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WALES: Wales Registers: Marriages, 1880-1889

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom notesAgeGroom ParishOccupationBride nameBride SurnameBride notesAgeBride Parish
19 08 1880FrankOUTRAMBachelor, Son of William, Labourer21WalesWood CollieryEngine DriverSarahGODFREYDaughter of Christopher, BlackSmith19WalesWood Colliery
23 08 1880ThomasBROOKSBachelor, Son of Thomas, Pit Sinker22Kiveton ParkCollierJaneHARRISONDaughter of John, Labourer19Kiveton Park
14 10 1880JamesHODGESONBachelor, Son of Francis Morley, Farmer31UlleyFarmerMary ElizabethMORTONDaughter of Charles, Farmer33Brooke House
22 11 1880Arthur WilliamCOLLINSBachelor, Son of Arthur, Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerMargaret JaneBRAIGHALLDaughter of John, Miner18Kiveton Park
25 12 1880JesseHICKLINBachelor, Son of Joseph, Collier22Kiveton ParkCollierLydiaPARKINDaughter of Thomas, Collier22Kiveton Park
28 12 1880HenryLISTERBachelor, Son of Tom, Engine Driver22WalesWood CollieryStokerElizaSTOREYDaughter of Joseph, Collier19WalesWood Colliery
03 01 1881WilliamFRETWELLBachelor, Son of Samuel, Collier23WalesCollierElizabethHOPKINSONDaughter of William, Labourer18Wales
05 02 1881GeorgeHOLDENBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerHarrietSHAWDaughter of Thomas, Miner19Kiveton Park
14 02 1881AnthonySMITHBachelor, Son of Samuel, Collier23142 Kiveton ParkCollierEllenWARTONDaughter of Thomas, ChainMaker23142 Kiveton Park
15 02 1881HenryHAYESBachelor, Son of Henry, Engineer28EcclesallGrocerSarah ElizabethPLANTDaughter of John Banks, BlackSmith29Wales
20 03 1881EdwardHOLDENBachelor, Son of George, Miner19143 Kiveton ParkMinerElizabethPARKINDaughter of Thomas, Miner1685 Kiveton Park
26 03 1881SolomonHARTBachelor, Son of John, Collier23Kiveton ParkCollierSarah AnnGALLISDaughter of Joseph, Collier19Kiveton Park
07 04 1881RobertWILLERTONBachelor, Son of Richard, Labourer35EckingtonClog MakerElizabethLOWTHERDaughter of John, Market Gardener31Wales
05 06 1881EdwardJEPSONBachelor, Son of Joseph, Miner2514 Kiveton ParkMinerHannahMORLEYDaughter of John, Miner2133 Kiveton Park
05 07 1881WilliamWARTONWidower, Son of Thomas, Nailer29142 Kiveton ParkMinerMaryDARKEYWidow, Daughter of William Price, Miner25142 Kiveton Park
06 07 1881JohnIBBOTSONBachelor, Son of Jonathan, Farmer56WalesWoodFarmerSarahMIDDLETONWidow, Daughter of Richard Gillat, Labourer60WalesWood
26 12 1881GeorgeSIMPSONBachelor, Son of John, Labourer21EastwoodLabourerMary CatherinePLANTDaughter of James, BlackSmith23Wales
31 12 1881Samuel JosephATKINSBachelor, Son of Joseph, Coal Loader35155 Kiveton ParkCollierMary AnnBROOKSWidow, Daughter of Benjamin Plant, Labourer46155 Kiveton Park
16 05 1882John JosephCHAMBERSBachelor, Son of Edward, Joiner23229 Kiveton ParkJoinerElizabethBETTERIDGEDaughter of William, Miner19229 Kiveton Park
29 05 1882HenryBARRACLOUGHBachelor, Son of Frederick, Cutler26Wales BarSilverSmithFannyPONDDaughter of Samuel, Labourer22Wales Bar
31 07 1882WilliamPEATBachelor, Son of Charles, Joiner24WalesMinerHannahRICHARDSONDaughter of George, Miner23Wales
07 08 1882GeorgeJOHNSONBachelor, Son of William, Labourer21Norwood LocksLabourerSarahHARTDaughter of Henry, Collier24185 Kiveton Park
28 08 1882WilsonWALKERBachelor, Son of Samuel, Collier27WalesCollierMary JaneFORDDaughter of Walter, ShoeMaker19Wales
