Wakefield Directory of Trades and Professions for 1822


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for WAKEFIELD in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


  • Post Master- Richard Nichols. Post Office, Market place.


Academies, Boarding Day & schools,

  • Ash Benjamin, (charity) Westgate
  • Bolland Anne, (la. day & bdg.) Northgate
  • Childe Joseph, (writing & drawing) Southgate
  • Denison Sarah, (ladles' day) Geo. st.
  • Garratt Samuel, (day) White Swan yard, Westgate
  • Harrison Enoch (day)George street
  • Heald A. E. & S. (boarding) St. John's
  • Hepworth Joseph, (classical & commercial day) Hardy croft
  • Hunter James, (day) Northgate
  • Irvin & Horrocks, (ladies' boarding) Rectory house
  • Lamb Mrs. (ladies' day) Barstow sqr.
  • O'Dwyer Valentine, (teacher of languages) Providence street
  • Oates Matthew, (boarding) Southgate
  • Proud Michael, (day) Northgate
  • Riley William, (day) Westgate
  • Roach Geo. (bdg. & day) Westgate
  • Scarth Bossy, ((lay) Westgate
  • Walker Miss, (ladies' bdg.) St. John's
  • Walton John, (bdg. & day) Northgate
  • Webster Hannah (day) East moor
  • Wilkinson Frances (day) Providence st.
  • Wilson Mary Ann, (bdg.) St. John's

Agents, (General Particular.),

  • Beaumont Phineas (to E. Buckley & Co.) Bridge end
  • Brown Richard, (to Job Cogswell and Co.) Bridge end
  • France Charles, (to Deacon and Co.) Westgate
  • Freeman Benjamin (London sloops) George street
  • Gregory John (corn) Thornes lane
  • Hartley Samuel, (Barnsley canal Co.) Bridge end
  • Hird Richard, (wharfinger) Kirkgate
  • Kershaw Wm. (corn) Thornes lane
  • Nichols Richard, (post master & agent for London and provincial newspapers) Market place
  • Priestley Joseph, (Aire & Calder Co.) Softs, Kirkgate
  • Ramsden Thomas, (coal, to Smithson and Co.) Thornes lane
  • Richardson Thomas, (Calder and Hebble Co. (Bridge end
  • Shaw John, (to governors of Free Grammar School) Southgate
  • Simon John (coal agent to Smithson & Co.) Westgate common
  • Stephenson Samuel, (to George Marriott) Barstow square


  • Billington John, Southgate
  • Fawcett Benjamin, Southgate
  • Northrop William, Kirkgate
  • Robson John, Westgate
  • Stead J. Corn Exchange


  • Beaver Timothy, Smith's yd. Westgt.
  • Berry John, (commissioner for taking special bail, clerk to deputy lieutenants & conveyancer) Westgate
  • Brook Edward, Esq. (County coroner) Westgate
  • Carrs and Barker, Westgate
  • Cuttle & Timm, Queen street
  • Dawson Wm. (& notary public) Kgt.
  • Firth John, Westgate
  • Foljambe & Dixon, Kirkgate
  • Foljambe Thomas, (notary public & deputy clerk of the peace) Kirkgt.
  • Haxby & Scholey, King street
  • Heap William, Westgate
  • Jackon John, Westgate
  • Lee John, St. Johns
  • Lee Thomas, St. John's
  • Lumb Robert & Son, (rolls office) Kgt.
  • Melton John, Southgate
  • Pickard William, Pincheon street
  • Potter P. L. Northgate
  • Robinson George, King street
  • Shaw J. W. Southgate
  • Taylor Thomas, King street
  • Tootal G. N. South parade


  • Becket John, Kirkgate
  • Dalton Francis, Westgate
  • Howgate Joseph, King street
  • Scholes Benjamin, Providence street
  • Senior John, sen. Kirkgate
  • Stewart William, Church yard

Bakers, Flour & Provision Dealers,

  • Atha Joseph, Westgate
  • Bakewell Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Beckett John, Cock and Swan yard, Westgate
  • Bedford Elizabeth, Pincheon street
  • Bocock John, Northgate
  • Brown Marmaduke, Ratten row
  • Clarke Ann, Cross square
  • Fawcett John, East moor
  • Fawcett Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Furniss Joseph, Bridge end
  • Gill Sarah. Northgate
  • Ginn Abraham, Westgate
  • Hemingway Joseph, East moor
  • Horner James, Kirkgate
  • Kershaw James, Westgate
  • Lee George, Kirkgate
  • Levi Henry, Wrengate
  • Lievesley Sarah, Kirkgate
  • Lockwood George, Wrengate
  • Lowrie Widow, Silver street
  • Perkin John, Northgate
  • Prince Edward, Kirkgate
  • Prior T. Kirkgate
  • Procter Henry, Northgate
  • Robinson John, Park buildings
  • Shackleton Matthew, Westgate
  • Sidebottom Charles, Kirkgate
  • Walker Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Whiteley Benjamin, Kirkgate
  • Whiteley Peter, Pincheon street


  • Leathams, Tew, Trueman and Co. Wood street (West Riding Bank) (draw on Denison & Co. London)
  • Wentworth, Chaloner & Rishworths, Westgate, (draw on Wentworth & Co. London)
  • Wilson Ben, (Mirfield) to White Horse, Westgate, on Fridays


  • Heywood J. P. top of Wood street
  • Maude Francis; house, Hatfield hall, near Stanley

Basket Makers,

  • Batty John, Kirkgate
  • Birkenshaw William, New street
  • Glover Thomas, Market. place

Blacksmiths and Farriers,

  • Batty Edw. Old Crown yd. Northgate
  • Birkitt Thomas, Nelson street
  • Bramhald John, (and cattle doctor) King street
  • Brogden Robert, Kirkgate
  • Burton David, Saw yard, Westgate
  • Dixon David, (farrier) Westgate
  • Fowles Thomas, Westgate
  • Gilderdale John, Kirkgate
  • Gilderdale Thomas, Northgate
  • Harrison John, White Swan yard, West gate
  • Illingworth James, New street
  • Illingworth Thomas, Park buildings

Block, Mast & Pump Maker,

  • Tasker John, Bridge end

Book sellers, Binders & Stationers,

  • Cryer John, Rattan row
  • Hurst Rowland, Northgate
  • Nichols Richard, Market place
  • Taylor John, Westgate
  • Tute Benj. (late Smith) Westgate

Boot and Shoe Makers,

  • Acton Martha, Northgate
  • Armytage Thomas, Cross square
  • Bancroft William, Kirkgate
  • Blakeney R. C. Kirkgate
  • Briggs W. G. Westgate
  • Carter William, Kirkgate
  • Crabtree Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Craven Benjamin, Kirkgate
  • Craven John, Market place
  • Crossland Samuel, (leather seller and dealer in grindery) Westgate
  • Dodsworth John, Silver street
  • Hardman John, Northgate
  • Heald Richard Wrengate
  • Illingworth John, Northgate
  • Jones Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Manchester William Kirkgate
  • Matthews Joseph, Westgate bridge
  • Oates Samuel, Westgate
  • Ripley John, Westgate
  • Robinson Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Scott John, Westgate
  • Stephenson David Market place
  • Taylor William, Wood street

Braziers and Tinplate Workers,

  • Clapham Jeremy, Old church yard
  • Myers Robert, Market place
  • Rothery Josias, Market place
  • Sidebottom Edward, West gate

Brewers of Ale and Porter,

  • Harrison Robert, Kirkgate
  • Young and Beckett, Park buildings


  • Armitage George, Park buildings
  • Armitage Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Binns Benjamin, Westgate common
  • Binns William, Queen street
  • Fawcett Benjamin, Southgate
  • Fisher Robert, West gate
  • Kershaw Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Kershaw William, Kirkgate
  • Midgley James, Westgate
  • Northrop William, Park buildings
  • Puckrin William, Pincheon street
  • Robson John, Westgate
  • Swift John, Kirkgate

Brick Makers,

  • Driver John, top of Wrengate
  • Firth George, top of Providence st.


