Wales Registers: Marriages, 1870-1879


Wales Registers: Marriages, 1870-1879


DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom notesAgeGroom ParishOccupationBride nameBride SurnameBride notesAgeBride Parish
14 02 1870PhilipROFS [ROOFS OR ROSS]Bachelor, Son of Richard, Collier22Kiveton Park, WalesCollierEmmaSALEYDaughter of Richard, Collier19Kiveton Park, Wales
25 04 1870JamesPARKERBachelor, Son of James, Collier20Kiveton Park, WalesMinerFannyROFFS [ROOFS OR ROSS]Daughter of Richard, Collier19Kiveton Park, Wales
08 08 1870HerbertJONESBachelor, Son of William, Confectioner21Kiveton Park, WalesCollierSarahHERBERTDaughter of George, Collier21Kiveton Park, Wales
26 09 1870JosephLEECHBachelor, Son of John, Labourer19WalesCollierAda JaneSWAINDaughter of Joseph, Collier18Wales
10 10 1870HenryMALLENDERBachelor, Son of John, Farmer24WalesCollierHannahJENKINSONDaughter of Robert, Farmer20Wales
05 12 1870WilliamSTREETBachelor, Son of Thomas, Collier21WalesCollierCarolineSALEYDaughter of Richard, Collier18Wales
26 12 1870WilliamSINARWidower, Son of John, Labourer24WalesMinerAgnesBATCHDaughter of John, Miner16Wales
30 01 1871RichardMEASURESWidower, Son of John, Labourer28WalesMinerJaneBATCHDaughter of John, Miner22Wales
07 03 1871JohnPARKINBachelor, Son of William, BrickMaker25WalesMinerJaneNICHOLSDaughter of Moses, Miner22Wales
01 05 1871MosesNICHOLSWidower, Son of Edward, Labourer46WalesMinerFannyTRUEMANCook, Daughter of Michael, Miner50Wales
02 10 1871GeorgeGODFREYBachelor, Son of Christopher, BlackSmith21Wales BarMinerSarah AnnWILSONDaughter of Joseph, Grocer18Wales Bar
23 10 1871ThomasNORTONBachelor, Son of Joseph, Miner19WalesCollierMary JaneWHITTLEDaughter of Benjamin, Labourer19Wales
01 11 1871PeterHINDEWidower of full age, Son of Joseph, Cordwainer Whitwell, DBYCordwainerMarthaROBINSONHousekeeper, Daughter of George, Publican Wales
11 12 1871ArthurWRAGGBachelor, Son of John, Gardener22WalesMinerElizabethMALLENDERDaughter of John, Farmer29Wales
15 01 1872SamuelWALKERBachelor, Son of Samuel, Miner21WalesCoal MinerMary AnnNORRISDaughter of Henry, deceased20Bradfield, Sheffield
26 02 1872ThomasPARSONSBachelor, Son of John, Miner19WalesMiner??zillaSTREETDaughter of Thomas, Miner16Kiveton Park, Wales
11 03 1872JamesCOXALLBachelor, Son of David, deceased Labourer21WalesMinerAnnLANEDaughter of John, deceased Labourer19Kiveton Park, Wales
29 03 1872DanielEYELYBachelor, Son of Thomas, deceased Miner33WalesMinerSarahRICHARDSONDaughter of John, deceased Miner31Kiveton Park, Wales
04 11 1872ThomasCARLINGBachelor of full age, Son of Jonathan, Labourer Kiveton Park, WalesMinerMary AnnGOULDDaughter of William, Watch & Clock Maker Wales
30 11 1872DavidLEWISBachelor of full age, son of Oliver, deceased Labourer Kiveton Park, WalesMinerRosannahSUMMERFIELDWidow, Daughter of Jonathan Southall, deceased Miner Wales
11 01 1873IsaacSMITHBachelor, Son of Jacob, deceased Cordwainer30Kiveton Park, WalesMinerHarrietGREAVESDaughter of Joseph, Labourer26Wales
03 02 1873GeorgeRAMSDENBachelor, Son of John, Farm Bailiff23AstonMinerMary AnnWARBURTONDaughter of James, Miner20Wales
14 04 1873ThomasGRICEBachelor, Son of Joseph, Potter23WalesMinerMartha AnnJARVISDaughter of William, Miner22Wales
15 04 1873GeorgeBATEMANBachelor, Son of Moses, Miner21Kiveton Park, WalesMinerRosaELLISDaughter of George19Wales
