Wales Registers: Marriages, 1830-1869


Wales Registers: Marriages, 1830-1869


DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom notesAgeGroom ParishOccupationBride nameBride SurnameBride notesAgeBride Parish
20 10 1830JohnFROGGATT    AnneSOUTHWELL   
05 12 1831FrancisPRESSLEY   SailorHarriotMIRFIN   
26 08 1832SamuelSTEVENSON    MaryBRADLEY   
24 10 1835GeorgeWRIGHT  Anston SuzanneWRIGHT   
16 10 1837ThomasROBINSONBachelor of full age- Son of John, Labourer AughtonTailorElizabethSTENTONMinor - Daughter of William, Labourer WalesWood
19 10 1837?KELKBachelor of full age WalesCordwainerSarahDOWNESDaughter of John, Labourer Killamarsh
01 01 1840WilliamWREAKESBachelor of full age - Son of John, Manufacturer SheffieldButcherEliza LouisaBOOTHDaughter of Joseph, Farmer Wales
20 12 1840JosephMARPLESBachelor of full age, Son of Joseph, Farmer WalesGentleman's ServantHarrietWALKERDaughter of George, Farmer Wales
17 02 1842FrancisWILKSBachelor of full age, Son of John, Farmer Dog Kennel, Thorpe, WalesFarmerMaryMARSHALLDaughter of Jonathan, Farmer Wales
20 09 1842MathewBELKBachelor, Son of William, Parish Clerk20WalesLabourerCarolineLITTLEWOODIllegitimate20Wales
17 11 1843EdwardREYNOLDSBachelor of full age, Son of George, GameKeeper WalesWoodLabourerMaryFOWLERDaughter of Joseph, Labourer WalesWood
15 09 1844GeorgeTHOMPSONBachelor of full age, Son of Joseph, Butcher WalesShoeMakerElizabethMALINGWidow, Daughter of William Fisher, Farmer Wales
16 12 1844WilliamDRURYWidower of full age, Son of William, Miller WalesWood, TreetonLabourerHannahELLIOTDaughter of Samuel, Labourer Wales
12 01 1846SamuelWEBSTERBachelor of full age, Son of John, Labourer WalesLabourerCharlotteMIRFINServant Maid, Daughter of Henry, BlackSmith Wales
23 08 1847WilliamMULLINSBachelor of full age, Son of Robert, Labourer WalesWoodLabourerSarahCAUPDaughter of Benjamin, Labourer WalesWood
11 10 1847GeorgePERCIVALBachelor of full age, Son of John, Excavator WalesExcavatorMaryBELKDaughter of William, Farmer20Wales
21 06 1848JohnASHBYWidower of full age, Sob of William, Butcher WalesJoinerMarySTENTONDaughter of George, Labourer Wales
25 02 1850GilbertBULLBachelor of full age, Son of William, Farmer EggintonFarmerMarySHIRTCLIFFEDaughter of William, Labourer Wales
21 04 1851GeorgeWHEATCROFTWidower of full age, Son of Samuel, Boat Builder WalesPainterFrancesMIRFINDaughter of John, BlackSmith Wales
31 05 1851Edward IngallBOOTHBachelor of full age, Son of Joseph, Farmer WalesFarmerAnnMARSHALLDaughter of Jonathan, Farmer Wales
25 11 1853IsaacWALKERBachelor, Son of John, Labourer24WalesWoodLabourerEmmaTORRServant, Daughter of John, Labourer19Wales
26 06 1854WilliamCLARKEBachelor, Son of Samuel, Labourer22BarlboroughShoeMakerEllenMIRFINServant, Daughter of John, BlackSmith24Wales
26 06 1854CharlesPEATBachelor of full age, Son of Lubin, Sailor WalesWheelWrightAnnWARENServant, Daughter of William, Maltster Anston
18 11 1854JonathanMARSHALLBachelor of full age, Son of Jonathan, Farmer WalesFarmerElizabethBOOTHIllegitimate Wales
17 05 1855RalphHUGHESBachelor of full age, Son of Jabez, Farmer  FarmerSarahHOLMESDaughter of George, Farmer Pennyhome