  • Baines William, Westgate
  • Barratt John, Northgate
  • Bell Francis Westgate
  • Clayton Richard, Bridge end
  • Coldwell Sarah, Cross square
  • Fawcett Edw. (pork) Pincheon st.
  • Gledhill John, Shambles
  • Green Nancy, Kirkgate
  • Hartley Richard, Kirkgate
  • Hartley Robert, Kirkgate
  • Hawksworth William, Shambles
  • Hemingway Isaac, Westgate
  • Hemingway James, Puncheon street
  • Holt William, Northgate
  • Horn Benjamin, Kirkgate
  • Johnson William, Shambles
  • Kay John, Providence street
  • Laycock David, Kirkgate
  • Lievesley S. S. Wrengate
  • Parkinson Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Poole William, Westgate
  • Pugh William, Butcher row
  • Scurr Thomas, Westgate
  • Shillito Thomas, Shambles
  • Smith Thomas, Westgate
  • Sykes Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Tengatt Stephen, Butcher row
  • Tullan Thomas, Wrengate
  • Turner John, Kirkgate
  • Wetherill Joseph & Son, Butcher row
  • Wilson John, Kirkgate
  • Wilson William, Butcher row
  • Wood Joseph, Westgate
  • Wormald William, Shambles

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers,

  • Bywater George, Kirkgate
  • Drew William, Westgate
  • Middleton John, Kirkgate
  • Milnes Edward, Kirkgate
  • Powell Thomas, jun. Queen street
  • Rayner Joseph, Westgate
  • Robinson John, Northgate
  • Stewart. William, Old church yard
  • Ward Nehemiah, Kirkgate
  • Wraith William, Kirkgate

Carvers and Gilders,

  • Roach Charles, Kirkgate
  • Whittaker Ann, Kirkgate

Chair Makers,

  • Olivant Edward, Northgate
  • Reading Thomas, Kirkgate

Cheese Factors and Mongers,

  • Birkinshaw George, Cross square
  • Leadley John, Silver street
  • Sutton T. (& butter & salt) Westgt.
  • Woodson Richd. (& bacon) Ratten row

Clock and Watch Makers,

  • Allison Thomas, Westgate
  • Button Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Coates B. E. (and watch glass mfr.) Silver street
  • Crosland William, Market place
  • Hitchen Robert, East moor
  • Jaques John, Westgate

Cloth Dressers,

  • Baldwin James, Westgate
  • Baldwin Thomas, Westgate
  • Beaumont Joseph, Garden street
  • Greenbank Leonard, jun. St. John's
  • Moxon Michael, Westgate
  • Swallow John, Queen street

Clothes Brokers,

  • Copley Grace, Kirkgate
  • Dyson Benjamin, Kirkgate
  • Lockwood James, Kirkgate
  • Winter William, Westgate

Coach Builder,

  • Ewart William, York st. Northgate

Coal Merchants,

  • Fenton William, Esq. Thornes lane
  • Hutchinson J. and B. Ossett
  • Ogden and Co. Ossett street Side
  • Smithson and Co. Thames lane
  • Woollen John, jun. Park Colliery

Collectors of Taxes, &c.,

  • Bolland John, Northgate
  • Bolton Thomas, Wrengate
  • Dixon David, Westgate
  • Shaw William, Southgate


  • Day H. Westgate
  • Glover Robert, Westgate
  • Jackson Thomas, Northgate
  • Macklean Ann, Northgate
  • Nothers Abraham, Westgate moor
  • Read Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Reinhardt S. Westgate
  • Ridley Anne, Northgate
  • Wigfield Joseph, Northgate


  • Beaumont John, Old church yard
  • Bell Sarah, Westgate
  • Glover Thomas, Market place
  • Harrison Benjamin Kirkgate
  • La cock Thomas, Westgate
  • Roberts Charles, Cross square

Corn Factors,
Those marked thus * attend the Corn Exchange every Friday, at 11 morning.

  • Binney Thomas & Richard, Kirkgate
  • Burkill Isaac, Bridge end
  • Burton Thomas, Westgate
  • Dobson Thomas Westgate
  • Elliott William Southgate
  • Evers Richard, Westgate moor
  • Fernandes J. L. Kirkgate
  • For list of Corn Factors attending the market, see end of Wakefield directory.
  • Gosney Joseph, Garden street
  • Gregory John, Thornes lane
  • Hornet and Drake, Bridge end
  • Kelshaw William, Thornes lane
  • Lowrie John, Slyer street
  • Naylor James, Thornes lane
  • Nicholson William, Kirkgate
  • *Owston William, Thornes lane
  • *Shillito Michael, jun. Kirkgate
  • Smith William, Pincheon street
  • Sowden John, Kirkgate
  • Spicer William, Kirkgate
  • Tootal J. B. Sandal
  • Tootal John and Thomas, Bridge end
  • *Tootal John, jun. St. John's
  • *Walker Henry, Westgate
  • Whitley Michael, Garden street
  • *Young John, Sandal

Corn Millers,

  • Armitage Saml. & Thomas, (shelling mill) Kirkgate
  • Fernandes J. L. (soke mill) Softs, Kgt.
  • Horner and Drake, (shelling mill) Bridge end

Curriers and Leather Cutters,

  • Crossley Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Glover Timothy, (& dlr. in grindery) Westgate
  • Shaw John, Fleece yard, Westgate
  • Wilkinson Joseph and John, New st. cutler.
  • Wilson William, (working) Kirkgate

Druggists, and Dealers in Oils and Colours,

  • Lawton David, Kirkgate
  • Lawton Jonathan, Market place
  • Lawton William, Market place
  • Potter John, Westgate
  • Reinhardt R. G. B. Westgate
  • Tuton Richard, Westgate


  • Burrell William, Thornes lane
  • Halliley John, Westgate bridge
  • Holdsworth Joseph Sons, Belleisle
  • Mellin Joseph, (& stover) Thornes ln.
  • Smith E. and V. Thornes
  • White Joseph, (silk and cotton) Cock and Swan yard, Westgate
  • Wood Joshua, (stuffs) Thornes lane

Engraver and Copperplate Printer,

  • Wilson William, Westgate


  • Bowman Robert, Balne lane

Fire and Life Insurance Offices,

  • Albion, T. L. Potter, Northgate
  • Atlas, M. Barker, Westgate
  • County, S. Lee, Cliffe house, near Westgate
  • Globe, Richard Nichols, Market Place
  • Newcastle, Jonas Ward, Cock & Swan yard, Westgate
  • Norwich Union, Joseph Rhodes, Smith's yard, Westgate
  • Phoenix, Robert Whitworth, Rodney yard, West gale
  • Royal Exchange, Thos. Hall, Westgt.
  • Sheffield, John Melton, Kirkgate
  • Suffolk and General County, John Berry, Westgate
  • Sun, Joseph Clarkson, Westgate
  • West of England, J. Scholey, King st.

Fishing & Fowling Tackle Dealers,

  • Downing Francis, Kirkgate
  • Hartley John, Kirkgate
  • Sunderland Edward, Kirkgate


  • Morley David, Market place
  • Platts Robert, Westgate common


  • Barratt John, Market Place
  • Benn Thomas, Westgate
  • Dickinson Thomas, top Church yard
  • Dyson Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Gilverthorp Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Roberts George, Wood street
  • Roberts James, Northgate

Furniture Brokers.

  • Holdsworth Samuel, New wells
  • Lockwood James, Kirkgate
  • Stewart William, Old church yard
  • Ward Nehemiah, Kirkgate

Gardeners, Nursery and Seedsmen,

  • Barratt John, Market place
  • Briggs Benjamin, Westgate
  • Briggs John, top of Northgate
  • Briggs Thomas, Northgate
  • Burton Thomas, Westgate
  • Cass William, Kirkgate
  • Haldane John, Kirkgate
  • Hardman George, Northgate
  • Jaques John, Kirkgate
  • Powell Thomas, Queen street
  • Pulleine John, (hop & seed) Westgt,
  • Revill John, Cock & Swan yd. Westgt.
  • Roberts George, Wood street
  • Roberts James, Northgate

Glass, china & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Allison Thomas, Westgate
  • Benn Thomas, Westgate
  • Broadhead Elizabeth, Old church st.
  • Carty Jane, Kirkgate
  • Harding Richard, Market place
  • Healey Fanny, Butcher row
  • Knowles George, Westgate
  • Ripley Thos. (& earthenware mfr.) Westgate
  • Smith Elizabeth, Ratten row
  • Wilby James and Son, Silver street

Glove and Breeches Makers,

  • Birkinshaw Thomas, Westgate
  • Brier William, Northgate

Gold and Silversmiths, and Jewellers,

  • Allison Thomas, Westgate
  • Coates B. E. Silver street

Grocers, &c.

