Horbury Registers - Miscellaneous.


Transcription of the Horbury Registers - Miscellaneous.

Miscellaneous entries in the Parish Registers.

1598 - 1812.

THE Horbury Registers, which commence in .1598, are contained in seven volumes and are now printed. The First Volume, 1598-1641, consists of 29 parchment leaves measuring 13½ inches by 6, bound in strong vellum boards. Volume II, 1641-1656, contains 34 paper pages 7½ inches by 6, bound in vellum covered boards, each page being covered with transparent paper and stout paper surrounds. Volume III, 1656-1689, has 58 parchment pages in strong vellum boards. These volumes have recently been bound at the Public Record Office.

Volume IV, 1689-1767, consists of 144 parchment pages, bound in calf, measuring 14 inches by 10½. This volume had formerly two clasps, both are gone. At the end is a Terrier dated 1764, and a List of Ministers of Horbury commencing 1598. There are several memoranda of an historical character. Volume V, 1767-1805, 118 vellum pages 14½ inches by 9½, bound in sheep covered boards, contains entries of Baptisms and Burials. Volume VI, 1805-1812, vellum leaves, sheep boards, of which 46 pages are used for baptisms and Burials, of two clasps one remains. At the end of this volume are Extracts from Wills of Benefactors to the Church, copies of Faculties. Volume VII, Marriages, 1767-1812, contains 129 paper pages 151½ inches by 10, printed forms, large portion unused, bound in sheep covered boards. The Registers are in good condition, and on the whole legible, some parts being indistinct.

The thanks of the Society are due to the Rev. Canon Sharp and the Rev. E. I. Lough for kindly permitting transcription and printing.

The Register Booke of Horburie of ye names of Marriages Burials and Christentinges made ye xxvth daye of Marche Anno Dom 1598 by me Laurence Wilson, Minister thereof and Deane of ye Deanerie of Pomfrett.
1618 Md that Willim Awdgeleye of Horburie beinge A married man & also of A good estate for in his lages he is aboue anye wthin or Towne therefore vpon Bewe consideracione he not havinge anye -staull or pewe to sitt in to heare Divine service we the Minister & churchewardens haue in or discrecions appointed him A staull or pewe to sitt in to heare divine service verte wiche staull is in the hie queare vpon Northe & moreover we thought it fittinge to register the same vnder oure hands the xxiiijth daye of Maye 1618. p me Lau wilson Minister ibide
Wm Mitchell Churchewardens
Wm Hunte
Wm Mitchell his Wm Hunt his
marke M N marke

Ro : Radcliffe created Deane & admitted minister att Horbury xxijth day of March 1623
The wife of Xpofer Smith of fflansall was churched the xvijth of September 1625
Entries taken from July/August 1640 partially illegible
July .... John son of Wm Richardson
Silence Daughter of ....
Willm sonne of William ....
Margarett Daughtr of ....
Richard Oxley and Marie ..day ....
August Thomas son of Thoms Cawthorne ....
Willm Mason of the pish of Kirke .... married the xvjth day ....
Thomas Stocks and Dorothie married ...
Willm Awdsley buried that same ....
Hannah Daughter of John Issott ....
Samuell son of Willem Land Ju ....

Westrydinge Theise may Certifie that vpon the eleauenth day of August of one thousand six hundred fifty & six the Inhabitants of York-shire the Parochiall Chappelry of Horbury within the parish N° 3 of Wakefeild did Certifie vnto me Sr John Savile Knt a Justice of peace within the said Rydinge of their free election & choyce of Robert Mansfeild to be Regester for the said chappelry I doe hereby therefore signifie my Approbacon And have sworne him Regester for the said Parochiall Chappelry According to the Act of Parliamt in that behalf pvided
Witnesse my hand the abouesaid Eleauenth day of August 1656 JOHN SAVILE
MEMD That there are 2 Registers belonging to ye sd Township before this Ita teste J. H. Minister Dr Horbury
May Mr James Haigh was admitted Minister of Horbury May ye 14th 1685 & officiated there above 40 yrs
Vol. III.
On an oblong slip of parchment in front of leaf 1 is the following :-