22 04 1873JamesWARYBachelor, Son of George, Farmer30Kiveton Park, WalesMinerFrances MaryCHAPMANSpinster21Wales
28 06 1873HenryFROGGATTBachelor, Son of John, Labourer18WalesMinerAnnHOLLANDDaughter of John, deceased Labourer22Wales
30 06 1873LeviBURGINBachelor, Son of George, Colliery Labourer22WalesColliery LabourerMary AnnNEWBERTDaughter of John, Labourer22Wales
15 10 1873WilliamHALEBachelor, Son of Samuel, Farm Labourer26WalesCoal MinerSarahTARRYDomestic Servant, Daughter of Samuel, Farm Labourer18Brington, NTH
07 01 1874JohnFORTERBachelor, Son of Robert, Labourer22Kiveton Park, WalesCoal MinerAnnieCOLESDaughter of Joseph, deceased Labourer29Wales
09 03 1874HerbertJONESWidower, Son of William, Confectioner25Kiveton Park, WalesCollierRoseWILDMANDaughter of John, BrickLayer26Wales
13 04 1874JonathanMARSHALLWidower, Son of Jonathan, deceased Farmer44WalesFarmerAnnWALSHWidow, InnKeeper, Daughter of Joseph Drabble, deceased Table Blade Forger50Wales
25 06 1874HenryBULMERBachelor, Son of John, deceased Coachman24St.John's, ThroaphamQuarryManAlice Herp Lucy LaviniaCLARKSONDaughter of Robert, Butcher18Wales
28 06 1874Luke WilliamSIMMONDSBachelor, Son of William, deceased Miner22Pigeon BridgeMinerSarah AnnSYKESDaughter of Uriah, Miner23Wales
28 06 1874William HenryBILLAMBachelor, Son of Thomas, Labourer26WalesMinerJoanneFROGGATTDressMaker, Daughter of Thomas, Labourer19Wales
14 07 1874WilliamNEWBURYWidower, Son of Joseph, deceased Labourer45Kiveton Park, WalesMinerElizaSINARWidow, Daughter of John, deceased ShoeMaker46Wales
26 10 1874Charles GeorgeWHALEYBachelor of full age, Son of Joseph, SilverSmith Kiveton Park, WalesFarm LabourerHarrietBAINESDaughter of Henry William, Farm Labourer Kiveton Park, Wales
02 11 1874CharlesHICKLINMinor, Son of Joseph, Coal Miner Kiveton Park, WalesCoal MinerBetsyTURNERMinor Kiveton Park, Wales
09 11 1874WilliamRILEYBachelor of full age, Son of Samuel, Farm Labourer WalesWoodRailway LabourerHannahLOUISMinor WalesWood
27 12 1874JosephBILLAMBachelor of full age, Son of Thomas, Farm Labourer WalesCoal MinerHannahELLSEDaughter of Joseph, Farmer Wales
19 01 1875WilliamMORRISBachelor of full age, Son of Thomas, Master Coal Miner WalesCoal MinerCharlotte MariaFAIRFIELDDaughter of William, Coal Miner Wales
24 02 1875WilliamGODFREYWidower, Son of Christopher, BlackSmith27WalesWoodBlackSmithEmmaHOLMESDaughter of Joseph, Farmer20Wales Bar
29 03 1875ThomasILLSLEYBachelor of full age, Son of Edward, Collier Kiveton Park, WalesCollierMary AnnGUILFORDDaughter of William, Carpenter Kiveton Park, Wales
29 03 1875RichardBAILEYBachelor of full age, Son of James, Labourer Kiveton Park, WalesLabourerMariaSHAWDaughter of Thomas, Collier Kiveton Park, Wales
27 04 1875AlfredMURBYBachelor, Son of John, ShoeMaker19Kiveton Park, WalesCollierEmmaATKINDaughter of James, Publican27Kiveton Park, Wales
27 09 1875EphraimRILEYBachelor, Son of Samuel, Collier22Kiveton Park, WalesCollierMarinaEDWARDSDaughter of William, Collier17Kiveton Park, Wales
04 10 1875GeorgeSYKESBachelor, Son of Uriah, Collier23WalesWoodCollierMary AnnTHOMPSONDaughter of Benjamin, Collier20WalesWood
04 10 1875GeorgeTURNERBachelor, Son of George, Labourer20WalesWoodCollierEmmaFOSTERDaughter of Joseph, Labourer20WalesWood
