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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for TICKHILL in White's Directory of 1837.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for TICKHILL in White's Directory of 1837.


  • The Post Office is in Northgate; and Mrs Sarah Binge is postmistress. The mail departs to Bawtry, Louth &c at 11 mg, and to Sheffield at 1 aft.

The contractions for the names of the Streets are:

  • Cln. for Church lane, Cst. Church street, Mln, Mangham lane, Mkp, Market place, Ngt, Northgate, Sat. Sunderland street and Wgt for Westgate

Gentry &c.:

  • Alderson Jonth, verty. surgeon, Sst
  • Allwood Mr Thos. Ngt
  • Amery Mrs Maria, Ngt
  • Atkinson Misses Eliz & Mary, Westgate
  • Baskett Roger, Esq. Ngt
  • Belwood Rt. brazier & tinner, Westgate
  • Bilson John, gent. Sst
  • Booker Mr Wm. Westgate
  • Brooksbank Rev. Edw. M. A. Vicarage
  • Brooksbank Major Jph. Westgate
  • Button Abm. gardener Sunderland street
  • Craven John, gent. Ngt
  • Crowther Mrs Eliz. Wgt
  • Ellis Mr Rd. Westgate
  • Flower Willoughby, plasterer, Sunderland st
  • Gage Geo. gent, Northgate
  • Gleadell John & Wm. hucksters, Church ln
  • Godfrey Edw. chairmkr, Westgate
  • Green Wm. huckster, Westgate
  • Haldenby Linsley, rope maker, Mkp
  • Hanson Mrs Sar. Wgt
  • Hardy John, sacking manufr. Sst
  • Harris Mrs Margt. Sst
  • Hawson Mr Geo. female pill mfr, Sst
  • Hornshaw Wm. farm bailiff, Castle farm
  • Horton Wm. huckster, Sunderland street
  • Hunt Misses Martha & Mary, Sst
  • Jarvis Joshua, lib. Sst
  • Jeerson Mr Wm. Sst
  • Kirkland Thos. parish clerk, Churchyard
  • Laughton Edmd. Esq. Eastfield house
  • Lye Mary, confectioner, tea & toy dlr, Market place
  • Marsden Mr John, Sst
  • Marrison Sar, printer & bookseller, Ngt
  • Marshall Rev. Thos. Horncastle, vicar of Pontefract, Lindrick
  • Metcalf Mrs Fanny, Northgate
  • Monk Mrs. Sunderland st
  • Moorehouse Geo. swine dealer, Northgate
  • Nelson geo. gent, Sst
  • Nettleship John, gt. Sst
  • Outwith Mr Humphy. Northgate
  • Pagdin Sar. leather cutter, Northgate
  • Parkinson Mrs Jane, Westgate
  • Pearson Mrs Ann, Sst
  • Pearson Mr Mattw. Sst
  • Pennington Miss Sar. Westgate
  • Rea Wm. linen mfr & bleacher, Mary bridge
  • Revill Wm. watch mkr, Northgate
  • Rhodes Wm. tanner, Wgt
  • Robinson Mrs Eliz. Sst
  • Savile Fredk. Lumley Esq. Tickhill Castle
  • Saxton Jas. glass &c. dealer, Westgate
  • Scarfe Mr Abm. Backln
  • Shaw John, brick & tile maker, Northgate
  • Sheppard Mr Rd. Wgt
  • Slack Rt. gent. Lindrick
  • Staniland Edw. joiner, Westgate
  • Stanuell Thos. gent. Wgt
  • Steel Mrs Hanh. Ngt
  • Storer Jas. horse & coach owner, Wgt
  • Turner Jas. hat mfr. Northgate
  • Walker Mrs Wm. Wilsick Hall
  • Ward Wm. gent, Lime kiln hill
  • Webster Geo, huckster, Lindrick
  • Wilkinson Mrs Wgt
  • Wilkinson Mrs Stph. govs. Workhouse
  • Wilson Ptr, excise officer, Northgate
  • Wilson Mrs Rba. Ngt
  • Wood Mr Jno. Sst