The names of ye several Ministers of Horbury for one hundred years
last past
Mr Wilson buried at Horbury
This entry is partly struck out.
Mr Radcliff
Mr Jackson
Mr Marshal
Mr Critchley
Mr Briggs
Mr Thomas before Mr Briggs
Mr Stapylton
Mr Kay
Mr Boyes 3 years & a half
Mr Leech was Minister at Horbury onely one year
Mr Doner 12 years
Ja. Haigh Ministr May ye 13th 1715 30 yrs
Jonas Mansfield Clark 10 years April 1700
Mr John Scott Minister
Mr James Scott Nephew to the above John Scott

On the 1st leaf are the following :-
John Barke & his Wife of Wakefield married by Licence ye 27th day of September 1691 at this Towne
James son of James White baptized ye 13th of May An° Dom 1695
Sarah ye Doughter of Jonas Mansfield was burried ye 24th day of June 1695
Martha ye Daughter of Wm Carr baptized the 21st day of October 1699
Danieall Richardson burried ye 24h day of January 99
Sam son of Sam Sunderland burried ye 29th day of March 1700
Jer : Sergeant & Hannah Atkinson married ye 30 day of Nov : 1700 at Ezra Charlesworth &c married at Wakefd Octo : 1703
Jon Armitage &c married at Kirkheaton Oct ye 7th 1703
Jane Daughtr of Wm Mansfd & Hannah Daughtr of Wm Waller & Js son of Hen : Hunt bapt ye 19th day of May 1705
Five quarts of Wine have usually served at one time for ye Sacramts at Midsumer Michaelmas & Xtmas & seaven quarts at Easter
Andrew Hilton of ye Parish of Normanton & Sarah Hamer married ye 2d day of March by B & by vertue of a Lycence granted by J. Scott as on ye side of ye Licence
A Form F B of Horbury in ye Parish of Wakefield make the oath yt of an R K of ye Parish aforesaid lately deceased was not put in Affidavit wrapt wound up or buried in any shirt shift sheet or for Burial shroud but wt was woollen nor in any coffin lined or faced wth cloath stuff or any other thing wtsoever made or mingled wth any material but shepes wool onely Dated ye day of In ye 7th yr of ye Reign of our souereign Lord King William Anno Dom 1695
Sealed subscribed by us we were prsent witnesses to ye swereing of ye abouesaid Affidauit
This Affidavit wos made ye day & yr abouesd before me
(a Form of Certificate of publication of Banns of Marriage follows)

On the following page are these entries :-

A Register bought for ye use of ye Towne of Horbury October ye 4th
Thomas Cawthorne Chappelwardens
Thomas Goodall } test : J. H. Ministr

1st March 1689 Robert Mansfd ends today & his Son Jonas succeeded him
This is to be sent within a month after Lady-day to ye Court of York ( and you onely pay with it 4d if it be not sent before ye Visitacons you pay 2e-6d wth it
Haec posteris memoranda
Mdm That there are Registers belonging to Horbury in my hand from ye year 1598 to this present year 1699 Witness my hand Ja : Haigh Minister of Horbury
Itm Whereas in ye year 1650 there was not above ye number of an hundred families in ye Town of Horbury, there was in ye year 1700 one hundred & fifty, so mightily did ye Families encrease in that short time
And with ym did ye Poor of ye sd Town exceedingly multiply
Itm That the Sun dial in the Church-yard was fixed there in ye year 1628
Itm That there is belonging to every Minister successively ye sum of II yearly from ye house of Richd Thornton Esqr in lieu of a seat ye Quire wch formerly belonged to ye Vicaridge, & was resign on yt acct to ye Predecess of ye sd Richd Thornton 1699
May 1704 Md That there is ten pound p. annum setled upon a Ministr & upon all Ministrs successively at Horbury for ever out of ye Rents of ye Comon Lands
Also seaven pound a year at ye Dissolucon of Chanteries reed from ye King or Queens Audit at York, wch wth ye Vicarige house & Surplice Fees amount to about 20th a year
The Instrument for ye 10li yearly out of ye sd lands rests in Mr Leek's hand setled about ye year 1650 ; wch is not to be found
That for ye 7li rests in ye hands of ye Vicar of Wakefield &c The half of wth is yearly paid to ye Vicar of Wakefield in lieu of his Easter reckonings
Also a Contribution or Easter reckonings worth 8li yearly In all 27li per annum
Horbury Church 'tis presum'd was built about ye year 1100
The loft or Gallery on ye North side of ye sd Church in ye year 1675
The Loft on ye West-end in ye yr 1701
A Lycense for wch was obtained from ye Arch Bp of York p J. H. Horbury
Memdm That ye Vicaridge House belonging to ye Minister of Horbury was built in ye year 1300 as appears by ye Letters engraved upon a stone over a little window belonging to ye sd House, wth tho they be much defac'd & almost worn out by Time & weather yet appear to be these A.D. M CCC. wth letters are all engraved since in a corner stone of ye sd House.
Also that ye appletrees in ye bottom of ye Orchard belonging to ye sd House were planted there at several times betwixt ye years of 1690 & 1700 p. Jam Haigh Ministr ibm
The old trees were planted nigh fourscore years before by Mr Roger Radcliffe Minister at that time