30 10 1882JosephEVANSWidower, Son of John, Engine Tenter31NorbriggsFruitererSarah AnnSISSONSWidow, Daughter of Isaiah, Miner20Kiveton Park
04 11 1882JosephWESTBachelor, Son of Edmund, Miner42Wales BarMinerMary AnnPORTERWidow, Daughter of James Childs, Navvy42Wales Bar
25 12 1882EdgarMILNERBachelor, Son of Joseph, Grinder31Kiveton ParkMinerMariaBARNESDaughter of George, Miner19Kiveton Park
25 12 1882JohnCASHBachelor, Son of William, Miner22Kiveton ParkMinerHarrietHOLDENDaughter of Thomas, Miner21Kiveton Park
25 12 1882JosephFROGGATTBachelor, Son of Thomas, Labourer24WalesMinerEllenBURGINDaughter of Levi, Labourer22Pigeon Bridge
26 12 1882ThomasATKINSBachelor, Son of Jack, Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerSarah ElizabethPLANTDaughter of James, BlackSmith21Wales
26 12 1882ArthurFEIRINBachelor, Son of Meggimorn, Farm Bailiff22WalesPoliceManHarrietBURROWSDaughter of Thomas, Engineer21Wales
27 08 1883JohnINGHAMBachelor, Son of John, Labourer38WalesLabourerMaryMARSHALLDaughter of Robert, deceased Labourer26Wales
07 11 1883JohnWOODBachelor, Son of Charles, Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerHannahHARTDaughter of Henry, Miner18Killamarsh
24 12 1883Timothy JamesBAUGHBachelor, Son of Brian, Pit Manager20Pigeon BridgeMinerJaneJONESDaughter of John, Labourer20Pigeon Bridge
24 12 1883JohnRICKETTBachelor, Son of James, Miner27Kiveton ParkMinerSusannah Rachel LevertonCHAMBERSDaughter of George Leverton, Miner18Kiveton Park
25 12 1883JosephJACKSONBachelor, Son of George, Foreman23Kiveton ParkShunterMartha AnnBARNESDaughter of George, Miner19Kiveton Park
10 04 1884GeorgeTRISTRAMBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miner27Kiveton ParkMinerMary KateBOOTHDaughter of Edward, Farmer29Wales
02 06 1884George HenryMORRISBachelor, Son of George, Labourer20WalesCollierFannyPRICEDaughter of John, BrickMaker21Wales
02 06 1884JohnNEWTONBachelor, Son of Samuel, Labourer26TreetonCollierLucyHULLDaughter of Samuel, Labourer21Wales
24 06 1884ThomasMAYCOCKBachelor, Son of James, Collier29174 Kiveton ParkCollierElizaHARTDaughter of William, Collier21173 Kiveton Park
21 07 1884JosephASHERWidower, Son of Joseph, Miner3848 Kiveton ParkMinerEmmaHOLDENDaughter of Thomas, Miner2836 Kiveton Park
07 09 1884GeorgeBARKERBachelor, Son of Thomas, Weighman22Kiveton ParkMinerElizabethRODGERSDaughter of Alfred, Miner20Kiveton Park
05 11 1884FrederickSTACEYBachelor, Son of Joseph, Farmer30PithousesFarmerAnn ElizaWALKERDaughter of George, ShopKeeper23Wales
01 12 1884WilliamSTOKESBachelor, Son of George, Labourer23Kiveton ParkMinerMaryMEADSDaughter of George, Labourer21Kiveton Park
25 12 1884CharlesBASSBachelor, Son of John, Labourer34Kiveton ParkMinerLouisaWALKERDaughter of Jarvis, Labourer35Kiveton Park
04 02 1885GeorgeHERBERTBachelor, Son of George, Miner25Kiveton ParkMinerLilliePOXONDaughter of Thomas, Labourer22Kiveton Park
23 03 1885WilliamMALLINDERBachelor, Son of Charles, Miner30KillamarshMinerMariaHURTDaughter of Henry, Miner18Boatman Inn
13 04 1885AlfredWARDBachelor, Son of William, Carpenter31WalesWood CollieryMinerElizabethSMITHDaughter of James, Miner31WalesWood Colliery
21 09 1885WilliamMILLSBachelor, Son of Henry, Farmer20Kiveton ParkCollierElizabethWARDDaughter of William, deceased HorseMan19Kiveton Park
13 10 1885Charles HenryWEBSTERBachelor, Son of Henry William, deceased Mason27Kiveton ParkBrickLayerSarah JaneSTIMSONDaughter of John, deceased Miner23Kiveton Park