  • Goodlad Ann, Sst
  • King Mgt & Martha (boarding) Lindrick
  • Lye Rueben, Sst
  • Moore Thos. Sst
  • National School, Thos. Kirkland & Mrs Eliz. Dawson


  • Hawke Jno. Watson, Westgate
  • Littlewoood Jno. Wm. Sst

Bakers and Flour dlrs,

  • Dawson John, Westgate
  • Green John, Westgate
  • Palmer Elizabeth, Sst


  • Denton Jph, Westgate
  • Elvidge John, Westgate
  • Genn Wm. Northgate
  • Thompson John, Wgt
  • Thompson Thos. Wgt
  • Whittaker Thos. Sst

Boot and Shoe makers,

  • Cartwright Thos. Sst
  • Green John, Northgate
  • Hill John, Westgate
  • Kemp geo. Northgate
  • Kemp Saml. Northgate
  • Lye Mary, (whs) Mkp
  • Machin John, Northgate
  • White Saml. Northgate
  • Winfrey John, Mln


  • Amery Thos. Taylor, Northgate
  • Hopkinson Jno. Wgt
  • Sidwell John, jun. Wgt
  • Turner Thomas, Sst
  • Watts John, Sst
  • Wood John, Sst

Chemists & Druggists,

  • Foster Hy. Market pl
  • Turner Chas. mkt. pl

Coopers & Hoop makers,

  • Watkinson Jas. Ngt
  • Watkinson John, Wgt

Corn Millers,

  • Foster Rd. Lindrick
  • Thornhill Chas. Spittal
  • Wrigglesworth Rt. Ngt


  • Ashton John, Sst
  • Booker Robt, Friary
  • Dawson Rd. Northgate
  • Dufty Thos. Moorhouse
  • Dunwell Tmy. Wilsick
  • Gleadell Jas. Lindrick
  • Gleadell Jesse, Mkp
  • Grayson Jno. Northgate
  • Hartshorn Michl. Woolthwaite
  • Hickson Wm. Northgate
  • Hill Jph. Northgate
  • Hill Wm. Northgate
  • Ingham Wm. Wilsick
  • Jeferson John, Spittal
  • Jenkinson Jph. Bagley
  • Kemp Chas. Westgate
  • Kemp Joseph, Sst
  • Keyworth Sus. & Wm. Wellingley
  • Law Richard, Stancill
  • Lees Henry, Northgate
  • Leeson Thos. Northgate
  • Malkin Thos. Sst
  • Newbound Wm. Sst
  • Peatfield John, Spittal
  • Richardson John, Wgt
  • Ridgill John, Back ln
  • Robson John, Westgt
  • Shaw Jph, Sst
  • Skelton Benj. Wgt
  • Smith John, Sst
  • Smith Kiddall, Sst
  • Tirpin Wm. Sst
  • Turner Saml. Sst
  • Tweedle Jph. Spittal
  • Walker Mary, Northgate
  • Wilkinson Jph. South Wong
  • Wilson John, Folds

Grocers & Drapers,

  • Jenkinson Thos. Mkp
  • Kemp John, (& seedsman) Sunderland st
  • Kerr John, Market pl
  • Pearson Edw. (chandler & Agt to Yorks. fire office,) Sst
  • Turner Charles (& ironmonger) Market pl
  • Wood Saml. Church st

Hair Dressers,

  • Bailey John, Northgate
  • Turner Jas. Westgt
  • Watson Jas. Mangm lm

Hedge Carpenters,

  • Cartlidge Saml. Sst
  • Jarvis Wm. Sst
  • Wright David, Sst

Inns & Taverns,

  • Hancock Peter, carpenters Arms, Westgt
  • Sidwell John, Millstone, Westgate
  • Gardiner Thos. Red Lion, Northgate
  • Sharp Jno. Scarborough Arms, Sst
  • Credland John, Tarrare Inn, Market pl
  • Turnell John, Three Crowns, Northgate
  • Gleadell Francis, White Horse, Northgate