  • Austwick John, Cross square
  • Bailey Thomas, Westgate
  • Birkinshaw George, Cross square
  • Brearley George, Kirkgate
  • Brown Marmaduke, Ratten row
  • Burton Thomas, Westgate
  • Child John, Marketplace
  • Clarkson William, Westgate
  • Clayton Thomas & Son, Northgate
  • Crossley Abm. bottom of Northgate
  • Dickinson Thos. bottom of Northgate
  • Dyson Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Ellis Benjamin, Kirkgate
  • Fawcett Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Garforth William, Westgate
  • Goldthorp John and Son, Westgate
  • Hammond William, Kirkgate
  • Hirst Edward, corner of Church yard
  • Iveson George, Westgate
  • Leadley John, Silver street
  • Otty William, Westgate
  • Perkin John, Northgate
  • Perkin Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Roodhouse Milner, Westgate
  • Scott Joseph, Westgate
  • Shackleton John, Northgate
  • Shaw G. and J. top of Westgate
  • Shaw Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Shaw Sarah and Son, Northgate
  • Shaw W. R. Market place
  • Spence John, Westgate
  • Sunderland William, (& ship chandler) Kirkgate
  • Wainwright Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Waller John, Silver street
  • Warneforth Francis, (& butter factor) Westgate
  • Wilby Margaret, Kirkgate
  • Woodson Richard, Ratten row


  • Fotherby John, Northgate

Hat Makers and Dealers,

  • Bennet George, Wool street
  • Heald Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Higgitt Joseph, Butcher row
  • Iveson William, Westgate
  • Langstaff Joseph, Westgate
  • Oates George, Market place
  • Perkin John, Ratten row
  • Race Luke, Ratten row
  • Stringer James, Market place

Horse Dealers,

  • Brotherton Haxby, Cock & Swan yard
  • Brummitt Thomas, Fleece yard
  • Gilderdale Thomas, Northgate


  • Bennett George, Wood street
  • Goodall James, Kirkgate
  • Ibbotson D. Market place
  • Iveson William, Westgate
  • Kitson Benjamin, Kirkgate
  • Marriott & Son, (wholesale) Westgt.
  • Perkin John, Ratten row
  • Randall Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Robinson Edward, Market place
  • Simes John, Westgate
  • Teale James, (wholesale) St. John's

Hotels, Inns and Taverns,

  • Angel, Benjamin Wigfield, Wood st.
  • Back Horse, Isaac Bedale, Westgate
  • Bailiff House, Joseph Senior, Kirkgt.
  • Bay Horse, Jas. Greensmith, Kirkgt.
  • Black Boy, Joseph Wood, Westgate
  • Black Lion, Ann Hemingway, Kirkgt.
  • Black Swan, Jonth. Bingley, Silver st.
  • Blue Anchor, John Sills, Kirkgate
  • Blue Bell, Eliz. Elliott, top of Kirkgt.
  • Boy & Barrel Jas. Shaw, Market pl.
  • Brown Cow Thos. Webster, Westgt.
  • Bull Inn, William Wright, Westgate
  • Bull's Head, Wm. Watson, Northgate
  • Butchers' Arms, Thos. Spurr, Westgt.
  • Clothiers' Arms, Geo. Sacker, Westgate common
  • Coach and Horses, William Cardwell, Providence st.
  • Cock & Swan, Law Drake, Westgate
  • Commercial, Geo. Mould, Thornes ln.
  • Coopers' Arms, Jas. Sheppard, Westgt.
  • Cross Keys, S. Lievesley, Ratten row
  • Cross Pipes, Robt. Huntington, Westgate common
  • Dog & Gun, Charles Hobson, Kirkgt.
  • Dog, Benjamin Shaw Westgate
  • Dolphin, Thos. Foxcroft top Wrengate
  • Duke of York, William Rodgers, Pincheon street
  • Dusty Miller, Ann Oates, Kirkgate
  • Elephant & Castle, Thomas Dobson, Westgate
  • Fleece, William Horner, Market pl.
  • Fox & Grapes, Jas. Haldane, East moor
  • Foxhunters, William Carter, Kirkgate
  • Gardener's Arms, J . Meredith, North gt.
  • George Inn, Joseph Sykes, (excise office) top of Westgate
  • George and Crown, Wm. Dunhill, Silver street
  • Graziers' Arms, J. Bailey, Fail Ing
  • Green Dragon, Benj. Bradley, Westgt.
  • Hammer & Anvil, John Burland, Kirkgate
  • Hope & Anchor, Geo. Deyes, Bdg. end
  • Jolly Sailor, T. Ramsden, Thornes ln.
  • King's Arms, John Wilkinson, Sots
  • King's Arms, Thos. Shaw, Kirkgate
  • King's Head, Jer. Dunhill Northgate
  • Little Bull, Thomason, Shuttleworth, Westgate
  • Lord Rodney, Timy. Dyson, Westgt.
  • Malt Shovel, Henry Shillito, North gt.
  • Mitre, John Preston, Ratten row
  • Nag's Head, Wm. Steel, George st.
  • Old Crown, John Pitchforth, Northgate.
  • Ram, John Swallow, Queen street
  • Royal Oak, Richard Heald, Wrengate
  • Royal Oak. Benj. Woodcock, King st.
  • Royal Volunteer, John Otty, Kirkgt.
  • Saw, Thos. Elliott, Westgate
  • Shears, Joseph Patrick, Northgate
  • Ship, John Bakewell, Kirkgate
  • Star, John Mitchell, New street
  • Strafford Arms, (posting house) James Tyler, Market place
  • Sun, Wm. Rawling, Wrengate
  • Swan with Two Necks, John Spawforth, Westgate
  • Talbot and Falcon, George Oldroyd, Northgate
  • The Old Swan with Two Necks, Henry Lund, Westgate common
  • Three Tuns Mrs. France, Northgate
  • Travellers, Benj. Varley, Kirkgate
  • Waggon & Horses, Thos. Roach, Westgate common
  • Wellington, John Atack, Now st.
  • White Bear, Wm. Clayton, Kirkgate low bridge
  • White Hart, (head inn and posting house) John Harris, Westgate
  • White Horse, Geo. Lyle, Westgate
  • White Swan, Jas. Schofield, Westgt.
  • White Swan, Sarah Copley, Softs, Kirkgate
  • Windmill, Wm. Webb, Westgate
  • Wood man, John Anderson, Wood st.
  • Woolpacks, Geo. Aynsley, Westgate

Iron and Brass Founders,

  • Aydon Isaac, new foundry, Thornes ln.
  • Crawshaw Jonathan, Fall Ing
  • Halliday John, Westgate bridge

Iron Merchants,

  • Horsfall Wm. Wood street
  • Maude & Sons, (from Leeds) Queen st.
  • Senior John, jun. Southgate

Ironmongers Hardware Dealers,

  • Coates B. E. Silver st.
  • Horsfall Wm. Wood street
  • Shaw Joseph, Westgate
  • Sorby Charles, Market place
  • Wilby James & Son, Silver st.


  • Billington John, Southgate
  • Bywater George, Kirkgate
  • Graham & Haigh, George street
  • Graham Thos. Park buildings
  • Hargett Stephen, Providence street
  • Issott Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Priestley Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Shuttleworth Thos. Westgate
  • Sidebottom Charles, Kirkgate
  • Sykes Thos. Providence st.
  • Thornton Geo. East moor
  • Tullan Thomas, Wrengate
  • White Johanadab, Garden st.

Joiners & Cabinet Makers,

  • Allatt John, Kirkgate
  • Burton Thos. Westgate
  • Camplin Wm. East moor
  • Clayton Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Middleton John, Kirkgate
  • Olivant & Smith, Queen street
  • Rayner Joseph, Westgate
  • Roberts Wm. Laycock's yd. West gt.

Lace Manufacturers,

  • Walker & Co. Kirkgate

Land Building Agents, & Surveyors,

  • Brown Nicholas, St. John's
  • Charlesworth Geo. Northgate
  • Scholes Benj. Providence street
  • Shaw John, Southgate
  • Taylor Enoch, Sandal
  • Walker John, St. John's

Law Stationer,

  • Palmer Robert, George street

Linen Drapers,

  • Bennington George and Co. (& haberdashers) Market place
  • Binns F. H. Silver street
  • Ellis Benj. Kirkgate
  • Frankland Edward, (and silk mercer) Westgate
  • Hardcastle John, (and silk mercer) Silver street
  • Maclellan James, Kirkgate
  • Pape John, Kirkgate
  • Perkin John, Ratten row
  • Stotter John Kirkgate
  • Tottington Joseph, Westgate

Linen Merchants,

  • North and Kelsey, (importers of Irish linens) Southgate

Linen and Woollen Drapers,

  • Beckett W. P. (and silk mercer, and haberdasher) Market place
  • Briggs Thos. (& silk mercer) Westgt
  • Cowell & Maugham, Market place
  • Harrison John, (wholesale only, & importer of Irish linens) Silver st.
  • Lockwood James, (and silk mercer) bottom of Northgate
  • Nurse William, Westgate
  • Searle Thomas, Cross square
  • Smith Thos. & Son, Westgate
  • Vickers & Wilson, (& silk mercers) Cross square
  • White Wm. & Sons, West gate
  • Wright Robert, Market place

