THORPE SALVIN: The Parish Marriage Registers for Thorpe Salvin, 1880-1899


DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom NotesGroom ParishAgeOccupationStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride NotesBride ParishAgeStatusNotes
02 02 1880WilliamTHORPESon of WilliamThorpe Salvin36Farm LabourerBachelorElizabethWEBSTERDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin22Domestic Servant 
17 05 1880JohnHAGUESon of GeorgeThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourerBachelorMaryWALLERHenry Clerk LettingerThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeWidow, Chair Woman 
1880JosephBRISTOW Thorpe Salvin   SarahKITCHEN Sandal  By Banns
1880John ThomasLARKIN Thorpe Salvin   ElizabethJENKINSON Pittsmoor, Sheffield  By Banns
23 12 1880HenryGREGORYSon of JohnThorpe Salvin26LabourerBachelorCharlotte MatildaCODDINGTONDaughter of JosephThorpe Salvin22Spinster 
02 05 1881ThomasATKINSONSon of BenjaminSt.John's, Worksop30Chimney SweepBachelorHarrietBRADLEYDaughter of CharlesThorpe Salvin25Spinster 
11 07 1881GeorgeBATTERSBYSon of JohnAnston SignalmanBachelorCatharine AnnWELLSDaughter of GeorgeThorpe Salvin Domestic Servant 
04 08 1881ThomasCHAMBERSSon of GeorgeThorpe Salvin Lime Merchant MaryELLISDaughter of JosephThorpe Salvin HouseKeeper 
12 10 1881ThomasBAILEYSon of RichardShireoaks30Engine Tenter ElizabethBARNETTDaughter of SamuelThorpe Salvin21  
13 07 1882WilliamWYATTSon of JohnAnston21Engine Tenter Agnes HarriettSTENTONDaughter of JohnThorpe Salvin22Domestic Servant 
26 10 1882GeorgeJOHNSONSon of ThomasCraykeOf Full AgeTailowWidowerAnnLAMBDaughter of EdwardThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeDomestic Servant 
07 02 1884SamBOOTHSon of JohnCresswell37Farmer Sarah FlorenceCHILDDaughter of JosephThorpe Salvin22Spinster 
03 06 1884HenryHUTCHINSONSon of WilliamConisborough32Coke Burner MatildaGOODALLDaughter of ThomasThorpe Salvin32DressMaker 
01 07 1884WilliamKIPLINGSon of HenryArdwick23Railway Porter ElizaPEPPERDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin28  
29 07 1884AmosMALTBYSon of WilliamThorpe Salvin25Plate Layer ElizabethCHAPMANDaughter of GeorgeThorpe Salvin20Domestic Servant 
18 12 1884Charles HenryBAILEYSon of GeorgeThorpe Salvin36BlackSmith EmmaBOWLESDaughter of William PepperThorpe Salvin39Widow, School Caretaker 
20 08 1885CharlesCARLSONSon of AlfredWorksop19WheelWright EllenWALLERDaughter of DavidThorpe Salvin17  
05 01 1886Robert JamesBRISBROWNSon of JosephSilverdale27Grocer Mary ElizabethBARTONDaughter of JohnThorpe Salvin25Domestic Servant 
16 02 1886James PeddieMCARTHURSon of JamesArdwick, Manchester24Railway Clerk KateASHMOREDaughter of HenryThorpe Salvin24SchoolMistress 
18 11 1886ThomasSTANSFIELDSon of WilliamThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeLabourer HarriettSMITHDaughter of Joseph BosworthThorpe SalvinOf Full AgeWidow 
27 12 1886JohnDAVIESSon of EvanEdge Hill, Liverpool28Confectioner Lucy JaneBARTONDaughter of JohnThorpe Salvin22Domestic Servant 
21 02 1887WilliamHUTCHINSONSon of AbrahamThorpe Salvin25Labourer MaryBRADLEYDaughter of CharlesThorpe Salvin25Domestic Servant 
11 07 1887WillieGREGORYSon of JohnThorpe Salvin28Joiner HarriettDOBBSDaughter of GeorgeLaughten en le Morthen26  
27 02 1888AlfredBATES Mosborough28Carpenter LucyWELLSDaughter of GeorgeThorpe Salvin24  
24 05 1888SamuelATKINSon of SamuelThorpe Salvin33Carpenter Charlotte MariaJACKSONDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin23Domestic Servant 
24 05 1888George BattyHILLSSon of HenryThorpe Salvin20Teacher Lilian AliaJACKSONDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin20Domestic Servant 
13 08 1888GeorgeATKINSon of SamuelThorpe Salvin25Signalman ElizabethRODGERSDaughter of JosephThorpe Salvin22Domestic Servant 
