Horbury Registers - Marriages 1598-1812.


Transcription of the Horbury Registers - Marriages 1598-1812.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.
Also note that the year commenced on the 25th March up to 1752.
but that the date column numbers the months in the modern method (English format)

DateGroom's and Bride's names
08/06/1598June Robarte Batleye and Issabell Hirste widdowe were maryede the viijth daye
10/06/1598Rycharde Donforde and Ann Noble was maryed the xth daye
15/10/1598William Lockwood & Alles Acrode were mariede the xvth daye
29/10/1598George Beatsonne and Elynor Addye were maryede the xxixth daye
05/12/1598December Michell Bynnes and Elizabethe Beatson was maryed the vth daye
19/02/1598ffebruarye ffranncis Wordsworthe and Elizabethe Copleye widdowe were maryede the xixthe daye
29/07/1599Willm Hawksworthe & Janie Lockewoode were married ye xxix daye
09/09/1599Peter Kygheleye and Agnes Clegg were married the ix daye
15/04/1600Aprill Richerd Lister, Clerke and Alles Bynes widdowe were married the xvth daye
13/05/1600Maye John Crosleye and Helene Battleye were married the xiijth daye
27/07/1600Julie Rowlande ffawcett & Janie Langefeild were married the xxvijth daye
27/10/1600Thomas Haghe and Alles Herrison were married the xxvijth daye
09/11/1600John Richerdsonn and Jennett Megson were married the ixth daye
17/11/1600Richerd Helvishe and Dorythie wood were married the xvijth daye
18/12/1600December Robert Birkebie & Joyce Monsfeild were married the xviijth daye
21/06/1601Charles Slayter & Janie Savill were married the xxjth daye
28/06/1601John Sunderland and Agnes Haldsworthe were married the xxviijth daye
02/08/1601Auguste Richerde Lewis and Ann Hirste were married the second daye
10/01/1601Januarie Thomas Ives & Agnes Lee were married the xth daye
25/04/1602Aprill Thomas Batman pochie de Kendall and Elzabethe Rysheforthe pochie wakefeldiae were married by A Licence the xxvth daye
02/05/1602Maye Thomas Walker and Agnes Thornes were married the second daye
30/08/1602Auguste Richerd Bayram and Margaret Crooke were married by a Lisence ye last daye
14/09/1602Willm Longeleye Jn and Marie Thornes were married the xiiijth daye
22/09/1602Robert ffarebarne and Elizabethe Peace were married the xxijth daye
30/11/1602Robert Megson and Jennet Claye were married ye xxxth daye
28/12/1603Wm Grime and Elzabethe Bynes were married the xxviij daye
03/06/1604June Wm Crowder and Elzabethe Townend were married the iijth daye
01/07/1604Julie Josephe farrand and Alles Taylore were married the first daye
12/08/1604Auguste Wm Sunderland & Elzabethe Hunt were married the xijth daye
09/09/1604September Wm Hawkesworthe & Margaret wade were married the ixth daye
28/01/1604Januarie George Hopkinsone and Judithe Longleye were married the xxviijth daye
06/02/1604ffebruarie Roberte Baines and Issable Gooddalle were married the vj daye
28/04/1605Michaiell Brodhead & Elzabethe Haull were married the xxviijth daye
14/05/1605Richerd Stocks and Alles Medleye were married the xiiijth daye
23/07/1605Robert Pickerd and Elzabethe Thornes were married the xxiijth daye
29/07/1605Richerd woremall and Ann walker were married the xxixth daye
06/10/1605October John warde & Janie Issot were married the vjth daye
10/11/1605November Robert Sharpe & Ann Issott were married the xth daye
20/11/1605Thomas Smythe and Elzabethe white were married the xxth daye
04/02/1605ffebruarie Edwarde Arnall & Elzabethe Atkinson were married the iiijth daye
22/04/1606Aprill Richerd Dickeson als Naylore and Janie wright were married the xxijth daye
20/07/1606Julie Laurence Roberte and Margaret Beamond were married the xxth daye
27/04/1607Wm Langefeild and Elene Peace were married the xxvijth daye
17/05/1607Thomas Townend & Agnes Diche were married the xvijth daye
25/05/1607Peter Atoughe and Marie Lee were married the xxvth daye
05/07/1607Julie John Brodleye and Beatrixe Hepworthe were married the vth daye
21/08/1608John Hagger and Meriall Issott were married the xxjth daye
23/10/1608Laurence Hepworthe and Lidia Travis were married the xxiijth daye
13/11/1608November Wm Addie and Elline Dickeson were married the xiijth daye
10/01/1608Januarie John Stockes and Elzabethe Thornes were married the xth daye
20/06/1609June Wm Burton and Mercie Issott were married the xx daye
08/08/1609Auguste Peter wayringe and Margaret Slacke were married the viij daye
10/09/1609September Thomas Tottie & Elzabethe Lee were married the xth daye
06/11/1609November Edwarde Ramsden and Judithe Lockewoode were married the vjth daye
16/11/1609Wm woode and Ann Hardwicke widdowe were married the xvjth daye by A Licence from yorke
28/01/1609Wm Craven Jn and Issable woovendale were married the xxviijth daye
01/05/1610Maye Charles Slayter and Sible Braforthe were married the firste daye
12/06/1610Thomas Sowtle and Alles Lee were married eodem die
28/10/1610Wm Huntt & Elzabethe wilson were married the xxviij daye
14/04/1611Aprill Amer Haldsworthe & Issable Peace were married the xiiij daye
21/04/1611John Jagger & Alles Roberte were married the xxj daye
02/07/1611Julie Wm Thornes & Agnes Herrisone were married the seconde daye
05/05/1612Maye Rowland Newton and Ann Stringer were married the vth daye
04/10/1612October Steven Thornes and Issable Browne were married the iiijth daye
10/11/1612November John Issote and Helline woremall were married the xth daye
09/02/1612George Hobson and Elzabethe Longleye were married the ixth daye
05/04/1614Aprill George Hougton of the pishe of Adgeleye and Allice Stevenson were married the vth daye by A Licence
11/10/1614Wm Huntt and Issable Rodleye were married the xjth daye
13/11/1614John Allene Elzabethe Thornes were married the xiijth daye
14/11/1614John Pollerde and Jennet Clerke were married the xiiijth daye
14/02/1614Thomas Tottie elder and Issable Scholeye were married the xiiijth daye
24/04/1615Aprill Jeames Meller and Alles Issott were married the xxiiijth daye
15/06/1615June ffrancis Barker and Elzabethe Bonnye were married the xvth daye by A Licence
18/06/1615Jeames Meller & Alles Issott were married ye xviij daye
02/09/1615September Laurence Issott and Judithe Brooke were married the second daye
23/10/1615ffrancis Slacke and Issable Cam were married the xxiij daye
29/10/1615Ambrose Hirste & Dorithie Medleye were married the xxixth daye
12/11/1615John Craven and Elzabethe Brook widdowe were married the xijth daye
30/04/1616Edmund Haull and Beatrixe ffarrand were married the xxx daye
03/09/1616Richerd Jepson and Alles wilson were married the thirde daye
06/12/1617Wm williamson & Agnes Towenend widdowe were married the vjth daye
25/01/1617for .... George Gille and Alles Catline were married the xxvth daye
02/02/1617ffebruarie Thomas Townend & Ann Thornes widdow were married the second daye by A Lycence
27/04/1618Aprill John Roberte & Issable Barghe were married the xxvij daye
06/09/1618September Bryan Kitson and Avis Twislington were married the vjth daye
08/06/1619June Wm Atkinson and Johan Nettleton wid were married the viijth daye
05/01/1619ffrancis Munckton Esquire and Margaret Savill were married by A Licence the vth daye
28/02/1619Wm Megson & Elzabethe Townend were married the xxviijth daye
17/10/1620October Marmaduke Smalset and Issable Cutelove were married the xvijth daye
01/01/1620Januarie Wm Hodgeson and Janie Carre were married the firste daye
10/07/1621Julie Wm Sowtill and Elzabethe Tottie were married the xth daye
22/09/1621John Carleton and Lidia Hepworthe were married the xxij daye
10/11/1621November Thomas wyat & Ann Awdgeleye widdowe were married the x daye by a Licence
02/12/1621December Thomas Haighe and Anne Sunderland were married the seconde daye
11/12/1621Richerde Roberte and Ann Ramsden were married the xj daye
29/01/1621Peter Thorneton and Briget Haighe were married the last daye
18/02/1621Roberte Monsfeild & Ann Dawnes weare married the xviijth daye
03/11/1622November Nicholas Norton and Brigette woode were married the thirde daye
07/10/1623Christopher Turner and Gartride Hawleye were married the vijth daye
18/05/1624Richard Norton & Elizabeth wilson weare maried the xviijth day of May
25/05/1624John Hunt & Elizabeth Audslay weare married the xxvth day of May
29/06/1624Robart Carr & Joyce Preston weare married the xxixth day
18/07/1624Julie Wm Thornes and Anne Sunderland weare married the 18th day
11/05/1625Robart Thornes & Dorothy Rooper weare married the xjth day
06/06/1625June Robt Blaykeley and Margreat Woodel weare maried the 6th day of June 1625
12/02/1625February Roger Hunt & Elizabeth Thornes weare maried the twelft day
11/04/1626Aprill Phillip ffawcit & Emmott Lanquet weare married the xjth day
16/05/1626May John Robart & Isabell Hunt weare married the xvjth day
19/12/1626George Stansfield and Sara Lockewoode maried December the xixth
11/06/1627John Thornes and Elizabeth Sunderland weare married the xjth day of June
15/07/1627Henry Wilson and Alice Beatson married the xvth of July
12/08/1627William Skorer and Kateryne Haldsworth weare married the xijth day
26/08/1627George Pickard & Alice Gledall weare married the xxvjth
24/09/1627William Horne and Ann Jenkinson married the xxiiijth day
01/12/1627December Thomas Longley and Ann Richardsonn weare married the first day
18/02/1627Thomas wayne and Alice Thorns married the xviijth day
11/09/1628John Hirst & Elizabeth Brooke weare married xjth day
21/10/1628Wm Batesonne & Grace Longley weare married the xxjth day
29/04/1629Aprill George Midleton and Jayne Darnton weare married the xxixth day
01/06/1629John Jenkinson and Ann Thornes weare married the first of June
06/06/1629Robert Dobson and Dorothy Archer weare married the sixt day of June
15/06/1629Thomas Awdsley and Anne Awdsley weare married the xvth day of June
31/06/1629Edwarde Wilson and Rebecka Maude weare married the last day of June
27/07/1629Raph Baynes and Mary Ryley weare married the xxvijth day of July
24/11/1629Robt Greene of Leeds and Mary Smith of Wakfeild married the 24th of Nouember
24/11/1629Wm Land and Ann wormall married the same day
27/04/1630Michaell Eastbourne and Isabell Phillipps married the xxvijth day of Aprill
06/07/1630Robt Clayton & Elizabeth Carr weare married the 6 of July
18/07/1630Willim Cawthorne and Elizabeth Pruston weare married the xviijth day
09/02/1630Tho : Batley and Elizabeth Burnley weare married the 9th day of the same month of ffebruary
20/02/1630Robt Haigh and Alice Jowett married the 20th day of ffebruary
02/05/1631Robrt Thornes and Mary Clayton maryed the second day of Maie
19/05/1631Edward Carre & Jane Bedforth maryed the xixth day of the same moneth
29/06/1631William burton & ellen Sunderland maried ye xxixth day of ye same moneth
19/09/1631James Astwicke and Elizabeth Land marryed the xixth day of the same month
06/11/1631Thomas White and Anne Hinchliffe marryed the vjth day of November
01/05/1632Edward Catlin & Anne Ramsden married the first day of May
29/05/1632Thomas Hall & Margreat Jubb weare married the 29th day of May
03/07/1632John Armitage and Elizabeth Totty weare married the third day of July
03/09/1632Wm Cawthorne and Alice Lee weare married the 3th day of September
02/12/1632Richard Robt Junior & Grace Swallow wear married the 2th of December
03/12/1632Robt Thornes and Winfred Shaw weare married the third day of December
05/02/1632Willim Walker and Margriat Radeliffe weare married the fift day of ffebruary 1632
21/02/1632John Mansfeild and Isabell Whalley weare married by a licence the xxjth day of ffebruary
04/08/1633John Brokesbancke and Elizabeth Robucke was married the iiijth day of August
15/10/1633Wm Batleye & Anne Hawkesworthe married by a licence the xvth day of October
02/12/1633John Walker & Elizabeth Hagh married the second day of December
15/04/1634Thomas Totty & Elizabth walker marryed the xvth day of the same month
24/04/1634Joseph Hardshaw & Elizabeth Megson married the xxiiijth day of the same month
29/04/1634George Copley & Mary Bedforth married the xxixth of the same month
11/05/1634Wm Awdsley the eldr & Elizabth Richardson marryed the xjth of the same month
11/05/1634Edmund Shaw & Agnes Haghe marryed the same day
13/06/1634Joseph Briggs & Rebecka Jenkinson of Wakefeld marryed the xiij of June
20/01/1634Robte Audsley & Elizabeth Dawson late wife of Tho : Dawson marryed the xxth day of January
05/04/1635Aprill William Beeston & Ellen Margerison marryed the vth daye of Aprill
11/10/1635Thomas Gawthropp & Marie Sunderland marryed ye xj daye of ye same moneth
08/11/1635William ffarrand & Marie Haldsworth marryed the viijth daye of November
17/11/1635Samuel Mitchell & Elizabeth Johnson marryed ye xvijth of ye same moneth
24/11/1635William Ramsden & Elizabeth Jagger marryed ye xxiiij daye of ye same moneth
14/06/1636William Dyckson & Janie Bedforth married xiiijth of ye same moneth
12/09/1636James ffrance & Jennet Helvish maryed the xijth of ye same moneth
03/10/1636Thomas Haigh Junr & Dorothie Dunwell maryed the iijth of October
24/01/1636Thomas Oldfeld & Elizabeth Bynnes maryed the xxiiijth of ye same moneth
23/01/1636Daniell Oley & Margreatt Watterhouse weare married by lycence the xxiijth of January 1636
??/02/1636John Walker & Margaret Knutton maryed .. day of ffebruary
12/02/1636Thomas Wilde & Ellen Kirbie maryed the xijth of ye same
28/05/1637John Walker & Anne Tomson maryed ye xxviij of the same moneth
05/06/1637Wm Brodhead & Elizabeth Ramsden maryed the vth daye of June
25/07/1637Valentine Land & Anne Brooke maryed the same daye
19/02/1637John Lambert of ye pishe of Sandall mag & Isabell Barnseye maryed ye xix of ffebruary
24/04/1638Samuell Tottie & Susan Haghe maryed xxiiij daye
24/05/1638John Walshaw & Anne Robinson marryed xxiiij Daye
17/07/1638Thomas Haighe ye elder & Elizabeth Soothill marryed ye xvij daye
13/11/1638Wm Richardson & Grace Ramsden marryed xiij day
04/02/1638Februarye John Wodde & Anne Land marryed the iiijth day
08/10/1639Samuell Thornes & Anne Tottie married ye viijth day
25/11/1639Robt Simpson & Margreat Shillito were married by a licence the xxvth day
28/01/1639January Thomas Mosse & Alice Pruston married the xxviijth day
28/04/1640Robte Robinson & Elizabth Mansfield married the xxviijth daie
03/08/1640Willm Luddington and Anne late Wife of Thom Longley deceased married by a licence the third day
13/10/1640.... .... & Anne Carleton widd late wife of Deceased was married the xiijth daie
17/11/1640Robte Jagger & Anne Langfeild married ye xvijth daie
11/05/1641Edward Haldsworth & Katherine Lee married the xjth day
29/06/1641John Rawson & Dorothie Binnes married ye xxixth day
27/10/1641Thomas Hutchinson and Mary ffarrand married the xxvijth day October
26/11/1641Edward Emmis of Lincolne & Judithe Issott married the xxvjth day
13/01/1641Januarie William Ingham and Anne Walker married the xiijth day
01/02/1641ffebruarie Mathew Scholefeild & Marie Sunderland married the first day
03/05/1642May Edward Bothomley & Easter Roper married by licence the third day
04/07/1642July Robte Batley & Easter Broadley married the iiijth day
09/08/1642August Richard Parkin & Mary Binnes marryed ye ixth day
16/08/1642Thomas Langfeild & Alice Walshaw married the xvjth day
04/10/1642October Hugh Shillitoe and Judith Walker married the fourth day
08/11/1642November William Horner and Elizabeth Allan maried ye eight day
10/09/1643Robte Thornes and Agnes Bradforth widow maried the xth day
14/09/1643James Richardson & Jane webster maried the xiiijth day
26/09/1643George ffogg & Elizabeth Craven widdow maried the xxvjth day
06/12/1643Anthony Loreyne, maior, & Anne Binnes wid married by licence the sixth day
19/01/1643John Sale & Elizabeth Appleyeard married by licence the xixth day
13/02/1643Februarye Paul Cawthorne and Jane ffrance married the xiijth day
02/03/1643March John Armitage & Jane Sikes married by licence the second day
14/05/1644John Thornes & Elizabth Pickering married the xiiijth day
16/07/1644John Gomersall & Mary Otes maried the xvjth day
17/12/1644Clement Brumwell & Elizabeth Hodgson maried the xvijth day
06/01/1644John Speight & Ellen Casley maried the same day
21/01/1644John Robte & Elizabeth Adkinson maried the xxjth day
28/01/1644William Robert & Margret Sunderland married the xxviijth day
05/02/1644ffebruarie Robte Gamble & An Hall marrd ye 5 day of ffeb
08/04/1645Aprill Willm Dawson & Alice waynewright married ye viijth day
26/05/1645May Thoms Hardshay & Eliz : Allan of Wakefeild wid : married ye 26th day
26/05/1645Richard Hall & Dorothie Nailer married the same day
24/06/1645Leonard Langthorpe & An Chavntrell married the xxiiijth day
23/10/1645Willm Casley & Susan Tottie widd : maried ye xxiijth day
14/01/1645Samuell Thornes & Hellen Issott married the xiiijth day
14/01/1645Henry Heald & Margaret Oxley married the same day
06/05/1646Maye Edward Lockwood and Elizabeth Hastings married ye vjth day
02/07/1646July Richard Hepworth & Elizabeth Townend married ye second day
19/08/1646Isaac Sergeant & .... marryed ye 19th day
13/04/1647John Haldsworth and Elizabeth Booth married ye xiijth day
25/05/1647Jeremie Serieant and Issabell Thornes maried the xxvth day
13/07/1647Thomas Hirst & Elizabeth Lockwood maried the xiijth day
22/09/1647John Wood & Ellin Pinder maried the xxijth day
04/10/1647October WilIm Cawthorne & Dorothy Woodcocke maried ye iiijth day
19/10/1647Thomas Bedford & Dinas Jagger maried the xixth day
26/10/1647John Jagger and Issabell Wilby married ye xxvjth day
09/11/1647Thomas Crauen & Issabell Coward married ye ixth day
07/12/1647December Arthar Reyner & Marie Oakes married ye vij day
07/12/1647Tymothie Marshall & Easter Garret married ye vij day
11/12/1647John Westerman & Elizabeth Ellis married the same day
31/01/1647Richard Whitehead & Jennett ffraunce married the xxxjth day
15/06/1648Abraham Bailes & Mary Greaves married by licence ye xvth day
07/08/1648August James Land & Alice Martiall married ye vijth day
10/04/1649Willm Nowell & Marie ffostard maried the xth day
27/11/1649Thomas Land & Hellen Vanne maried ye xxvijth day
18/12/1649George Cressey atrop & Susan Jackson married ye xviijth day
18/03/1649Willm Harison & Grace Duckworth married ye xviijth day
07/08/1650August Thomas Parker & Mary Thomlinson married the vijth day
27/10/1650Robte Bedforth & Sara Goodall maried the xxvijth day
31/01/1650Tho : Broadhead & Sara Whitley maried the xxxjth day
01/04/1651Aprill Willm, bedforth of Overton & Anne Gill married the first day
13/04/1651John Cooke of Wakefeild & Elizabth Casley maried the xiijth day
20/04/1651Ralph .... & Dorothe child married the xxtie day
01/05/1651May Richard Bedforth of Thornes & Ann Sadler maried the first day