30 12 1875GeorgeMITCHELLBachelor, Son of Richard, Farm Labourer25Laughton en le MorthenStone MasonMargaretWHETTONDaughter of John, Labourer20Kiveton Park, Wales
25 12 1876Tom JusticeTHOMPSONBachelor, Son of Joseph, Tailor26SheffieldMarkerAnnCHAMBERSDaughter of Charles, Labourer24Wales
26 12 1876WillisWILKSBachelor, Son of Samuel, ShoeMaker19WalesCollierSarahWALKERDaughter of Samuel, Collier19Wales
02 04 1877JosephSHEPHARDBachelor, Son of Samuel, Collier26AstonEngine TenterHephzibahCLARKSONDaughter of Robert, Butcher24Wales
03 04 1877ThomasWOODBachelor, Son of Charles, Collier22WalesCollierElizabethWALKERDaughter of Samuel, Collier20Wales
02 04 1877HerbertDRURYBachelor, Son of James, Collier24WalesCollierMaryWOODDaughter of Charles, Collier19Wales
02 04 1877ThomasWOODBachelor, Son of Joseph, Collier22Kiveton Park, WalesCollierBeatriceSALEYDaughter of Richard, Collier20Kiveton Park, Wales
02 07 1877JosephBURGINBachelor, Son of George, Labourer25WalesCarterMary JaneBENNETTDaughter of Luke, BrickLayer21Wales
12 12 1877Francis WalkerADAMSBachelor, Son of Francis, Tailor20RidgewayCollierMaryBELKDaughter of Peter, Carrier19Wales
24 12 1877JohnSHORTHOUSEBachelor, Son of John, Collier23Kiveton Park, WalesCollierElizabethHERBERTDaughter of George, Collier21Kiveton Park, Wales
25 12 1877JamesBENNETTBachelor, Son of Luke, Labourer23WalesLabourerFannyBURGINDaughter of George, Labourer18Wales
31 12 1877Cornelius RobertTINGLEBachelor, Son of William, Engineer21SheffieldPublicanMariaSNOWDENDaughter of James, Tailor & Draper18Wales
01 04 1878HenryPRATTBachelor, Son of Henry, Coachman22AstonGroomPhoebe MaudSWAINDaughter of Joseph, Miner20Kiveton Park, Wales
11 07 1878JohnEDDERSHAMBachelor, Son of John, Miner22WalesMinerHarrietALDERSDaughter of William, Miner19Wales
18 08 1878ThomasNUTTBachelor, Son of Ramden, Shepherd21WalesCarterHannahHOLMESDaughter of William, Labourer19Wales
16 09 1878EnosSTATONBachelor, Son of Mark, SickleSmith21MasboroughMinerSarah AnnWHITWORTHDaughter of Richard, Miner18Wales
16 09 1878PeterGLOSSOPBachelor, Son of Peter, Farmer23HarthillJoinerJaneANDERSONDaughter of George, Farm Bailiff23Wales
04 11 1878HezekiahTURNERBachelor, Son of John, Miner28Wales BarMinerHarrietCHAPMANDaughter of Henry, ShoeMaker26Wales Bar
25 11 1878FrederickNEWTONBachelor, Son of Samuel, Miner20Kiveton Park, WalesMinerEmilyBURGINDaughter of Levi, Labourer20WalesWood Colliery
29 01 1879Samuel DavidGEEREBachelor, Son of Richard, Rigger26Kiveton Park, WalesCollierMary AnnTRUEMANDaughter of Thomas, Collier23Kiveton Park, Wales
24 02 1879AbrahamSYKESBachelor, Son of Uriah, Deputy21Pigeon BridgeCollierHannahTHOMPSONDaughter of Benjamin, Collier20Pigeon Bridge
02 06 1879JohnHALEBachelor, Son of James, Collier25Kiveton Park, WalesCollierHarriet AnnBATEMANDaughter of Moses, Collier19Kiveton Park, Wales
07 07 1879WilliamCLARKEWidower, Son of William, Carpenter51WalesCollierHarrietFRITHWidow, Daughter of Benjamin Bramer, Labourer52Dinnington
05 10 1879WilliamOSBORNEBachelor, Son of Walter, Engine Driver25Kiveton Park, WalesCollierMariaNOBLEDaughter of John, Collier23Kiveton Park, Wales
21 12 1879JobDAVISBachelor, Son of George, Collier25WalesWood CollieryCollierSarahTHOMPSONDaughter of Benjamin, Collier19WalesWood Colliery

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