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WALES: Wales Registers: Marriages, 1900-1909

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom notesAgeGroom ParishOccupationBride nameBride SurnameBride notesAgeBride ParishNotes
16 04 1900EdwardJAMESBachelor, Son of Edward, Miner27WalesWoodMinerAnnie ElizabethRAMSDENDaughter of George25WalesWood 
19 04 1900Gwyn LloydMOOREWidower, Son of George Edgar Rees, Clerk in Holy Orders47Market BeightonClerk in Holy OrdersMary Dorothea Broomhead ColtenFOXDaughter of Bernard Platts Broomhead Colten, Solicitor21Wales 
14 05 1900ArthurGODFREYBachelor, Son of Joseph, Miner28WalesWoodMinerHannahHOWARDDaughter of Samuel, Miner25WalesWood 
04 06 1900John HenrySMITHWidower, Son of Thomas, deceased45WalesWoodLamp KeeperClaraSTACEYWidow, Daughter of Samuel Shepherd, deceased55Wales 
04 06 1900William HenryWEBSTERBachelor, Son of Joseph, Miner19HarthillMinerAnnieBARTERDaughter of Henry, Miner19Kiveton Park 
10 09 1900William HenryBASSBachelor, Son of Walter, deceased22Kiveton ParkMinerHannahTWIGGERDaughter of George, Check Weighman20Kiveton Park 
13 10 1900DavidNIXONWidower, Son of John, BlackSmith23HuddersfieldWarehouseManMary EllenBARTERDaughter of Thomas, Fitter24Wales 
05 11 1900Wesley AlfredMANGHAMBachelor, Son of Alfred, Miner27Clowne, DBYMinerViolettaPEATDaughter of Charles, Joiner22Wales 
31 12 1900Alwyn A AugustusWOODBachelor, Son of Benjamin, deceased29PitsmoorCutlerFlorence LillianBROOKESDaughter of John Henry, deceased34Wales 
31 12 1900GeorgeCARTLIDGEWidower, Son of James, deceased59WalesPublicanEmilyBROOKESWidow, Daughter of Thomas Hunt, deceased54Wales 
09 02 1901William HenryHARTBachelor, Son of William, Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerElizabethEDDERSHAWDaughter of John, Miner20Kiveton Park 
19 02 1901SamuelWILKSBachelor, Son of Willis, Miner22KillamarshMinerElizabethCOPESTAKEDaughter of William, Miner19Kiveton Park 
23 03 1901WilliamMEESEBachelor, Son of William, Miner22Kiveton ParkMinerAnnieTRISTRAMDaughter of John, Miner19Kiveton Park 
04 08 1901George WaitmanPEARSONBachelor, Son of Robert, Miner19DarnellMinerMaryWADSWORTHDaughter of Charles, Miner19Wales 
28 10 1901StephenSLANEYBachelor, Son of Stephen, Dryer21WalesMinerElizabethHOLLANDDaughter of Herbert, Miner18Wales 
25 06 1901HerbertWALKERBachelor, Son of Samuel, deceased33WalesMinerAda AnnBELKDaughter of Joseph Pawson, Canal Lock Keeper26Killamarsh 
23 07 1901JohnCASHWidower, Son of James, deceased40Kiveton ParkMinerMaryCOOPERWidow, Daughter of John Wilcox, Farmer31Kiveton Park 
05 08 1901Thomas WilliamSHORTBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miner20Wales BarMinerBeatriceWOODDaughter of Thomas, Miner22Wales 
28 09 1901Albert JohnCOOKEBachelor, Son of Albert, Horse Keeper23WalesMinerFlorence KateBELKDaughter of Peter, Farmer24Wales 
28 10 1901GeorgeFARROWBachelor, Son of George E, Porter21NettlehamJoinerLucySISSONSDaughter of Isaiah, Miner30Kiveton Park 
28 01 1902CharlesGRAINGERBachelor, Son of Richard, deceased21KivetonMinerEvaCOLEDaughter of James, deceased20Kiveton 
01 03 1902JohnCOULDWELLBachelor, Son of George, deceased31WalesWoodButcherMartha HeppenstallCHRISTIANDaughter of Thomas, Joiner33Aston 
02 04 1902JamesBLANDBachelor, Son of George, Publican21KivetonMinerEdith AnneTRUSTMANDaughter of Thomas, Miner20Kiveton 
21 07 1902WilliamOSBOURNEBachelor, Son of William, Farm Bailiff32AstonLabourerElizabeth AnneROBINSONDaughter of Joseph, Miner30Wales 
01 09 1902JohnBASSBachelor, Son of Walter, deceased22KivetonMinerElizabeth WiltonPONDDaughter of George, deceased21Kiveton 