May 1700
In the margin is this note " Jonas Mansfield ends here & his Brother Willm succeeds him in ye Clarkship "
Posteris Memoranda. Horbury May 2 : 1764. nprimis

To the Curates of the Parochial Chapel of Horbury successively for ver, belong all those sevl Closes of land, comonly known by the name of the Jeproyds, lying in Thurgoland, in the Parish of Silkstone, containing together about Ten acres, now occupied by Sam : Rogers, ,at the yearly rent of Five pounds seven shillings and sixpence.

Item. All those several Closes of land, comonly known by ye names of the Ryeholme, The Great Holme, The Pingle, and the Intake, lying in Thurgoland aforesd, containing together about sixtheen acres, & now in the occupation of Thos and Jno Jugg of Wortley Wire-Mills, at the clear yearly rent of Twelve pounds and ten shillings, being a purchase made, in or about the year of or Lord 1734 by the Govrs of the Bounty of Queen Ann : the Deeds belonging to wch are in ye hands of the sd Governors. Item. several Closes of land lying in Holmfirth, in the Par. of Kirk- Burton & now in ye occupation of John Castle, at ye clear yearly rent of Six pounds, containing together about Six acres, being also a purchase made by ye sd Govt of the Bounty of Q. Ann in or about ye year 1743.

N.B This took place 4 Dec. 1727 & was an Augmentation in conjunction with other Benefactors (viz the Trustees of Common Lands £15 a year) see Book No. 3 Govt Office, Bounty of Q. A. Dean's Yard, Westminster.

Item. A Rent Charge of Fifteen pounds p. ann. payable out of the Rents of the Comon Lands of Horbury by the Trustees for ye same Lands, & secur'd to the Govrs of Q. Ann's Bounty. The same to be paid at 3 sevl payments viz : on ye 20th of FebrY, ye 20th of April, & ye 20th June, on pain of Distress.

Item. a Pension of Seven pounds per ann. paid by the King's , Receiver Genrl at the Court of Audit, York, being a benefaction of Queen Elisabeth.

Item. four Dwelling-Houses in Horbury, & 3 sevl Closes of Land, adjoining to the West Field, & comonly call'd ye Near & Far Croft & The Hawkin Croft, containing together about Five Acres, as also sevl parcels of i land lying in the sevl Town Fields of Horbury, containing together abt sixtheen acres.

Item. so much out of the Rent of a certain House, Garden & Croft, in Horbury, now occupied by Thos Holt, as ye same shall exceed Five pounds 1 p ann : generally amounting to Forty shillings yearly. Item, Twenty shillings payable out of the rent of ye sd House & Lands to ye Curate of Horbury for preaching a Sermon yearly, on Candlemas Day.

Item, Twenty shillings for preaching a Sermon yearly on Michael Day, being the benefactn of Sarah Thorns, Widow, in or abt ye year 1736, the payment of wch is charg'd by ye sd Sarah Thorns on sev. lands now in the possession of William Pollard, by whom ye sd 20s is payable.

