDSon of JosephNetherthorpeOf Full AgeFarmerBachelorMaryWEIGHTMANDaughter of JohnOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
11 03 1847WilliamWIKELEYSon of GeorgeManston nr YorkOf Full AgeShoeMakerBachelorCassandraSCHOFIELDDaughter of JohnOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
24 05 1847John AldersleyWOODSon of JosephThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeGameKeeperBachelorJaneCHAPMANDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeSilkstoneSpinster 
06 09 1847ThomasBEECHSon of SamuelAstonOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorAliceDUNWELLDaughter of WilliamMinorThorpe SalvinSpinster 
26 09 1847OsborneMOUVESon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorJaneROGERSDaughter of RobertOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
18 11 1847BenjaminEDDISONSon of JohnShireoaks, WorksopOf Full AgeGentlemanWidowerFrancesSLAGGDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeNetherthorpeSpinster 
13 05 1850JohnSTONESon of JohnThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeStone MasonBachelorElizabethWARDDaughter of ThomasOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
01 01 1851WilliamBELLSon of JonathanBlythe, NTTOf Full AgeStone MasonBachelorElizabethDUCKERDaughter of RogerOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
10 04 1851GeorgeATKINSon of FrancisThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarmerBachelorElizabethHOLMESDaughter of GeorgeOf Full AgePenny Holme, TreetonSpinster 
10 04 1851WilliamMARSHALLSon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarmerBachelorEmmaHOLMESDaughter of GeorgeOf Full AgePenny Holme, TreetonSpinster 
23 04 1851JohnMONTGOMERYSon of JohnHarthillOf Full AgeWoodmanBachelorElizaKEETONDaughter of JohnOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
27 11 1851WilliamWOODSon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorMaryHOGGDaughter of FrancisOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
16 01 1854HenryALLISONSon of JohnNetherthorpeOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorHarrietLARNDER Of Full AgeNetherthorpeSpinster 
17 04 1854JohnSTOREYSon of StephenDog KennelsOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorElizabeth CarolineCLITHERSDaughter of JohnOf Full AgeDog KennelsSpinster 
06 06 1854JamesDANIELSon of JamesSheffieldOf Full AgeRailway Spring MakerBachelorMaryASHMOREDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
30 11 1854JohnSTENTEN/STENTONSon of JohnThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarm ServantBachelorElizabethASHMOREDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
02 07 1855CharlesBANKSSon of WilliamBeightonOf Full AgeCoalMinerBachelorMariaSUTCLIFFEDaughter of JamesOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
24 11 1855MatthewTAYLORSon of GeorgeHarthillOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorAnnWOMBLEDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
03 06 1856JohnDRURYSon of GeorgeGildingwellsOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorAnnALLISONDaughter of JohnOf Full AgeNetherthorpeSpinster 
07 09 1857WilliamHALLAMSon of FrancisThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeBrickMakerBachelorJaneSOLLIT MinorThorpe SalvinSpinster 
25 10 1858GeorgeHOGGSon of FrancisAnstonOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorBarbaraGREAVESDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeDog KennelsSpinster 
10 10 1859WilliamGOODALLSon of ThomasThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorSarahPARKINSONDaughter of ThomasOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
17 10 1859JohnLISTERSon of GeorgeAnstonOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorAnnASHMOREDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
29 12 1859GeorgeCLARKSon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeCarpenterBachelorSarah HannahJACKSONDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
18 01 1860George ThomasHARVEYSon of JohnLambeth, SurreyOf Full AgeFloor Cloth MfgrBachelorFrances MaryPASHLEYDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeTop HallSpinster 
16 02 1860ThomasROBBINSSon of SamuelDog KennelsOf Full AgeMaltsterBachelorHarriet FrancesCOOKDaughter of GeorgeOf Full AgeDog KennelsSpinster 
26 11 1860JamesEMSONSon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorElizabethWASTENEYSDaughter of GeorgeOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinDomestic Servant 
03 12 1860WilliamCOATESSon of ThomasThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorElizabeth AnnSTOKES/STOCKSDaughter of JohnOf Full AgeAnstonSpinster 