08 10 1888JohnGREATAREXSon of CharlesThorpe Salvin28Labourer FannyGREENDaughter of JohnThorpe Salvin27Domestic Servant 
18 02 1889WilliamGREENSon of John [deceased]Thorpe Salvin25Farm Labourer Elizabeth Ann ParkinsonBARTHORPEDaugter of JosephKiveton Park23  
29 07 1889TomJARVISSon of JohnKiveton Park26Plate Layer ElizabethHANCOCKDaughter of John SteutonThorpe Salvin26Widow 
10 06 1889William LeeRICHARDSONSon of WilliamThorpe Salvin23Farm Labourer Matilda EllenSAXTONDaughter of ThomasThorpe Salvin19 By Banns
02 07 1889ThomasCHINGSon of ThomasTreeton35Plate Layer Sarah AnnCHAPMANDaughter of GeorgeKiveton Park22  
22 08 1889John ThomasHOLMES West Thorpe20Labourer HarriettCHAPMANDaughter of DawsonWest Thorpe20  
22 08 1889GeorgeMARLOWSon of JosephNetherthorpe34Groom Mary AnnRICHARDSONDaugter of Michael LawrenceNetherthope33  
????TomJARVIS Thorpe Salvin   ElizabethHANCOCK Thorpe Salvin WidowBy Banns
31 07 1890WilliamTURNERSon of ThomasHarthill27Mason Sarah AnnSTENTONDaughter of JohnThorpe Salvin24  
27 08 1890JosephJOYSon of JosephBarnsley29Glassmaker AnniePATTISONDaughter of JosephThorpe Salvin27  
29 01 1891DavidDRABYSon of DavidKiveton Park25Collier ElizabethSANDSDaughter of ThomasKiveton Park19  
16 ? 1891ThomasDRABBLESon of WilliamHarthill36Bolt Maker MaryPLATTSDaughter of JohnKiveton Park35  
21 07 1891WilliamBRADLEYSon of CharlesThorpe Salvin24Labourer Sarah ElizabethWELLSDaughter of GeorgeThorpe Salvin26  
31 05 1892GeorgeWHIAT [WYATT?]Son of GeorgeRyhill32Signalman AnnieKELSEY Thorpe Salvin21  
24 08 1893FrederickGREATAREXSon of CharlesThorpe Salvin20Horseman ElizabethWINDLEDaughter of GeorgeThorpe Salvin20  
18 06 1894WilliamJACKSONSon of WilliamThorpe Salvin23Labourer AnnieSEWALLDaughter of HenryThorpe Salvin24  
28 06 1894JosephSAILESSon of ThomasThorpe Salvin42Joiner Mary AnnieATKINDaughter of SamuelThorpe Salvin37  
21 07 1894BenjaminWARDSon of ThomasThorpe Salvin33Tailor ElizabethGLENISTERDaughter of AmosThorpe Salvin27  
06 08 1894Richard HenryGRAGGSon of RichardWhillington22Gardener Kate BerthaKINGDOMDaughter of Ernest AugustusThorpe Salvin30  
14 08 1894William CharlesAKNILLSon of Charles FrederickKiveton Park25Mason AnnTURNERDaughter of WilliamKiveton Park21  
20 03 1895HenryWILLEYSon of GeorgeTurner Wood21Miner Sarah JaneCOOKDaughter of BenjaminThorpe Salvin21  
13 05 1895PalmerSNOWDENSon of CharlesThorpe Salvin32Labourer ElizabethCOOKDaughter of RichardThorpe Salvin?7  
24 05 1897HarryCADMANSon of HenryWorksop24Butcher Mary EllenMILLSDaughter of FrederickThorpe Salvin23  
09 06 1897EllisonDOWNESSon of GeorgeThorpe Salvin27Woodman Elizabeth AnnieMILLSDaughter of JamesThorpe Salvin24  
29 11 1897VincentCHAMBERSSon of RobertShirebooks, Mansfield29Miner FrancesSAXTONDaughter of ThomasThorpe Salvin25  
08 02 1898John WilliamPILLERINGSon of WilliamSheffield31Grocer KateWHITEDaughter of Thomas SaxtonThorpe Salvin24Widow 
21 02 1898FrancisATKINSon of SamuelThorpe Salvin44Miner EmilyHOLMESDaughter of ThomasThorpe Salvin43  
11 04 1898Charles BarnettDRABBLESon of Richard KayAttercliffe24Butcher EleanorJACKSONDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin23  
11 07 1898HerbertSILLSSon of HarryThorpe Salvin22Miner EdithBARLOWDaughter of JosephThorpe Salvin19  
12 07 1898Arthur AustonBURTONSon of NoahWorksop22Butcher Lucy EthelCODDINGTONDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin18  
13 07 1898LutherHARVEYSon of ThomasShireoaks22Miner Annie ElizabethKELKDaughter of GeorgeThorpe Salvin18  
19 07 1898FrankFORDSon of WilliamNetherthorpe23Labourer ElizabethHARWOODDaughter of SamuelNetherthope21  
07 02 1899ArthurLAKINGSon of TomHarthill23Labourer MarthaJACKSONDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin19  
25 12 1899RobertMEESon of RobertShireoaks24Collier ElizabethPAWSONDaughter of BenjaminThorpe Salvin23  

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