THORPE SALVIN: The Thorpe Salvin Overseers Census for 1831


1Inhabited Houses 44
Families 46
2Houses, Building 2
3Houses Uninhabited 2
 Employed in Agriculture33
4FamiliesIn Trade, Manufacture, etc.10
 All Other Families3
5Males 124
Females 109
6Males 20 years and over 66
 Occupiers 1st Class9
7AgricultureOccupiers 2nd Class10
 Labourers in Agriculture15
8Manufacturers 0
9Retail Trade and Handicraft 10
10Wholesale Capitalists, Clergy, Office  
Clerks, Professional & other Educated 1 - SchoolMaster
11Labourers not Agriculture 6
12All other Males of 20 years 0
13Male Servants 20 years & over 15
Male Servants under 20 years 10
Female Servants 15

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
from original material transcribed by
Wath and Mexborough Archives.
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