N.B. The 4 Dwelling Houses above-mentioned, are now occupied by Matthew Ashe, Jno Wood, Jno Outhwaite, the Overseers of the Work-House ; & the three Crofts & all the lands in the Town Fields of Horbury, as also the 20s for preachg a Sermon on Candlems Day, & the overplus of the Rent of the House & Land occupied by Thos Holt, were the Benefactn of ye Mr Richd Wormal.

NB The Vicarial Dues within ye Chap. of Horbury, have for many years been recd by ye Curates of Horbury, in consideration of one half of the Audit money yearly paid to the respective Vicars of Wakefield, on that Acct i.e. £3. 4. 2.

The Rent of Matthew Ash's House is Four pounds, that of Jno Wood One Guinea, that of Jno Outhwaite, One Guinea, & that of the Work-House Three pounds.

The Audit money becomes due & payable half-yearly, by two equal payments, at Lady day & Michaelmas.

N B. In or abt ye year 1734, Richd Witton of Lupset Esq. verbally gave to Mr Jno Scott & his successrs Curates of Horbury, for ever, the Tythe of odd Fleeces, within ye Chapelry of Horbury ; wth accordingly has been recd constantly by ye sd Jno Scott, since that time & usually farmed out for 12 or 14 shillings per annm.

Item, That part of ye Curates house wch adjoins to ye Garden (as also all the Garden Walls &c) was built by Jno Scott, in ye year 1730-I, who, besides subscriptions amounting to above an hundred pounds expended of his own proper money, in finishing ye same above an hundred Guineas. Deo soli Gloria Amen.

The Kitchen, Pantry & 2 Chambers over them & a little Barn to ye South of the said Pantry, (wch part of ye sd House was usually call'd Horbury Grange) were left to ye Chapel, in Reversion, by Jno Smyth of Heath Esq, ; & ye sd Jno Scott for several years, after the decease of ye Sd Jno Smyth Esq, farmed the same at ye yearly rent of forty shillings of Mrs Smyth, his Relict, and Widow

Item, The Revd Mr Robinson of Leeds, propos'd & gave to ye Governrs of the Bounty of Queen £200 (on wch the second augmentation of ye sd Chapel was obtain'd) in 1726 or 1727

N.B. The proposal was made in Mr Robinson's Will in 1731-but his decease did not take place until 1736-after which it is presumed the augmentation was effected W.S.

For account of money left by ye late Mr Wormald of Horbury to be distributed to ye Poor on Candlemass day vide extract from ye Will of ye sd Mr W. in Register Book No 6. J.S.

An exact account of the Ministers of Horbury for almost two hundred years, as they succeeded each other The Revd Mr Wilson buried at Horbury
The Revd Mr Radcliff
The Revd Mr Jackson
The Revd Mr Marshall
The Revd Mr Critchley
The Revd Mr Thomas
The Revd Mr Briggs
The Revd Mr Stapleton
The Revd Mr Kay
The Revd Mr Boyes 3 years & half Curate
The Revd Mr Leech one year Ditto
The Revd Mr Doner 12 years
The Revd Mr Haigh 41 years 10 months 14 days
The Revd Mr Jno Scott A.M. 38-buried 17 June 66
The Revd Mr James Scott B.D. 8yrs became vacant by cession 1774
Michaelmas 1774 John Taylor A.M.
42 years 10 months 9 days St John's Coll : Cam :
Jany 2nd 1818 Wm Snowden
Nov. 16th 1834 John Sharp B.A. Resigned July 6th 1899 Magdalene Coll : Camb :

Assistants at Horbury to the Revd James Scott Rector of Simonbum in Northumberland and Curate of Horbury, as they succeeded each other, are
The Revd Mr Richardson, Clerk, in Deacon's Orders
The Revd Mr Holland Clerk, in Dito
The Revd Mr Lambert B.A. - in Dito
The Revd Mr Ray, Clerk, in Priest's Orders
Assistant to the Revd John Taylor A.M. Curate of Horbury
The Revd Joseph Lawson Sisson A.M. in Priest's Orders of Clare Hall, Cambridge
Data sunt ipsis queque Fata sepulchris.
Time how Short, Eternity how long !
Make the extended skye your Tomb
Let Stars record your worth
Yet know vain mortals, all must die
As nature's sickliest Birth.
Would bounteous Heaven indulge my Prayer
I frame a nobler choice ;
Nor living, wish the pompous Pile,
Nor, dying, mourn the Loss.
In thy fair Book of Life divine
My God, inscribe my Name,
There let me fill some humble Place
Beneath the slaughter'd Lamb.