22/06/1651Wm Cooke of Wakefeild & Mary Clearke maried the xxijth clay
12/08/1651August John Sunderland & Jane Nowell married the xijth day
18/08/1651Robert Mansfeild yongr & Elizabth Jackson daught : of Mr. Peter Jackson maried the xviijth day
09/09/1651Richard Hepworth & Elizabeth Terrie married the ixth day
17/12/1651Steven Crumock a soldier & Alice Wiltch married ye xvijth day
18/05/1652John Huntington & Dinas Robert maried the xviijth day
08/06/1652Thomas Preston & Anne Webster married the viijth day
28/07/1652July Thomas Wheateley & ffrancis Marshall married ye xxviijth day
16/11/1652November Rowland Atack & ffrauncis Brooke married the xvjth day
29/11/1652John Cutler & Alice Smith married the xxixth day
25/01/1652Richard Stafford & Elizabeth Taylor married the xxvth day
26/03/1653John March and Marie Walker wid : married ye xxvjth day
04/08/1653August Abraham Claiton of Wakefeld & Anne Walker wid : maried the iiijth day
30/08/1653John Witton a soldier, & Rebecca Potter maried the xxxth day
22/09/1653Willm Adkinson & Jennet Lawton maried the xxijth day
27/09/1653Robert Thornes (son of Wm Thornes) & Rebecca Hunt maried the xxvijth day
16/06/1654John Eluedge & Hellen Calwley married the xvjth day according to an Act of Parliamt
02/09/1654September Richard Thewlis & Joyce Smith married ye second day according to an act in that case guided
09/11/1654Mr willm Vsher & Mrs ffrancis Sauile married the ixth day according to an act in that case prouided
14/04/1655George Barringham husbandm & Issabell Rodley Spinster married (according to an act in yt case prouided) the 14th day of Aprill
03/07/1655Julie Thomas white, Taylor & Jennett Battie Spinster married the third day according to an Act in that case puided
08/04/1656Thomas Crauen & Elizabeth Okes married ye eight day according to an Act in ye case prouided
17/06/1656Robert Batley and Anne Robert married the xvijth day according to an act in that case puided
28/07/1656Bryan Harrison & Anne .... married the xxviijth day of July according to an act of Parliamt in that case puided
29/11/1656Andrew Townend, Roughmason, and Susanna Carter Spinster was married before John Ward esquire one of the iustices of peace vpon the xxixth day of Nouember 1656 according to an act in that case made and puided
16/12/1656John Mountaine Clothier and Hellenor Greene. Spinster was married before John Clayton esquier one of the Justices of Peace for this west ryding the sixteenth day of December 1656 according to an act of Parliament in that behalfe puided
31/04/1657John Land clothier and Elizabeth Johnson widow maried before Mr John Pickering one of the iustices of Peace the last day of Aprill 1657 ; according to an act in that behalfe guided
20/07/1657Thomas Elvedge clothier and Marie Townend Spinster was married before John Claiton esquier one of the Justices of Peace for this westrid : vpon Mundaie the xxtie Daie of the said Julie 1657
08/12/1657Decemb : John Hunt roughmason and Margaret Savile spinster one of the Daughters of Thomas Sauiles gent. of the Outwoodside deceased married att Horbury the eight daie of December
23/03/1657John Kaye, butcher and Elizabeth Collitt Spinster married the xxiijth daie of March 1657
09/08/1658William Clark & Ann Waide Daughter of William Waid of Wakefield married the 9th day of August 1658
28/08/1658Georg ffawcitt and Jane Binns widow married the 28th day of August 1658
14/09/1658Robert Gliedall of the Parrish of Bradford and Sarah Issott of this towne married the 14th day of September 1658
23/11/1658Thomas Sunderland and Elizabeth Battie married the 23th day of Nouember 1658
30/11/1658December John Goodall and Margaret Robert married the 30th day of Nouember 1658
24/06/1659Matthew Stephenson and Sara Batley married the xxiiijth day of June 1659
09/05/1660Robt Craven and Mary Story Widow married the ninth day of May
13/10/1660John Walker, Nayler, and Ann Vickars of Nether Skers in the parrish of Darfield Spinster married the same day 1660
27/11/1660Edward Catlin and Ann Sunderland Widow married the 27th day of Nouember 1660
24/07/1661George Baines and Anne Smith married the 24th day of July 1661 (Thornes in the margin)
06/09/1661Thomas Richardson and Elizabeth Thornton married the sixth day of September 1661 (Nertherton in the margin)
29/10/1661George Carr and Elizabeth Spetch married the 29th day of October 1661 at Sandall
13/11/1661John Walker Labourer and Ann Scolefield widow married the 13th day of Nouember 1661
01/01/1661January Richard Wilcock and Elizabeth Can married the ffirst day of January 1661
17/06/1662June Thomas Richardson and Ann Totty married the 17th day of June
01/07/1662July George Lea in the parish of Thornhill and Ann Jagger Daughter of Robert Jagger of this Towne married the ffirst day of July
13/07/1662John Beal and Ann Shaw married the 13th day of July 1662
20/10/1663October John Burdett of Neitherton and Benedicta Robinson married the 20th of October 1663
29/11/1663Willm Caslhouse and Elizabeth Robt widow married the said 29th day of Nouember 1663
02/02/1663Thomas Moss and Margrett Orrill Widow married the second day of ffeb : 1663
30/09/1664John Casson of Hunslet in the Parish of Leeds and ffrancei Clayton married the 30th day of Sep : 1664
02/02/1664Edmond Wood and Margrett Mazareen married the 2d day of ffebruary 1664
10/04/1665John Gill and Sara Cusworth married the 10th day of Aprill 1665
18/07/1665John Pollard & Ann North married the 18th day of July
01/10/1665October John Marland & Elizabeth Birch married by Lycence the ffirst day of October 1665
28/11/1665John Copley and Dorothy Langfield married the 28th of Nouember 1665
26/02/1665ffeb : Thomas Worsdell of Ossett and Mary Hoyle of Chickinley were marryed by Lycence the 26th day of ffebruary 1665
25/04/1666John Mosley and Sarah Copley both of the Parish of Kirke Burton were married by Lycence the 25th day of Aprill 1666
01/05/1666May Willm Lawson and Mary Baskervile married by Lycence the ffirst day of May 1666
12/06/1666June John Whitehead and Ann Batley married the 12th day of June
19/06/1666Thomas Shillito and Katherin Halsworth married the 19th day 1666
25/06/1666Joseph Hall of Sandall Magna & Hannah Wilson of Wakefield married by Lycence the 25th day of June 1666
10/07/1666Richard Bewse & Ann Arnall of Wakefield Widow married the 10th day of July 1666A
16/07/1666Joshua Hague & Susan Hardy married the 16th day of July 1666
21/08/1666John Crosland of Nethershitlington in the Parish of Thornhill and Mary Carr married the 21th day of August 1666
13/10/1666 William Marley and Ann Otley married by Lycence the 13th day of October 1666 (Wakefield in margin)
25/10/1666John Binns and Mary Crauen married the 25th day of October
07/05/1667Michaell Birch of Wakefield and Mary Richardson of This Towne marryed the 7th day of May 1667
03/09/1667September Philemon Ellis of Morley and Ann Langfield maried the third day of September 1667
24/09/1667Stephen Jepson of Neitherton And Ann Harryson widow married the 24th day of September 1667
19/11/1667Nouember William Twigg and Sibill Hinchliff of Neitherton in the Parrish of Thornhill married the 19th of Nouember 1667
22/04/1668John Saxton of Earlsheaton in the Parrish of Dewsbury and Margret Halsworth of this Towne married the 22th day
14/05/1668May John Blagburn of Almonbury and Sara Mitchill of This Towne married the 14th day of May 1668
27/05/1668Robt May and Sarah Hinchliff married the 27th day (Neitherton in the margin)
22/04/1669John Hemingway and Martha Hepworth both of the Parrish of Dewsbury were married by Licence the 22th day of Aprill
04/05/1669May Edward Awdsley of Crigglstone & Ellin Helvidge of this Towne married the 4th day of May 1669
19/05/1669Matthew Steephenson & Elizabeth Stringer married the 19th day of May 1669
13/06/1669June James Birch of Wakefield and Elizabeth Dawson married the 13th day of June
15/07/1669July Joseph Page, Clerk and Grace Phinney married by Lycence the 15th day of July 1669
08/02/1669Willm Burton and Easter Broadhead married the eight day of ffebruary
04/04/1670Aprill William Patrick and Sibbill Collier married 4th day of Aprill 1670
05/05/1670May Christopher Coope and Sarah Armitage married the 5th day
10/05/1670Edmund Smith gent : & Mrs Mary Ashton married by Lycence the 10th day of May 1670
25/10/1670Ellis Cunliff gent : and Mary Stocks both of Wakefield married by Lycence the 25t day of October 1670
30/11/1670ffrancis Carter and Mary Tomson widow married the 30th day of Nouember 1670
21/02/1670ffebruary ffrancis Roades and Hanna Thornes maried the 21th day of ffebruary 1670
11/07/1671John Roades gentt and Mrs Ann Awdsley .married the 11th day of July 1671
25/07/1671Robert Westerman and Susan Crauen married the 25th of July 1671
22/08/1671John Milner, Chirurgion, and Hanna Lodington married the 22th day of August 1671
10/10/1671Richard Prockter and Susan Jagger married the tenth day of October 1671
27/11/1671Nouember Will Maxwell and Elizabeth Roads married by Lycence the 27th of Nouember 1671
28/01/1671James Hepworth in the Parish of Thornhill and Sara Savile in the Parrish of Wakefield married the 28th day of January
10/05/1672May Richard Man of Horbury & Elizabeth Clifton of Wakefield married the 10th day of May 1672
14/05/1672Richard Burton & Mary Haumshaw maried the 14th day
01/06/1672June Thomas Glouer and Sara Wadsworth married by Lycence the ffirst day of June 1672
30/07/1672William Batley & Elizabeth Kay widdow married the 30th day of July 1672
04/02/1672James Richardson and Sarah Caslhouse married the fourth day
31/03/1673March Tho : White & Sara Charlsworth married the 31th day
15/04/1673Thomas Crauen and Elizabeth Shaw married the 15th day 1673
19/05/1673Thomas Gawthropp and Grace Townend married the 19th day
20/05/1673John Hague and Grace Roades married by Lycence the twentieth day of May 1673
27/08/1673John Charlsworth J and Rebecca ffirth married by Lycence the 27th day of August 1673
28/10/1673October William Caslhouse and Elizabeth Robert married the 28th day of October 1673
25/03/1674March Richard Hayword linnen Drap and ffrances Dixson both of Leedes were married the 25th day by a Lycence
29/05/1674Richard Wormall and Mary Birch widdow married the 29th day
22/06/1674Robt Gibson of Chickenley in the Parish of Dewsbury and Ann Mansfield married the 22th day 2674
08/10/1674Thomas Dodsworth and Ann Longley married the 8th day
05/11/1674Nouember William Shann of Medley, Gent, and Elizabeth Barker of Sandall Magna married by Lycence the 5th day of Nouember 2674
27/07/1675John Caslhouse and Elizabeth Scolefield married the 27th day
04/07/1676July Joshua Knowles and Jane Wildeman married the 4th day
27/07/1676July Thomas Wood and Elizabeth Langfield married ye 27th day
26/09/1676Edward Hepworth of Chickenley in the Parrish of Dewsbury & Elizabeth Mansfield married the 26th day of September
22/10/1676Richard Waugh & Elizabeth Clappham of Hunslett in the Parrish of Leeds married by Lycence the 22th day of October 1676
24/10/1676Daniell Langfield and Ann Croft in the Parrish of Ackworth married the 24th day of October 1676
07/11/1676John Cawthorne & Judith Ramsden married the seuenth day of Nouember 1676
28/11/1676Jonas Crauen & Elizabeth Hartshaw married the 28th day
01/02/1676ffebruary Samuell Sunderland & Alice Ramsden married the ffirst day
26/02/1676Mathew Longley and Martha Spurr married the 26th day
02/05/1677May John Wood and Sara Gallaway married the second day
24/05/1677John Medcalf and Mary Charlsworth married the 24th day
10/10/1677October Joseph Middlton of Wakefield and Ann Lee of Alverthorp married the 10th day
28/11/1677Ezekiell Batty and Grace Dawson married the 28th day
02/05/1678May Joshua Wood and Sara Etson married the second day
02/10/1678October Josias Wood and Sara Smith of Alverthorp married the second day
06/02/1678ffebruary William Burman of Sturton in the Parrish of Abberforth Gent : and Mrs Mary Leeke of this Towne married by Lycence the sixth day of ffebruary 1678
04/03/1678March Thomas Post in the Parrish of Epworth in the County of Lyncoline gent : and Ann Warriner of Wakefield Spinster married by Lycence the 4th of March 1678
01/12/1679December Thomas Land and Sara Bevers married the ffirst day
22/04/1680John Hoomes and Easter Northend married the 22th day by Lycence in the year of our Lord 1680
04/05/1680May Richard Race and Ann Abbatt maried the 4th day
26/05/1680Benjamin Coup and Mary Wormall Widdow married by Lycence the 26th day of May 1680
03/01/1680John Hunt and Sara Benson married at Ealand by Lycence the third day of January 1680
04/04/1681Aprill John Batley and Ann Brumwell married the 4th day
10/05/1681William Cozen and Elizabeth Childe married the 10th day
30/06/1681Thomas Hurst and Judith Land married the 30th day
26/07/1681John Wilson and Dorothy Procter married by Lycence the 26th day 1681
09/08/1681Christopher Swaine and Sara Sikes married the 9th day
06/11/1681Nouember John Land and Jennitt Townend married the 6th day
18/04/1682Richard Goodall & Elizabeth Burton married the 18th day
06/06/1682June Richard Batley and Ann Sykes married the 6th day
07/02/1682ffebruary Nycholas Sye of Winteringam in the County of Lincolne Clerk and Mrs. Mary Grice married by Lycence the seuenth day
19/02/1682John Hartley and Hanna Brumwell married the 19th day
20/02/1682William Crauen and Judith Robert married the 20th day
29/05/1683John Wrath of Snaith and Sara Wormall of this Towne married by Lycence the 29th of May 1683
02/10/1683Christopher Swaine and Susanna Sympson married the second day
02/10/1683John Caslhouse and Issabell Robert married eodem die
30/11/1683William Oates & Sara White Widdow married ye 30th day
06/02/1683ffebruary Joshua Coup and Elizabeth Pickard of Leeds married the 6th day
11/02/1683Joseph Cawthorn and Debora Tomson married the 11th day
08/04/1684Tymothy Barras and Elizabeth Lea married the 8th day
06/05/1684Thomas Hurst and Ann Lea widow married the 6th day
26/11/1684Richard Batley & Dorothy Hurst married the 26th day
27/01/1684Georg Cockhill and Elizabeth Brooksbanke married the 27th Day of January 1684
21/04/1685Thomas Crauen and Hannah Thornes married the 21th day 1685
07/10/1685October Thomas Goodall and Susanna Bargh married the seventh day
14/10/1685Stevphen Jepson of Neithershitlington and Ann Batley widdow married the 14th day
15/10/1685Robt Wade and Issabell Gawthrop married the 15th day
02/05/1686May William Thornes and Sara Thornes married the second day
15/07/1686Mr James Haigh or prsent minister and Mrs Barbara Leek married the 15th day, by Lycence p M : Sandeforth Curate of Wakefield
29/08/1686John Hunt and Elizabeth Dunn married the 29th day
23/11/1686Robert Smith and Elizabeth Jackson married the 23th day
19/01/1686Richard Steephenson and Mary Wright married the 19th day
14/04/1687Aprill John Allott and Judith Crauen married the 14th day
17/04/1687William Bullock and Sara Wood married the 17th day
05/06/1687June Thomas Ryley & Sara Walker married the 5th day
04/08/1687August Daniell Burton and Jane Cass married the 4th day
19/10/1687Thomas Whiteakers, Clerk and Elizabeth Wadsworth married by Lycence the 19th day of October 1687
25/10/1687Richard Procter of Neither fflockton in the Parish of Thornhill and Dina Scolefield of this Towne married the 25th day
27/11/1687William Dawson and Grace Ouldroyd married the 27th day
26/03/1688March Thomas Harryson and Mrs Coup both of Wakefield marryed by Lycence the 26th day
17/04/1688James White and Mary Mansfield married ye 17th day
25/07/1688John Chesman of Leeds and Elizabeth Boyes married eodem die
23/10/1688Willm Skelton of Snydall in the parish of Norminton and Mary Haigh of this Towne married the 23th day of October 1688 by Lycence
23/10/1688John Jezup of Lepton and Judith Haigh married eodem die
20/11/1688John Batley and Alice Scolefield married ye 20th day of Nouember 1688
14/01/1688Thomas Batley and Grace Holdsworth married the 14th day
15/01/1688John Crauen & Ann Bayley married the 15th day
12/02/1688Joseph Hurst and Susafia Robinson married eodem die
23/05/1689Thomas Williamson of Winteringam in the County of Lincoln and Easter Langfield of this Towne married by lycence the 23th day of May 1689
18/06/1689Robert Walker and Hannah Cawthorn married the 18th day
08/10/1689Robt Armitage of Middleshitlington and Mary Mokeson of the Lights side married the 8th day
01/11/1699Robert Oxlay & Elizabeth Carr married ye first day of Nouember at Wakefield in ye yeare of our Lord 1699
17/11/1699Mathew Gelder & Elizabeth Tottey married at Wakefield the 17th day of Nouember in ye yeare of our Lord 1699
02/02/1699William Pollard Sr Mary Marsden of Sowwood Green married at Dusbury ye 2 day of ffebruary 1699
06/02/1699Tho : Wollsheay of this Twone & Jann Swallow of ye pish of Emblay married at Emblay ye 6th day of ffebruary in ye yeare of our Lord 1699
31/05/1692Samuell Barras & Mary Gelder maried ye xxxith of May 1692 (this entry is struck out)
15/10/1689October Ezra Charlsworth and Grace Batley married the 15th day
18/02/1689Samuell Hides of Wakefield and Dorothy Nolson of the same married the 18th day by Lysence at Horbury Church
09/06/1690John Kay and Mary Mounton maried the 9th day
13/07/1690Thomas Cawthron and Mary North widow married the 13th day
01/10/1690October John North & Rachel Goodger of Wakefield married ye first day
14/10/1690Jonas Mansfield & Janne Dawson of Wakefield married ye 14th
26/11/1690Henry Hunte and Susanna Allat maried ye 26th day
18/02/1690William Crauen & Elizabeth More married the 18th day
17/05/169117 Thomas Jackson of Badsworth & Elizabeth Jenkinson of this town married
14/09/169114 William Barke & Mary Horrax married by Licence the 14th day
17/09/1691Joseph Whitehead & Rachell Gill married the 17th day
22/09/1691Samuell Sonderland & Elizabeth Waad maried ye 22th day
06/10/1691October 6 George Benns & Esabell Wade married ye 6th day
28/10/169128 John Mitchell & Mary Coupe married ye 28th day
20/12/169120 Edward Brouke & Ann Hawksworth married ye 20th day December 1691
27/01/169127 Thomas Pruston & Debora Kirke married the 27th day
09/02/1691ffebuary 9 Thomas Pearson and Elizabeth Beenns married ye 9th day of ffeb :
17/05/1692Josuea Ranner & Sarah Stables married ye 17th day of May 1692
14/08/1692August Mathew Hobken & Martha Dixon married the 14th day of August 1692
01/12/1692December Mr Thomas Thornhill and Mrs Ann Harriss of Lupset married ye 1st day
07/12/1692Thomas Webster of Dusbuary & Mary Wadsworth of this Towne married by Licence the 7th day of December 1692
10/01/1692January Gorge Bracebrege & Sarah Rodes married by Licenc ye 10th day of Jan.