10 29 1861RobertSNELLSon of RobertHarthillOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorElizabethWAINSCOATDaughter of ThomasOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
04 11 1861JohnWILSONSon of JonasWortleyOf Full AgeFarmerBachelorElizabethATKINDaughter of George HolmesOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
15 05 1862ThomasROGERSSon of ThomasThorpe SalvinMinorFarm ServantBachelorFrancesANDREWSDaughter of JosephOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
02 11 1862WilliamCOVELLSon of WilliamNetherthorpeOf Full AgeFarm ServantBachelorSarahHUGHESDaughter of SamMinorNetherthorpeSpinster 
08 12 1862MartinGRATTON/GRETTONSon of JohnThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarm LabourerBachelorElizaCOUPEDaughter of GeorgeOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
1862JohnDRURY CarltonOf Full Age WidowerElizaANDREW Of Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinsterBy Banns
1863ThomasSAXTON CarltonOf Full Age BachelorMaryGOODALL Of Full AgeWorksopSpinsterBy Banns
07 01 1864JohnGIBSONSon of JonathanThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeBrickMakerBachelorMaryLUNNDaughter of GeorgeMinorThorpe SalvinSpinster 
28 01 1864WilliamJACKSONSon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarmerBachelorEllenWILKESDaughter of JamesMinorThorpe SalvinSpinster 
22 02 1864WilliamBESCOBYSon of JohnThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeCollierBachelorElizabethBROWNDaughter of WilliamMinorThorpe SalvinSpinster 
28 03 1864CharlesJOHNSONSon of WilliamWorksopOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorElizabethGOODALLDaughter of ThomasMinorThorpe SalvinSpinster 
1864HenryWOODHEAD Thorpe SalvinOf Full Age BachelorSarahJOHNSON Of Full AgeAnstonSpinsterBy Banns
02 05 1864GeorgePAWSONSon of BrianNetherthorpeOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorHillary [Mary?]EDGE [HEDGE?]Daughter of GeorgeOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
03 05 1864JosephNETTLESHIPSon of EdwardSheffieldOf Full AgeOil MerchantBachelorAnneHYDESDaughter of MarkOf Full AgePeck MillSpinster 
1864JohnWAID [WADE?] Thorpe SalvinOf Full Age BachelorElizabethWALKER Of Full AgeHarthillSpinsterBy Banns
29 11 1864JohnWARRENERSon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorMaryMONKSDaughter of ThomasOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinWidow 
1865WilliamEDGE Thorpe SalvinOf Full Age BachelorMariaHEALEY Of Full AgeUlleySpinsterBy Banns
07 12 1865JamesATKINSONSon of JamesWorksopOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorSarahKEETONDaughter of JosephOf Full AgeAnstonSpinster 
1866MarkALLISON Thorpe SalvinOf Full Age BachelorEllenFISHER Of Full AgeAnstonSpinsterBy Banns
1866SamuelSPENCER Thorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarm LabourerBachelorHannahBATES Of Full AgeGerton, NTTSpinsterBy Banns
29 05 1866JohnJACKSONSon of SamuelChilwell, NTTOf Full AgeHosierBachelorHannahBARTROPP/BARTHORPEDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeNetherthorpeSpinster 
26 06 1866ThomasRICHARDSONSon of GeorgeThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorFannyHOPKINSONDaughter of WilliamMinorThorpe SalvinSpinster 
18 07 1866MatthiasROBINSONSon of JohnChrist Church, Winchester26Lay VicarBachelorHarrietHOLMESDaughter of Thomas20Thorpe SalvinSpinster 
03 09 1866WrightROBINSONSon of JamesAlthorpe, LINOf Full AgeRailway StationMasterBachelorSarah AnnCHOLEY/SCHOLEYDaughter of BenjaminOf Full AgeDog KennelsSpinster 
1867JohnWALKER Thorpe Salvin  WidowerMaryPARNELL  WorksopSpinsterBy Banns
01 04 1867RobertPEELSon of RobertThorpe Salvin20Farm LabourerBachelorMary AnnTHORPEDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
29 04 1867Allan ThomasGRETTONSon of JohnThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorLenaNEWTONDaughter of RichardMinorThorpe SalvinSpinster 
25 12 1867RichardASKEWSon of JeremiahShireoaks, WorksopOf Full AgeCollierBachelorMaryGRANTDaughter of GeorgeMinorDog KennelsSpinster 
02 06 1868RobertMEESon of JohnThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeCollierBachelorAnnBROWNDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinster 
1868WilliamCHAPPELL Thorpe Salvin  BachelorMaryCHAMBERS  WoodsettsSpinsterBy Banns
1869StephenSTOREY Harthill  WidowerMaryHOLMES  Thorpe SalvinSpinsterBy Banns
06 05 1869JohnFOXSon of JonasHipperholme, HalifaxOf Full AgeCommercial ClerkBachelorSarah ElizabethTHORPEDaughter of WilliamOf Full AgeThorpe SalvinSpinsterBy Banns
1869ThomasFOSTER Thorpe Salvin  WidowerMary JanePHENIX ?  St.Luke, SheffieldSpinsterBy Banns

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