An Inscription upon a Tomb in ye Minster of Lincolne
Here lyeth ye body of Michael Honywood DD who was Grandchild & one of ye 367 persons yt Mary ye Wife of Robt Honywood Esqr did see before she died, lawfully descended from her, yt is 16 of her own Body 114 Grandchildren 228 of ye 3d Generation & 9 of ye 4th

Memdm That ye Rent of ye Comon Lands belonging to Horbury in ye year 1699, amounted to £33-19-4 And ye Rent of ye sd Corson Lands in ye year 1674 amounted onely to £16 -7 -8 As appred by ye Rentals for those years examined by me Ja : Haigh

NB. The Common Lands in 1721, when the rent charge of £15 pr annum was propos'd to Mr Witton (for his opinion) was only £32 & £5 more was allowed, for repeating the morning Sermon in the afternoon W. S. Memdm that the rents of the Comon Lands belonging to Horbury in the year 1774 amounted to upwards of ninety five (95) pounds as appeared by the rentals for the year 1774 William Craven
John Dickinson 1768

Register of the Christenings and Burials within the Parochial Chapelry of Horbury in the Diocese of York beging April 11th 1767
1783 October 1st. Here commences the Stamp Duty of 3d on all entries of any Burial, Birth or Christening ; for which said entries without stamp I have a Licence dated 24th Sepr 1783, and signed by John Clough of York, who is authorized by His Majesty's Commissioners for said Duties to grant such licences.
IN HORBURY OLD CHURCH A handsome large marble mont north side the Altar, before it iron rails, on the top 3 figures Faith Hope & Charity, the inscription on grey marble in gold letters & large Roman Characters as follows :-

" Here lyeth the Body of Dame Eliz : Savile, late widdow to Sr George Savile of Thornhill in the Countie of Yorke Knight & Baronet by whom she had 3 sonnes & 4 daugh- ters, and formerly had to Husband j George Savile of Wakefield in the Countie of Yorke Esquire, by whom she had one daughter, she departed this life the 25th day of January 1625 in the 58th yeare of her age "
The above is a true copy of the inscription, as entered in J. C. Brooke Somerset Herald, now in the College of Arms. 15 Oct : 1808 William Radclyffe Rouge Croix.

NB. The above Monument, on the rebuilding of the Church, was taken down ; &, being mostly Alabaster & in a state of decay, was unavoid- ably so broken, as to render it impossible to be erected in the New Church. 1805 John Taylor : Minister of Horbury.

Extract from the Will of Mr Richd Wormald late of Horbury Dated March 28 : 1731

Item. I give devise & bequeath unto the then Curate & Church Wardens of Horbury of & their successors for ever whom I appoint Trustees thereof all that Messuage or Tenement in Horbury afd (except the Garrots which I devise to the said Curate & his Successors forever) now in the several tenures or occupations of John Richardson Robert Cliffe & Sarah Harrison In trust that they shall in the first place divide the same into as many Tenements as they conveniently can & then place therein such of the most needy persons of the town of Horbury afd as they or the major part of them shall think proper, & so from time to time as a vacancy shall happen shall fill up the same. Item I give & devise unto the sai then Curate & Church Wardens of Horbury afd & their successors for ever all that Messuage or Tenement in Horbury afd with all ye Lands appurten- ances now therewith enjoyed & in the tenure or occupation of Widow Dixon or her assigns Upon trust and confidence nevertheless & to th intent & purpose only that they shall out of ye rents issues & profits thereof on every second day of February yearly pay unto the then Curat & his Successors one annuity or yearly rent charge of One pound for the preaching of a Sermon as on that day yearly in the said Church of Horbury against Profaneness & Immorality & more especially that of taking the Lord's name in vain, one other annuity or yearly rent charge of Two pounds to the then Schole Master of the new erected Schole of Horbury, afd & his Successors for ever & one other annuity or yearly rent charge of Two pounds to & amongst such Poor Inhabitants of Horbury as by their Labour & Industry shall keep themselves from being burthensome to the other inhabitants of the said Town to be distributed by the said Curate & Church Wardens for the time being in the said Church yearly immediately after the said sermon preached in such shares & proportions as they in their discretion shall think proper. And in case the yearly Rents & Profits of the said last mentioned Messuage & premises charged as afd the three last annuities or rent charges shall exceed these sumes Then I will that the surplus thereof shall in the first place be applied towards the necessary repairs of the said Messuage & the Rem if any to the then Curate." Extracted from the said Will April 9th, 1840