02/01/1692ffebuary William Hanson & Mary Batty married the second day of ffebuary
21/01/1692William Sunderland and Mary Thornse married ye 21th day
24/09/1693September Thomas Pearson & Mercy Jagger married ye 24th day
03/10/1693October Dauied Coupe & Mrs Elizabeth Rodes married by Licence ye 3th day of Octo :
03/10/1693October Richard North of Wakefield & Sarah ffuzergell of this Towne married ye 3th day
01/11/1693November Joseph Ouldroyde of Allathroup & Grace Rodes married ye first day of November
30/12/1693John Burland and Sara Issott married the 30th day
10/02/1693ffebruary William Battlay & Deboray Coupe married ye 10th day
20/02/1693Thomas Parkeisson of Ackworth & Sarah Holdworth married ye 20th day
12/04/1694Aprell John Binns and Bettrice Carr married ye 12th day of Aprell
09/04/1694Robert Cass and Grace Homsher married the 9th day
03/02/1694ffebruary Robert Wallker and Ann Battey married ye 3th day of ffebruary
21/07/1695Joshua Bradforth and Ellen Haregraue married the 21th day
07/08/1695August Robert Cliff & Sarah Battley married ye 7th day of August
13/08/1695Robert Cass and Ann Battlay married the 13th day
10/09/1695Thomas Hoult & Ann Hague married ye 10th day of September
11/01/1695William Pollard and Ann Beake married ye 11th day
25/05/1696Jonas Mansfield & Judeth Crauen married ye 25th day of May
02/12/1696December Gabriel ffasset and Martha Stringer married the second day
27/12/1696Robert Whitehead and Ann Bradlay married by Licance ye 27th day
24/05/1697William Ingham of Ossett & Sousanah Cassellhouse married ye 24th day
01/06/1697June Josias Peace and Elizabeth Barras Widdow married ye first day
01/09/1697September William Teale and Ann Wollker married the first day of Sept :
26/10/1697Marke Hepplestone and Ann Thornes married the 26th day (A Reviser intends this name to read Heptonstall.)
25/11/1697Thomas Mokesson in ye pish of Kirkheatton & Mary Mokesson of Leightes Side married the 25th day of Nov.
03/03/1697March Mr Henrey Shaw of Ardeslay & Mrs Ann Leeke married the 3th day
07/03/1697Elkanah Coupe & Rebecca Hague married the 7th day
22/05/1698John Hague & Ann Cawthron married the xxiith day
20/07/1698Mr ffrances Manley of Wakefield & Mrs Elizabeth Leek married ye xx day by Lycense July
09/09/1698September John Richardson of Wakefield & Elizabeth Sotwell of ye Parish of Silkston married ye 9th of Sep :
20/09/1698Joseph Yeates & Mary Hardcasell married the xxth day
06/11/1698Nouember William Rawlin & Ann Lindel both of Wakefield married the 6th day
25/05/1699Mr James Lister of ye Parish of Hallifax & Mrs Mary Issot married ye 25th day by Licence
30/05/1699Joseph Renner and Sarah Akeroide maried the xxxth day of May
11/06/1699June John Cowper and Jane Burton widdow married the xjth day
29/05/1700Robert Walker of ye Parish of Burstall & Sarah Hunt married ye 29th day
24/07/1700George Parker of ye Parish of Dewsbury & Elizabeth Kay married ye 24th day
07/08/1700Aug. Thomas Ryley & Ann Goodal married ye 7th day of August
26/11/1700Thomas Taylor of Thornhill & Esther Crawshea married ye 26th day
09/06/1701June John Allot & Hannah Hepworth married ye 9th day
23/06/1701John Proctor & Elizabeth Stringer married ye 23d day
21/08/1701Augst ffronsis Stringer & Rachill Rouce married ye 21th day
07/05/1702Christopher Clegg of ye Parish of Sandal & Mary Gill of Or parish of Wakefd married ye 7th day
13/07/1702John Hewit of Wakefd & Elizabeth Denison of Horbury married by Lycense July ye 13th
27/10/1702Josias Wilson of ye parish of Bradford & Martha Carr of Horbury married ye 27th day
02/12/1702December John Kay & Alice Hamsheaw married ye 2d day of Decembr
09/02/1702John Wood and Sarah Dransfield married ye 9th day
17/05/1703William Wilson & Tamar Batley married ye 17th day
12/09/1703Sept : Samuel Cowpe & Mary Rodes married at Kirk Heaton ye 12th day of Septembr by Lycense
15/09/1703Richard Wormall & Hanna Bingley Widow married by Lycense ye 15th day
16/09/1703John Richardson & Judith Mansfield Wid married ye 16th day
21/09/1703Japhet Wood & Elizabeth Lacock married ye 21st day
06/10/1703Ezra Charlesworth & Judith Tate married at Wakefield Oct : ye 6th
11/10/1703John Armitage & Susanna Blackeburn married at Kirk-heaton Oct ye 11th day
12/10/1703Thomas Shuttleworth & Dorothy Haigh married ye 12th day
24/11/1703Mr Joseph Sutton of ye Parish of Leeds & Mrs Phoebe Wadsworth married by Lycense ye 24th day
11/05/1704May Richard Armitage & Mary Wilcock married ye 11th day of May
06/09/1704Joshua Bargh & Elizabeth Gessup married ye 6th day
01/10/1704October Enoch Coupe & Rachel Brathwaite married by Lycense ye 1st day
26/10/1704Christopher Gawthorp & Alice Taylor married ye 26th day
16/11/1704William Isom & Mary England married ye 16th day
16/11/1704John Oxley and Mary Mountain married at Thornhill Nov ye 16th
23/11/1704Thomas Hirst & Alice Battley married ye 23d day
06/12/1704John Eckles of Rastrick & Alice Rodes married ye 6th day
24/01/1704Thomas Revell & Sarah Richardson married ye 24th day
03/12/1705Decembr John Richardson married wth Mary Goodal December ye 3
06/12/1705Ralph Walker & Sarah Naylor married ye 6th day
02/05/1706May James Scoles & Alice Land married ye 2d day of May
28/07/1706Robert Wade & Grace Fletcher married ye 28th day
16/01/1706John Aurdsley & Mary Sunderland wid : married ye 16th day
19/02/1706Ephraim Coope & Anne Singleton married ye 19th day
14/04/1707Joseph Walker & Mary Barrick of Wakefd married ye 14th day
28/05/1707Benjamin Foster of Alverthorp & Susanna Hamshea married ye 28th day
20/08/1707September Josias Emley & Mary Craven married ye 20th day of Augt
14/10/1707Mr Thomas Appleby & Mrs Mary Haigh married by Lycense ye 14th day
11/11/1707Thomas Pearson & Eliz : Brodhead married ye 11th day
15/02/1707Robt Scolefield & Eliz : Bargh married ye 15th day
21/04/1708Samuel Sergeant & Susanna Goodal married ye 21st day
18/08/1708Joseph Glover of Osset & Sarah Goodall married ye 18th day
22/11/1709Nov : Francis Heaton & Mary Aurdsley married ye 22d day
24/11/1709John Pollard & Rose Craven married ye 24th day
28/11/1709Thomas Goodal & Elizabeth Mansfield married ye 28th day
08/12/1709Dec : Joshua Pollard & Grace Goodal married ye 8th day of Decembr
11/05/1710Elkana Gauber & Sarah Jessup both of ye Parish of Penistone married ye 11th day
08/06/1710June James Wilson & Anne Mansfield married ye 8th day of June
07/02/1710February Mr John Mawde & Mrs Eliz : Whitteaker married ye 7th day
08/07/1711John Roberts & Sarah Batley married ye 8th day
27/11/1711John Wrath of Crofton & Hanna Hill married ye 27th day
07/05/1712May William Hunter & Anne Sunderland married ye 7th day of May
08/05/1712William Wilcock & Mary Beevors married ye 8th day
25/05/1712Willm Lifcee & Mary Cozen married ye 25th day
15/06/1712John Tiffin & Elizabeth Hurst married ye 15th day
07/08/1712Adam Meller & Sarah Wood married ye 7th day
07/11/1712Jonas Beckit & Anne Gill married ye 7th day of 9ber
13/04/1713Thomas Wood & Sarah Hoile married ye 13th day
10/05/1713May John Mitchil & Sarah Haigh married ye 10th day of May
16/06/1713Matthias Burton & Eliz : Bradford married ye 16th day
08/07/1713July Joseph Popplewell & Mary Browne married ye 8th day of July
14/07/1713Joseph Abson & Mary Mansfield married ye 14th day
08/10/1713John Smyth & Anne Newsom married ye 8th day
01/11/1713November Willul Son of John Metcalf & Sarah Carr married ye 1st day
15/11/1713Robert Craven & Anne Carr married ye 15th day
18/11/1713John Spur & Sarah Oxley married ye 18th day
01/06/1714June Joseph Cawthorn & Anne Hilton married ye first of June
01/08/1714Augt Joseph Hunt & Sarah Wood married ye 1st day of Augt
08/03/1714Godfrey Crawshey & Anne Pollard married ye 8th day
09/06/1715William Carter & Hanah Wortley married ye 9th day
14/06/1715William Jessup & Judith Hirst married ye 14th day
19/06/1715Thomas Collier & Sarah Sunderland married ye 19th day
26/06/1715Richd Goodal & Susanna Hirst married ye 26th day
27/07/1715Joshua Race & Faith Mercer married ye 27th day
23/10/1715John Robison of Woolley & Dorothy Casslehouse married ye 23d day
16/01/1715John Land & Sarah Land married ye 16th day
29/01/1715Thomas Beatson & Anne Richardson married 29th day
21/05/1716George Carr & Grace Crawford married ye 21st day
29/05/1716William Mansfield & Eliz : Dransfield married ye 29th day
01/07/1716July John Hanson & Sarah Jackson married ye 1st day of July
01/07/1716Joseph Whitehead & Anne Casslehouse married ye same day
18/07/1716Samuel Stevenson & Grace Foster married ye 18th day
16/10/1716October John Johnson & Elizabeth Bargh both of Wakefd married by Lycense Octobr 16th
15/11/1716Novembr Joseph Whiteley & Mary Cass married ye 15th day of November
14/05/1717John Morton of ye Parish of Normanton & Mary Cawthorn of Horbury married by Banns Published by Jos : Brooksbank Curt of that Church on Teusday ye 14th day of May. p. J.H.
22/08/1717Thomas Bingham, Clothier & Rebecca Oates married ye 22d day
28/04/1718Matthew Auckland of ye Parish of Warmfd & Ruth Smyth of Horbury married by Banns & certifyed by Mr Leake Vicar of Warmfd on ye 28th day
11/05/1718John Farrand, day-Labourer & Judith Allot Spinster married by Banns Published ye 11th day
12/05/1718John Cutler, day-Labourer & Mary Preston, Spinster married by Banns Published ye 12 day
03/07/1718July John Cass, Clothier & Sarah Spur Spinster married ye 3d day
23/10/1718Willm Thomas of ye Parish of Warmfd, Cooke, & Rachel Wood of Horbury married by Banns published and certified by Jon Leake Vicar of Warmfd on Thursday ye 23d day of Octob.
06/04/1719Thomas Haigh, Clothier & Anne Armitage Spinster married ye 6th day of April by Banns published & certifyd by Mr Copley Rector of Thornhill
22/09/1719Robert Haigh of Haggs, Tanner & Sarah Wilson of Osset Spinster married by Banns published at Wakefd & Dewsbury & certifyed by Mr Thos Settle & Mr Tho : Bowman ye 22nd day
26/10/1719Michael Bins a poor man & Margret Land, Spinster married by Banns Published at Wakefd certifyed by Mr Settle ye 26th day
20/01/1719Edmund Wood, Shoemaker & Eliz : Sunderland both of Horb : married by Banns pubd 20th day
27/01/1719John Hepworth a Soldier & Esther Edinfield, Spinster married by Banns pubd ye 27th day
09/10/1720John Oldroide, Clockmaker & Mary Carr Spinstr married ye 9th day
20/11/1720Thomas Collier, Carpenter, & Mary Burras Widw married ye 20th day
20/11/1720Benjamin Mansfield, Post, & Esther Guest Spinster married ye same day
19/01/1720Jan : John Field of ye Parish of Silkston & Isabel Hunt Spinster married by Banns & certified by Mr Clarkson Vicar of Silkston ye 19th day
05/02/1720Feb : Joseph Bins, Mason & Mary Hunt Spinster married ye 5th day
06/02/1720John Goodall, Carpenter & Eliz : Lupton Wide married ye 6th day
06/02/1720William Oldroyd Clothier of ye parish of Kirkheaton & Hannah Cawthron of Horb : Spinster married by Banns & certified by Mr Hopkins Rectr ibm ye same day
07/02/1720Thomas Speight a Soldier & Mary Hirst Spinster married by Banns ye 7th day of Febr
04/05/1721May Joseph Carr, Clothier & Mary Beaumont Spinster both of Horbury married by Banns Publd at Horbury ye 4th day
23/10/1721Daniel Booth, Malster & Frances Bargh Spinster married by Banns publd ye 23d day
20/11/1721Nov : Gervas Freckleton Day-labourer & Anne Sunderland Spinster married by Banns pubd 20th of 9ber & certifyd by Mr Copley Rect. of Thornhill
13/01/1721William Mitchil, Clothier & Sarah Bracebridge married by Banns Pubd by J. H. Curt of Horbury ye 13th day
17/05/1722James Stott, Blacksmith & Hanna Carter Wid : both of Horb married by Banns Pubd ye 17th day
02/07/1722Samuel Richardson, Clothier & Rebecca Haigh Spinster married by Banns Pubd ye 2d day of July
21/04/1723Abraham Swane of ye Parish of Thornhill, Clothier & Jane Cowper of Horbury Widow married by Licence obtained from Mr Sharpe Curt of Coley ye 21st day by Ja : Haigh Curt of Horbury
21/04/1723Willm Cutler, Clothier & Mary Goodall,Spinster married by Banns Published at Horb : being both of ye same Town ye same day
11/06/1723June Richd Walshaw of ye Parish of Thornhill, Miller & Anne Dawson of Horbury Spinster married by Banns Pubd & certifyed by Mr Copley Rector of Thornhill ye 11th day of June p. me Ja : Haigh
25/06/1723Daniel Meller of ye Parish of Almonbury Shoemakr & Mary Stephenson of Thornhill Spinstr married by Banns Pubd. at both places & certifyed by Mr Slater & Mr Copley & married by me Ja: Haigh ye 25th day
29/07/1723Charles Denton of ye Parish of Sandal Collier & Sarah Land of Horbury married by Banns Pubd. & certified by Mr Zouch ye 29th day by Ja : Haigh Curt of Horbury
31/10/1723Mr Richard Horsfall, Batchelour & Mrs Grace Wells, Spinstr both of ye Parish of Kirkburton married by Lycense obtained of Mr Sharpe of Coley Chapel by me Ja : Haigh ye 31St day
03/12/1723Dec : Thos Preston, Clothier & Hanna Holt, Spinster both of Horbury married by Banns Pubd by Ja : Haigh ye 3d day
24/01/1723Willm Maskew of ye Parish of Hallifax Sho : maker & Sarah Haigh of ye Parish of Almondbury married by Lycense obtained of Mr Scott Vicar of Wakefd by me Ja : Haigh ye 24th day
13/04/1724John Holt, Day-labourer & Eliz : Burton Spinster both of Horbury married by Banns published ye 13th day
23/04/1724Benj : Senior of ye Parish of Dewsbury, Carpenter & Sarah Stevenson Spinstr of Horbury married by Banns Pubd at Horb : y 23rd day & certified by Mr Boman Vicar of Dewsbury
28/05/1724Samuel Thornes & Elizabeth Goodal both of Horbury married by Banns Publd ye 28th day
08/07/1724July James Mitchil, Malster & Anne Hartley Spinstr both of Horbury married by Banns Pubd at Wakefd & certifyed by Mr Settle ye 8th day of July
24/08/1724Wm Cutler, Clothier, & Ann Hopkin Spinster married by Banns Pubd at Horb : by J: H: Curt ibm ye 24th day
19/11/1724Nov : John Webster of ye Parish of Dewsbury Mason & Anne Cliff of Horbury Spinster married by Banns Pubd & certifyd by Mr Boman Vicar of Dewsbury ye 19th day of 9ber
29/11/1724John Hall, Clothier & Sarah Savile Spinstr both of ye Parish of Wakefield married by Banns Pubd & certd by Mr Heald ye 29th day
24/01/1724Abraham Redfearn of yeParish of Almondbury blacksmith & Sarah Haigh alias Fawbut of Horbury Spinster married by Banns Publd & certd by Mr Sclater Vice of Almdbury ye 24th day
23/05/1725John Hutchison, Day-labourer & Martha Batley Spinster married by Banns Pubd ye 23d day
24/05/1725May Robert Newby Day-labourer of ye Parish of Dewsbury & Anne Hunt of Horbury married by Banns pubs & certd by Mr. Bowman ye 24th day by J. H.
