THORPE SALVIN: The Parish Marriage Registers for Thorpe Salvin, 1900-1919


DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom NotesGroom ParishAgeOccupationStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride NotesBride ParishAge
06 12 1900AlbertWILCOXSon of GeorgeWales28Signalman Edith MatildaDOWNESDaughter of GeorgeThorpe Salvin25
01 10 1901WilliamROBINSONSon of WilliamScarborough27Plumber Frances MaryMILLSDaughter of JamesThorpe Salvin27
01 12 1901Charles HuckerlyHIGHFIELDSon of JohnNetherthorpe25Collier ElizaALLCOCKDaughter of JamesClowne, DBY20
24 03 1902WilliamANDREWSSon of JamesThorpe Salvin23Signalman Harriett AnnLAWTONDaughter of JamesThorpe Salvin19
21 04 1902AlfredFIELDINGSon of JosephBolton25Ticket Collector FlorenceMILLSDaughter of FrederickThorpe Salvin22
10 09 1902ErnestBRACKINBURYSon of JosephThorpe Salvin24BlackSmith Lizzie AgnesSKINNERDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin23
09 12 1902Harry SmithTURNERSon of WilliamWest Thorpe24Clerk RuthWHETTONDaughter of WilliamKiveton Park24
03 ? 1903CharlesPOLLAND Thorpe Salvin34Labourer FlorenceMELLARSDaughter of CharlesThorpe Salvin22
23 05 1903JohnMERRICKSon of JamesTurner Wood22Miner BeatriceWATSONDaughter of ThomasTurner Wood18
03 11 1903HarrySMITHSon of ThomasNetherthorpe26Labourer EllenRUSBYDaughter of William JacquesRawmarsh26
24 12 1903WilliamWILSONSon of RobertWest Thorpe32Miner MinnieBARKERDaughter of WilliamWest Thorpe21
22 04 1905JoeKIRKBYSon of JoeKiveton Park22Farmer LilyALLENDaughter of GeorgeKiveton Park19
25 04 1905John HenryGRETTONSon of GeorgeThorpe Salvin25Collier Rachel AnnieKIRTLANDDaughter of CharlesStainforth23
26 04 1905Archer JohnTURFORDSon of JohnThorpe Salvin27Gardener Martha MariaHOLDENDaughter of ThomasThorpe Salvin37
28 06 1905HaroldSMITHSon of Joseph FrederickNorfolk Lodge25Gentleman SarahDAWSONDaughter of ArthurKiveton Park21
24 10 1905JamesHAYESSon of WilliamThorpe Salvin47Plate LayerWidowerAliceMELLARSDaughter of CharlesThorpe Salvin29
17 02 1908William ErnestGRETTONSon of JohnKiveton Park Station28Labourer AliceALLENDaughter of GeorgeKiveton Park25
28 04 1908Albert GeorgeDAVIESSon of WilliamLlaud???34Engine Driver LucyGRETTONDaughter of GeorgeThorpe Salvin33
08 07 1908WilliamGRETTONSon of GeorgeThorpe Salvin26Miner MaryGREENDaughter of William HaysThorpe Salvin24
02 09 1908HerbertDOWNESSon of GeorgeThorpe Salvin27Stoker EmilyPARKINDaughter of JohnThorpe Salvin25
15 02 1909ThomasMATTRISSSon of HenryThorpe Salvin22Labourer CarolineTROWNDaughter of Thomas MarrThorpe Salvin20
25 11 1909PercyWRIGHTSon of HodgsonSt.George, Sheffield22Boot & ShoeMaker AnnieBATTERSBYDaughter of GeorgeThorpe Salvin22
28 12 1909JosephWRAGGSon of CharlesCrookes, Sheffield25Gardener Frances ElizabethHANCOCKDaughter of Tom JarisThorpe Salvin24
28 03 1910Bernard MarshGILLOWAYSon of Jonathan SissonsTinsley, Sheffield23Moulder EmmaTURNERDaughter of CharlesThorpe Salvin23
11 06 1910GeorgeSCOTHORNESon of Charles EdwinKiveton Park Station18Plate Layer Elizabeth AnnTURNERDaughter of CharlesKiveton Park18
09 10 1910HerbertWALLINGSon of WilliamHolby Road, ??25Clerk Hilda Alice HydesCLARKEDaughter of Hugh HydesThorpe Salvin24