FACULTIES extracted from the Registry of the Chancery Court of York respecting the rebuilding of the Parochial Chapelry of Horbury. John Thomas Batt Master of Arts Vicar General and Official Principal of the most Reverend Father in God William by Divine Providence Lord Archbishop of York Primate of England and Metropolitan lawfully authorized To our well beloved in Christ John Carr Esquire the Reverend John Taylor Curate of Horbury in the Parish of Wakefield in the Diocese of York and William Rayner of Horbury aforesaid Merchant Greeting. Whereas at your promotion we have issued a Citation against all and singular the Inhabitants of and within the Chapelry of Horbury aforesaid and all others in general To appear before us or our lawful representative in the Consistory peace within the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York on a certain day and hours now some time past To shew reasonable and lawful cause if they had or knew any why a commission to allot so many of the seats stalls pews or sittings lately built in the new erected Chapel of Horbury aforesaid to and amongst such of the Inhabitants of Horbury aforesaid as shall be necessary to satisfy the claims of all the said Inhabitants who had or enjoyed any seats stalls pews or sittings in the old Chapel of Horbury aforesaid should not be granted to you the said John Carr John Taylor and William Rayner, you having regard in your allotment to particular claims and the situations of several seats stalls pews or sittings in the Old Chapel as far as the difference between the new and old Chapel will admit And further to shew cause why you the said John Carr John Taylor and William Rayner (after such allotments are made as above mentioned) should not have a power of alloting and disposing of all the residue of the seats stalls pews or sittings within the said Chapel of Horbury to such persons as shall apply to and agree with you for the same which said Citation hath been duly published in the Parish Church of Wakefield aforesaid (no Divine Service having been performed in the said new Chapel of Horbury) and returned into our said Court and all the said parties being called and tone appearing to shew cause to the contrary our lawful representative publicly sitting in judgment decreed a Commission to be directed to you ccording to the Tenor of the said Citation We therefore in pursuance of the said Decree do by these presents commit and grant to you our full power and authority to allot so many of the seats stalls pews or sittings lately built in the new erected Chapel of Horbury aforesaid to and amongst such of the Inhabitants of Horbury aforesaid as shall be necessary to satisfy the Claims of all the said Inhabitants who had or enjoyed any seats stalls pews or sittings in the old Chapel of Horbury aforesaid you having regard in your allotment to particular claims and the situations of the several seats stalls pews or sittings in the old chapel so far as the difference between the Old & New Chapel will admit And we do further (after such allotments are made as above mentioned) grant to you power and Authority to allot or dispose of all the residue of the seats stalls pews or sittings within the said Chapel of Horbury to such persons as shall apply and agree with you for the same And what you shall do in the premises you shall duly certify us or our lawful representative in our said Court as soon as conveniently may be together with these presents Given at York under the Seal of our said office this Twenty-first day of February in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and ninety-five.

WILLIAM by Divine Providence Lord Archbishop of York Primate of England and Metropolitan To our well beloved in Christ all and singular the persons mentioned in a certain book of Allotments of the Seats Stalls pews or sittings lately built in the new erected Chapel of Horbury in the Diocese of York and agreeable to the plan annexed to the Commission of the Right Worshipful John Thomas Batt Master of Arts our Vicar General and Official Principal under the Seal of his Office bearing date the Twenty- first day of February last past and now remaining in the Registry of our Consistory Court of York (Duplicates or copies of which book of Allot- ments and plan are hereunto also annexed) Greeting whereas by our right as ordinary it does and ought to belong to us to assign and allot and confirm convenient seats stalls pews or sittings to all and singular the Parishioners and Inhabitants of every and each parish and Chapelry within our Diocese And whereas it hath been petitioned on your behalf by the Proctor of John

