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THORPE SALVIN: The Parish Marriage Registers for Thorpe Salvin, 1920-1959

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom NotesGroom ParishAgeOccupationStatusBride nameBride SurnameBride NotesBride ParishAgeStatus
12 06 1920ErnestTWEEDSon of HenrySt.John's, Worksop24Miner EllaWALLERDaughter of HenryThorpe Salvin22 
02 08 1920WilfredMELLISHSon of ThorpeThorpe Salvin23Miner NoraDUNNDaughter of John SamuellThorpe Salvin22 
25 12 1920Herbert Thomas RowbottomSHAWSon of JosephKiveton Park23Miner Mary ElizabethPARKINSONDaughter of NobleThorpe Salvin26 
27 12 1920WilliamCOURTSon of WilliamLaughton en el Morthen22Colliery Engineer Minnie JohnsonBELLDaughter of ThomasNetherthorpe22 
30 07 1921Samuel HargreaveCANDWELLSon of StephenWales25Miner DorisSMITHDaughter of SamuelThorpe Salvin22 
14 01 1922John WillieBENNETTSon of WilliamThorpe Salvin22Collier KateBRADLEYDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin25 
15 04 1922JosephHOLMESSon of JosephThorpe Salvin44Farmer AdaBRADLEYDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin21 
24 07 1922WalterHUTCHINSONSon of AbrahamThorpe Salvin32Miner SarahWAGSTAFFDaughter of EdwardThorpe Salvin29 
31 10 1922ArthurWALLERSon of HenryMoor Mile, Thorpe Salvin29Farmer Gertrude ElizabethSAVOYDaughter of FrederickThorpe Salvin25 
30 12 1922WillisHELLIWELLSon of HenryThorpe Salvin40Farmer Martha AnnieTAGGDaughter of James NeethamThorpe Salvin50 
04 08 1923ThomasLAMB[illegitimate]Worksop36Miner RosaSCOTHORNEDaughter of EdwardThorpe Salvin24Domestic Servant
15 09 1923WilliamWILSONSon of GeorgeWest Thorpe27Furnace Man NellieBELLDaughter of William HenryWest Thorpe19Domestic Servant
12 11 1923Cyril SydneyBOWSKILLSon of GeorgeThorpe Salvin27Miner ElizabethSMITHDaughter of SamuelThorpe Salvin19Domestic Servant
09 06 1924HaroldSTAKESSon of GeorgeShireoaks30Miner Alice MaryCLARKEDaughter of AlfredThorpe Salvin21Domestic Servant
04 08 1924WilliamBRADLEYSon of CharlesThorpe Salvin58Labourer Mary JaneROBINSONDaughter of George 58Domestic Help
24 10 1925Charles FrederickCOOLINGSon of JohnThorpe Salvin30Railway Shunter HelenSCOTHORNEDaughter of Charles EdwardThorpe Salvin24 
05 04 1926CharlesBRADLEYSon of WilliamThorpe Salvin21Maltster's Labourer Ellen ElizabethASHERDaughter of Arthur [deceased]Thorpe Salvin18 
25 12 1926John WilliamSMITHSon of William EdwardThorpe Salvin25Limekiln Firer MillicentBELLDaughter of AbeThorpe Salvin21 
08 01 1927WalterBELLSon of AbeThorpe Salvin23QuarryMan Kathleen RubyROBERTSDaughter of Joseph Dodds [deceased]Thorpe Salvin20 
21 04 1927Albert EdwardBISHOPSon of Thomas HenryWhitwell25Chauffeur HildaATKINDaughter of SamuelThorpe Salvin29 
31 08 1927GeorgePARKINSONSon of NobleThorpe Salvin31Surface Worker Doris MabelPICKERINGDaughter of John WilliamThorpe Salvin23 
17 09 1927SamuelBARLOWSon of SamuelAlfreton41Fruit & Confectioner Margaret ElizabethSTANLEYDaughter of George ThompsonThorpe Salvin28 
09 01 1928JamesWHITESon of SamuelThorpe Salvin36Farmer LucyELLIOTTDaughter of WillisThorpe Salvin20 
28 08 1928Francis WilliamKIRK/KIRKESon of William250 Abbey Lane, Woodsetts25Master Mariner Dorothy MaryGREENDaughter of ArthurThorpe Salvin24 
26 12 1928HarryWARDELLSon of John WesleyThorpe Salvin20Farmer Doris MayMILWARD Thorpe Salvin20 