30/05/1725Joseph Glover, Clothier & Elizabeth Coope Spinster married by Banns pubd at Wakefd & certifyed by Mr Settle 30th
10/10/1725Robert Race, Hostler, & Eliz. Nussy Spinstr both of Wakefd married by Banns Pubd at Wakefd & certifyed by Mr Settle ye 10th day
01/11/1725Nov : John Wilson, Servt, & Eliz. Holt Spinstr married by Banns Published at Horb : ye 1st of November
02/11/1725John Peace, Yeoman, & Eliz. Wilson Spinstr both of Osset married by Banns Publd at Dewsbury & certd by Mr Bowman ye 2d day
11/11/1725Joseph Hurst, Clothier & Mary Cliff Spinster both of Horbury married by Banns Published ye 11th day
16/01/1725John Carter of ye Parish of Sandal, Carpenter & Susanna Carr of Horb : Spinstr married by Banns Pubd & certifyed by Mr Zouch Vicr of Sandal ye 16th day
14/07/1726July Richard Hirst of ye Parish of Kirkburton, Yeoman & Hanna Stocks of ye Parish aforesd Spinster married by Lycense obtained from Mr Clarkson Vicar of Silkston ye 14th day p J. Haigh
14/11/1726Nov : Matthew Machel of ye Parish of Birstal & Hanna Willes of ye Parish of Wakefield Spinster married by Banns Pubd & certifyed by Mr Colby & Mr Settle 14th day
19/11/1726Mr Saml Drake, Schoolmaster & Hanna Bracebridge Spinstr married by Banns Pubd. at Wakefd & certifyed by Mr Settle Curt ibm ye 19th day
28/11/1726Nov : John Fish, Sadler & Anne Pearson, Spinster married by Banns Pubd ye 28th day
30/11/1726Daniel Richardson Day-labourer & Eliz : Race married by banns Pubd ye 30th day
24/01/1726Robt Oates, Carpenter & Ann Senior, Spinster, both of Horbury married by Banns, Pubd. ye 24th day
29/01/1726Jonas Binns, Shoemaker, & Sarah Norton Spinster both of Horbury married by Banns Published ye 29th day
13/02/1726Charles Smyth, Carpenter, & Anne Batley both of Horbury married by Banns Pubd. ye 13th day
25/09/1727John Booth & Sarah Bargh married on the 25th
06/02/1727Richard Shaw & Rachael Coupe married by Banns pubd on ye 6th
03/03/1727March 3rd Willm Mansfield & Mary Thorns married by Banns published
20/10/172820 John Garlick & Eliz : Denison married by Banns published
20/10/1728Oct John Barker & Eliz : Wood married by Banns published Ditto
06/11/17286 Richd Hampshire of ye Parish of Emley & Mary Wood of Horbury married by Banns Published & certified
02/06/1729June 2 Robt Apethorp & Susanna Bargh married
27/08/172927 David Coupe & Ann Serjeant, Spinster married by Banns
25/11/172925 Joseph Brook of the Parish of Hallifax & Sarah Hardcastle of ye Parish of Wakefd married by Banns publd & certified
06/07/1730July 6 Michael Coupe & Grace Pollard, married by Banns certifd from Wakefd
09/08/1730Aug : 9 Joseph Johnson & Mary Milnthorp of ye Parish of Warmfield married by Licence obtained from Mr Drake Vicar of Pontefract
08/09/1730Sept 8 Jn Sunderland & Judith Walker married by Banns publd
29/09/173029 Wormal Allan & Mary Poplewell, Widow, married by Banns
05/10/1730Octob : 5 Joseph Knowles & Anne Pollard, Spinster married
19/10/173019 George Proctor of Thornhill & Sarah Parker of Elmley married by Licence from ye Vicar of Batley
01/12/1730Decr 1 John Maude Esq and the Lady Ann Dalston married
11/01/173011 Robt Haigh & Mary Kay Spinster married
26/01/173026 Robert Towning & Ann Haigh, Spinster married
28/02/173028 Joseph Wood & Hannah Cary Spinster married
18/04/173118 Jno Wood & Jane Plowes married
31/08/173131 James Richardson & Esther Sunderland married by Banns
14/09/173114 Josha Whitehead & Eliza Scawbard married by Banns
05/10/17315 James Raynor & Martha Armitage, married by Banns
28/10/173128 Mathew Browne of ye Parish of Penystone & Anne Charleswth of ys place married by Banns
31/10/173131 Mathias Burton & Judith Land married by Banns
06/02/1731Feb : 6 Jno Gawthrop & Grace Hopkin married by Banns
10/04/1732Apr Jno Batley & Elizabeth Burdekin married by Banns Ditto
25/05/173225 Wm Ryley & Elizabeth Turton married by Banns
27/08/173227 Jno Blackburn & Anne Wortley married by Banns
15/05/1733May 15 Jno Hunt & Sarah Batley, Spinster married by Banns
01/03/1733Mar. 1 James Hunt & Martha White married by Banns
22/04/173422 Joseph Forster & Sarah Hepworth married by Certif : from Wakefd
26/05/173426 Nathan Overend & Mary Turner, Spinster married
25/09/1734Sep Joseph Haley & Elizabeth Bulmer both of ye Par : of Birstall married
07/10/17347 William Walker & Mary Snowden of Stanley, married
17/10/173417 Mr Samuel Shore of Sheffield & Mrs Margaret Digglas of Wakefield married
02/02/17342 Caleb Glover of Pot-ovens & Mary Best of Stanley married
18/02/1734Feb Jno Brogden of the Parish of Kendal & Sarah Sykes of Horb : married
09/04/1735April 9 Samuel Pollard, Batchelor & Sarah Bedford Spinster married
12/06/173512 Benjamin Mirfield of Leeds & Elizabeth Scott of Wakefield married
25/08/173525 James Leigh & Hannah Hartley married p Bans
31/08/173531 Benjamin Thornton & Hannah Coupe married
20/11/1735Nov. 20 Emmanuel Cowper of Dewsbury & Susan Batley married
29/09/173629 Saml Holdsworth & Tabitha Craven married
05/12/17365 Elkanah Batley & Hanah Hemingway married
06/03/1736Mar : 6 Jonathan Segnior & Eliz : Proctor married
17/03/173617 Jno Gelder & Eliz : Thornes married
12/04/173712 Jno Wilby of Dewsbury & Anne Peace of Horbury married
22/05/173722 Jno Burdekin & Elizabeth Peace married
30/05/1737May 30 William Barber & Sarah Jackson Wid: married
11/07/1737July 11 Daniel Dyson & Ann Marsden married
17/07/173717 Joseph Kay & Mary Becket married
26/09/173726 Joshua Coupe & Susanah Craven married
26/02/173726 Jno Race & Elizabeth Spur married
02/04/1738April 2 Jno Renshaw & Susanah Carter married
03/04/17383 Joseph Robinson & Mary Hunt married
24/04/173824 David Marsden & Judith Race Widow married
04/05/17384 Matthew Hopkin & Susannah Garforth married
27/06/173827 William Kaye & Mary Armitage married
02/07/1738July 2 Richd Jessup & Anne Popplewell married
03/08/17383 Jno Outhwaite & Sarah Waring married
24/08/173824 John Roberts Sr. Elizabeth Hunt married
31/10/173831 Robert Thornes & Olive Dawson married
31/10/1738Oct William Harrop & Sarah Walker married Ditto
13/11/173813 Richard Walker & Anne Bracebridge married
27/12/173827 John Wade & Sarah Cawthorn married
01/01/1738Jan : 1 Francis Fisher & Mary Chambers married
12/02/173812 Alexander Canison & Sarah Walshaw married
28/02/173828 Joseph Walker & Mary Binns Widow married
06/03/1738Mar : 6 Joshua Raynor & Esther Armitage married
19/03/173819 Thomas Hill & Elizabeth Leigh married
22/04/173922 Jno Carter & Susana Pollard married by Banns
23/04/173923 Joshua Bottomley & Mary Wilson married
25/07/173925 Jno Holt & Elizabeth Booth married
03/09/1739Sep : 3 Timothy Wright & Mary Cutler married ye 3rd
06/11/17396 John Scott & Hanah Hepworth married
07/01/17397 Joseph Marsden & Mary Peace married
25/05/174025 Robert Wade and Anne Kenworthy married
26/05/174026 Joseph Browne and Rachael Wood married
07/01/1740Jan : 7 Thomas Lee & Susanah Goodall married
30/04/174130 Josh° Turton & Anne Smith married
10/05/174110 Joseph Cass & Hannah Brooke married
14/05/174114 Isaac Armitage & Mary Lee married
17/05/174117 George Allan & Mary Thompson married
02/06/1742June 2 Joshua Coupe & Grace Pollard married
07/07/1742Jul John Issot & Mary Segnior married
31/12/174231 John Major & Anne Walton married
05/01/17425 Jno Renshaw & Hannah Carr married
04/02/17424 Jno Clark & Anne Shaw married
14/02/174214 Thomas Wilcock & Margaret Wilkinson married
24/04/174324 Joseph Wheeler of Wellington in the County of Salop, Clerk, & Mrs Sarah Scott of Wakefield married
03/10/17433 Arthur Kay & Susanah Knowles married
16/10/174316 Joseph Gunson & Mary Hirst Widow married
01/03/1743March 1 Benjamin Skelton & Anne Wade, Widow, of Wakefield married
08/05/1744May 8 William Lowcock & Hanah Kirshaw of Wakefield married
25/06/174425 Richard Mortimer & Rosamond Pollard married
08/10/1744October 8 Mr Benjamin Johnson & Mrs Frances Horsfall,Widow married
02/05/17452 Joseph Armitage & Martha Lodge married
09/05/17459 Mr Jno Jennings of Wellington in ye County of Salop & Mrs Mary Shepard of Wakefield married
18/08/174518 Joshua Race & Mary Apethorp married
25/08/174525 Joseph Ellis & Mary Whitely married
04/09/1745Sept 4 Jno .... & Dorothy Pearson married
22/09/174522 David Batley & Anne Reed married
20/10/1745October 20 Matthew Swallow & Grace Hudson married
14/11/174514 Benjamin Smith & Anne Craven married
23/01/174523 John Glover & Anne Cliffe married
08/02/17458 John Car, Mason, & Hanah Drake, Widow, married
01/04/1746April 1 Joseph Smith & Susanah Maude married
06/04/17466 George Armitage & Anne Jubb married
24/06/174624 William Beatson & Hanah Harrison married
24/06/1746Jun George Kaye & Mary Holdsworth married Ditto
07/08/17467 Joseph Dickenson, Clerk of Wellington, in the County of Salop & Millicent Scott of Wakefield, Spinster, married
17/12/174617 Benjamin Coope & Frances Sunderland married
21/03/174621 Samuel Holdroyd & Sarah Revel of Morley married
08/06/1747June 8 Jno Arlin & Elisabeth Race married
11/06/174711 Jno Brooke & Rebecca Richardson married
14/06/174714 Richard Proctor & Alice Wood married
05/07/1747July 5 William Hoykard & Elisabeth Craven married
08/11/17478 John Fisher & Mary Longley married
08/11/1747Nov Jonathan Barber & Martha Townsend (of Wakefd) married
16/12/174716 William Langfield & Hannah Broadhead married
21/02/174721 Edward Hanson & Elisabeth Mitchel married
09/04/1748Apr Thomas Beatson of Horbury & Dorothy Kaye of Almondbury married by Banns
09/07/1749Jul James Donkin of the Parish of Kellington & Martha Scott, of Horbury married
30/07/174930 Richard Parker & Rachael Armitage married
29/08/174929 James Craven & Susanah Binns married
05/09/17495 William Roodhouse of Wakefd & Widow Teale of Potovens,married
26/10/174926 William Thornes, Batchelor S Anne Hudson Spinster married
08/11/1749November 8 Henry Hammond of Horbury & Elisabeth Davison of the Parish of Kirbywiske married
20/11/174920 John Pollard, Batchelor & Frances Stott Spinster married
24/12/174924 Ezra Eastwood & Rebecca Smith married
24/04/175024 Joseph Sharpless & Martha Battley married
02/07/1750July 2 Joseph Heaton & Sarah Jackson married
08/07/17508 Christopher Harrison & Lydia Hunt married
31/08/1750Aug : 31 Joseph Willby & Martha Spurr married
04/02/17504 James Stott & Elizabeth Hopwood married
06/02/17506 Robert Gibson & Caroline Bingley married
02/06/1751June 2 Joseph Walker & Elisabeth Goldthorp, spinster, married
22/08/175122 Thomas Bradford & Hanah Preston, Widow, married
29/09/175129 Saml Frickleton, Carpenter & Sarah Mansfield, Spinster married
??/10/1751Oct : Jno Hutchinson, Batchelor & Anne Sugden, Spinster married
09/11/17519 Joseph Glover of Osset, Batch. & Mary Bedford, Spinster married
01/12/1751Dec : 1 Francis Laycock & Melicent Richardson married
04/12/17514 John Richardson & Elisabeth Cutler married
05/06/17525 Thomas Wilson & Hannah Lofthouse married
05/08/1752August 5 Benjamin Heptinstall & Anne Howkard married
14/02/175314 John Crossland & Mary Bennet married
23/04/175323 John Willoughby & Sarah Wood married
05/08/17535 James Craven & Sarah Wood married
24/03/175424 John Wood and Hannah Wilson married
The place of residence of the parties was Horbury unless it is other wise stated.
If no officiating Minister's name appears in an entry, the Curate of Horbury performed the ceremony. In other cases the name is given.
01/05/1754No. 1 Edward Sykes of the Chapelry of Horbury, Batchelor, & Sarah Coope of the same Chapelry, Spinster, were married by Licence, in ye Chapel of Horbury this 1st day of May 1754, by me Jno Scott, Curate of Horbury. This marriage was solemnized between us Edwd Sykes. Sarah Coope In the presence of Thomas Blakesley, William Fitton
14/08/1754No. 2 Samuel Pickering, Batchelor, & Grace Dawson, Spinster, by Banns 14 August 1754. Philip Shaw. John Roberts
31/10/1754No. 3 Thomas Rayner of the parish of Sandal Magna, Batchelor, & Judith Craven, Spinster, by Banns 31 October 1754. William Craven, Thomas Taylor. Richard Rayner.
24/11/1754No. 4 Joseph Gauthorp & Grace Walker, by Banns, by John Garlick 24 November 1754. James Craven, William Naylor
01/12/1754No. 5 William Craven & Sarah Spur, by Banns, 1 December 1754. Joseph Spurr, Joseph Race
01/12/1754No. 6 William Hanson & Hanah Baines, by Banns. 1 December 1754. J. Banes, R. Thorns
03/12/1754No. 7 Sam Heptinstall of Altofts in the parish of Normanton & Hannah Holdsworth, by Banns, 3 December 1754. John Roberts Benjamin Craven
12/01/1755No. 8 Imanuel Nussey of Thornhill, Batchelor & Elisabeth Holt, Spinster, by Banns, 12 January 1755. George Barber, John Roberts
02/03/1755No. 9 Jno Richardson, Batchelor & Elisabeth Oxley, by Banns, 2 March 1755. Samuel Holdsworth, John Roberts
02/04/1755No. 10 Gregory Perkins, Batchelor, & Honour Dilke, Spinster, by Licence, 2 April 1755. John Garlick, James Battye, Edwd Sykes
22/04/1755No. 11 John Netherwood, of Wakefield & Mary Lockwood, by Banns 22 April 1755. William Fitton, Joseph Lockwood
29/06/1755No. 12 Joshua Sagar & Ann Riley, by Banns, 29 June 1755. John Roberts. Joseph Turton.
13/07/1755No. 13 William North & Mary Spur, by Banns, 13 July 1755. John Roberts, Joseph Spurr
23/07/1755No. 14 Thos Segnior & Jane Rouse, by Banns, 23 July 1755. William Fitton, Asher Carr
28/07/1755No. 15 Charles Godfrey, of the parish of Pontefract & Elisabeth Roberts, by Banns, 28 July 1755. Philip Shaw, William Fitton
01/10/1755No. 16 Thomas Bedford, Farmer & Sarah Coupe, Spinster, by Banns, 1 October 1755. Philip Shaw, John Roberts
10/03/1756No. 17 Jno Craven, & Margaret Warden, by Banns, 10 March 1756. Lionel Downing, J. Roberts.
14/03/1756No. 18 John Smith & Frances Mitchel, by Banns, by Jos : Wheeler. 14 March 1756. John Roberts. James Craven
24/03/1756No. 19 Benjamin Heptinstall & Mary Rouse, by Banns, 24 March 1756. Asher Carr. Thomas Preston
19/04/1756No. 20 Jno Cass & Martha Stephenson of Lupset, by Banns, 19 April 1756. John Stephenson. Jno Roberts
16/05/1756No. 21 Joseph Pearson & Hannah Dyson, by Banns, 16 May 1756. Jno Roberts. James Crauen
24/06/1756No. 22 John Bainbridge, & Ann Naylor of Wakefield, by Banns, by J. Garlick 24 June 1756. George Barber. Jno Roberts
07/10/1756No. 23 Jno Roberts Widower & Ann Frost of the parish of Thornhill, Spinster, by Banns 7 October 1756. William Fitton. John Stott
20/10/1756No. 24 Francis Fisher & Hanah Burton, by Banns, 20 October 1756. Robert Thorns. John Roberts
27/12/1756No. 25 Benjamin Smith & Elisabeth Sykes, by Banns, 27 December 1756. Jno Roberts. Thomas Shaw
05/01/1757No. 27 William Oates & Elisabeth Mitchell, by Banns, 5 January 1757. Jno Roberts. Michael Mitchel
15/06/1757No. 28 Joseph Whiteaker of Doghouse, Wakefield & Ann Pollard, by Licence 15 June 1757. Edwd Sykes. Jo Roberts
27/06/1757No. 29 George Dewse of the parish of Dewsbury & Frances Hemingway, by Banns 27 June 1757. Philip Shaw. Jno Roberts
25/08/1757No. 30 Thomas Peace & Martha Binns, by Banns, by Jos : Wheeler, Vicar of Dewsbury, 25 August 1757. John Bainbridge. Jno Roberts
22/09/1757No. 31 Joshua Mitchell & Frances Binns, by Banns, 22 September 1757 Joseph Walker. John Roberts
23/10/1757No. 32 Roger Thorns & Ann Spur, by Banns, 23 October 1757. Jno Roberts. Joseph Spurr
27/11/1757No. 33 David Roberts & Alice Matthewman, by Banns, 27 November 1757. George Barber. Jno Roberts
26/12/1757No. 34 Thomas Wood & Mary Mitchell, by Banns, 26 December 1757. Jno Roberts. James Crauen
02/02/1758No. 35 Charles Harvey, Batchelor, & Margaret Perkins, Spinster, by Licence 2 February 1758. L. A. Tottenham. Millecent Rodes
08/06/1758No. 36 James Mitchell & Hanah Whitley, by Banns, 8 June 1758. John Roberts. Thomas Shaw
21/06/1758No. 37 Joseph Turton & Ann Whitworth, by Banns, 21 June 1758. John Roberts. William Rilay
10/12/1758No. 38 Thos Hepworth & Marth a Baines, by Banns, by John Greenwood 10 December 1758. John Roberts. James Crauen
02/01/1759No. 39 James Craven & Elisabeth Cliffe, by Banns, 2 January 1759. John Roberts. William Fitton
14/01/1759No. 40 Godfrey Mitchel & Hanah Westerman, by Banns, by John Greenwood 14 January 1759. John Craven. John Roberts
01/02/1759No. 41 Benjamin Riddlesden, of the Parish of Dewsbury & Mary Scott, by Banns, i 1 February 1759. John Roberts. James Craven
14/02/1759No. 42 Joseph Heap & Sarah Cock, by Banns, 14 February 1759. Josias Peace. John Roberts
14/02/1759No. 42 William Walker, of ye Chapelry of Hartishead, & Rose Rhodes, by Banns, 14 February 1759. William Barber. John Roberts
25/02/1759No. 43 James Eastwood, of the parish of Huddersfield, Miller & Sarah Crossley, Widow, by Licence, 25 February 1759. Matthew Ash. John Roberts.