10 11 1910George WilliamSHADBOLTSon of JonasThorpe Salvin26Miner GertrudeJARVISDaughter of TomThorpe Salvin20
21 02 1911JohnBEALBYSon of BenjaminThorpe Salvin27Farmer Mary EleanorCHILDDaughter of JosephThorpe Salvin25
15 04 1911Edward WilliamBROWNSon of JohnSt.Giles, West Bridgford29Gardener Mary ElizabethGRETTONDaughter of JohnThorpe Salvin29
22 07 1911WalterFLETCHERSon of AlexanderHarthill22Miner AdaALLENDaughter of GeorgeThorpe Salvin20
22 07 1911ThomasEDDERSHAWSon of GeorgeKiveton Park22Miner IvySHAWDaughter of JosephWest Thorpe19
07 08 1911John WilliamTHORPESon of CharlesWhitwell33Miner MaryORWINDaughter of GeorgeThorpe Salvin30
25 12 1911ThomasSTORRSon of ThomasWales22Miner MinamSHAWDaughter of JosephThorpe Salvin21
16 07 1913GeorgeJACKSONSon of WilliamThorpe Salvin34Joiner EdithMILLSDaughter of JamesThorpe Salvin30
20 04 1914AlonzoDICKINSONSon of JosephDeepcar36Postman FannyMALTBYDaughter of AmosThorpe Salvin26
01 06 1914EdwinBURGINSon of AaronWest Thorpe27QuarryMan Ada AnnieDIXONDaughter of JosephWest Thorpe21
20 07 1914Arthur HenryMAYSTAFFSon of EdwardThorpe Salvin22Miner ElsieJARVISDaughter of TomThorpe Salvin19
12 08 1914GeorgeSANDSSon of GeorgeSt.Judis, Moorfield25Shop Assistant Reba LouisaCLARKEDaughter of Hugh HydesThorpe Salvin27
16 09 1914John TrevorSPITTLESon of ThomasCambridge28Fellow of Pembroke Cain Hilda MarySORBYDaughter of Robert Arthur [deceased]Thorpe Salvin23
26 12 1914HerbertBONNER OR BANNERSon of RobertWorksop30Goods Guard MaryCHAPMANDaughter of HenryThorpe Salvin23
14 02 1915Sidney CharlesSEELEYSon of George RobertThorpe Salvin29Signalman MaryHUTCHINSONDaughter of AbrahamThorpe Salvin32
08 05 1915ErnestIBBERSONSon of GeorgeShireoaks30Plate Layer EdithCHAPMANDaughter of Henry ChristopherThorpe Salvin28
17 07 1915John WillieDRIVERSon of ThomasDinnington26Miner Elizabeth EllenSTORRDaughter of ThomasKiveton Park24
25 09 1915George WilliamJUG Basingstoke, HAM21Royal Field Artillery Private Eliza AliceSHAWDaughter of JosephThorpe Salvin21
20 09 1916Frederick GeorgeTAYLORSon of ThomasSteeley24Horseman Alice ElsieRUSHDaughter of AlfredThorpe Salvin22
18 10 1916WilliamDOBSONSon of AlfredWadsley26Royal Army Medical Corp Private FrancesBENNITTDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin19
25 12 1917PercyPARKERSon of JamesKiveton Park28Miner EdithBRADLEYDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin19
09 02 1918GeorgeCASHSon of WilliamWales24Miner Hilda MayJARVISDaughter of TomThorpe Salvin18
01 04 1918Thomas WilliamWIDDISONSon of WilliamShireoaks21Miner Edith SarahRUSHDaughter of AlfredThorpe Salvin20
26 12 1918JosephBAILEYSon of ThomasThorpe Salvin34Timber Leader Foreman Mabel EmmaMEEDaughter of Samuel TomlinsonShireoaks34
24 07 1919Henry DewsonCHAPMANSon of HenryThorpe Salvin35Miner Sarah AnnMILLSDaughter of JamesThorpe Salvin43
23 08 1919ReginaldKILBOWRNESon of FrederickThorpe Salvin25Farmer MaryAIVEYDaughter of JamesAnston25
06 11 1919JohnWREGLESWORTHSon of JamesYork35Carriage Builder LilyHOLMESDaughter of JohnWest Thorpe26

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