25 01 1930ThomasHOLDENSon of JosephWales, Sheffield27Motor Driver EvelynHORNEDaughter of Edward WalkerThorpe Salvin26 
08 03 1930HoraceSTONESSon of WilliamThorpe Salvin45Farmer FrancesHUTCHINSONDaughter of AbrahamThorpe Salvin47 
01 03 1930Albert EdwardEDLINGTONSon of JamesShireoaks33QuarryMan EvaWAGSTAFFDaughter of EdwardThorpe Salvin31 
18 07 1931ErnestALLENSon of WilliamShireoaks26Miner Marjorie AshmoreWILCOXDaughter of AlbertThorpe Salvin23 
15 08 1931AmosKEELINGSon of AlfredThorpe Salvin25Miner JaneCHAMBERSDaughter of RobertThorpe Salvin22 
26 03 1932Francis SidneySHADBOLTSon of Frederick William [deceased]46 Stretton Avenue, Cambridge24Clerk Mary OliveSNODINDaughter of Maurice RichardThorpe Salvin22 
25 06 1932RobertCHAMBERSSon of RobertThorpe Salvin66Miner Elizabeth AnnieDOWNESDaughter of James MillsThorpe Salvin59 
26 12 1932MalinMARSHSon of SimeonSt.John Road, Park, Sheffield34Reeler FlorenceANDREWDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin30 
06 08 1934William HenryVARNEYSon of Bertie Lawrence [deceased]Kiveton Warwicks27Groom Beatrice CatherineREEDDaughter of HerbertThorpe Salvin24 
15 07 1935HarryHEWSONSon of Harry21 St.John's Terrace, Leeds23Clerk LilyWARBOYDaughter of JackThorpe Salvin27 
20 07 1935CharlesBRADLEYSon of WilliamThorpe Salvin31Miner MabelATKINDaughter of SamuelThorpe Salvin30 
03 08 1935WalterMELLISHSon of ThorpeThorpe Salvin41Farm Labourer AgnesCHAPMANDaughter of HenryThorpe Salvin  
14 12 1935CliffordHARGREAVESSon of JamesShireoaks27Clerk Hilda MaryMILLSDaughter of ErnestThorpe Salvin21 
01 08 1936Sidney EdwardCHAPMANSon of Henry103 Eleveagles Road, Yardley, Birmingham34Improver MarjorieYATESDaughter of Simon FrancisThorpe Salvin22 
05 06 1937AlbertGRETTONSon of ErnestThorpe Salvin21Farm Labourer Mary IreneWILLSHIREDaughter of John WilliamThorpe Salvin19 
11 01 1938John WilliamHARDYSon of William GeorgeCruse Oilfield, Trinidad, West Indies33Petroleum Engineer BrendaCREASERDaughter of Arthur JamesThorpe Salvin29 
04 11 1939StaffordBRUNTSon of HaroldDinnington24Miner LucySPENCERDaughter of SamuelThorpe Salvin24 
09 11 1939Francis WhiteHIBBERDSon of Ronald WheatcroftAnston36Butcher JessieELLIOTTDaughter of WillisThorpe Salvin36 
13 11 1939CliffordBEECHSon of AlbertShireoaks26Postman Florence MaryGRETTONDaughter of WilliamThorpe Salvin26 
23 02 1940HoraceUNWINSon of John HenryThorpe Salvin20On Active Service NorahWAGSTAFFDaughter of Arthur HenryThorpe Salvin20 
07 05 1940Stanley GarthwriteWELBURYSon of WilliamHoney Sykes, Thorpe Salvin46Engineer Mildred ArlomCREASERDaughter of Arthur JamesHoney Sykes, ??26 
28 09 1940Gordon FrederickHOLLANDSon of Frederick WilliamHoney Sykes, Thorpe Salvin24RAF Corporal PeggyPEARSONDaughter of JoshuaMilton, Portsmouth21 
19 10 1940George ErnestLEASon of Frank HenryDinnington25Miner EdnaSPENCERDaughter of SamuelThorpe Salvin18 
27 09 1941GeorgeGRETTONSon of ErnestThorpe Salvin24Farm Labourer Kathleen FlorenceSTRUNGERDaughter of Charles EdwardThorpe Salvin20 
26 12 1941RonaldBARROWCLOUGHSon of ArthurBatlyford, Misfield28Farmer Eileen MaryREEDDaughter of Alfred EdwardThorpe Salvin21 
10 01 1942James HenryROBERTSONSon of JamesSt.John's, Worksop30  RuthBELLDaughter of William HenryThorpe Salvin26 
29 08 1942William ArthurWILSONSon of ErnestThorpe Salvin31Tractor Driver Kathleen Frances ElizabethSEELEYDaughter of Leony CharlesThorpe Salvin25 