20 12 1855RobertSIMPSONBachelor of full age, Son of William, Farmer  FarmerMarie AnnieGASCOIGNEDaughter of John Rogers, Farmer Wales
25 12 1855EdwardMORTONBachelor of full age, Son of Jonathan, Cordwainer HandsworthMasonHarrietSCHOFIELDDaughter of George, Parish Clerk Wales
24 04 1856WilliamGRATTONBachelor of full age WalesGentleman's ServantMaryELLIOTDaughter of George, Labourer Wales
04 08 1856DewsonCHAPMANBachelor of full age, Son of William, Labourer Dog Kennel, Thorpe, WalesQuarryManHarriettBENNETTDaughter of William, Labourer Wales
02 08 1857CharlesSHARPEBachelor of full age, Son of William, Gardener SheffieldGardenerAnnMOOREWOODDaughter of Samuel Wales
02 08 1857PeterBELKBachelor of full age, Son of William, Parish Clerk WalesLabourerAnnGOODWINDaughter of Joseph, Collier Wales
27 12 1857JosephMOOREWOODWidower of full age, Son of Samuel, Parish Clerk Wales AnnRICHARDSONDaughter of Charles, BlackSmith Wales
30 01 1859GeorgeBANKSBachelor of full age, Son of William M, Collier BeightonCollierSusanALSOPDaughter of Thomas, Mason Wales
07 03 1859WilliamBERESFORDBachelor of full age, Son of ?, Collier WalesCollierHarriettTURNERServant, Daughter of John, Labourer Wales
12 04 1860JobFROGGATTBachelor of full age, Son of Thomas, Labourer WalesWoodMinerHarriettMALLENDERServant, Daughter of John, Labourer WalesWood, Harthill
19 04 1860John HancockJARVISBachelor of full age, Son of Matthew, Farmer WalesWood, TreetonFarmerElizaSTAINLANDDaughter of George, Farmer WalesWood, Treeton
20 05 1861RobertWOODHEADMinor Bachelor, Son of Joseph, Labourer WalesBrickMakerElizabethSTENTONDomestic Servant, Daughter of George, Labourer Wales
17 12 1861JosephKELKBachelor of full age, Son of Joseph Pawson, Labourer WalesLabourerMatildaTAYLORDomestic Servant, Daughter of Frederick, Labourer Wales
14 01 1862WilliamHOPKINSONBachelor of full age, Son of George, Labourer WalesLabourerSarahHOLMESDomestic Servant, Daughter of William, Labourer Wales
27 04 1862George CliffeSELBYBachelor of full age, Son of Joseph, Farmer NorwoodPublicanMary AnnSTEELEMinor - Daughter of James, Farmer Norwood
11 08 1862CharlesDOVEBachelor, Son of Charles, Carpenter24WalesCarpenterAnn CarmichaelBRADLEYServant, Daughter of John, SawMaker Wales
26 08 1863HenryLANDBachelor of full age, Son of William, Shepherd WalesMinerEllenBRA????Widow, Daughter of Thomas Allsopp, Mason Wales
27 08 1863GeorgeSCOTTBachelor of full age, Son of Richard, Labourer WalesLabourerElizaBENNETTServant, Daughter of William, Labourer Wales
01 10 1863JosephBENNETTBachelor of full age, Son of William, Labourer WalesCollierEllenTURNERServant, Daughter of John, Collier Wales
17 02 1864AlfredCOOPERBachelor, Son of John, Miner28BarlboroughBlackSmithJaneHASLAMDaughter of William, Foundry Man21Wales
06 04 1864JohnGAFNEYBachelor, Son of Michael, Collier29WalesCollierSarahWALKERDaughter of John, Labourer22Wales
02 05 1864JohnBAXTERBachelor, Son of John, Collier27WalesCollierSarahWHETTONWidow, Daughter of John Holes, Labourer26Wales
19 06 1864SamuelCHAMBERSBachelor, Son of John, Collier26WalesCollierAnnMITCHELLDaughter of John, Labourer20Wales
