THORPE SALVIN: The Thorpe Moor Skirmish of 1645



"Five men were buried in the beginning of October [1645] being slayne in a fight on Thorpe Moor between the garrison of Welbech on the King's side and Captain Rhodes on Parliament's side 1645. The manner of the sc???ige was a party of Welbech horses drawn out under the command of John Jametz, Major to Colonel Fretchwell to discrie a party of the Parliaments which had given an Alan? To the Welbechians at Worksop where they had killed two of the King's party. Jametz drew up his party in the Hollins on the Moor, meeting with the forlorne hope of the enemies who fled under their body, commanded by Captain Rhodes of Sleetly, which was divided into 3 companies of 200. Jametz had advanced with but 18 men; the Parliamenter's pursued and killed five men and took 40, the most of which were wounded; one escaped which was Thomas Battersbie, whose hand was cut off, and was buried in ye Churchyard of Thorpe Salvin."

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
from original material transcribed by
Wath and Mexborough Archives.
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