19/03/1759No. 44 Matthew Ash, Widower, & Ann Thornes, Widow, by Banns, 19 March 1759. James Eastwood. John Roberts
04/04/1759No. 45 Robert Craven, Clothmaker & Sarah Beaumont, Widow, by Licence 4 April 1759. John Pollard. John Craven
04/06/1759No. 46 William Proctor & Hanah Apethorpe, by Banns, 4 June 1759. William Sickes. R. Smaller
11/06/1759No. 47 Robert Smaller, of the Parish of Wakefd & Elisabeth Proctor, by Banns, 11 June 1759. Will. Sikes. Wm Pickersgill
19/09/1759No. 48 Richd Fish & Elisabeth Carter, by Banns, 19 September 1759. John Roberts. Charles Carter
29/10/1759No. 48 John Longley & Henrietta Maria Prisket, by Banns, 29 October 1759. Joseph Brighous. John Race
21/11/1759No. 48 Thomas Haigh & Sarah Metcalf, by Banns, 21 November 1759. Michal Coope. James Green
28/01/1760No. 50 John Carter, Mason, & Ann Norton, Spinster, by Banns, 28 January 1760. John Roberts. James Craven
28/01/1760No. 51 William Barber & Betty Bean, by Banns, by John Greenwood 28 January 1760. Joseph Knowles. Jno Roberts
18/06/1760No. 52 Michael Mitchell & Susannah Booth, by Banns, 18 June 1760. Joshua Mitchell. John Roberts
13/07/1760No. 53 John Binns & Anne Rayner, by Banns, 13 July 1760. Josa Rayner John Roberts
24/07/1760No. 54 Samuel Crawshaw & Betty Langfield, by Banns, 24 July 1760. John Roberts. Michael Mitchell
27/10/1760No. 55 Jno Sunderland & Bridget Proctor, by Banns, 27 October 1760. Joseph Quarmby. John Roberts
13/11/1760No. 56 Samuel Dawson & Sarah Beckwith, by Banns, 13 November 1760. John Wood. John Roberts
05/01/1761No. 57 Joshua Dewce of Osset, in the parish of Dewsbury & Anne Hemingway, by Banns, 5 January 1761. Thomas Marsden. Thomas Hall
18/01/1761No. 58 John Healey & Mary Marsden, Widow, by Banns, 18 January 1761. Thomas Smith. John Roberts
16/02/1761No. 59 Joseph Gawthorp & Dorothy Beatson, by Banns, 16 February 1761. Jno Roberts. William Willson
22/04/1761No. 60 John Wilson & Sarah Haigh, by Banns, 22 April 1761. John Wade. Jno Roberts
02/11/1761No. 61 Joseph Preston & Sarah Hanson, by Banns, 2 November 1761. Thos Preston. John Roberts
01/01/1762No. 62 Joseph Fish & Jane Bedford, by Banns, by Jo : Armitage, 1 January 1762. Charles Carter. Jno Roberts
10/02/1762No. 63 John Mitchell & Ann Burdett, by Banns, 10 February 1762. Richd Moody. John Hampshire
03/05/1762No. 64 David Brearley of the parish of Dewsbury & Susanah Cowper, Widow, by Banns, 3 May 1762. John Wade. Jno Roberts
26/09/1762No. 65 Thomas Burdekin & Sarah Thornes, by Banns, 26 September 1762. Joshua Walker. Jno Roberts
09/01/1763No. 66 Thomas Denison of the parish of Wakefield, Batchelor, & Sarah Rhodes, Spinster, by Licence, 9 January 1763. Richd Denison. John Roberts
14/02/1763No. 67 Lionel Downing & Martha Dawson, by Banns, 14 February 1763. Jno Roberts. James Craven
20/03/1763No. 68 David Black & Hannah Race, by Banns, by Jo : Armitage 20 March 1763. Thomas Haigh. John Marsden
23/05/1763No. 69 Joseph Bennet & Ann Hanson, by Banns, 23 May 1763. Roger Thornes. Jno Roberts
21/06/1763No. 70 James Walker, of Chapeltown, in the parish of Leeds, & Elisabeth Lockwood, by Banns, 21 June 1763. William Lockwood. Jno Roberts
06/07/1763No. 71 Joseph Pearson & Mary Ellis, by Banns, by John Greenwood 6 July 1763. Wm Fitton Junr, James Craven
31/07/1763No. 72 Joseph Roberts & Mary Jezap, by Banns, by Ralph Brocklebank 31 July 1763. Jno Roberts. James Roberts
31/07/1763No. 73 Thomas Preston & Clementia Naylor,by Banns,by Ralph Brocklebank 31 July 1763. James Craven. Willm Naylor
02/08/1763No. 74 George Charlesworth & Sarah Carter, by Banns, 2 August 1763. William Fitton. William Lockwood
04/02/1765No. 75 Edward Wood & Hannah Croft, by Banns, by Ra : Brocklebank 4 February 1765. Jno Roberts. Jno Sonyer.
18/02/1765No. 76 Thomas Booth, of the parish of Kirkburton, & Elisabeth Pearson, by Banns, by Ra : Brocklebank 18 February 1765. Jno Roberts. Joseph Mitchell
30/03/1765No. 77 Edward Sunderland & Hannah Gawthrop, by Banns, by Ra : Brocklebank 30 March 1765. Joseph Quarmby. Robert Sunderland
07/04/1765No. 78 William Oulles, of the parish of Leeds, & Ann Crawshay, by Banns, by Jas Norris 7 April 1765. Jno Roberts. Benj. Crawshay
19/05/1765No. 79 Robert Clayton, of the parish of Thornhill, & Mary Barker, by Banns, by Jas Norris 19 May 1765. James Craven. Jno Roberts
30/06/1765No. 80 John Wade & Sarah Burton, by Banns, by Jas Norris 30 June 1765. Joseph Quarmby. James Craven
17/10/1765No. 81 John Hill, of the parish of Kirkburton, & Elizabeth Walker, by Banns, by Joshua Earnshaw 17 October 1765 Natt Hill. James Stott
20/10/1765No. 82 William Wilson & Sarah Dyson, by Banns, by Jas Norris. 20 October 1765. Jno Roberts. Richard Carr
03/11/1765No. 83 Joshua Turton & Martha Nother, by Banns, by Jas Norris 3 November 1765. Jno Roberts. Isaac Turton
18/11/1765No. 84 Revd Joshua Earnshaw, of the parish of Dewsbury, & Mary Scott, by Licence, by Ra: Brocklebank 18 November 1765. Jo: Shepard Anne Scott
10/02/1766No. 85 John Wilson, of the parish of Birstall, & Mary Pollard, by Licence, by Ra : Brocklebank 10 February 1766. Thos Wright. William Hirst
13/02/1766No. 86 Thomas Lofthouse Widower & Mary Gunby, of Hook, by Banns, by Ra : Brocklebank 13 February 1766. James Craven. Thomas Lee
16/03/1766No. 87 Elijah Brueton, Labourer, & Ann Renshaw, Spinster, by Banns, by Jas Norris 16 March 1766. Richd Crowshay, Joseph Renshaw
30/03/1766No. 88 William Pearson, of the parish of Wakefield, & Sarah Wade, by Banns, by Jas Norris 30 March 1766. Edward Beckitt. Henry Peason
04/05/1766No. 89 Joseph Hemingway & Mary Procter, by Banns, by Jas Norris 4 May 1766. Joseph Mitchell. Jno Roberts
12/10/1766No. 90 Thomas Armitage & Hannah Nother, by Banns, by Jas Norris 12 October 1766. John Senior. Joshua Turton
15/12/1766No. 91 John Turton & Jane Lowther, by Banns, by Joshua Earnshaw 15 December 1766. James Hanson. John Roberts
29/12/1766No. 92 William Senior & Mary Sykes, by Banns, by Joshua Earnshaw 29 December 1766. John Roberts. Michal Coope
14/01/1767No. 93 William Lockwood & Phillis Hunt, by Banns, by Joshua Earnshaw 14 January 1767. John Roberts. James Hunt
16/02/1767No. 94 William Hepworth, of the parish of Emley, & Catharine Cass, by Licence, by Joshua Earnshaw 16 February 1767. James Hepworth. Jno Roberts
19/08/1767No. 95 William Smith, of the parish of Thornhill, & Hannah Smith, by Banns, by James Richardson 19 August 1767. Jno Roberts. John Craven
16/11/1767No. 96 Joseph Armitage & Ann Heaton, by Banns, by James Richardson 16 November 1767. Jno Roberts. Wiiliam Bothomley
08/11/1767No. 97 Banns of Marriage between Joseph Race & Sarah Fozard of the parish of Dewsbury were published on 8. 15. & 22 November 1767
20/12/1767No. 98 Joshua Wood & Mary Addy, by Banns, by James Richardson 20 December 1767. Jno Roberts. Charles Carter
21/01/1768No. 99 John Perkin, Batchelor & Susannah Rayner. Spinster, by Licence Jas Richardson 21 January 1768. Wm Rayner. James Rayner Jun
03/01/1768No. 100 Joseph Ellis & Sarah Battley, by Banns, by Jas Richardson 3r January 1768. Squire Ellis. Jno Roberts
09/05/1768No. 101 James Roberts, of the parish of Sandal & Betty Egland, by Banns by Jas Richardson 9 May 1768. Jno Roberts. Joseph Robert
07/07/1768No. 102 George Gill & Annabella Armitage, by Banns, by John Hollan 7 July 1768. Jno Roberts. Wm Fitton
14/08/1768No. 103 Stephen Allen & Sarah Procter, by Banns, by John Holland 14 August 1768. William Prockter. Robert Smaller
21/11/1768No. 104 John Schofield & Jane Pickering, by Banns, by John Holland 21 November 1768. Jno Roberts. John Roberts
27/11/1768No. 105 Timothy Knowles & Ann Race, by Banns, by John Holland 27 November 1768. Joseph Knowles. Richard Race
04/12/1768No. 106 Willm Firth & Phebe Roberts, by Banns, by John Holland 4 December 1768. Jno Roberts. James Carter
12/12/1768No. 107 Francis Drake, of the parish of Dewsbury, & Sarah Issot, by Banns, by John Holland 12 December 1768. John Castlehouse. Jno Roberts
05/02/1769No. 108 Joseph Walker & Ann Jessoph, by Banns, by John Holland 5 February 1769. Jervis Walker. Jno Roberts
07/03/1769No. 109 Robert Wade & Elizabeth Issott, by Banns, by John Holland 7 March 1769. Jno Roberts. John Roberts
10/03/1769No. 110 Jonathan Schofield & Frances Mitchiell, by Licence,by John Holland. 10 March 1769. Joseph Walker. Jno Roberts
17/05/1769No. 111 John Carter & Grace Gawthorpe, by Licence, by John Holland 17 May 1769. James Craven. Jno Roberts
28/08/1769No. 112 Benjamin Stevenson & Martha Downing, by Banns, by John Holland 28 August 1769. Luke Stephenson. Geo : Burton
11/09/1769No. 113 Willm Burley & Mary Goulden,by Banns, by John Holland 11 September 1769. Jno Roberts. Richard Burley
15/11/1769No. 114 James Nother & Martha Armitage, by Banns, by John Holland 15 November 1769. Matthew Ash. John Roberts
20/11/1769No. 115 Mark Hoult & Margaret Cutler, by Banns, by John Holland 20 November 1769. Joseph Quarmby. John Outhwaite
02/03/1770No. 116 Joseph Norton of the parish of Rotherham & Mary Wildsmith, by Licence. by John Holland 2 1 March 1770. Thoss Preston Clementia Preston
18/04/1770No. 117 John Tancred & Ann Dyson, by Banns, by John Holland 18 April 1770. Joseph Pearson. Jno Roberts
04/05/1770No. 118 John Binns & Hannah Wade, by Licence, by Joshua Earnshaw 4 May 1770. John Roberts. George Cliffe
04/07/1770No. 119 Richard Charlesworth & Ruth Mitchell, by Banns, by John Lambert 4 July 1770. Wm Fitton. Jno Roberts
09/07/1770No. 120 John Smith & Sarah-Charlesworth, by Banns, by John Lambert 9 July 1770. Jno Parkin Junr. Wm Fitton
09/07/1770No. 121 Abraham Hemingway & Phoebe Issott, by Banns, by John Lambert 9 July 1770. Jno Roberts. William Renshaw
02/08/1770No. 122 Joshua Walker. Batchelor & Susannah Rhodes, Spinster, by Licence, by John Lambert 2 August 1770. Anne Scott. John Bingley
05/08/1770No. 123 William Chapman of Wakefield & Sarah Race, by Banns, by John Lambert. 5 August 1770. William Fitton. Jno Roberts
13/08/1770No. 124 John Marsden & Sarah Hanson, by Banns, by John Lambert. 13 August 1770. Jno Parkin Jr. Jno Roberts
20/08/1770No. 125 Edward Wood & Elisabeth Oldroyd, by Banns, by John Lambert 20 August 1770. James Craven. Joseph Walker
22/09/1770No. 126 David Coope Batchlor & Sarah Armitage,Spinster,by Licence, by John Lambert 22 September 1770. Lydia Lambert. John Roberts
29/10/1770No. 127 John Dobson, of the parish of Wakefield, & Anne Eastwood, by Banns, by John Lambert 29 October 1770. Jno Parkin J. . Jno Roberts
03/12/1770No. 128 James Hanson & Sarah Eagland, by Banns, by John Lambert 3 December 1770. James Roberts. Jno Roberts
16/12/1770No. 129 Joseph Dungworth of Normanton & Rachael Parker, by Banns, by John Lambert 16 December 1770. Joseph Nother. Jno Roberts
10/02/1771No. 130 Abraham Roberts & Ann Carter, by Banns, by John Lambert 10 February 1771. Jno Roberts. John Roberts
18/02/1771No. 131 Robert Bedford, of the parish of Thornhill, & Rebecca Mitchell, by Banns, by John Lambert 18 February 1771. Thos Armitage. Jno Roberts
06/03/1771No. 132 William Booth, of the parish of Kirk-Burton, & Hannah Walker, by Banns, by John Greenwood 6 March 1771. William Northorp. Ralph Walker
17/03/1771No. 133 Joseph Cass & Mary Coope, by Banns, by John Lambert 17 March 1771. William Hepworth. Jno Roberts
20/05/1771No. 134 Richard Heaton & Patience Crowder, by Banns, by John Lambert 20 May 1771. Jno Roberts. Joseph Armitage
21/07/1771No. 135 John Prockter & Betty Burdekin, by Banns, by John Lambert 21 Jul 1771. John Marsden. Jno Roberts
02/08/1771No. 136 Gervase Carr & Elisabeth Oates, by Licence, by John Lambert 2 August 1771. Jno Roberts. William Thorns
22/08/1771No. 137 William Pollard & Mary Nortcliffe, by Licence, by John Lamber 22 August 1771. John Roberts. Jno Pollard
27/10/1771No. 138 David Charlesworth & Mary Denton, by Banns, by John Lamberts 27 October 1771. Jno Roberts. William Renshaw
03/11/1771No. 139 Benjamin Craven & Frances Fitton, by Banns, by John Lambe 3 November 1771. John Roberts. John Glover
26/12/1771No. 140 James Carter & Elizabeth Kenworthy. by Banns, by John Lambe 26 December 1771. Thos Barraclough. Benjamin Stevenson
26/12/1771No. 141 Joseph Nother & Hannah Armitage, by Banns, by John Lambe 26 December 1771. William Bothomley. Richard Armitage
02/01/1772No. 142 Edward Wilson & Hannah Townend, by Banns, by John Lambert 2 January 1772. Joseph Cass. John Roberts
20/01/1772No. 143 George Moulson, of the parish of Emley, & Sarah Croft, by Banns, John Lambert 20 January 1772. William Gledhill. Jno Robert
01/03/1772No. 144 John Rayner & Ann Gosnay, by Banns, by John Lambert 1 March 1772. Jonathan Gosnay. Jno Roberts
12/03/1772No. 145 John Cass & Ann Richardson, by Banns, by John Lambert 12 March 1772. Benjamin Stevenson. Jno Roberts
18/03/1772No. 146 William Lee & Hannah Prockter, by Banns, by John Lambert 18 March 1772. James Carter. Joshua Whitehead
21/06/1772No. 147 Richard Fish & Martha Burton, by Banns, by John Lambert 21 June 1772. Joseph Knowles Jr. Jno Roberts
24/08/1772No. 148 Isaac Wilson, of Ossett in the parish of Dewsbury, & Elizabeth Blackburn, by Banns, by John Ray 24 August 1772. Timothy Wilson. John Roberts
07/09/1772No. 149 George Armitage, Batchelor & Sarah Dinnison, Spinster, by Licence, by John Ray 7 September 1772. Jno Widdop. Jno Roberts
27/12/1772No. 150 John Roberts & Betty Oats, Spinster, by Banns, by John Ray 27 December 1772. George Armitage. Richard Armitage
24/01/1773No. 151 Joshua Whitehead & Sarah Suneer, by Banns, by John Ray 24 January 1773. William Bothomley. Joseph Whitehead
02/02/1773No. 152 Joseph Walker & Ann Newton, by Banns, by John Ray 2 February 1773. John Rayner. Joseph Knowles
22/02/1773No. 153 James Goldthorp & Mary Armatage, by Banns, by John Ray 22 February 1773. Richard Armitage. Thos Barraclough
31/05/1773No. 154 Joseph Hirst & Betty Elam, by Banns, by John Ray 31 May 1773. Roger Thorns. Joshua Roberts
20/06/1773No. 155 Isaac Armitage, & Hannah Robertshaw, of the parish of Dewsbury, by Banns, by John Ray 20 June 1773. Joseph Armitage. Jno Roberts
05/07/1773No. 156 William Elerby & Sarah Metcalf, by Banns, by John Ray 5 July 1773. Joseph Knowles. Joshua Roberts
03/10/1773No. 157 Joseph Turton & Sarah Gosnah, by Banns, by John Ray r3 October 1773. Jno Roberts.