24 11 1885SamuelFISHERBachelor, Son of James, Collier20BalboroughCollierMaudSWAINDaughter of Joseph, Deputy21Kiveton Park
24 12 1885JamesTHOMPSONBachelor, Son of John, Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerEmma JaneSIDAWAYDaughter of James, Cable Chair Maker24Kiveton Park
24 12 1885WilliamELEYBachelor, Son of William, Publican22Kiveton ParkMinerMaryTHOMPSONDaughter of John, Miner19Kiveton Park
25 12 1885FrederickGODFREYBachelor, Son of Christopher, deceased BlackSmith27Wales BarMinerEliza AnnHAWKINSDaughter of John, Engine Tenter19Wales Bar
25 12 1885WilliamBURGINBachelor, Son of George, Miner20WalesMinerEllenBATEMANDaughter of Abraham, Miner18Kiveton Park
25 12 1885ThomasDENNISBachelor, Son of John, deceased Labourer29Kiveton ParkMinerSarahLEEDaughter of Joseph, Miner20Kiveton Park
12 01 1886William ArthurPAYNEBachelor, Son of William, Labourer22Kiveton ParkMinerJane EllenPULLERDaughter of Thomas, deceased Labourer20Old Battersea
25 01 1886HenryBENNETTBachelor, Son of Luke, BookMaker23WalesMinerCatherineBURGINDaughter of George, Labourer22Wales
01 03 1886Henry EmmersonFATHERSBachelor, Son of Jonathan, Engine Man21Kiveton Park CollieryTelegraph ClerkElizabethHICKLINGDaughter of Joseph, Collier22Kiveton Park
08 03 1886GeorgeBURGINBachelor, Son of Levis, Labourer23Pigeon BridgeCollierMariaBATEMANDaughter of Moses, Collier19Kiveton Park
09 03 1886AaronBURGINBachelor, Son of Paul, Labourer28Kiveton ParkPlate LayerRosannahLISTERDaughter of Thomas, Engine Tenter24Pigeon Bridge
23 05 1886Fred MillsNOBLEBachelor, Son of John, Collier26Kiveton ParkCollierMary ElizaCROOKESDaughter of Frank, Fork Grinder20Kiveton Park
14 06 1886William MarshallCLARKBachelor, Son of Thomas, Farm Labourer21BeightonPlate LayerFannyWALKERDaughter of Samuel, Farm Labourer23WalesWood
18 08 1886GeorgeHASLAMBachelor, Son of Bernard, Cutler27SheffieldSilverSmithAnniePEATDaughter of Charles, Joiner25Wales
03 10 1886WilliamRODGERSBachelor, Son of Alfred, deceased Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerMartha MaryCHAPMANDaughter of John, Miner18Kiveton Park
04 10 1886ElijahWIGMOREBachelor, Son of Charles, Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerHannahFATHERSDaughter of Jonathan, Engine Driver20Kiveton Park
08 11 1886GeorgeCOXBachelor, Son of John, deceased Miner22Wales BarMinerSarah AnnSTUBBINGSSpinster18Wales Bar
09 11 1886RichardPURDYBachelor, Son of Francis, deceased Miner32Kiveton ParkMinerMillicentROBINSONDaughter of Thomas, deceased Engine Man34Killamarsh
28 11 1886WilliamGAFFNEYBachelor, Son of John, Miner22Kiveton ParkMinerHarriet AnnHOLROYDDaughter of George, Miner19Kiveton Park
25 12 1886Willey SamNORRISBachelor, Son of William, deceased Labourer26WalesMinerAnnieWALKERDaughter of Samuel, deceased Miner24Wales
15 02 1887Noah SamuelTOMLINSONBachelor, Son of Thomas, deceased InnKeeper26Kiveton ParkMinerPrudenceWILTONDaughter of William, Miner19Kiveton Park
29 05 1887WilliamSPENCERBachelor, Son of Thomas, deceased Miner24Kiveton ParkMinerAlice MariaHERBERTDaughter of George, Miner18Kiveton Park
30 05 1887JosephBUFFYBachelor, Son of William, Fish Dealer23Kiveton ParkMinerKateBARKERDaughter of Thomas, Weighman21Kiveton Park
30 05 1887JosephWIDDISONBachelor, Son of Edward, Labourer22Kiveton ParkMinerSarahNEWBOULDDaughter of Anthony, deceased Miner19Kiveton Park