24 12 1942John AlfredBREWERSon of John WilliamStalinborough, Grimsby27On Active Service Gladys MayHAYESDaughter of William GeorgeThorpe Salvin23 
03 03 1945John CourieFLETTSon of DavidSCT26Royal Navy Petty Officer Ivy JoanBOWSKILLDaughter of George WilliamThorpe Salvin20 
01 09 1945John JosephKINGSon of GeorgeThorpe Salvin21Farm Labourer JoanWAGSTAFFDaughter of ArthurThorpe Salvin24 
08 09 1945Andrew CharlesCROSSSon of Andrew 23Royal Canadian Army JoanMAYCOCKDaughter of Joseph ArnoldThorpe Salvin27 
03 06 1946Victor LlewellynELWARDSon of David LlewellynAberaron, Port Talbot, South Wales30Lorry Driver Phyllis MaudHAYESDaughter of William GeorgeThorpe Salvin23 
10 09 1946RoyEYRESon of ThomasWorksop28BrickMaker OliveABSOMDaughter of David ThomasThorpe Salvin21 
12 10 1946HenryWALLERSon of JohnThorpe Salvin26Farm Labourer NorahUNWINDaughter of Arthur WagstaffThorpe Salvin26Widow
05 07 1947FrederickSTEPHEUS [STEPHENS?]Son of EliasThorpe Salvin34QuarryMan EdnaREEDDaughter of HerbertWales23 
20 12 1947George WaidWESTSon of HenryNetherthorpe64Farmer Grace MarySHAWDaughter of HenryNetherthorpe51 
21 08 1948HaroldEMMETTSon of LewisSt.Mary's, Beeston, Leeds26Insurance Agent Dora MargaretNORTHINGDaughter of Herbert StawsonThorpe Salvin26 
19 03 1949ArthurSOLESon of William JohnKelshaw, HEF23Farm Labourer DoreenBEUNDaughter of John WilliamThorpe Salvin22 
28 06 1949John CowgillCLOUGHSon of HerbertThe Hall, Thorpe Salvin32Mining Engineer ElizabethJONESDaughter of Robert EliasFluith, North Wales28 
18 10 1949Robert EdwardCOWLESHAWSon of John HenrySpital, Chesterfield37Machinist Dora MaryHORNEDaughter of Edward Walter [deceased]Thorpe Salvin38 
17 03 1951JohnLAUGLEY  20RAF Corporal Edna MayBENNDaughter of John WilliamThorpe Salvin20 
01 12 1951Charles Henry AllisterSMITHSon of Charles SidneyManton, Worksop20Painter & Decorator Cynthia BrendaLODGEDaughter of ErnestThorpe Salvin18 
26 09 1953George ErnestBRAMALLSon of Ernest WilloughbyTh28Farm Labourer MarjorieBOWSKILLDaughter of George WilliamThorpe Salvin19 
04 02 1956WilliamLAWSON 28 Firvale, Harthill22Miner DorothyATKINDaughter of William SidneyStorkes Farm, Thorpe Salvin22 
24 03 1956HenrySKELTONSon of Walter2 New Cottages, Ranley, Retford33Farm Labourer DorisBOWSKILLDaughter of George WilliamSpringwood, Netherthorpe21Dairy Worker
04 08 1956RaymondBACONSon of Sidney22 Sherwood Road, Retford21Turner Thelma JeanLODGEDaughter of Ernest51 Ladyfield, Thorpe Salvin18Clerk
18 08 1956David KingsleyWOODSon of Reginald KingsleyThe Vicarage, Thorpe Salvin24Accountant Mary AlbiaCLARKDaughter of Charles36 Iris Hill Road, Sheffield25Radiographer
21 12 1957AubreyELLISSon of James Elliott39 Gorscacre Lane, Todwick32Steelworker GraceSCOTHORNEDaughter of George10 Manor Road, Kiveton Park Station33Canteen Worker
15 03 1958RobertFRITWELLSon of Herbert29 Central Avenue, Dinnington24Plumber HildaBOWSKILLDaughter of George WilliamSpringwood, Netherthorpe21Textile Worker
24 05 1958WilliamWOODARDSon of WilliamNetherthorpe Cottages, Thorpe Salvin21Woodturner AnnieSMITHDaughter of Richard HenryThorpe Salvin19 
13 09 1958John MalcolmWOODSon of Reginald KingsleyThe Vicarage, Thorpe Salvin22Fellmonger's Trainee Judith AnnSTANLEYDaughter of WilliamOrchard Farm, Woodall20Typist

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
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