28/11/1773No. 158 Richard Armitage & Judith Roberts, by Banns, by John Ray 28 November 1773. George Armitage. Joshua Roberts
27/12/1773No. 159 John Askin & Mary Blackburn, by Banns, by John Ray 27 December 1773. John Roberts. Joshua Roberts
30/12/1773No. 160 Joshua Armitage, of Alverthorp in this parish & Charlot Naylor, by Banns, by John Ray 30 December 1773. Thos Ward. George Cunningham
15/02/1774No. 161 Thomas Winter & Hannah Kay, by Banns, by John Ray 15 February 1774. Joshua Roberts. James Craven
14/03/1774No. 162 Joseph Law & Frances Wilson, by Banns, by John Ray 14 March 17 74. Ben Stephenson. Jno Roberts
11/04/1774No. 163 John Shaw & Judith Oldroyd, by Banns, by John Ray 11 April 1774. Jno Roberts. Joseph Atkinson
13/04/1774No. 164 John Ellis & Sarah Freckleton, by Banns, by John Ray 13 April 1774. Jno Roberts. Charls Smith
13/03/1775No. 165 Thomas Barraclough & Lydia Armitage, by Licence, by Jno Taylor 13 March 1775. Sarah Armitage. George Gill
16/04/1775No. 166 John Gawthrop, Batchelor & Elizabeth Newton, Spinster, by Banns, by consent of Parents 16 April 1775. Joseph Walker. Jno Roberts
26/04/1775No. 167 Thomas Marsdin & Martha Cutler, by Banns, 26 April 1775. William Thorns. William Fieldhouse
15/05/1775No. 168 Paul Rushfirth & Mary Armitage, by Banns, 15 May 1775. Richd Armytage. Jno Roberts
21/06/1775No. 169 Banns of Marriage (Certificate of) between Thomas Whyte, & Mary Itching of Wakefield published 21, 28 May & 4 June 1775
30/05/1775No. 170 Banns of Marriage (Certificate of) between Joshua Turton & Sarah Preston published 30 April 7 & 14 May 1775
30/08/1775No. 171 Henry Swallow, Bachelor, & Grace Gosnay, Spinster, by Banns, 30 August 1775. Joseph Atkinson. John Lee
04/09/1775No. 172 Benjamin Fitton, Bachelor, & Clementia Preston, Widow, by Licence, 4 September 1775. William Clarkson. Jno Roberts
25/10/1775No. 173 Thomas Rushfirth, Batchelor & Elizabeth Rayner, Spinster, by Banns, 25 October 1775. William Pollard. Jno Roberts
01/10/1775No. 174 Banns of Marriage (Certificate of) between John Saner, & Elizabeth Dixon, of Leeds, published 1, 8, & 15 October 1775
19/11/1775No. 175 John Lee, Batchelor & Mary Sunderland, Spinster, by Banns, 19 November 1775. Joseph Atkinson. Jno Roberts
26/12/1775No. 176 Thomas Hirst & Margaret Thorns, by Banns, 26 December 1775. Ben Stephenson. Wm Watson
04/02/1776No. 177 Richard Roodhouse & Sarah Perkins (alias Roodhouse) by Banns (with consent of parents) 4 February 1776. Ann Roodhouse. John Roberts
04/03/1776No. 178 Thomas Berry, of Dewsbury & Susanna Stephenson, by Banns, 4 March 1776. Ben Stephenson. Geo : Burton
08/04/1776No. 179 John Wade & Mary Carr, by Banns, 8 April 1776. Joseph Lockwood. Joshua Roberts
23/04/1776No. 180 Guideon Walker, of ye parish of Otley & Elizabeth Wilson, by Banns, 23 April 1776. John Craven. An Helld
17/04/1776No. 181 Thomas Alott, of ye parish of Thornhill & Winifred Thorns, by Banns, 17 April 1776. Wm Watson. John Roberts
30/09/1776No. 182 William Leak & Betty Long, by Banns, 30 September 1776. Joseph Pollard. William Thorns
25/10/1776No. 183 William Fieldhouse & Ann Farrah, by Banns, 25 October 1776. Benjth Moody. James Baildon
Rev. John Tayler continues up to the end of the Volume
26/10/1776No. 183 Francis Barraclough & Honour Perkins, by Banns, by consent of Guardian, 26 October 1776. Robt Carr. Geo : Armitage
30/12/1776No. 184 Joseph Walton & Hannah Whyte, by Banns, 30 December 1776. Joshua Roberts. Jno Roberts
06/02/1777No. 185 Samuel Ditch & Hannah Binns, by Banns, 6 February 1777. Wm Fitton. Jno Roberts
20/02/1777No. 186 Matthew Gawthrop & Mary Hanson, by Banns, 20 February 1777. Jno Roberts. Joshua Roberts
25/02/1777No. 187 Joshua Turton & Sarah Preston, by Banns, 25 February 1777. James Baildon. Joshua Roberts
20/04/1777No. 188 William Burton & Sarah Eastwood, by Banns, 20 April 1777. James Baildon. Joshua Roberts
18/05/1777No. 189 Thomas Ashall, of ye parish of Rothwell & Sarah Pickersgill, by Banns, 18 May 1777. Joseph Knowles. Jno Roberts
08/06/1777No. 190 Joshua Roberts, Bachelor & Hannah Sagar, Spinster, by Banns, 8 June, 1777. John Roberts. Isaac Turton
07/09/1777No. 191 Samuel Jackson, of the parish of Manchester, Mercht, Bachelor, & Molly Barraclough, Spinster, by Licence, 7 September 1777. Jer. Marriott. Francis Barraclough
02/02/1778No. 192 George Armitage, Batchelor & Hannah Charlesworth, Spinster, by Banns, 2 February 1778. Edwd Armitage. William Armitage
11/02/1778No. 193 Benjamin Craven, Widower & Elizabeth Gledill, Spinster, by Banns, 11 February 1778. Jno Roberts. James Craven
16/02/1778No. 194 George Wade, of the parish of Silkston, Bachelor, & Sarah Marsdin, Spinster, by Banns, 16 February 1778. Joseph Lockwood. Joshua Roberts
02/03/1778No. 195 Abraham Foster & Sarah Berry, by Banns, 2 March 1778. Benj. Stephenson. Joshua Roberts
04/05/1778No. 196 Samuel Haukshead & Mary Knowles, by Banns, by Matt. Cookson 4 May 1778. Joseph Atkinson. Joshua Roberts
04/05/1778No. 197 William Heaton & Hannah Richardson, by Banns, by Matt. Cookson 4 May 1778. Thomas Heaton. Mary Rider
14/05/1778No. 198 George Hall, of the parish of Ragby & Martha Rayner, by Banns, 14 May 1778. Sarah Rayner. James Rayner. Joshua Rayner
06/07/1778No. 199 Joseph Dawson & Betty Croft, by Banns, 6 July 1778. Hannah Dawson. George Moulson
14/10/1778No. 200 James Hirst, of ye parish of Mirfield & Alice Langfield, by Banns, 14 October 1778. William Barber. Joshua Roberts
18/01/1779No. 201 James Fisher, Bachellor & Mary Askin, Widow, by Banns, 18 January 1779. James Battye. Jno Roberts
01/03/1779No. 202 George Walker, Bachelor & Ann Carter, Spinster, by Banns, 1 March 1779. Thomas Walker. Charles Carter
28/03/1779No. 203 John Procter, Bachelor & Mary Laycock, Spinster, by Banns, 28 March 1779. Mary Walshaw. Betty Walshaw. Frances Walshaw
19/04/1779No. 204 Luke Sykes & Hannah Senior, Spinster, by Banns, by Joshua Earnshaw 19 April 1779. Joshua Whitehead. Joseph Whitehead. Richard Dewhirst
11/07/1779No. 205 William Wainwright, of ye parish of Dewsbury & Sarah Barber, by Banns, 11 July 1779. John Turner. William Barber
01/08/1779No. 206 Thomas Taylor & Betty Smaller, by Banns, 1 August 1779. William Parkinson. John Taylor
23/09/1779No. 207 Paul England, of the parish of Skellbrook & Elizabeth Brown, by Licence, 23 September 1779. John Tootal. Ann Tootal
10/10/1779No. 208 George Armitage & Elizabeth Batley, by Banns, 10 October 1779. Thomas Aritage. Joshua Roberts
03/01/1780No. 209 Arthur Kaye, Bachelor & Mary Fitton, Spinster, by Banns, 3 January 1780. Joseph Knowles. Ben Wetherill
27/01/1780No. 210 John Maude, of the parish of Silkston & Hannah Hirst, by Banns, 27 January 1780. Daniel Thorns. James Craven
02/02/1780No. 211 Jeremiah Coope, Bachelor & Sarah Coope, Spinster, by Licence, 2 February 1780. Rachel Coope. Samuel Coope. John Chadwick
26/03/1780No. 212 James Mitchel, Bachelor & Martha Bates, Spinster, by Banns, 26 March 1780. John Barber. John Livesley
03/04/1780No. 213 John Audsley, of the parish of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Hannah Preston, Spinster, by Banns, 3 April 1780. Joseph Saxton. George Radley
14/05/1780No. 214 Jehoiada Whyte & Mercy Bates, by Banns, 14 May 1780. John 1 Rayner. James Mitchell
03/09/1780No. 215 Joseph Orange, Widower & Elizabeth Hoyle, Widow, by Banns, 3 September 1780. James Craven. Benjamin Craven. John Roberts
11/09/1780No. 116 James Eastwood & Mary Illingworth, by Banns, by Joseph Earnshaw 11 September 1780. John Eastwood. Wm Pearson. Joshua Roberts
08/10/1780No. 117 Thomas Hepworth, Widower & Priscilla Lofthouse, Spinster, by Banns 8 October 1780. Roger Thorns. Joshua Roberts
08/10/1780No. 118 James Hanson, Widower & Hannah Cass, Spinster, by Banns, 8 October 1780. James Rayner. Joseph Cass
09/10/1780No. 119 William Crowder, Bachelor & Ann Gunson, Spinster, by Banns 9 October 1780. Joseph Craven. Betty Hunt. Joshua Roberts
30/10/1780No. 120 David Simon, of the parish of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Elizabeth Sykes, Spinster, by Banns, 30 October 1780. John North. Mary Hadfield
26/11/1780No. 121 James Hirst, Bachelor & Sarah Firth, Spinster, by Banns 26 November 1780. Jno Pollard. Abraham Firth
12/02/1781No. 122 Edward Armitage, Bachelor & Mary Thorns, Spinster, by Banns 12 February 1781. Richd Waugh. John Batty
27/05/1781No. 123 William Richardson, Bachelor & Martha Carr, Spinster, by Banns, 27 May 1781. John Roberts. Joshua Roberts
27/05/1781No. 124 Thomas Dickinson, Bachelor & Rachel Coope, Spinster, by Licence, 27 May 1781, Ann Tidswell. Jno Dickinson
28/05/1782No. 125 Luke Hepworth, Bachelor & Martha Freckleton, Spinster, by Banns, 28 May 1782. Lydia Lambert. Eliza Nevinson. Joshua Roberts
01/07/1781No. 126 William Sunderland, Bachelor & Ann Senior, Spinster, by Banns, 1 July 1781. Joseph Knowles. John Roberts
30/07/1781No. 127 Isaac Turton, Bachelor & Martha Hemmingway, Spinster, by Banns, 30 July 1781. Joseph Knowles. Roger Thorns
05/11/1781No. 128 Daniel Burton & Ann Roberts, by Banns, 5 November 1781. James Roberts. Joseph Cass
05/11/1781No. 129 Joseph Norton, Bachelor & Anna Maria Roberts, Spinster, by Banns, 5 November 1781. James Shillito. William Heeley
26/11/1781No. 130 Isaac Farrah, Bachelor, & Hannah Parke, Spinster, by Banns, 26 November 1781. Joshua Roberts. John Roberts
26/11/1781No. 131 Benjamin Turton, Bachelor & Hannah Dawson, Spinster, by Banns, 26 November 1781. Charles Carter. George Walker
09/12/1781No. 132 John Richardson, Batchelor & Mary Longley, Spinster, by Banns, 9 December 1781. George Race. Joshua Roberts. John Roberts
14/01/1782No. 133 William Hanson, of the parish of Sandal Magna & Martha Armitage, Spinster, by Banns, 14 January 1782. Joseph Burnill. John Roberts
31/01/1782No. 234 Joseph Turton, Widower & Bridget Sunderland, Widow, by Licence, 31 January 1782. John Procter. John Roberts
11/02/1782No. 135 John Bains, of the parish of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Hannah Saner, Spinster, by Banns, 11 February 1782. Matthew Dews. John Roberts
16/05/1782No. 136 James Rayner, Widower, & Ann Tootal, Spinster, by Banns, 16 May 1782. R. Dewhirst. John Foster
20/05/1782No. 137 George Herbert, Bachelor & Sarah Hinsliff, Spinster, by Banns, 20 May 1782. Robert Smaller. Joshua Roberts
20/05/1782No. 138 Richard Dewhirst, Bachelor & Ann Mitchell, Spinster, by Banns, 20 May 1782. John Tootal. Mary Pollard
29/09/1782No. 139 John Brearley, Bachelor & Sarah Carr, Spinster, by Banns, 29 September 1782. Gervase Carr John Roberts
03/11/1782No. 140 Aquila Rushforth, Bachelor & Hannah Gawthorp, Spinster, by Banns, 3 November 1782. Joseph Atkinson. Joseph Rushfirth
27/11/1782No. 141 James Hirst, Widower & Hannah Moor, Spinster, by Licence, 27 November 1782. Joseph Cass. James Craven
08/12/1782No. 142 Timothy Overend, Bachelor & Molly Wilson, Spinster, by Banns, 8 December 1782. Betty Hunt. John Roberts. John Coope
18/12/1782No. 143 Joseph Rushforth, Bachelor & Mary Brook, Spinster, by Banns, 18 December 1782. Joseph Atkinson. Joshua Roberts. Mary White
05/01/1783No. 144 Joseph Rayner, Bachelor & Sarah Barker, Spinster, by Banns 5 January 1783. John Green. John Roberts
13/02/1783No. 145 Robert Appleby, Bachelor & Sarah Mitchel, Spinster, by Licence, by consent of parents 13 February 1783. R. Dewhirst. John Roberts
27/03/1783No. 146 George Hopwood, Bachelor & Pamilea Rayer, Spinster, by Banns 27 March 1783. James Rayner. John Roberts
20/04/1783No. 147 Charles Carter, Bachelor & Mary Swallow, Spinster, by Banns 20 April 1783. John Roberts. John Tootal
28/07/1783No. 148 George Burdekin, Bachelor & Elizabeth Pollard, Spinster, by Banns 28 July 1783. R. Dewhirst. John Roberts
10/08/1783No. 149 John Race, Bachelor & Susan Craven, Spinster, by Banns 10 August 1783. William Craven. John Naylor
03/10/1783No. 150 Henry Oldroyd, Bachelor & Susanna Pearson, Spinster, by Banns 3 October 1783. John Robert. William Thorns.