Machine Maker,

  • Hepworth Matthew, (thrashing) Westgate common


  • Allanson Wm. Kirkgate
  • Armitage Thos. & Samuel, Kirkgate
  • Craven Geo. Pincheon st.
  • Crowther John, Westgate
  • Day John, Pincheon street
  • Dibb Thos. Kirkgate
  • Driver John, top of Wrengate
  • Eamonson John, Old Crown yard, Northgate
  • France & Hinchliffe, bottom of Westgt.
  • Gregory John, Kirkgate
  • Haigh Geo. Westgate common
  • Hanson John, Kirkgate
  • Harrison Robert, Kirkgate
  • Harrison Thos. Wrengate
  • Horner John, Kirkgate
  • Kershaw Wm. Thornes lane
  • Ross Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Secker Eleanor, Kirkgate
  • Senior John, jun. Southgate
  • Sheppard Benj. Westgate
  • Sheppard James, Westgate
  • Sidebottom Christopher, Westgate
  • Smith Wm. Kirkgate
  • Stead Edw. Kirkgate
  • Stead John, Wrengate
  • Ward Joseph, Cock and Swan yard, Westgate
  • Webster Frances, Kirkgate
  • Whitaker Wm. Kirkgate
  • Whitley Michael, Garden st.
  • Willans Wm. Kirkgate
  • Young & Beckett, Park buildings


  • Beaumont. Joseph, Garden st.
  • Burrell Richard, (cloth) Westgate
  • Cowie Wm. (cloth) Wrengate
  • Eccles Richard, Westgate
  • Green Wm. Stott's yard, Westgate
  • Greenbank Fred. St. John's
  • Johnson Edmund, (cloth & blankets) Kirkgate
  • Milnes, Holdsworths and Co. (cloth blanket, & stuff) Westgate
  • Naylor John and Jeremiah and Co. Westgate
  • Otley & Smirthwaite, Westgate
  • Ridsdales & Johnson, Northgate
  • Scott N. & J. Westgate
  • Smith Geo. Walker, Kirkgate
  • White & Sons, (stuff) Westgate


  • Aikin Mary, Wrengate
  • Backhouse & Clement, Kirkgate
  • Blakeley & Taylors, (& haberdashers) Westgate
  • Blakey E. Queen street
  • Clarkson Eliz. Wood st.
  • Hinchliffe E. Westgate
  • Holroyd Rosetta, Northgate
  • Johnson Misses, Northgate
  • Lambert Mary, (& haberdasher) Westgt.
  • Senior Mr. George's street
  • Sutcliffe Mary & Anne, Wood st.
  • Thompson Hannah, Northgate


  • Blackburn Joseph, Naboth's vineyard
  • Huggins Wm. Park buildings

Music Professors and Dealers,

  • Phillips Percival, Westgate
  • Smith I. F. Southgate

Nail Makers,

  • Horsfall Wm. Wood street
  • Lindley Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Senior John, jun. Southgate
  • Shaw Christopher, Westgate bridge
  • Sorby Charles, Market place

Oil Merchants,

  • Cawood Dennis, Newton.
  • Waller John, Silver st.

Painters, House Decorators, and Sign Board Writers,

  • Ash John, Providence st.
  • Briggs Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Camplin Wm. East moor
  • Childe Joseph, (portrait) Southgate
  • Craven Geo. Pincheon street
  • France Geo. Henry, (furniture) Wood st.
  • Hargrave Thos. Providence st.
  • Hunter -----, Northgate
  • Kershaw James, (furniture) Westgate
  • Lockwood Richard, Kirkgate
  • North Edwin, Kirkgate
  • Park John, East moor
  • Pollard Thos. (vessels) Thornes lane
  • Shaw & Ward, (furniture and coach) Southgate
  • Steel Stephen, Doncaster row
  • Strafford Geo. Primrose hill
  • Whitehead Geo. (coach & hs.) Northgate.

Patten Makers,

  • Myers Robert, Market. place
  • Shaw Christopher, Westgate bridge
  • Tingle Wm. Northgate


  • Beaumont John, Church yard
  • Clark Benj. Kirkgate
  • Dyson Benj. Kirkgate
  • Holdsworth Samuel, New wells
  • Levi K. Kirkgate

Perfumers and Hair Dressers,

  • Aldred John, Wood street
  • Clegg Wm. (& eating house) Silver st.
  • Constertine Thomas, Westgt. common
  • Hartley John, Kirkgate
  • Heald Fenton, Kirkgate
  • Heald Thos. top of Kirkgate
  • Iveson Sarah, (toys, portmanteaus & travelling desks) Silver St.
  • Langstaff Geo. Westgate
  • Langstaff Joseph, Westgate
  • Matthewman Wm. (ornamental hair manfr.) Westgate
  • Scott Wm. Westgate
  • Sunderland Edw. (toys) Kirkgate
  • Sunderland Wm. (toys) Northgate
  • Waterworth Thos. Westgate
  • Wright Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Wright Mary, (toys) Northgate


  • Alexander Disney, Northgate
  • Bilham John, St. John's
  • Crowther Caleb, Northgate
  • Ellis W. C. Lunatic asylum
  • Gilby W. H. Westgate

Pipe Makers,

  • Gill M. Red hall
  • Sugden John, East moor


  • Chaffer Thos. Ratten row
  • Clayton & Wadsworth, Wrengate
  • Clayton John, Kirkgate
  • Day Wm. Westgate
  • Holmes Abm. Wrengate
  • Parker Abraham, Kirkgate
  • Tunnacliff Charles, Kirkgate
  • Tunnacliff Joseph, Park buildings

Plumbers and Glaziers,

  • Backhouse Richard Kirkgate
  • Backhouse Thos. William st. Kirkgt.
  • Burdakin Benj. Providence st.
  • Cockell Robert, Pincheon st.
  • Drake James Goody bower
  • Haigh Edw. Pincheon st.
  • Hurst Rowland, (Wakefield & Halifax Journal office, pub. Fri.) Mkt. pl.
  • Nichols Richard, Market place
  • Sidebottom Edw. (water closet and patent pipe mfr.) Westgate
  • Waller Edmund, Wood street
  • Wild Thos. Kirkgate Printers, Letter Press.

Rag Merchants,

  • Ledger James, Kirkgate
  • Roodhouse Milner, Cock and Swan yard, Westgate
  • Wainwright Joseph, Kirkgate

Rope and Twine Spinners,

  • Harrison John, Doncaster row
  • Pilkington Geo. Thornes
  • Wilby Wm. Belleisle
  • Womald John, Westgate common

Saddlers and Harness Makers,

  • Brier John Kirkgate
  • Freeman Daniel, Market place
  • Glover John, Westgate
  • Glover Joseph Kirkgate
  • Moore John, Westgate
  • Smith Hannah, corner Old church yd.
  • Wright Thos. Kirkgate

Sail and Cart Cover Maker,

  • Dunhill Peter, Bridge end

Salt Merchant,

  • Harrison Samuel, George st.

Savings' Bank,

  • Attendance every Friday noon, from 12 to 1, at the Court House, Thomas Pitt Secretary

Scribbling and Slubbing Miller,

  • Clarkson John, jun. Westgt. common

Seed Crushers and Oil Merchants,

  • Mitchell David, Oil mills
  • Robinson, Rhodes & Co. Sands mills, White Horse
  • Swallow, Laycock & Co. Bridge end, Kirkgate
  • Todd Thos. (Dewsbury) Elephant & Castle

Sheriffs' Officers,

  • Dalton Francis, (honour of Pontefract) Westgate
  • Howgate Joseph, King st. Huscroft Thos. bailiff for honour of Pontefract, top of Primrose hill
  • Senior Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Stephenson Christopher, Back lane

Sloop and Boat Builder,

  • Collinson John, Bridge end

Spirit and Wine Merchants,

  • Austwick John, (British wines) Cross square
  • Brooke Geo. Westgate
  • Burrell Richard, Westgate
  • Clapham & Aked, (spirits) Northgate
  • Fernandes J. L. (importer of wines) Kirkgate
  • Race Luke & Co. Northgate
  • Reinhardt G. B. (British wines) Westgate
  • Scargill John, (spirits) Pincheon st.
  • White Wm. & Son, Westgate

Spirit Dealers, Wholesale & Retail,

  • Dalton Francis, Westgate
  • Hanson Wm. Kirkgate
  • Irwin Eliz. Kirkgate
  • Shaw Thos. Kirkgate
  • Wells James, Westgate
  • Woodcock Harriett, Market place

