THORPE SALVIN: The Parish Marriage Registers for Thorpe Salvin, 1870-1879


DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom NotesGroom ParishAgeOccupationStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride NotesBride ParishAgeStatusNotes
1870JohnHALLAM Carlton in Lindrick   ElizaRADLEY Thorpe Salvin  By Banns
1870JamesNORTH Botolph, London   HarriettGRANGE Thorpe Salvin  By Banns
03 03 1870GeorgeDOWNESSon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarm LabourerBachelorElizabeth AnnASHMORE Thorpe SalvinOf Full AgeSpinster 
1870JohnGOODALL Thorpe Salvin   ElizabethDIXON OR DICKSON Anston  By Banns
1870CharlesKEETON Thorpe Salvin   ElizabethFOWLER Handsworth  By Banns
1871ThomasHALLAM Harthill   ElizabethSNOWDEN    By Banns
1871WilliamHOLMES Thorpe Salvin   SarahGUNBY Whitwell  By Banns
23 10 1871JosephKEETONSon of JohnThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarm LabourerWidowerRuthSALMAN [SALMON]Daughter of JohnThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeSpinster 
1871WilliamGRETTON Thorpe Salvin   AnnSHORT Rotherham  By Banns
01 01 1872JohnMORRISSon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarm LabourerBachelorEllen/HelenDOWNESDaughter of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeSpinster 
1871GeorgeGRETTON Thorpe Salvin   AnnFEATHERSTONE Harthill  By Banns
18 04 1872WilliamGOODALLSon of ThomasThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarm LabourerBachelorMary Hannah[Harriet] MayGOULDTHORPEDaughter of CharlesThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeSpinster 
29 07 1872ThomasKENYON AnstonOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorSarah AnnGODDINGTONDaughter of JosephWest ThorpeOf Full AgeSpinster 
31 10 1872RobertGUESTSon of JarvisThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeStone MasonBachelorAnn RebeccaHOLMESDaughter of JosephDinningtonMinorSpinster 
08 05 1873JohnWELLSSon of ThomasAnstonOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorMary BrookeGRANGEDaughter of CharlesThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeSpinster 
14 10 1873GeorgeJACKSONSon of WilliamBradley nr HuddersfieldOf Full AgeSaddlerBachelorSarah HannahCLARK [CLARKE] Thorpe SalvinOf Full AgeWidow 
25 12 1873WilliamWHITEHEADSon of HenryRawmarshOf Full AgeCoalMinerBachelorMary ElizabethJEPSONDaughter of WilliamThorpe SalvinMinorSpinster 
1873TomHOLMES Thorpe Salvin   CharlotteSTUBBINS Neepsend, Sheffield  By Banns
1873EdwardEDGE/HEDGESon of GeorgeNetherthorpeOf Full AgeCoalMinerBachelorMaryBROWNDaughter of WilliamSpring CottagesOf Full AgeSpinster 
1874JohnJEPSON Thorpe Salvin  WidowerSarahDAKIN Kimberworth  By Banns
1874William EdwinNEGUS Harthill   Mary JaneMADDISON Thorpe Salvin  By Banns
1874JohnBACON Thorpe Salvin   EstherCODDINGTON Aston  By Banns
29 10 1874JohnGRATTON [GRETTON]Son of JohnThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeWoodmanBachelorAnnPLATTSDaughter of JohnThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeDomestic Servant 
17 05 1875JamesSNELLSon of RobertThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeCoalMinerBachelorMatildaBROWNDaughter of WilliamHarthillMinorDomestic Servant 
19 07 1875GeorgeEDGE/HEDGESon of GeorgeNetherthorpeOf Full AgeFarm LabourerBachelorElizabethLAYKEDaughter of George WellsThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeWidow 
1875JamesATKIN Thorpe Salvin   AnnWASTERNHOLM Stannington, Ecclesfield  By Banns
28 12 1875JohnWHITLAMSon of JamesWombwellOf Full AgeBanksman at Wombwell CollieryBachelorEllenASHERDaughter of FrancisThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeSpinster 
11 05 1876HenryUNWINSon of GeorgeBrightside, SheffieldOf Full AgeJoiner & BuilderBachelorMary ElizabethHOLMESDaughter of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeSpinster 
14 09 1876JosephDOWNESSon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarm LabourerBachelorEmmaRICHARDSONDaughter of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeDomestic Servant 
03 10 1876WilliamCODDINGTONSon of JosephThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeFarm LabourerBachelorEmmaBAINESDaughter of GeorgeThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeDomestic Servant 
1877JohnRAWDING Thorpe Salvin  WidowerDianaCLARK Hoton, LEI  By Banns
14 06 1877ThomasHERRINGTONSon of ThomasLindrick DaleOf Full AgeMarket GardenerBachelorMary ElizabethPARKINDaughter of ThomasCanal LocksOf Full AgeDomestic Servant 
12 06 1877WilliamBROSCHOLME/BOSCHOLMESon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorSarahWILSONDaughter of JohnThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeDomestic Servant 
30 12 1877John Charles MaddisHILLSon of JamesWest Thorpe26BlackSmithBachelorHannah MariaHURLEY/HARLEYDaughter of CharlesWest Thorpe20Spinster 
21 01 1878EdmundBUCKLESon of ChristopherHarthill19MinerBachelorSarah AnnPEAT/PEALDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin17Domestic Servant 
1878WilliamSEACLIFF Kiveton Park   Ann ElizabethHORNSBY Aldthorpe  By Banns
10 06 1878JohnADWICKSon of JamesTurner Wood22CollierBachelorMariaBROWNDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin19Domestic Servant 
21 01 1879HenryCHAPMANSon of DewsonKiveton Park20LabourerBachelorRuthDRABYDaughter of DavidThorpe Salvin19Domestic Servant 
13 05 1879AbrahamHUTCHINSONSon of AbrahamThorpe Salvin24LabourerBachelorSarah EllenSPENCER[illegitimate]Thorpe Salvin24Domestic Servant 
26 06 1879WilliamGRAVESGREAVESSon of JohnThorpe Salvin23SignalmanBachelorHarrietSATTERFITTDaughter of HenryThorpe Salvin20Domestic Servant 
12 07 1879JobWILSONSon of JosephSheffield26FiremanBachelorElizabethWILSONDaughter of JohnThorpe Salvin23Domestic Servant 
1879JosephJEPSON Thorpe Salvin   MaryFITZJOHN Shireoaks  By Banns

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