14/12/1783No. 151 William Sharpless, Bachelor & Rebecca Richardson, Spinster, by Banns 14 December 1783. John Roberts. Martin Sykes
01/04/1784No. 152 Edward Armitage, Bachelor & Hannah Green, Spinster, by Banns 1 April 1784. Wm Armitage. Richd Armitage. Sarah Green
12/04/1784No. 153 Moses Eastwood, Bachelor & Sabra Eagland, Spinster, by Banns 12 April 1784. Charles Eagland. John Roberts
29/07/1784No. 154 William Hardaker, Bachelor & Sarah Roberts, Spinster, by Banns 29 July 1784. Jeremiah Coope. John Roberts
11/10/1784No. 155 Joseph Berry, Bachelor & Mary Lee, Spinster, by Banns 11 October 1784. James Craven. Benjamin Craven
31/10/1784No. 156 John Scofield, Bachelor & Martha Langfield, Spinster, by Banns 31 October 1784. Benjamin Craven. John Roberts
06/12/1784No. 157 Thomas Child, Bachelor & Sarah Wood, Spinster, by Banns 6 December 1784. Joseph Dawson. John Roberts
26/12/1784No. 158 Joseph Craven, Bachelor & Elizabeth Kay, Spinster, by Banns 26 December 1784. John Goodall. James Hirst
02/02/1785No. 159 James Westerman, Bachelor & Martha Pearson, Spinster, by Banns 2 February 1785. Benjamin Stephenson. John Roberts
07/02/1785No. 160 John Barker, of the parish of Thornhill, Bachelor & Melicent Rhodes, Spinster, by Banns 7 February 1785. Richd Walshaw. Thomas Walshaw
20/06/1785No. 161 Francis Ellis, Bachelor & Mary Hanson, Spinster, by Banns by Joshua Earnshaw 20 June 1785. R. Dewhirst. John Roberts
01/08/1785No. 162 John Hanson, Bachelor & Susanna Smith, Spinster, by Banns 1 August 1785. Joseph Lockwood. Benjamin Thompson
08/08/1785No. 163 David Armitage, Bachelor & Mearcy Rushforth, Spinster, by Banns 8 August 1785. Matthew Stephenson. Jno Dodgson
05/09/1785No. 164 William Beetham, of Barnsley, in the parish of Silkston, Bachelor & Frances Townend, Spinster, by Banns 5 September 1785. Charles Wood. John Roberts
16/10/1785No. 165 Samuel Clayton, of the parish of Wakefield, Widower & Martha Rhodes, Widow, by Licence 16 October 1785. John Foster. John Tootal
17/10/1785No. 166 Richard Outhwate, Bachelor & Sarah Turton, Spinster, by Banns 17 October 1785. James Carter. Joshua Roberts
24/10/1785No. 167 Joseph Smith, Bachelor & Phebe Hemmingway, Widow, by Banns 24 October 1785. Elizabeth Binns. John Roberts
27/10/1785No. 168 Timothy Heald, Bachelor & Betty Mitchell, Spinster, by Banns 27 October 1785. Benj : Bates. John Roberts
07/11/1785No. 169 Samuel Hepworth, Bachelor & Mary Freckleton, Spinster, by Banns 7 November 1785. Jonas Micklethwait. Robt Rayner
24/11/1785No. 170 Richard Dewhirst, Widower & Martha Peace, Spinster, by Banns 24 November 1785. Jno Scholefield. Jas Brooke
27/12/1785No. 171 John Giggell, Bachelor & Martha Ellis, Spinster, by Banns 27 December 1785. Wil. Gigal. John Roberts
11/01/1786No. 172 William Stephenson, Widower & Hannah Laycock, Widow, by Banns 11 January 1786. Joshua Roberts. John Roberts
17/04/1786No. 173 Joseph Booth, Bachelor & Sarah Haigh, Spinster, by Banns 17 April 1786. Jno Pollard. John Roberts
24/04/1786No. 174 Joshua Foster, Bachelor & Mary Bedford, Spinster, by Banns 24 April 1786. George Whitworth. David Coope
29/06/1786No. 175 Matthew Hampshire, of the parish of Thornhill, Bachelor & Susanna Sykes, Spinster, by Banns 29 June 1786. John Wood. John Roberts
13/07/1786No. 176 John Hampshire, Widower & Sarah Lyance, Widow, by Banns 13 July 1786. Daniel Thorns. John Roberts
31/07/1786No. 177 Henry Hunt, Bachelor & Martha Cutler, Spinster, by Banns 31 July 1786. Joseph Atkinson. John Roberts
14/08/1786No. 178 Benjamin Stocks, of the parish of Kirkheaton, Bachelor & Martha Kippax, Spinster, by Banns 14 August 1786. Thomas Hanson. Joseph Hanson
10/09/1786No. 179 John Wood, of the parish of Thornhill, Bachelor & Patience Heaton, Widow, by Banns 10 September 1786. Morritt Matthews. Richard Armitage
09/10/1786No. 180 Joseph Bould, Bachelor & Hannah Mitchell, Spinster, by Banns 9 October 1786. Wm Naylor. John Roberts
26/11/1786No. 181 Joseph Naylor, of the parish of Thornhill, Widower & Martha Pierce, Widow, by Licence 26 November 1786. John Roberts. Joshua Whitehead
27/11/1786No. 182 George Prockter, Bachelor & Frances Medcalf, Spinster, by Banns 27 November 1786. Aaron Webster. George Hunt junr
04/12/1786No. 183 John Fish, Bachelor & Elizabeth Sykes, Spinster, by Banns 4 December 1786. Jon Wood. Christopher Sykes
08/12/1786No. 184 Joseph Fox, Bachelor & Sarah Gawthorp, Spinster, by Banns 8 December 1786. Joh. Eastwood. John Roberts
25/02/1787No. 185 Joseph Hardwick, Widower & Betty Kippax, Spinster, by Banns 25 February 1787. John Roberts. George Kay
04/03/1787No. 186 Edward Coope, Bachelor & Hannah Horncastle, Spinster, by Banns 4 March 1787. John Goodall. William Goodall
27/01/1788No. 187 Thomas Walshaw, of the parish of Thornhill, Miller & Betty Hunt, Spinster, by Licence 27 January 1788. John Widdop. John Goodall
27/01/1788No. 188 William Naylor, Clothier & Allice Sykes, Spinster, by Banns 27 January 1788. John Naylor. John Roberts
02/03/1788No. 189 John Rhodes, Bachelor & Sarah Holt, Spinster, by Banns 2 March 1788. William Holt. John Barker
06/04/1788No. 190 John Heap, Bachelor & Sally Knowles, Spinster, by Banns 6 April 1788. Roger Thorns. John Race
10/06/1788No. 191 John Orange, Bachelor & Grace Chapel, Spinster, by Banns 10 June 1788. Joshua Whitehead. John Roberts
27/07/1788No. 191 John Dean, Bachelor & Margaret Carter, Spinster, by Banns 27 July 1788. Wm Pollard. William Goodall
31/08/1788No. 192 William Carter, Bachelor & Sarah Shaw, Spinster, by Banns 31 August 1788. John Race. John Roberts
31/08/1788No. 193 Joseph Richardson, Bachelor & Ann Longley, Spinster, by Banns 31 August 1788. John Race. John Roberts.
08/09/1788No. 194 William Armitage, Bachelor & Mary Moorhouse, Spinster, by Banns 8 September 1788. Thos. Armitage. Betty Heap. Sarah Heap
29/09/1788No. 195 Abraham Fothergill, of the parish of Sandal Magna, Bachelor & Susanna Senior, Spinster, by Banns 29 September 1788. John Roberts. Joshua Roberts
07/10/1788No. 196 Charles Wood, of the parish of Sandal Magna, Bachelor & Sarah Bedford, Spinster, by Licence 7 October 1788. John Roberts. Joshua Roberts
23/11/1788No. 197 Joseph Turton, Bachelor & Betty Stringer, Spinster, by Banns 23 November 1788. Rd Dewhirst. John Roberts
18/12/1788No. 198 Richard Walker, Bachelor & Ann Rayner, Widow, by Licence 18 December 1788. Roger Thorns. Joshua Roberts
18/12/1788No. 198 Thomas Carter, Bachelor, & Hannah Ash, Spinster, by Banns 18 December 1788. Roger Thorns. Joshua Roberts
28/12/1788No. 199 William Booth, Bachelor, & Ann Wood, Spinster, by Banns 28 December 1788. John Binns. John Roberts
26/01/1789No. 200 Thomas Potter, Bachelor & Betty Race, Spinster, by. Banns 26 January 1789. Wm Wilson. John Roberts
26/01/1789No. 205 John Barker, of the parish of Mirfield, Bachelor & Sarah Rhodes, Spinster, by Banns 26 January 1789. John Barker. Charles Hebden
23/02/1789No. 202 Jeremiah Laister, Bachelor & Betty Armitage, Spinster, by Banns 23 February 1789. Joseh Mitchell. George Ashton
03/05/1789No. 203 Matthew Stephenson, Bachelor & Frances Roberts, Spinster, by Banns 3 May 1789. Thos Barraclough. George Crawshay
05/05/1789No. 204 John Carr, Bachelor & Frances Roberts, Spinster, by Banns 5 May 1789. Isaac Turton. James Scholefield
07/06/1789No. 205 John Hirst, Bachelor & Elizabeth Binns, Spinster, by Banns 7 June 1789. James Rayner. Charles Carter
22/06/1789No. 206 James Turton, Bachelor & Elizabeth Town, Spinster, by Banns 22 June 1789. Joshua Dickinson. John Roberts.
28/06/1789No. 207 William Heap, Bachelor & Betty Roberts, Spinster, by Banns 28 June 1789. Sally Roberts. Sarah Heap
03/08/1789No. 208 Joseph Fish, Bachelor & Mary Booth, Spinster, by Banns 3 August 1789. Thomas Fletcher. James Wade
13/09/1789No. 209 Benjamin Stringer, Bachelor & Ann Ash, Spinster, by Banns 13 September 1789. Roger Thorns. George Turton
13/09/1789No. 210 James Law, Bachelor & Mary Clayton. Spinster, by Banns 13 September 1789. Abraham Ward. John Roberts
27/09/1789No. 211 Joseph Wood, Bachelor & Esther Richardson, Spinster, by Banns 27 September 1789. Ellin Carr. Mary Whitworth
27/09/1789No. 212 Joseph Moorhouse, of the parish of Dewsbury & Betty Firth, by Banns 27 September 1789. Joel Pickard. Sarah Roberts
04/10/1789No. 113 Jonathan Batley, Bachelor & Elizabeth Dawson, Spinster, by Banns 4 October 1789. William Keyon. fames Law
26/10/1789No. 114 William Blakey, Bachelor & Hannah Hanson, Spinster, by Banns 26 October 1789. James Scholefield. John Blakey
08/11/1789No. 115 Richard Waring, Bachelor & Hannah Coope, Spinster, by Banns 8 November 1789. Geo : Walker. David Scholefield
30/11/1789No. 116 William Patterson, of the parish of Thornhill, Bachelor & Mary Metcalf, Spinster, by Banns 30 November 1789. John Mitchell. John Roberts
13/12/1789No. 117 Richard Dewhirst, Widower & Sarah Roberts, Spinster, by Banns 13 December 1789. Lydia Roberts. John Roberts
23/12/1789No. 118 Anthony Fearnley, Bachelor & Mary Binns, Spinster, by Banns 23 December 1789. Jas Rayner. John Roberts
19/05/1794No. 119 Thomas Marriott, of the parish of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Ann Holt, Spinster, by Licence 19 May 1794. Thos Barraclough. William Webster
09/06/1794No. 120 Francis Stringer, Bachelor & Rachel Thorns, Spinster, by Banns 9 June 1794. Joseph Stringer. Wm Thorns
07/07/1794No. 121 George Scatcher, Bachelor & Elizabeth Mitchell, Spinster, by Licence 7 July 1794. John Scatcher. Joseph Mitchell
11/08/1794No. 122 George Barker, Bachelor, & Ann Wood, Spinster, by Banns 11 August 1794. James Wade. Benjamin Harrap
20/10/1794No. 123 John Crabtree, Bachelor & Hannah Radley of the parish of Dewsbury, Spinster, by Banns by William Day, 20 October 1794. Mary White. John Roberts
30/11/1794No. 124 Edward Sunderland, Bachelor & Nancy Thorns, Spinster, by Banns 30 November 1794. Wm Thorns. F. Stringer
03/12/1794No. 125 George Hunt Junr, of the parish of Wakefield, Bachelor & Elizabeth Atkinson, Spinster, by Licence 3 December 1794. John Goodall Jung. James Eastwood
04/02/1795No. 126 Thomas Kirshaw, of the parish of Sandall Magna, Bachelor & Mary Barker, Spinster, by Banns 4 February 1795. Joseph Ellis. John Roberts.
23/02/1795No. 127 Benjamin Bould, of the parish of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Rachel Robinson, Spinster, by Banns 23 February 1795. Joseph Bould. John Roberts
05/03/1795No. 128 Jehoiada White, Widower & Sarah Beevers, Spinster, by Banns 5 March 1795. James Hill. William Milner
13/04/1795No. 129 Robert Heptonstall, Bachelor & Priscilla Hill, Spinster, by Banns 13 April 1795. James Hanson. Sarah Roberts
03/05/1795No. 130 George Race, Bachelor & Hannah Goodall, Spinster, by Licence 3 May 1795. Roger Thorns. John Goodall Junr
14/05/1795No. 131 John Sheard, Bachelor & Hannah Wood, Spinster, by Banns 14 May 1795. James Wade. John Roberts
18/05/1795No. 132 Isaac Earnshaw, Bachelor & Hannah Wade, Spinster, by Banns 18 May 1795. James Wade. John Roberts
25/05/1795No. 133 Joseph Barker, Bachelor & Hannah Armitage, Spinster, by Banns 25 May 1795. Bety Sagar. William Barker
26/05/1795No. 134 John Law, Bachelor & Ann Whitehead, Spinster, by Banns 26 May 1795. John Roberts. Joseph Jessop
09/07/1795No. 135 Charles Senior, Bachelor & Martha Sykes, Spinster, by Banns 9 July 1795. Mattw Stephenson. Ann Tonton
13/07/1795No. 136 James Cousen, Bachelor & Sarah Nouble, Spinster, by Licence 13 July 1795. John Noble. Samuel Gill
19/08/1795No. 137 John Brewerton, Bachelor & Mary Firth, Spinster, by Banns 19 August 1795. Joshua Roberts. Sarah Roberts
23/08/1795No. 138 William Goodall, Bachelor & Ann Craven, Spinster, by Licence 23 August 1795. John Goodall. John Roberts
07/09/1795No. 139 Joseph Craven, Widower & Polly Ratcliff, of the parish of Blackbourn, Widow, by Licence 7 September 1795. Charles Carter. John Roberts
22/11/1795No. 140 Benjamin Clayton, Bachelor & Elizabeth Clayton, Spinster, by Banns 22 November 1795. Thos Hampshire. Joshua Roberts. Nancy Holt
04/01/1796No. 141 Joseph Fisher, of the parish of Thornhill, Bachelor & Mary Wainwright, Spinster, by Banns 4 January 1796. William Bedford. John Roberts
28/03/1796No. 142 George Brook, Bachelor & Ann Berry, Spinster, by Banns 28 March 1796. Joseph Turton. John Roberts
25/04/1796No. 143 Joseph Brown, Bachelor & Mary Wood, Spinster, by Banns 25 April 1796. Joshua Roberts. George Smith
05/05/1796No. 144 Benjamin Couldwell, Bachelor & Sally Dewhirst, Spinster, by Banns 5 May 1796. Rd Dewhirst. Joseph Rhodes. Charles Dewhirst
16/05/1796No. 145 Thomas Hawkes, Bachelor & Hannah Wilson, Spinster, by Banns 16 May 1796. John Scarth. John Roberts
16/05/1796No. 146 Thomas Mitchell, Bachelor & Hannah Booth, Spinster, by Banns 16 May 1796. Wm Holt. John Roberts
29/05/1796No. 147 William Rhodes, Bachelor & Ann Atkinson, Spinster, by Licence 29 May 1796. James Eastwood. Thos Smith
20/06/1796No. 148 Richard Hawley, Bachelor & Fanny Craven, Spinster, by Banns 20 June 1796. Joseph Atkinson. John Roberts
24/07/1796No. 149 John Lee, Bachelor & Ann Craven, Spinster, by Banns 24 July 1796. George Lee. John Roberts
09/10/1796No. 150 Robert Bruerton, Bachelor & Sarah Hewitt, Spinster, by Banns 9 October 1796 Ellin Carr. Joseph Chappel
31/10/1796No. 151 William Turton, Bachelor & Sarah Hanson, Spinster, by Banns 31 October 1796. Mattw Tomlinson. Eleanor Crosley
24/11/1796No. 152 David Spence, Bachelor & Hannah Dews, Spinster, by Banns 24 November 1796. John Roberts. James Wade
26/03/1797No. 153 John Asquith, Bachelor & Mary Carver, Spinster, by Banns 26 March 1797. James Duthoit. John Roberts
04/06/1797No. 154 John Barber, Bachelor & Sarah Clayton, Spinster, by Banns 4 June 1797. George Crawshay. John Roberts
26/06/1797No. 155 William Brown, the younger, Bachelor & Ann Knowles Spinster, by Licence 26 June 1797. Richard Turner. Geo : Walker.
27/08/1797No. 156 Jeremiah Firth, Bachelor & Sarah Roberts, Spinster, by Banns 27 August 1797. John Roberts junior. John Roberts senior.
30/11/1797No. 157 Benjamin Bedford, Bachelor & Anna Maria Walker, Spinster, by Licence 30 November 1797. Sarah Walker. Mattw Casson
01/01/1798No. 158 William Proctor, Bachelor & Ann Orange, Spinster, by Banns 1 January 1798. George Barker. John Roberts
07/03/1798No. 159 Martin Allan, Bachelor & Martha Nother, Spinster, by Banns 7 March 1798. Francis Ellis. John Roberts
13/03/1798No. 160 John Brearley, Widower & Sarah Haigh, Widow, by Banns 13 March 1798. Jas Rooff. John Roberts
29/04/1798No. 161 Edward Wood, Widower & Betty Craven, Widow, by Banns 29 April 1798. William Craven. John Roberts
23/05/1798No. 162 James Whiteley, of the parish of Wakefield, Bachelor & Ann Cousen, Spinster, by Licence 23 May 1798. Geo. Armitage. Josh Green
20/09/1798No. 163 Thomas Atkinson, Bachelor & Lydia Field, Spinster, by Banns 20 September 1798. Joseph Atkinson. Jonas Atkinson
11/11/1798No. 164 Randal Mortimer, Widower & Hannah Mitchell, Spinster, by Banns 11 November 1798. Wm Pollard. George Gouldthorp
10/12/1798No. 165 Christopher Hampshire, of the parish of Thornhill, Widower & Ann Carter, Widow, by Banns 10 December 1798. Joseph Craven. John Bradley. Hannah Quarmby
28/01/1799No. 166 John Gillett, of the parish of Manchester, in the County Palatine of Lancaster, Bachelor & Jane Beever, Spinster, by Licence 28 January 1799. Samuel Gill. Jas Beever
11/03/1799No. 167 William Field, Bachelor & Ann Wrigley, Spinster, by Banns 11 March 1799. George Sill. John Roberts
31/03/1799No. 168 Jonas Atkinson, Bachelor & Becca Eastwood, Spinster, by Licence 31 March 1799. John Child. John Roberts
02/04/1799No. 169 Robert Lakeland, of the City of York, Bachelor & Sarah Walker, Spinster, by Licence 2 April 1799. A. Casson. W. Cooper
12/05/1799No. 170 Francis Wilson, Widower & Hannah Illingworth, Widow, by Banns 12 May 1799. Thomas Rushforth. John Roberts
13/05/1799No. 171 James Roberts, of the parish of Wakefield, Bachelor & Martha Spawforth, Spinster, by Licence 13 May 1799. Prissilla Fearnley. George Roberts
29/05/1799No. 172 Mark Rhodes, Bachelor & Martha Rhodes, Spinster, by Banns 29 May 1799. John Barker. John Roberts
12/08/1799No. 173 George Goldthorp, Widower & Mary Wade, Spinster, by Banns, by Robt Ellerby 12 August 1799. Josh Fox. John Roberts
16/09/1799No. 174 William Berry, Bachelor & Frances Marsden, Spinster, by Banns 16 September 1799. John Hanson. Randan Mortman
07/10/1799No. 175 Francis Stephenson, Bachelor & Ann Nother, Spinster, by Banns by S. Pollard 7 October 1799. Geo. Hunt. Joseph Mitchell
11/10/1799No. 176 James Batty, Widower & Rachel Lockwood, Widow, by Licence 11 October 1799. John Gosnay. John Roberts
16/10/1799No. 177 Richard Shepley, of the parish of Mirfield, Bachelor & Ann Parkin, Spinster, by Licence 16 October 1799. Matthew Bryan. Wm Rayner. Mary Ingham
22/12/1799No. 178 John Shaw, of the parish of Wakefield, Bachelor & Nancy Wood, Spinster, by Licence 22 December 1799. John Pill. Samuel Wood
25/12/1799No. 179 John Fallas, Bachelor & Hannah Senior, Spinster, by Banns 25 December 1799. Jonathan Fallas. John Roberts
29/12/1799No. 180 John Hartley, Bachelor & Rebecca Ratcliff, Spinster, by Banns 29 December 1799. William England. John Roberts
24/03/1800No. 181 John Parker, Bachelor & Ann Lockwood, Spinster, by Banns 24 March 1800. Wm Preston. John Roberts
31/03/1800No. 182 George Hanson, of the Parish of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Hannah Siswick, Spinster, by Banns 31 March 1800. John Barker. Joseph Hanson
02/06/1800No. 183 Joseph Chapel, Bachelor & Hannah Gawthorp, Spinster, by Banns 2 June 1800. Benjamin Gawthorp. John Roberts
09/07/1800No. 184 George Child, of the Parish of Wakefield, Widower & Mary Mitchell, Spinster, by Licence 9 July 1800. Wm Orange. Joshua Roberts
02/10/1800No. 185 John Spawforth, Bachelor & Sarah Barraclough, Spinster, by Licence 2 October 1800. John Barraclough. Jno Oldroyd
13/10/1800No. 186 Edward Moulson, Bachelor & Mary Clegg, Spinster, by Banns 13 October 1800. John Burdekin. John Roberts
11/11/1800No. 187 John Nother, Bachelor & Maria Richardson, Spinster, by Banns 11 November 1800. Charles Senior. John Roberts
02/12/1800No. 188 George Fisher, Bachelor & Hannah Peck, Spinster, by Banns 2 December 1800. Samuel Wade. John Roberts
21/01/1801No. 189 John Sunderland, Bachelor & Elizabeth Green, Spinster, by Banns 21 January 1801. John Coope. John Thorp.