Stay Makers,

  • Beaumont James, Kirkgate
  • Hilton Anne, Kirkgate

Steam Engine Manufacturer,

  • Hallilay John, Westgate bridge

Stone and Marble Masons,

  • Beckett John, (flag & stone) Quaker houses
  • Morton Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Perkin & Brooke, Providence street
  • Saville Benjamin, Puncheon street
  • Walsha George, Pincheon street

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Clarkson Sarah, Westgate
  • Clarkson William, Wood street
  • Duckworth Anne, Wrengate
  • Lawton Rachael, Kirkgate
  • Mitchell Sarah, Kirkgate
  • Moore Rebecca, Providence street
  • Parkinson Maria, Kirkgate


  • Bennett Joseph, Westgate
  • Birkett Jhn., Market place
  • Horsfall John, Kirkgate
  • Marshall Samuel, York st. Northgate
  • Milner Richard, Kirkgate
  • Statter Squire, Kirkgate
  • Stott & Walker, Westgate
  • Taylor Edward, Kirkgate
  • Thomas Samuel, Northgate
  • Walker Benjamin, Westgate common
  • Walker Ebenezer Wood street
  • Walker William, Ratten row

Those marked thus * are also Drapers.

  • Allison William, Westgate
  • Battley William, Westgate
  • Downing Francis, Kirkgate
  • Dunnill Jeremiah, Westgate
  • Eamonson Henry, Kirkgate
  • Eley John, Kirkgate
  • Hewitt Proctor, Queen street
  • *Hewitt William, Westgate
  • Holmes John, Westgate
  • Housley Saml. bottom of Northgate
  • *Jackson H. & T. Old Church yard
  • North John, Wrengate
  • Padgit Isaac, Northgate
  • Rawling John, East moor
  • Saville Robert, Park buildings
  • Senior Jph. Prospect house, Westgate
  • Stead Joseph, Wrengate
  • Stownam Luke, Northgate
  • Swift William Kirkgate
  • Taylor John, Barstow square
  • Turner William, Kirkgate
  • Wardle William, Kirkgate
  • Widdeson Erasmus, (clothes warehs.) Market place
  • Winter William, Ratten row
  • Winter William, Wood street

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Birkinshaw George, Cross square
  • Clayton Thomas & Son, Northgate
  • Roodhouse Milner, Westgate
  • Sigston Benjamin, Cross square
  • Webster John, Market pine
  • Wilson J. H. (& soap dlr.) Market pl.


  • Atkinson Robert, Oulton
  • Cooper William, Bentley
  • Kemp John, New Miller dam
  • Lambart Thomas, Hall green
  • Schofield James, Boynhill
  • Smith Thomas, Ousewell green

Tea Dealers,

  • Cullingworth & Dodgson, (wholesale and retail) Westgate
  • Glover Robert, Westgate
  • Levi Henry, Wrengate
  • McClellan James, Kirkgate
  • Sellers Ann, East moor
  • Taylor Elizabeth, Wrengate

Timber Merchants,

  • Haigh & Graham, Kirkgate
  • Maude B. & Sons, Queen street
  • Shuttleworth Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Thompson John, Softs, Kirkgate

Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturers,

  • Drake James, Goody bower, Northgate
  • Neesom & Co. (dealers) Northgate

Turners and Carvers in Wood,

  • Olivant & Smith, Queen street
  • Olivant Edw. (& chair mkr.) Northgate
  • Reading Thomas, (and fancy chair maker) Kirkgate
  • Yeamans Edward, Kirkgate

Umbrella Manufacturers,

  • Lucas John, Kirkgate
  • Washington Stephen, Westgate


  • Kitchen & Ward, Kirkgate
  • Shuttleworth & Smith, Westgate


  • Denton John, Providence street
  • Fawcett Maria, Saw yard, Westgate
  • Graham & Haigh, George street
  • Hall, Moxon, Old Crown yd. Northgate
  • Jaques John, Saw yard, Westgate
  • Webb Robert, Bridge street

Whitening Manufacturer,

  • Wainwright Joseph, (wh.) Bridge end

Whitesmiths and Gunsmiths,

  • Biggs & Firth, (brass founders & bell hangers) Northgate
  • Fowles Thomas, Westgate
  • Hampson George and John, (brass founders & bell hangers) Northgate.
  • Hampson Sarah & Son, (brass founders and bell hangers) New street
  • Pottage John, Westgate
  • Priestley Charles, Post office yard
  • Sorby Charles, Post office yard

Wire Worker,

  • Rhodes Abia, Wrengate

Wool Combers,

  • Eccles Richard, St. John's
  • Haigh George, (& top maker) Market street.

Woollen Cloth Manufacturers,

  • Cowie William, Wrengate
  • Holdsworth Richard & James, Westgate common
  • Lee George, back of Westgate
  • Scott W. & J. Westgate
  • Shuttleworth John, St. John's


  • Armitage Joseph, King street
  • Atkinson Joseph, King street
  • Barff Wm. & Sons, Star yard, Westgate, & Duncan street, Leeds
  • Barthrop Jonathan, Queen street
  • Bell Robert, Market street
  • Bennett William, Market street
  • Billam J. B. Cheapside
  • Briercliffe & Scarth, Cheapside
  • Briggs Wm. B. (factor) Star yard, Westgate
  • Burton John, Smith's yd. Westgate
  • Clarkson Joseph, Quebec street house Quebec cottage
  • Clegg James, Cock and Swan yard, Westgate
  • Clifford J. J. Cheapside
  • Dawson Samuel, Market street
  • Eccles Richard, Thompson's yard, Westgate
  • Edwards Thomas, Westgate
  • Fearon J. P. King street
  • Flashborn Edwin, (factor) Wool Packs yard, Westgate
  • Gotthardt J. & C. F. (factors) Westgate; house, Back lane
  • Haigh George, Market street
  • Hirst Saml. Bull yard, Westgate
  • Hitchon, Lawrence & Egerton, Cheapside
  • Iliffe R. G. (and wholesale hosier) Westgate
  • Iveson Wm. & Son, (factors) Westgate
  • Jackson Joseph, King street
  • Ledger Jas. (commission) Westgate
  • Lee Samuel, Cock & Swan yard, Westgate
  • Lister & Earnshaw, Westgate
  • Lodge John, Westgate
  • Marriott Geo. Bull yard, Westgate
  • Moxon Jacob, Queen street
  • Moxon John, Westgate
  • Orange William, Westgate
  • Ottley John, White Horse yard
  • Pearson Benjamin, Westgate
  • Poulter John, Playhouse yd. Westgate
  • Rayner & Scott, Cheapside
  • Rhodes Joseph, Smith's yd. Westgate
  • Roberts Stephen, Westgate
  • Robinson, Sykes & Co. (factors) Westgate
  • Rogers Henry, (factor) Cheapside
  • Roodhouse John, Cock & Swan yard, Westgate
  • Row, Jackson & Co. Star yard, Westgate
  • Rusher J. & J. Star yard, Westgate
  • Smith George and Co. top of Wood street
  • Taylor Mark & Son, Wool Packs yd. Westgate
  • Thompson Samuel & Son, (factors)
  • Thompson's yard, Westgate
  • Towler Thomas & Son, Crown court
  • Tyler William, King street
  • Westerman George, Westgate
  • Wood Henry W. (factor) King street
  • Worsted Woollen Yarn


  • Carter & Rayner, Cock & Swan yard, Westgate
  • Duckworth Joseph, Wrengate
  • Garforth William, Westgate
  • Haigh George, Market street
  • Kitson Benjamin, Kirkgate
  • Marriott Thos. & Son, Westgate
  • Randall Joseph, Kirkgate
  • Robinson Edward, Market place
  • Teale James, St. John's
  • Towler Thomas & Son, Crown court, Wood street
  • Washington Daniel, Garden street

Officers, Magistrates, etc.,

  • Deputy, Hry. Lumb, Esq. Wakefield
  • Lord of the Manor-His Grace George William Frederic, Duke of Leeds.
  • Steward, John Breace, Esq. Middleham


  • Blythe Thomas, Holmfirth
  • Howgate Joseph, Dewsbury
  • Scott Joseph, (and keeper of the gaol for the liberty) Halifax
  • Senior Joseph, Wakefield.


  • Assistants, John Ellis & Frank Ellis
  • Constable, (1821) George Westerman, Esq.
  • Dealtry Benj. Esq. Lofthouse hall
  • Deputy, Thomas Shaw
  • Egremont John, Esq. Northgate
  • Heywood John Pemberton, Esq. St. John's
  • Maude John, Esq. Moorhouse
  • Wentworth Godfrey Wentworth, Esq. Woolley Park
  • Wood Rev. William, Woodthorp
  • who generally attend on Fridays for public business.