07 08 1864CharlesBUCKLEYBachelor, Son of George, QuarryMan20WalesTinkerSusanMITCHELLDaughter of John, Labourer20Wales
25 08 1864WilliamMALLENDERBachelor, Son of John, Labourer20WalesCollierAnnCOOPERDomestic Servant, Daughter of James, Collier21WalesWood
26 02 1865FrederickWALKERBachelor, Son of Samuel, Collier21WalesCollierFrancesHUTCHINSONDaughter of Joseph, Labourer18Wales
10 04 1865FrancisMALLENDERBachelor, Son of John, Labourer24WalesMinerMaryGRANTDaughter of William, CarMan23Wales
17 04 1865JohnSKELTONBachelor, Son of William, Collier21EckingtonCollierEllenLYDEDaughter of Thomas, Mason19Eckington
26 02 1866HenryTURNERBachelor, Son of Joseph, Collier28WalesCollierMary AmbreyALSOPDaughter of Thomas, Mason33Wales
05 08 1866IsaacSWIFTBachelor, Son of Isaac, Farmer19WalesToolMakerSarah AnnJOHNSONDaughter of Alfred, Labourer18Wales
26 09 1866JosiahHULMEBachelor, Son of William, Labourer23WalesMinerSarahELLISDaughter of Richard, Labourer22Wales
04 11 1866GeorgeJOHNSONBachelor, Son of Alfred, Labourer22WalesCollierAnnRIVINGTONDaughter of Joseph, Collier22Wales
24 12 1866WilliamASHTONBachelor of full age, Son of Thomas, Cloth Weaver WalesCollierSarahCASHWidow, Daugher of William Broadhead, Labourer Wales
02 06 1867SamuelTIDMARSHBachelor, Son of Thomas, Labourer22WalesCollierMaryCUTTSDaughter of Charles, Labourer20Balsower
11 06 1867ElijahYOUNGBachelor, Son of John, Labourer25WalesLabourerRebeccaSTENTONDaughter of George, Labourer27Wales
14 10 1867ThomasHUTCHINSONBachelor, Son of Joseph, Labourer24WalesShoeMakerHannahFROGGATTDaughter of Thomas, Labourer22Wales
28 07 1868RichardDAWSBachelor, Son of Robert, Labourer27WalesCollierMary JaneMANGHAMDaughter of Samuel, Labourer17Wales
13 12 1868DavidSMITHBachelor, Son of William, Labourer24Brighton, DBYLabourerMaryMALLENDERDaughter of John, Farmer20Wales
17 05 1869JohnHARLOWBachelor, Son of John, Labourer21Kiveton Park, WalesCollierMariaPARKERDaughter of James, Collier23Kiveton Park, Wales
17 05 1869EdwinTILLEYBachelor, Son of Mathew, Labourer22Kiveton Park, WalesCollierEmmaCAMPIONDaughter of Thomas, Collier21Kiveton Park, Wales
12 07 1869JohnILLSLEYBachelor, Son of Thomas, Collier22Kiveton Park, WalesCollierElizabethFRANKTONMilliner, Daughter of Henry, ShoeMaker21Kiveton Park, Wales
19 07 1869EdwardYOUNGBachelor, Son of John, Labourer28WalesLabourerAnnWILKSDomestic Servant, Daughter of Francis, Labourer25Harthill
09 08 1869SamuelTOWNSENDBachelor, Son of Daniel, Collier19Kiveton Park, WalesCollierMargaretHOLLANDDaughter of John, BrickLayer19Kiveton Park, Wales
16 08 1869?STONEWidower of full age, Son of Isaac, GameKeeper Kiveton Park, WalesMinerHannahPARKINWidow, HouseKeeper, Daughter of Samuel Smith, Silk Weaver Kiveton Park, Wales
30 08 1869JosephWALKERBachelor, Son of John, Labourer21WalesCollierElizaFROGGATTDomestic Servant, Daughter of Thomas, Labourer22Wales
30 08 1869ThomasDEAKINBachelor, Son of Thomas, Weaver20Kiveton Park, WalesCollierMary AnnSALEYDaughter of Richard, Collier20Kiveton Park, Wales
31 12 1869ReubenPLANTBachelor, Son of Samuel, Collier30Kiveton Park, WalesCollierEmmaBATCHWidow, Daughter of John Richardson, Collier36Kiveton Park, Wales

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