02/04/1801No. 190 Francis Heaton, Bachelor & Elizabeth Roberts, Spinster, by Licence 2 April 1801. Joseph Atkinson. Jno Ruddock
05/04/1801No. 191 John Haigh, Bachelor & Prissey Turton, Spinster, by Banns 5 April 1801 John Roberts. Joshua Roberts
06/04/1801No. 192 John Bird, of the Parish of Wakefield, Bachelor & Nancy Holt, Spinster, by Banns 6 April 1801. John Roberts. Thos Shaw
29/06/1801No. 193 John Heap, Widower & Sarah Himsworth, Spinster, by Banns 29 June 1801. Wm Pollard. John Roberts
19/07/1801No. 194 John Kilburn, of the Parish of Thornhill, Bachelor & Sally Gill, Spinster, by Licence 19 July 1801. Thos Barraclough. John Roberts
26/07/1801No. 195 Samuel Wade, Bachelor & Rachel Gawthorp, Spinster, by Banns 26 July 1801. Betty Rushfirth. John Roberts
23/08/1801No. 195 Daniel Allott, Bachelor & Mary Marshall, Spinster, by Banns 23 August 1801. James Hanson. Roger Hirst
06/09/1801No. 196 William Foster, Bachelor & Elizabeth Smith Hewitt, Spinster, by Banns 6 September 1801. Joseph Bennett. John Roberts
25/12/1801No. 197 Edward Crawshaw, Widower & Hannah Roberts, Spinster, by Banns 25 December 1801. Abraham Roberts. John Roberts
24/01/1802No. 198 William Taylor, Bachelor & Mary Hampshire, Spinster, by Banns 24 January 1802. David Armitage. John Roberts
31/01/1802No. 199 Joseph Robinson, of the parish of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Molly Rayner, Spinster, by Licence 31 January 1802. Thos Barraclough. John Roberts
21/03/1802No. 200 John Roberts, Bachelor & Ann Carter, Spinster, by Banns 21 March 1802. D. Schofield. John Roberts
21/03/1802No. 201 Thomas Shaw, Bachelor & Sarah Schofield, by Banns 21 March 1802. John Roberts. John Mitchell
05/04/1802No. 202 George Pickersgill, Bachelor & Elizabeth Beaumont, Spinster, by Banns 5 April 1802. Joseph Atkinson. John Roberts
09/05/1802No. 203 Williams Dews, Bachelor & Mary Terry, Spinster, by Banns 9 May 1802. Christiana Benton. Wm Goodall
28/06/1802No. 104 William Varley, Bachelor & Martha Marsdin, Spinster, by Banns, by Robt Ellerby, Curate of Thornhill 28 June 1802. Joseph Marsden. John Roberts
05/09/1802No. 105 Benjamin Gawthorp, Bachelor & Ann Robuck, Spinster, by Banns 5 September 1802. Richard Wray. John Roberts
13/09/1802No. 106 Joseph Midgley of the Parish of Leeds, Bachelor & Hannah Clark, by Licence 13 September 1802. Z. Collitt. Wm Robinson
29/09/1802No. 107 John Spence, Bachelor & Hannah Tankerd, Spinster, by Banns 29 September 1802. Jos Rushforth. John Roberts
07/11/1802No. 108 John Ellis, Bachelor & Rachel Marsden, Spinster, by Banns 7 November 1802. Joseph Turton Junr. Roger Thorns
15/11/1802No. 109 Benjamin North, Bachelor & Sarah Armitage, Spinster, by Banns 15 November 1802. George Field. John Roberts.
27/12/1802No. 110 William Burrell, Bachelor & Julia Armitage, Spinster, by Banns 27 December 1802. George Field. Benjamin Dunnill
11/04/1803No. 111 Benjamin Lee, Bachelor & Frances Fish, Spinster, by Banns 11 April 1803. Joseph Webster. Roger Thorns
11/04/1803No. 112 John Phillipson, Bachelor & Isabella Allott, Spinster, by Banns 11 April 1803. John Phillipson. John Roberts
11/08/1803No. 113 John Smaller, Bachelor & Nanny Cutler, Widow, by Banns 11 August 1803. John Tolson. John Roberts
12/12/1803No. 114 John Goodall, Bachelor, Yeoman & Elizabeth Brown, Spinster, by Licence 12 December 1803. Wm Pollard. Matthew Brown
26/12/1803No. 115 Mark Hampshire, Bachelor, Mason & Mary Hanson, Spinster, by Licence 26 December 1803. Joseph Cass. John Roberts
02/04/1804No. 116 Joseph Appleyard Bachelor & Margaret Dove, Spinster, by Banns 2 April 1804. John Appleyard. John Roberts
05/07/1804No. 117 John Emmerson, of the parish of Dewsbury, Widower, Yeoman & Sarah Wood, Widow, by Licence 5 July 1804. John Roberts. Joshua Foster
15/07/1804No. 118 Joseph Pearson, Bachelor & Alice Wood, Spinster, by Banns 15 July 1804. John Barker. Elizabeth Wood.
05/08/1804No. 119 James Nother, Bachelor & Alice Moorhouse, Spinster, by Banns 5 August 1804. Martin Allan. John Roberts
29/10/1804No. 120 Mark Smith, of the parish of Dewsbury & Hannah Bramley, by Banns 29 October 1804. William Smith. George Smith
04/11/1804No. 121 Christianus Green & Sarah Firth, by Banns 4 November 1804. John White. John Roberts
18/11/1804No. 122 Robert Hanby & Mary Rayner, by Banns 18 November 1804. Matthew Kay. M. Spawforth
28/01/1805No. 123 David Ellis, Bachelor & Ann Mitchell, Spinster, by Banns 28 January 1805. Samuel Ellis. John Mitchell
11/04/1805No. 124 Joseph Fallas of Wakefield & Martha Turton, by Banns 11 April 1805. Francis Stringer. John Roberts
15/04/1805No. 125 George Shires, Bachelor & Elizabeth Overend, Spinster, by Banns 15 April 1805. Isaac Turton. George Armitage
03/06/1805No. 126 William Heley, Bachelor & Mary Ellerby, Spinster, by Banns 3 June 1805. George Child. John Roberts
08/08/1805No. 127 Richard Eastwood, & Sarah Petty of the parish of Leeds, by Banns 8 August 1805. Joshua Roberts. Thomas Green
19/08/1805No. 128 Paul Fisher & Frances Child, by Banns 19 August 1805. George Child. John Roberts
25/08/1805No. 129 John Waring Ruddock,Tallow Chandler & Caroline Roberts, Spinster, by Licence 25 August 1805. H. D. John Barraclough. Joseph Atkinson
04/11/1805No. 130 Joshua Hirst, Bachelor & Martha Lawton, of the parish of Wakefield by Licence 4 November 1805. James Hartley. William Lawton
02/12/1805No. 131 John Greenwood, of the parish of Thornhill, Bachelor & Ann Appleby, Spinster, by Licence 2 December 1805. Benjamin Dewhirst. Sarah Greenwood
26/12/1805No. 132 John Mitchell, Clothier & Ellin Carr, Spinster, by Banns 26 December 1805. Thos. Carr. George Mitchell
18/02/1806No. 133 John Bevitt, Widower & a Carpenter & Sarah Armitage, Spinster, by Banns 18 February 1806. John Bedford. Mattw Thompson
10/03/1806No. 134 James Ellis, Widower, Carpenter & Elizabeth Milnes, Widow, by Banns 10 March 1806. Geo. Hunt. Richard Howden
24/03/1806No. 135 John Hartley of the parish of Fetherstone, Bachelor & Ruth White, Spinster, by Banns 24 March 1806. John Bedford. John Roberts
06/04/1806No. 136 Joseph Giggall, Bachelor & Jane Senior, Spinster, by Banns 6 April 1806. Joshua Giggall. John Roberts
14/04/1806No. 137 Thomas Garside, Bachelor & Ann Hirst, Spinster, by Banns 14 April 1806. Alexander Begg. Aaron Webster
27/04/1806No. 138 Joseph Nother the younger, Cordwainer & Mary Armitage, Widow, by Licence 27 April 1806. William Goodall. John Burdekin
01/09/1806No. 139 Joshua Norton, Bachelor & Ann Harrop, Spinster, by Banns 1 September 1806. Benjamin Siswicks. John Roberts
17/11/1806No. 140 John Ellis, Clothier & Ann Pickard, Spinster, by Banns 17 November 1806. John Ellerby. John Roberts
25/12/1806No. 141 Edward Goodhare, Bachelor & Ann Carter, Spinster, by Banns 25 December 1806. Wm Hirst. John Roberts
30/12/1806No. 142 John Binns, Widower & Ann Rennison, Spinster, by Licence 30 December 1806. Sarah Sykes. John Roberts
01/01/1807No. 143 George Charlesworth, Bachelor & Ann Turner, Spinster, by Banns 1 January 1807. David Coope. David Charlesworth
18/01/1807No. 144 Joseph Himsworth, Bachelor & Jane Lockwood, Spinster, by Banns 18 January 1807. Joseph Rayner. John Roberts
19/01/1807No. 145 William Fawcett, of the parish of Leeds, Widower & Sabra Eastwood, Widow, by Banns 19 January 1807. Benjamin Beckwith. John Roberts
28/01/1807No. 146 James Armitage, Bachelor & Susanna Gawthorp, Spinster, by Banns 28 January 1807. William Armitage. John Roberts
30/03/1807No. 147 Thomas Turton, Bachelor & Elizabeth Gosnay, Spinster, by Banns 30 March 1807. George Child. John Roberts
22/04/1807No. 148 John Widdop, of the parish of Thornhill, Bachelor & Ann Martin, Spinster, by Licence 22 April 1807. Betty Smith. Matthew Brown
27/04/1807No. 149 James Sidebottom, of the parish of Sandal Magna, Bachelor & Sarah Hanson, Spinster, by Banns 27 April 1807. Henry Sidebottom. John Roberts
28/10/1807No. 150 John Haigh, of the parish of Thornhill, Bachelor & Betty Smith, Spinster, by Licence 28 October 1807. Mary Tetley. Frances Kitching
06/12/1807No. 151 David Heald, Bachelor, & Ellenor Hartley, Spinster, by Banns 6 December 1807. John Harrap. John Roberts
21/03/1808No. 152 George Frater, of the parish of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Catherine Burdekin, Spinster, by Banns 21 March 1808. Edward Coope. John Burdekin
21/03/1808No. 153 James Ellis, of the parish of Dewsbury, Bachelor & Mary Goldthorp, Spinster, by Banns 21 March 1808. Joseph Hinchclif. John Roberts
27/03/1808No. 154 George Rushforth, Bachelor & Sarah Carter, Spinster, by Banns 27 March 1808. John Thorns. Nancy Roberts
05/04/1808No. 155 David Turton, Bachelor & Hannah Nother, Spinster, by Banns 5 April 1808. John Turton. Edwd Nother
11/04/1808No. 156 Samuel Hampshire, Bachelor & Ann Smith, Spinster, by Banns 11 April 1808. John Thompson. John Roberts.
09/05/1808No. 157 George Wade, Bachelor & Sarah Senior, Spinster, by Banns 9 May 1808. Samuel Clark. Rachel Senior
19/05/1808No. 158 John Rayner, Merchant & Ann Bayldon, Spinster, by Licence 19 May 1808. Jno Bayldon. John Roberts
08/06/1808No. 159 Samuel Webster, Bachelor & Elizabeth Tankerd, Spinster, by Banns 8 June 1808. George Coldwell. John Roberts
29/08/1808No. 160 David Ruddock, Clothier & Mary Armitage, Spinster, by Licence 29 August 1808. James Rayner. Judith Ruddock
19/09/1808No. 161 Thomas Hutchinson, Bachelor & Hannah Jagger, Spinster, by Banns 19 September 1808. Wm Craven. John Roberts
29/09/1808No. 162 Mark Tine & Mary Whiteley, by Banns 29 September 1808. Joseph Fish. John Roberts
10/10/1808No. 163 John Howden, Corn Miller & Susanna Knowles, Spinster, by Licence 10 October 1808. Joseph Race. James White
23/10/1808No. 164 John Birk, Clothier & Hannah Armitage, Spinster, by Banns 23 October 1808. John Pollard Armitage. Hannah Armitage
04/12/1808No. 165 Benjamin Siswick, Clothier & Christiana Atkinson, Spinster, by Licence 4 December 1808. John Coope. John Coope Junr
20/03/1809No. 166 John Burdekin, Clothier & Sarah Dickinson, Spinster, by Licence 20 March 1809. Aaron Webster. Sarah Quarmby
10/05/1809No. 167 John Armitage, Clothier & Elizabeth Sagar, Spinster, by Banns 10 May 1809. Joseph Armitage. Hannah Roberts
07/07/1809No. 168 John Hunt, Clothier & Mercy Heptonstall, Spinster, by Banns 7 July 1809. John Leak. John Roberts
03/09/1809No. 169 John Lister, Clothmiller & Nancy Rhodes, Spinster, by Banns 3 September 1809. John Barker. Mary West. James Hough
11/09/1809No. 170 Samuel Holliday, of Baildon in the parish of Otley, Comber & Ruth Ratcliffe, by Banns 11 September 1809. James Craven. John Roberts
02/10/1809No. 171 Charles Naylor, Clothier & Ellen Siswick, Spinster, by Banns 2 October 1809. James White. Edward Siswick
08/10/1809No. 172 John Harrop, Clothier & Sarah Hartley, Spinster, by Banns 8 October 1809. John Pickel. John Hartley
10/10/1809No. 173 John Hauxwell of the parish of Ripon, Cornmiller & Mary Bell Spinster, by Licence 10 October 1809. William Acomb. Hannah Bell
25/12/1809No. 174 James Wade, Mason & Mary Pickard, Spinster, by Banns 25 December 1809. John Wright. John Roberts
05/03/1810No. 175 James Craven, of the parish of Warmfield, Carpenter & Elizabeth Hirst, Spinster, by Banns 5 March 1810. Samuel Craven. John Roberts
19/03/1810No. 176 Anthony Burdekin, Husbandman & Mary Lockwood, Spinster, by Licence 19 March 1810. John Burdekin. Sarah Craven
23/04/1810No. 177 William Race, Clothdresser & Elizabeth Fox, Spinster, by Banns 23 April 1810. George Roberts. James Roberts
16/08/1810No. 178 John Goodall, Yeoman, Widower & Mary Armitage, Widow, by Licence 16 August 1810. Thos Barraclough. John Roberts
23/12/1810No. 179 Isaac Turton, Widower & Mary Wood, Spinster, by Banns 23 December 1810. William Goodall. John Roberts
25/12/1810No. 180 George Richardson, Cordwainer & Hannah Carter, Spinster, by Banns 25 December 1810. Thomas Richardson. John Roberts
23/05/1811No. 181 Joshua Naylor, of the parish of Silkston, Linen Weaver & Sarah Giggal Spinster, by Banns 23 May 1811. John Naylor.
02/06/1811No. 182 Silvester Drake, Clothier & Sarah Bray, Spinster, by Banns 2 June 1811. James Mitchell. John Roberts
24/06/1811No. 183 Thomas Riding, Butcher & Sarah Richardson, Spinster, by Banns 24 June 18r 1. Wm Dove. John Roberts
02/07/1811No. 184 Emmanuel Wright, Labourer & Mary Richardson, Spinster, by Banns 2 2 July 1811. John Wright. John Nother
02/09/1811No. 185 Thomas Howorth, Bachelor, of the parish of Mirfield & Ann Race, Spinster, by Banns, by Samuel Pollard 2 September 1811. Joss Race. John Roberts
06/10/1811No. 186 Edward Nother, Cordwainer & Hannah Armitage, Spinster, by Banns 6 October 1811. John Pollard Armitage. Thos Thicket
28/10/1811No. 187 Samuel Ratcliff, of the parish of Leeds, Engineer & Elizabeth Senior, Spinster, by Banns 28 October 1811. Joseph Blacker. Rachel Senior
20/12/1811No. 188 Charles Cox, Gentleman, Widower & Christiana Fish, Spinster, by Licence 20 December 1811. Judith Ruddock. John Roberts
27/01/1812No. 189 Amos Rayner, Clothier & Elizabeth Carter, Spinster, by Banns 27 January 1812. Joseph Senior. John Roberts
05/03/1812No. 190 Matthew White, Junr, Joiner & Elizabeth Berry, Spinster, by Licence 5 March 1812. James White. David Charlesworth
15/04/1812No. 191 John Pollard Armitage, Clothier & Mary Naylor, Spinster, by Banns 15 March 1812. Willm Rhodes. John Roberts (Note added by later hand. The parties migrated to America April 9 1818.)
03/05/1812No. 192 Absolom Riley, of the parish of Dewsbury, Stone Mason & Martha Furnace, Spinster, by Banns 3 May 1812. John Downing. John Roberts
04/05/1812No. 193 James White, Joiner & Martha Brown, Spinster, by Licence 4 May 1812. John Goodall. Jonadab White
11/05/1812No. 194 David Charlesworth, Yeoman, Bachelor & Ann Rhodes, Widow, by Licence 11 May 1812. Geo. Hunt. James Turner
24/06/1812No. 195 Joseph Senior, Clothier & Sarah Walker, Spinster, by Licence 24 June 1812. Geo : Walker. John Roberts
16/07/1812No. 196 John Martin, Carpenter & Rebecca Coope, Spinster, by Licence 16 July 1812. David Charlesworth. John Roberts
27/08/1812No. 197 Thomas Nettleton, Farmer & Mary Coope, Spinster, by Licence 27 August 1812. Wm Smith. Jo : Battye
02/09/1812No. 198 Richard Ellerton, of the parish of Richmond, in the Diocese of Chester, Merchant, Widower & Elizabeth Wright, Spinster, by Licence, by Edward Ellerton 2 September 1812. Jo. Tolson. Elizth Tolson
26/10/1812No. 199 Joseph Sykes, Butcher & Mary Howden, Spinster, by Banns 26 October 1812. Richard Howden. John Roberts
07/12/1812No. 200 Gervase Brewerton, Clothier & Mary Senior, Spinster, by Banns 7 December 1812. Rachel Senior. Elijah Brewerton
11/12/1812Dobson Overton, Private in the North Lincoln Militia & Mabeth Senior, by Banns 11 December 1812. Elijah Brewerton. John Thompson
25/12/1812John Armitage, Cordwainer & Charlotte Bedford, Spinster, by Banns 25 December 1812. William Taylor. Joseph Sunderland

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1900
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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