Other Offices,

  • Deputy, Mr. James Stephenson
  • Ellis John, master of the vagrant office, Crown court
  • Register Office, for registering deeds relating to estates within the West Riding of Yorkshire, (established by 2nd and 3rd Anne cap. 4.) opposite the Old Church
  • Registrar, Francis Hawksworth Esq.

Stamp Offices,

  • Charles Mann, legacy department
  • Richard Nichols, sub-distributor

Acting Commissioners for Taxes,

  • Carr John, Esq. Carr Lodge, Horbury
  • Dealtry Benj. Esq. Lofthouse hall
  • Drake James, Esq. Kirkthorpe
  • Haigh Joshua, Esq. Ossett
  • Heywood J. P. Esq. Wakefield
  • Maude Francis, Esq. Hatfield hall
  • Milnes R. R. receiver of taxes, office, Windmill yard, Westgate; houses Ferry Fryston
  • Naylor John, Esq. Belle vue
  • Schofield John, Esq. Horbury
  • Wood Rev. William, Woodthorpe

Miscellany of trades

  • Assistant, J. W. Shaw, Southgate
  • Clerk, John Shaw, Southgate
  • Surveyor, William Brown, Agbrigg


  • Ambler Anne, gentlewn. Wrengate
  • Andrews, Mrs. Martha, St. John's
  • Ashton Wm. gardener, Thornes house
  • Atkinson Robert, oil mert. h. Sandal
  • Audsley Miss, gentlewoman, Westgate
  • Bacon Mrs. Grace, Pincheon street
  • Banks Mrs. Sarah, Westgate
  • Barff Thos. woolstapler; h. St. John's
  • Barker Captain, Northgate
  • Barker Jane, gentwn. Garden street
  • Barker Matthew, Barstow square
  • Barraclough Joseph, at the Bank, West gate
  • Barras Thos. gent. St. John's
  • Beaumont Joseph, gent. Garden st.
  • Beckett John, upholsterer, Kirkgate
  • Bennet William, coach proprietor, top of Northgate
  • Billam John, M.D. St. John's
  • Bingley Jane, gentlewoman, Smith's yard, Westgate
  • Bolton Thomas, Wrengate
  • Boocock James, gear and slay maker, Newton lane end
  • Booth Samuel, clerk at St. John's
  • Brammall Ann, gentlewoman, Pincheon street
  • Brisco Jane, gentwn. South parade
  • Brisco Margaret, gentwn. Westgate
  • Brook Wm., gentleman, Northgate
  • Broomhead Mrs. Westgate
  • Brown Jane, gentwmn. St. John's
  • Brown Nicholas, gent. St. John's
  • Bruce Rev. Samuel, Zion Chapel
  • Burnell Mrs. Hannah, Northgate
  • Burrell Mrs. Elizabeth, South parade
  • Burrell Joseph, mercht. South parade
  • Burrell Richard, Esq. Westgate
  • Burton T; W. gent. Barstow square
  • Carter John, cashier, Westgate
  • Clarkson John, gent. Westgate
  • Clarkson Mrs. Sarah B. Garden st.
  • Clarkson Mrs. Sarah T. Garden st.
  • Clay Thomas, Black Swan yard
  • Clegg John, gent. Garden street
  • Clemetshaw Mrs. Northgate
  • Collett Miss; St. John's
  • Cook Mrs. teacher of music, Primrose hill
  • Cooke Mrs. gentlewoman, St John's
  • Crowther William, bone setter, Westgate common
  • Cudworth John, printer, Westgate
  • Dawson Mrs. Kennett, South parade
  • Dickinson Mrs. garden street
  • Dixon John gent. Bridge-end house
  • Dixon Martha, gentwmn. Kirkgate
  • Drake Rt. corn factor, Kirkgate
  • Dunnell Jn. coach proprietor, Northgate
  • Dunnell Thomas, coach proprietor, Northgate
  • Dyer William, gent. Northgate
  • Earnshaw Mrs. S. Wentworth terrace
  • Egremont John, Esq. Northgate
  • Eley Mrs. Susannah, Wood street
  • Fawcett William, gent. Kirkgate
  • Gosnay Benj. town pinder, Kirkgate
  • Greaves Mrs. Sarah, Northgate
  • Grimshaw Mrs. Mary South parade
  • Hadfield Mrs. M. A. Westgate
  • Hall Joseph, Pincheon street
  • Hall Mrs. Sarah, Stott's yd. Westgate
  • Hamar Sarah, gentwmn. St. John's
  • Hanson Miss Betty, Garden street
  • Hardy Dorothea, gentwn. St. John's
  • Hargrave Jas. gent. Northgate
  • Harper Mrs. Mary, New street
  • Harris Rev. Thomas, George st.
  • Harrison Miss Jane, Westgate
  • Hartley John, banker, South parade
  • Haslehurst Thos. gardener, Westgt.
  • Haxby Twisleton, attorney, St. John's
  • Hembrough Peter, gent. Cock and Swan, yard, Westgate
  • Hicks Timothy, gent. Northgate
  • Higham William, coach proprietor, Providence street
  • Holroyd Thos. traveller, Northgate
  • Horner Joseph, cornfactor, Kirkgate
  • Housley Mrs. gentwn. New street
  • Hutchinson Matthew, Thornes house
  • Ianson John gent. Pincheon street
  • Jackson John, shopkpr. Westgate
  • Jackson Rhd. shopkpr. Market place
  • Jackson Sarah, gentwn. Northgate
  • Jefferson Rev. Thos. Northgate
  • Johnson Mrs. Ann, St. John's
  • Johnson Thomas, junr. merchant; house, Northgate
  • Johnson Thomas, sear, merchant; house, South parade
  • Johnstone Rev. Thos. Westgate
  • Kay Edmund, dancing master, Hardy croft
  • Lang Esther, gentwn. Northgate
  • Langford B. R. Capt. R. N. Southgate
  • Leach John, coachman, Northgate
  • Leatham Wm. Esq. banker; house, Westgate
  • Lonsdale Mrs. Eliza, gentwn. Kirkgt.
  • Lonsdale Rev. Henry, Kirkgate
  • Lumb Lucy, gentlewoman, Westgate
  • Lumb Misses S. and E. Westgate
  • Mann Chas. sub. distributor of stamps, Kirkgate
  • Maude Daniel gent. Westgate
  • Maude Mrs. Daniel, St. John's
  • Maude Mrs. F. M. Cliff, Westgate
  • Maude Francis, Esq. Hatfield hall
  • Maude Mrs. gentlewoman, St. John's
  • Maudesley Ann, gent. Kirkgate
  • Mitchell Mrs. Jane, New street
  • Naylor J. T. merchant; h. Wood st.
  • Naylor John, merchant, Belle vue
  • Naylor Rev. M. J. East Cottage
  • Naylor Wm. merchant; h. Playhouse yard, Westgate
  • Nettleton Mrs. gentwn. New street
  • Newmarch Rev. J. L. West Parade
  • Nowell Rd. gent. Kirkgate
  • Oldridge Mrs. Mary Barstow square
  • Ottley Wm. gent. White Horse yard, Westgate
  • Oxley George, gent. St. John's
  • Parkhill Harriet, gentwn. Wood st
  • Peterson Andrew, Esq. Wrengate
  • Peterson Mrs. Esther, Alms house ln.
  • Pitt Mr. Thomas, Kirkgate
  • Pollard John, town's bellman, Cock and Swan yard
  • Poynton Samuel, Kirkgate
  • Priestley Mrs. Mary, Providence st.
  • Priestley Stepn. parish clerk, Southgt.
  • Prince Edward, shopkeeper, Kirkgate
  • Ramskill Mary, gentwn. Wrengate
  • Richardson Eliz. gentlwn. St. John's
  • Richardson Thomas
  • Robinson Ann gentwn. St. John's
  • Robinson Henry, woolstapler; house, Stott's yard, Westgate
  • Rogers Rev. T. Smith's yd. Westgate
  • Roodhouse Richard, gent. Cock and Swan yard, Westgate
  • Rooth Wm. gent. Westgate common
  • Rusher James, woolstapler; house, Westgate
  • Sampson Mrs. Elizth. Queen street
  • Scholes Richard, gent. Kirkgate
  • Scholey J. attorney; h. Queen street
  • Scott Ann, gentwn. Brooke's bank
  • Scott Joseph, gent. Westgate
  • Sharp Rev. Samuel, M. A. vicar and Surrogate, Vicarage house
  • Shaw Thomas, gent. Northgate
  • Shepherd. James, governor of House of Correction, Westgate
  • Sisson Rev. J. L. Westgate
  • Sisson Richard, gent. Park buildings
  • Smith Geo. gent. Providence street
  • Smithson Mrs. H. S. gentwn. Northgt.
  • Stead Samuel, gent. Garden street
  • Stead Wm. traveller, Playhouse yd.
  • Stephensoft James, deputy registrar, Westgate
  • Stewart John, Shackleton's yard
  • Strafford Mrs. Mary, Providence st.
  • Stringer Geo. gent. Primrose hill
  • Sutcliffe Mrs. Mary, Wood street
  • Swallow Joshua, merchant; house, Kirkgate
  • Taylor Sarah gentwn. St. John's
  • Teale ----, Esq. St. John's
  • Thomas Wm. M. D. Northgate
  • Tidswell S. gentwn. Westgate
  • Tolson Jane, gentwn. Wentworth ter.
  • Tooke Rev. Edward, St. John's
  • Tootal John, sen. cornfactor; Kirkgate
  • Tootal John, jun.; h. St. John's
  • Tootal Thomas, corn factor; house, South parade
  • Tunnacliff Mrs. Mary, Kirkgate
  • Walker Elizth. gentwn. Wood street
  • Walker Miss, bdg. school St. John's
  • Walker Thos. surveyor, St. John's
  • Walton Wm. gent. Kirkgate
  • Ward Jonas, gent. Westgate
  • Webster Ann. gentwn. St. John's
  • Whitaker John, gent. Pincheon street
  • White Thos. mercht.; h. St. John's
  • Wilson Mary Anne, gentwn. St John's
  • Wood Sarah, gentwn. Providence st.
  • Woolmer Rev. Samuel West parade
  • Young Wm. brewer, ; h. Park street
  • Zouch Mrs. Mary, gentwn. Westgate