Beer Houses,

  • Bradley Wm. Sst
  • Green John, Sst
  • Marshall Thos. Ngt
  • Moore Wm. Westgate
  • Sheppard John, Cst
  • Watkinson Jno. Wgt
  • Watkinson Wm. Wgt

Joiners & Cabinet makers,

  • Copley Rd. Northgate
  • Dawson Barthw. John, (& paper hanger) Cst
  • Gale Fras. Westgate
  • Ludlam John, Sst
  • Thompson Saml. Cln

Lime Burners,

  • Gleadell John, Lindrick
  • Gleadell Rt. Pinfold ln
  • Sidwell John, Westgate


  • Marsden Wm. Westgate
  • Pagden John, Northgate
  • Sidwell Geo. Westgate


  • Brunt Ann Matilda, Sst
  • Jaques Ann, Sst
  • Jarvis Ann, Sst
  • Kirkland Frances, Cst
  • Sykes & Sisson, Mkp

Nail manfrs,

  • Royston Hy. Northgate
  • Woodhead Wm. Ngt

Painters, Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Credland John, Mkp
  • Ridgill John, Ngt
  • Smith Wm. (painter) Clarel Cottage, Wgt

Paper maker,

  • Wilkinson Geo. Friars mill


  • Marshall Edw. Westgt
  • Whitaker Thos. Mkp


  • Bell Joseph, Westgate
  • Bradley Hanh, Northgate
  • Colbeck Samuel, Wgt
  • Peacock John, Westgt
  • Ricard Rt. jun Ngt
  • Turner James, Westgate
  • Turnell Alice, Wgt
  • Wrigglesworth Rt. Ngt
  • Yates Wm. Sst

Stone Masons, &c,

  • Howson Geo. Northgate
  • Howson Thos. Northgate
  • Milnes Abm. Sst
  • Milnes Jacob, Sst
  • Milnes Thos. mkp
  • Sockill Jno. Westgate

Straw Hat makers,

  • Milnes Ann, mkp
  • Mullins Mary, Cst


  • Clarke Wm. Market pl
  • Dixon Wm. Northgate
  • Nettleship Horace, Ngt

Tailors and Drapers,

  • Bell Wm. Westgate
  • Colbeck Geo. Westgt
  • Guest Chs, Mangham ln
  • Hickson Edw. Northgate
  • Percy Dd. market pl


  • Green John, Westgate
  • Hickson Hy. Northgate
  • Howson Geo. Northgate
  • Jaques John, Sst
  • Lambert Edw. Westgt
  • Ricard Rt. Northgate
  • Ricard Wm. Wgt
  • White Wm. Sst

Coaches from the Red Lion,

  • Mails to London, 1/2 p 12 noon; to Glasgow &c, 1/2 p 11 mg; to Louth, 11 mg; and to Sheffield, 1 aft
  • Amity, to Stamford, a 1/4 bef 9 mg; and to Doncaster, 6 evg
  • Pelham, to Lincoln, 6 mg & to Sheffield 7 evg
  • Water Witch, to Nottingham, Tu. Thu & Sat. 8mg & to Doncaster, Mon, Wed & Fri, 5 evg
  • Jas. Storer's coach to Doncaster, Sat 9mg


  • Western Jas., Church st, To Doncaster Tue, Thu. & Sat. 8 mg
  • Hibberson J., Millstone & Wm Crampton to Gainsbro, Mon & Thu. To Sheffield Wed an Sat
  • Pettifor W & J, Three Crowns, to London Wed and Sat. To York Tue and Sat
  • Malkin Geo. Church st, to Retford, Thu and Sat 5 morning. To Sheffield, Mon & Thurs nights

Transcribed by Susan Johnson. ©2000