Carr Esquire the Reverend John Taylor Curate of Horbury aforesaid and William Rayner of the same place Merchant the Commissioners named in the said Commission that We by our Ordinary and Diocesan Authority would vouchsafe to confirm the several seats stalls pews or sittings lately built in the new erected Chapel of Horbury aforesaid and by them the said Commissioners alloted & disposed of to the several & respective persons mentioned and contained in the Book of Allotments and agreeable to the plan aforesaid to you the several said persons mentioned and particularly specified in the said Book of Allotments And we being willing to grant your request Do therefore by these presents assign allot dispose grant and confirm to you the said several and respective persons the said seats stalls pews or sittings as mentioned in the Book of Allotments and agreeable to the plan aforesaid according to the Allotment and disposition of the Commissioners aforesaid for the use of yourselves and your respective families to sit kneel pray and hear Divine Service and Sermons in so long as you shall respectively continue to be Inhabitants of the Chapelry of Horbury aforesaid and duly frequent the said Chapel pursuant to an Interlocutory decree in this behalf lawfully interposed saving always and reserving the right of the Ordinary in the said seats stalls pews or sittings notwithstanding this our confirmation thereof and the right of every other person.

Given at York under the Seal of our Consistory Court this Thirty- first day of March in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and ninety-four. Extract from the Will of John Carr Esquire
And whereas I have purchased the sum of Six hundred and sixty-six pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence interest or share in the capital or Joint Stock of Three pounds per centum reduced annuities transferable at the Bank of England in the name of the Mayor and Commonalty of the City of York with their permission I do hereby give and bequeath the same to them and their successors for ever In trust nevertheless to pay and apply the Dividends or annual proceed thereof to the person who for the time being shall be nominated to be and act as Organist of the New Church at Horbury in the County of York lately built by me according to the directions of this my Will by half-yearly payments when and as the same shall be received or permit or authorize such Organist to receive the same as a Salary for performing the duty of an Organist in the said Church And my Will further is and I direct that the person who shall be the regular Organist there by my nomination or at my request at the time of my decease shall continue to be the Organist of the said Church and as such be entitled to the said Salary until his death or removal as hereinafter mentioned And upon such death or removal of And also upon the death or removal of every other person who shall hereafter be nominated to be Organist of the said Church the Lord Mayor of the said City of York for the time being shall have the sole power of nominating a proper person to Organist of the said Church until the death or removal such person hereinafter mentioned and the respective persons so nominated and to be nominated by me and the said Lord Mayor for the time being and acting in consequence of such nomination and no other or others shall have or be entitled to the Dividends or proceeds of the said Stock and if the major part of the Inhabitants for the time being of the Town of Horbury aforesaid paying Scott and bearing lot there to be assembled at any Meeting to be held in the Vestry of the said Church (of which Meeting Six days previous notice at the least shall be given by the Clerk of the said Church in the usual manner for appointing other Meetings respecting Taxes or Town's Business) shall at any time or times by writing request the Lord Mayor of the said City for the time being to remove any such person as aforesaid from the Office or place of the said Church for any neglect misconduct inability or other cause or misbehaviour and shall therein specify the cause of their complaint it shall be lawful for such Lord Mayor at his discretion to remove the person then being or acting as Organist of the said Church from that office or place or not and in case of removal to appoint another in his stead in the same manner as if such person then being or acting as Organist and so ordered to be removed were actually dead and so often as the same shall happen And my Will further is that the said Mayor and Commonalty and Lord Mayor for the time being shall and may deduct retain or pay out of the yearly dividends and proceed of the said Stock or Fund all costs charges damages and expenses which they respectively shall or may pay sustain or be put unto in or about the execution of the aforesaid Trusts or relating thereto Rev. John Scott was Curate from 1754 to 17 June 1766 Rev. James Scoff was Curate from June 1766 to Michaelmas 1774 his Curates were Revs. --Richardson,-Holland,-Lambert &-Ray Rev. John Taylor was Curate from Michaelmas 1774 to 1812

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1900
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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