Stanley, War Memorial transcription


Wakefield parish:

Stanley, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial on the wall of St. Peter's Church, Stanley.

Please note that St Peter's was closed in 2001, and was subsequently demolished in 2014.
The memorial plaques (to the "Men of Stanley"), have now been placed on a new memorial
which stands adjacent to the site of the original church towers.[Christopher Ramsden]

To the Glory of God
and in grateful memory of the men of Stanley
who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1918
Albert Ambler
Joseph W Anderson
Arthur W Armitage
Terry Asquith
Charles Ball
Harry Barley
Frank Beighton
Wilfred Bettney
Lawrence Beverley
E Norman Bradley
Harry Bramfoot
Herbert Brooke
James H Brown
Frank Burkinshaw
Harold Burnley
Henry Clarkson
Spencer Clifton
Thomas W Dobinson
Norman Garrett
Thomas Gowland
Joe Hargreaves
Walter Hargreaves
William Harris
Thomas Hawkes
H Stanley Haworth
James R Hensby
Abraham Hepworth
Thomas H Hines
Alvin Holroyd
Tom Horan
Hammil Howarth
Arthur Humphrey
Edmund Humphrey
Richard James
Harold Littlewood
William Lunn
A Robert Moate
Joseph Myton
James T Newby
William Newby
Henry Nicholson
Arthur Norbury
Kenneth C North
Joseph E Oldroyd
George Peart
Thomas H Pickard
Robert L Porter
William T Poulter
William Raby
Albert Ramsden
Albert Rose
Albert E Rushworth
Herbert H Sampson
Charles Senior
Albert Smith
Arthur Smith
Frederick J Stageman
Alan Stead
Bertie Tate
William E Tate
Josiah Taylor
P Frank Todd
Albert Ward
Joseph J Ward
Thomas Ward
Sidney Waring
Edwin M White
Herbert Whiteman
William S Wilson

They gave their all'

This tablet and the peal of bells in the adjoining tower were erected by public subscription

Their name liveth for evermore'

Also 1939-1945

Albert Abson
Henry N Balmforth
John Blakey
Albert E Philpot
Alexander Ramsden
Lawrence Smales
Walter White
Leonard B Stennett
William P Summers
John C Sykes

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott
from photography by Colin Hinson