Treeton, War Memorial transcription


Treeton parish:

Treeton, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial at Treeton.

The front of the Memorial (see also Photo)

This monument
was erected
by public subscription
as a thank offering for victory
and in loving memory of
the men of Treeton
who fell in the Great War
1914 - 1918
They died that we might live

Also in ever grateful memory of
those who fell in the war of
1939 - 1945

Bluer, Alfred6th Med Regt RA
Dunkley, RonaldCMP
Edwards, GeorgeRN (Comb Ops)
Houghton, Harry DRAFVR
Love, Noel JRA
Payne, Reginald IRAFVR
Radley, LeslieRE
Staniforth, Leslie1st Batt Y and L
Thacker, George L5th Batt Coldstream Gds
Thornton, Thomas ARA

They would say Cherish Freedom

The left hand side of the Memorial: (see also Photo)

Ager, Ernest A1/1st RE
Biggin, Haydn V2/3rd FA
Bishop, Ernest W5th SH
Bishop Jacob [bros]2nd V and L
Brookes, RobertHMS Anson
Chilton, Robert2/4th WR
Cloke, William1/5th Y and L
Cooper, Bernard13th Y and L
Cooper, Horace [bros]HMS Hawke
Cooper, Thomas W1/5th Y and L
Dannatt, Walter26th N F
Dickinson, Arthur N MM6th KOYLI
Foers, Reginald W25th NF
Gilbank, J MES5th KOYLI
Gray, Arthur P1/5th Y and L
Haley, John1/5th Y and L
Naylor, Albert2/5th Y and L
Parker, ColinTC
Pashley, Robert2/5th Y and L

The right hand side of the Memorial: (see also Photo)

Price, Joseph56th MGC
Purser,Josiah1/5th Y and L
Race, Benjamin1st NR
Richfod, Cyril F12th NF
Rollinson, Frank6th Pss WO
Savage, Arthur256th RE
Savage, Joseph1st GG
Smith, Samuel6th Y and L
Speed, Fred J179th RE
Spencer, Phillip G9th Y and L
Stewart, Percy2nd KOYLI
Stringer, Herbert2nd SS
Thompson, Wilfred2nd Y and L
Walker, Harry7th SL
Walker, Harry6th Y and L
Westwood, Job1/5th Y and L

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott
from photography by Colin Hinson