26 07 1887RobertWHYLESBachelor, Son of Thomas, Collier27Wales BarCollierElizabethWOODHEADDaughter of John, Collier18Wales Bar
08 08 1887JohnHETTBachelor, Son of William, Mason30189 Kiveton ParkJoinerMary EllenWRIGHTDaughter of William, Miner22189 Kiveton Park
02 10 1887JosephNEWBOULDBachelor, Son of Anthony, deceased Miner23Kiveton ParkMinerOliveWOODDaughter of Charles, Miner19Kiveton Park
25 10 1887JosephSTARBUCKBachelor, Son of Joseph, Shepherd25Kiveton ParkPlate LayerMary AnnLEEDaughter of Charles, Grocer23Kiveton Park
05 12 1887ThomasHERBERTBachelor, Son of George, Collier23Kiveton ParkCollierGeorgina LaviniaLEVERTONDaughter of George, Collier20Kiveton Park
11 12 1887WilliamCOLDWELLBachelor, Son of Henry, Railway Spring Fitter23Crookes, SheffieldDie StrikerSarah HannahGOODMANDaughter of Samuel, Miner19Wales
25 12 1887HerbertFROGGATTBachelor21Kiveton ParkMinerMary AnnBURGINDaughter of Jesse, Miner19Kiveton Park
26 12 1887ThomasNEWBOULDBachelor, Son of Anthony, deceased Miner22Kiveton ParkMinerMary AnnMANNDaughter of Edmund, Miner18Kiveton Park
04 04 1888CharlesARCHERWidower, Son of Richard, Farmer35WalesFarm BailiffElizabethBROOKDaughter of Edward, deceased Farmer28Wales
22 05 1888JohnHOLMESBachelor, Son of George, QuarryMan22Kiveton ParkQuarryManMary AnnWIGMOREDaughter of Charles, Miner24Kiveton Park
10 09 1888SamuelTRUEMANBachelor, Son of Samuel, Miner20Kiveton ParkMinerHarrietMORRISDaughter of George, QuarryMan17WalesWood Colliery
25 10 1888JohnLODGEBachelor, Son of Thomas, deceased30RotherhamLetter CarrierElizabethJOHNSONDaughter of William, Labourer25Wales
10 11 1888EdwardBARTHOLOMEWBachelor, Son of Samuel, Farm Labourer30WalesLabourerSarah AnnBELKDaughter of Peter, Farmer25Wales
25 12 1888JosephPRICHARDBachelor, Son of John, Miner22Kiveton ParkMinerElizabethJACKSONDaughter of George, Foreman23Kiveton Park
25 12 1888ThomasHOLDENBachelor, Son of George, Miner22Kiveton ParkMinerAnnieMEESDaughter of Richard, Miner22Kiveton Park
07 01 1889SamuelSOARBachelor, Son of Edward, Underviewer20Kiveton ParkButcherBetsyLEEDaughter of Charles, Grocer19Kiveton Park
07 01 1889WilliamHALLBachelor, Son of Benjamin, deceased Miner30Killamarsh, DBYMinerMariaWALKERDaughter of Goodman, deceased Miner22Kiveton Park
29 01 1889AlbertGODFREYBachelor, Son of Joseph, BlackSmith25WalesWood CollieryBlackSmithElizabethBUSKINDaughter of George, Miner21Wales
19 03 1889AlfredEVANSBachelor, Son of Moses, deceased Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerFannieBENNETTSpinster20Wales
29 04 1889Joseph ErnestBARKERBachelor, Son of Joseph, Gardener25BramptonPipe TwinerAnnie ElizabethFROGGATTDaughter of Thomas, deceased24Wales
10 06 1889SamuelGODFREYBachelor, Son of Christopher, deceased BlackSmith25WalesMinerAnnieASHLEYDaughter of Caleb, Grocer20Wales
22 07 1889Edwin JohnFERNBachelor, Son of Thomas, deceased Collier25 CollierFannyBUTLERDaughter of Edwin, Collier21 
02 09 1889GeorgeWHITTAKERBachelor, Son of James, Miner27Kiveton ParkMinerSarahGAFFNEYDaughter of John, Miner18Kiveton Park
10 11 1889ThomasCOTTAMBachelor, Son of John, BlackSmith22AughtonLabourerClaraMANGHAMDaughter of Alfred, Miner20Wales
25 12 1889JosephSHAWBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miner20Kiveton ParkMinerFrancesROWBOTTOMSpinster17Kiveton Park

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