Names of the Trustees,

  • :of the Tammy-Hall, with their Places of Abode and Inns Houses in Wakefield.
  • Blakeley Thomas, East Ardsley
  • Craven George, Thornes, Little Bull
  • Gaunt Joseph, Upper Denby
  • Gill John, Potovens, Cross keys
  • Hall Henry, Esq. Leeds
  • Harrison John, Alverthorp, Little Bull
  • Hill James, Thornes, Little Bull
  • Shaw Wm. Cumberworth
  • Thackrah Samuel, Clayton West, Little Bull


  • :who attend the Tammy-Hall, with their Places of Abode and Inns Houses in Wakefield
  • Best Joseph, Stanley, Little Bull
  • Blakeley Reuben, Brag ln, Old Crown
  • Ellis John, Horbury
  • Exley Edw. Clayton West, Cross Keys
  • Green John Outwood
  • Haigh David, Emley
  • Jepson Thos. Wood nook, Thornhill
  • Jubb John, Emley, Cross Keys
  • Leighton Wm. Thornes, Cross Keys
  • Micklethwaite Jph. Emley, Cross Keys
  • Milner Geo. Stanley, Royal Oak
  • Mokeson Thos. Kexbrough, White Swan
  • Nelson Thos. Potovens, Cross Keys
  • Ogden John, Clayton West, Do.
  • Ogden William, Do.
  • Pickles Wm. Emley Woodhouse, Do.
  • Thompson Geo. Potovens, Mitre Inn

Corn Dealers,
who attend Wakefield Market, with their Inns Houses.

  • Atkinson & Blenkarn, (York) Wool Packs
  • Atkinson ----, (Tadcaster) Wool Packs
  • Bellhouse Wm. (Leeds) Wool Packs
  • Burrell Richard, (Patrington) Talbot and Falcon
  • Chesman John, (Patrington) Great Bull
  • Driffield J. (York) Wool Packs
  • Dunn Richard, (Malton) Wool Packs
  • Foster John, (Hedon) Wool Packs
  • Gell Thomas, (York) Wool Packs
  • Hall John, (Castleford) Cock, Swan
  • Hall Joseph, (Barnsley, corn & seed) George and Dragon
  • Hargreave Edw. (Barton) Wool Packs
  • Hargreave John, (Huddersfield) Wool Packs
  • Harrison Jas. & Son, (Driffield) Wood-man
  • Hebblethwaite S. and T. (Mirfield) White Horse
  • Hindell Wm. (Selby) Cock & Swan
  • Hirst John, (Leeds) Wool Packs
  • Horner Wm. (near York) Great Bull
  • Hudson Edw. (Leeds) Geo. & Drag.
  • Norwood Michael, (Camblesforth) Great Bull
  • Peart James (York) Wool Packs
  • Rook Mark, (York) Wool Packs
  • Simpson L. & J. (York) Wool Packs
  • Soulby Edw. (Malton) Wool Packs
  • Taylor John, (Hedon) Wool Packs
  • Taylor Thos. (Hedon) Wool Packs
  • Tomlinson Thomas, (Doncaster)
  • Walshaw Robert, (Horbury bridge) White Horse
  • Watson ----, (Purston Jacklin) Bull Inn

From the Strafford Arms, Market Place, William Bennett, agent,

  • The CORNWALLIS to Manchester, by Huddersfield daily at 6 mg.
  • The EXPRESS to London, by Sheffield, at half past 7 mg. to Leeds at 6 evening.
  • The LORD NELSON to London, by Doncaster, every Mon. Wed, and Fri. at half past 9 mg.
  • The MAIL to London, by Sheffield, at half past 9 evg. To Leeds ½ p. 8 at night
  • The UNION to Sheffield daily, at 3 aft. ret, to Leeds at 11 mg.
From the George Inn, Westgate,
  • A Coach to Selby at half past 5 mg.
  • The TRUE BLUE to Leeds every day, (Sunday excepted) at 5 aft. and on Sunday at 6 aft.
From the King's Head, Northgate,
  • A COACH to Bradford every Thurs. at 8 mg.
  • A COACH to Selby every day, (Sun. excepted) at half past 5 mg.
From the Boy & Barrel, Market Place,
  • The HARKFORWARD to Halifax every day, (Sunday excepted) at 4 aft. ret, at half past 9 mg.
From the Bull's Head, Market Place,
  • The TRADESMAN to Leeds at half past 8 mg. and ret. at half past 7 evg.
From the Wool Packs, top of Westgate,
  • PRINCE BLUCHER from York, arr. every Friday at half past 10 mg. ret. 5. afternoon.

Water Carriage,
From the Aire and Calder Company's Wharf, Bridge Foot,

  • Fly Boats sail every evg. at 9 and ar. at Selby in time to put the goods on board the Steam Packets, which leave Selby every mg. at 9 for Hull.
  • Sloops also sail daily to Hull, and vice versa-agent Mr. Jph. Priestley; Wharfinger, Richard Bird.
From the Huddersfield Canal company's Wharf, near the Bridge,
  • Edmund Buckley & Co.'s Fly Boats sail daily to Huddersfield, Manchester, Selby and Hull, and vice versa-agent, Mr. Phineas Beaumont.
  • Vessels also sail daily from the said Wharf, with goods which are forwarded direct to St. Catherine's Wharf, London, in one bottom, agent, Mr. Benj. Freeman.
From the Calder and Hebble Wharf, near the Bridge,
  • Job Cogswell & Co.'s vessels sail to Liverpool every Mon. and Thurs. mg. and from Liverpool every day, upon the line of the Rochdale Canal.-Agent, R. Brown.
  • Vessels also convey goods daily to Salter-hebble wharf, Halifax, and to St. Catharine's wharf, London, in one bottom. -Agent to the Calder and Hebble Company. Thomas Richardson
  • * * The undertakers of this navigation are executing a new canal, from Knottingley Lock to the River Ouse, at Goole, capable of admitting vessels drawing six feet six inches water, and eighteen feet beam. And when the locks from Leeds to Castleford are altered to eighteen feet wide, which is now in progress, Leeds will become a port for seafaring vessels.

Coaches and Carriers,
From Deacon, Harrison & Co.'s Warehouse, Bottom of Westgate,

  • A Caravan to Halifax daily at 6 mg.
  • A Caravan to Cambridge Tues. Thurs. Sat, and Sun. at 12 noon, at which place goods are delivered upon the 3d day
  • A Caravan to Halifax daily, at 9 mg.
  • A Caravan to Huddersfield daily, at 6 mg.
  • A Caravan to Leeds daily, at 5 mg.
  • A Caravan to London daily, dep. at 6 in the evg. and arr. in 34 hours, by way of Doncaster, Retford, Newark, Grantham, Stamford, Huntingdon, Cambridge, &c.
  • A Caravan to. Huddersfield daily, at 9 mg.
  • A Fly Waggon to London daily, worked by relays of horses, dep. at 12 noon, and arr. in 84 hours by way of Doncaster, Retford, Newark, Grantham, Stamford,
  • A Waggon Mon. Wed. & Fri. evgs. at 6, by way of Barnsley, Sheffield Chesterfield, &c. to Buckland Hallow, where it meets their fly boats, by which conveyance goods are forwarded by canal via Loughborough, Leicester, &c. to Huntingdon, Royston, &c. London in 6 to 7 days.
  • A Waggon to Leeds daily, at 10 mg.
  • A Waggon to York direct, Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 10 mg.

Miscellany of trades From the Talbot and Falcon, Northgate, George Oldroyd, agent

  • Ridsdale & Co.'s Waggons every Mon. Wed. Fri. & Sat, to all parts of the North and South.
  • T. & M. Pickford & Co.'s Caravan to Leeds daily, 10 mg. to London 3 aft.
From Hobson, Cockerham, & Co.'s warehouse, Market street. W. Bennet, ag.
  • A Waggon daily to Leeds, at 6 mg.
  • A Waggon daily to Sheffield, at 7 evg.
  • A Waggon to Huddersfield, Halifax, Rochdale & Manchester, every Mon. Wed. & Fri. at 3 aft.
  • Goods forwarded to all parts of the kingdom.
From the Elephant & Castle, Westgate.
  • John Lownd to Pontefract, Ferrybridge, Selby, and Hull, every Mon. Wed. & Fri. arr. 11 mg. dep. 3 aft, to Selby every Mon. and Thurs. dep. 10 mg.
From the White Horse, Westgate.
  • Benj. Rhodes to Dewsbury daily, arr. 10, dep. 2.
  • George Binns to Halifax every Mon. Wed. and Fri. arr. 12, dep. 2 aft.
  • Henry Howarth to Mirfield, every Mon. Wed, and Fri. am 10, dep. 2.
  • John Firth to Bradford, every Mon. Wed. & Fri. arr. 12, dep. 2 aft.
  • John Inman to Dewsbury daily, arr. 10, dep. 2.
  • Joshua Bolland, to Barnsley and Bradford occasionally
  • Wm. Dove to Pontefract, every Mon. wed. & Fri. arr. 10, dep. 3
  • Wm. Inman to Dewsbury daily, arr. 10, dep. 2.
From Coopers' Arms, Westgate.
  • Samuel Lee to Hightown daily, arr. 10, dep. 3.
From Cock and Swan, Westgate.
  • George Birkenshaw to Leeds daily, and to Bradford and Barnsley occasionally.
  • George Shephard, Westgate, to Leeds and Barnsley, 3 days per week.
  • John Dibb, Providence street, to Leeds daily, at 9 morning.
  • John Stillings, Newton, to Leeds and Barnsley, 3 days per week.
  • Joseph Brummit, Newton, to Leeds & Barnsley, 3 days per week.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ALVERTHORPE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Jackson John, gent. Alverthorpe hall

Miscellany of trades

  • Binks George, victualler, Cock
  • Brogden Maria, grocer
  • Downing George, schoolmaster
  • Dransfield Francis, vict. Wellington
  • Fothergill John, vict. Malt Shovel
  • Gill John, house Carpenter
  • Glover Matthew, butcher
  • Goodison Benjamin, blacksmith
  • Hirst William, tailor
  • Inman Joseph, shoemaker
  • Saville Joseph, butcher
  • Teale William, wheelwright
  • Torbutt Charles, cabinet maker
  • Wood John, governor of the workhouse
  • Woodcock Edwin, shoemaker

Woollen mfrs.

  • Armitage John
  • Clay Samuel
  • Davison John
  • Glover Henry
  • Glover William
  • Milner William
  • Scott John
  • Waring Jeremiah
  • Wood Benjamin


  • John Broadhead, carrier to Leeds, Tu. & Sat. Three Legs Inn, Call lane.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for FLANSHAW in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Murgatroyd John, dyer
  • Speight Adam, shoemaker
  • Stead John, gardener


  • Faber and Ward
  • Ward W. and Co.

Woollen mfrs.

  • Burton Benjamin
  • Burton George
  • Clark William
  • Lindley David
  • Scott David
  • Toulerton John
  • Ward Thomas

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for HORBURY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Atkinson Joseph, yeoman
  • Baines Daniel, farmer
  • Barker Joseph, yeoman
  • Brown Matthew, butcher
  • Brown William, butcher
  • Burdekin George, yeoman
  • Carr John, Esq.
  • Charlesworth David, vict. Ship
  • Coope Jeremiah, gentleman
  • Couldwell Benj. plumber & glazier
  • Craven William, gentleman
  • Foster Thos. & John, worsted spinners
  • Goodall John, farmer
  • Goodall William, gentleman
  • Holt William, attorney's clerk
  • Holt Wm. & Thos. woolstaplers
  • Martin John, boat builder
  • Nother Edward, boot & shoe maker
  • Otley Winn, joiner & machine maker
  • Priestley John, agent to the Calder & Hebble Navigation Company
  • Rhodes James, canal director
  • Rhodes William, victualler, Fleece
  • Ruddock John, vict. Wool Packs
  • Rushforth Joseph, whitesmith
  • Snowden Rev. William, curate
  • Stringer Joseph, yeoman
  • Thornton William Booth, M.D.
  • Thresh Thomas, vict. King's Arms
  • Turton John, yeoman
  • Walker George, maltster


  • Schofield John
  • Stringer John


  • Ellis James
  • White James
  • White John
  • White Matthew


  • Coope Edward
  • Draper Thomas
  • Fearnley Anthony
  • Wray Richard

Hosiery Yarn mfrs.,

  • Baynes Thomas
  • Moulson Edward
  • Senior Joseph


  • Lilley Joseph
  • Wilcock John

Woollen mfrs.

  • Atkinson Jonas
  • Bennet Edward
  • Berry Moses
  • Burdekin John
  • Coope John
  • Dews George
  • Eastwood John
  • Ellis David
  • Foster Joshua
  • Holt W. & T.
  • Knowles John
  • Mitchell John
  • Race John
  • Race Thomas
  • Rayner James
  • Rayner John, mert.
  • Roberts Abraham
  • Sagar Joshua
  • Walker Gervas


  • Chs. Charlesworth and Thos. Sidney, to Leeds Tues. & Sats.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for POTOVENS in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Miscellany of trades

  • Blacker Joseph, vict. Royal Oak
  • Burnell James, vict. Malt Shovel
  • Firth William, clothier
  • Hebden Joseph, clothier
  • Metcalf Joseph, clothier
  • Metcalf Martin, scribbling miller
  • Nelson Thomas, stuff manufacturer
  • Parkin Geo. grocer & flour dealer
  • Reynolds Wm. rope mfr.
  • Thompson George, stuff mfr.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for SILCOATES in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • France Rev. Joseph, M. A. theological tutor of the Yorkshire Dissenters' Grammar School, Silcoates house
  • Schofield Rev. Richard, A. B. classical tutor

Miscellany of trades

  • Hall Thomas, cloth manufacturer
  • Rhodes Joseph, worsted spinner
  • Senior Abraham, cloth manufacturer
  • Wilson Joseph, cloth manufacturer
  • Wise Martin

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for STANLEY CUM WRENTHORPE in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Gentry &c.:

  • Haywood Benj. Esq. Stanley hall
  • Maude Francis, Esq. counsellor, Hatfield hall
  • Maude John, Esq. Moorhouse

Miscellany of trades

  • Batty Robert, governor of workhouse
  • Beaumont Thos. vict. Jolly Sailor
  • Best John, stuff manufacturer
  • Bramham Richard, victualler
  • Glover Misses, Field head
  • Hodgson Thomas, vict. New Inn
  • Morton Jonathan, boat builder
  • Ridsdale -----, Spring fields
  • Saddler John, vict. New Inn
  • Sanderson Michl. corn factor, New mkt.
  • Turner Wm. butcher
  • Wilson Robert, vict. Board


  • Clegg Robert
  • Crossland John
  • Field Richard
  • Nichols John
  • Stead John
  • Tasker Edward


  • Dixon Joseph
  • Gosnay Joseph

Rope & Twine mfrs.,

  • Land James
  • Ramsden Samuel
  • Sutcliffe Wm.

Stone masons

  • Cookson Wm.
  • Tate Wm.


  • Appleyard Joseph
  • Morton Jonathan
  • Moxon George

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003