20 10 1902Herbert JamesBARBERWidower, Son of Thomas, Engine Driver36KivetonGrocerClaraKINGDaughter of Samuel Park, Miner29Kiveton 
10 11 1902William ErnestBURGINBachelor, Son of William, Farmer26WalesMinerSarah ElizabethSWABYWidow, Daughter of Samuel Couldwell, Miner35Wales 
26 12 1902WilliamRICHARDSONBachelor, Son of William, Miner22LangwaithMinerRoseFATHERSDaughter of John, Miner23Kiveton 
13 04 1903HarryDAYLESBachelor, Son of John, Miner21WalesMinerElsieDEAKINDaughter of Henry Revice, Miner20Kiveton 
13 04 1903LeonardHARVEYBachelor, Son of Edward T., Miner21Kiveton ParkMinerAgnesCOLLINSDaughter of Arthur, Under Manager20Wales 
12 05 1903George HenryMASONBachelor, Son of George H, deceased28ConisboroughBarManAnnice MariaSPENCERDaughter of George, deceased21Kiveton 
14 06 1903Edward WalterHORNEBachelor, Son of William, deceased32Thorpe SalvinSignalManMary ElizabethGREAVESDaughter of William, deceased23Kiveton 
30 06 1903William HenryDEAKINBachelor, Son of Herbert, Miner34KivetonLampManLouiseHOLTBYDaughter of Thomas, Miner27Kiveton 
19 07 1903PercyTHORNTONBachelor, Son of William, Railway Clerk22KivetonMinerViolet JonettaLEVETONDaughter of George Chambers, Miner20Kiveton 
29 07 1903WilliamTURNERBachelor, Son of Reuben, Gardener25AnstonCollierHannahPARKERDaughter of James, Collier24Wales 
17 08 1903George ThomasWHITEHALLBachelor, Son of Joseph, Publican21WalesTailorBeatrice LomasBARRACLOUGHDaughter of Henry Lomas, Table Knife Cutler20Wales 
10 10 1903LutherBARNESBachelor, Son of George, Miner20KivetonMinerLillianHALLDaughter of John, Grocer19WalesWood 
04 04 1904WilliamTAYLORBachelor, Son of George Henry, Labourer23WalesMilkManMinnieMILLERDaughter of George, Miner22Kiveton 
05 04 1904WilliamRUDDBachelor, Son of Robert, Engine Driver28KillamarshMinerCeciliaBAUGHDaughter of John, Miner21Wales 
22 06 1904Reginald EdwardHOORENBachelor, Son of William, SchoolMaster27BeightonMining EngineerAnnie Madeline GirdlerMORTONDaughter of John Norborn, Farmer26Wales 
16 08 1904William ThomasHARVEYBachelor, Son of Edmund, Miner22Wales RoadMinerGertrude MargaretTURNERDaughter of Thomas, Builder19Harthill 
10 09 1904James EdwardEVANSBachelor, Son of Edward, Miner19KivetonMinerLydia BlancheNEALDaughter of Cornelia, Engineer21KivetonCornelius, perhaps??
12 09 1904Joseph ThomasBELLBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miner22WalesWoodMinerLillyROSSDaughter of William, Miner21Kiveton 
12 11 1904Alfred GeorgeMARSHWidower, Son of Benjamin, Mason34SharrowMasonSarah AnnGOLLICKDaughter of Benjamin, Miner30Kiveton 
17 12 1904FredROSSBachelor, Son of George Henry, Miner22KivetonMinerElizabethBOFFYDaughter of Lillie, Miner24Kiveton 
26 12 1904JosephWOODBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miner27KivetonMinerEmily LawsonGREENFIELDDaughter of George, Grocer23Sheffield 
14 05 1905HenrySHUKERBachelor, Son of George, Miner21Creswell, DBYButcherMaryKINGDaughter of James, Miner18Kiveton 
19 07 1905William ReedHOPKINSONBachelor, Son of John, Carter31WalesWoodTailorEllen ElizaGASCOIGNEDaughter of Aaron, deceased24Wales 
24 07 1905John HenrySMITHBachelor, Son of John Henry, InnKeeper27WalesButcherMaud MaryARCHERDaughter of Charles, Farmer26Wales 
05 09 1905ZerahBRABBSBachelor, Son of Zerah, Farmer25WalesFarmerRose HannahWOODDaughter of Thomas, Miner23Wales 
31 10 1905JohnWADSWORTHBachelor, Son of Charles, Miner22WalesWoodMinerMary EllenBELLDaughter of Thomas, Miner22WalesWood 
05 11 1905GeorgeSHAWBachelor, Son of James, Grocer32EckingtonInsurance AgentEleanor ElizabethDAWSONDaughter of James Henry, Miller25Wales 
25 11 1905Thomas MathewILLSLEYBachelor, Son of Edward, Miner25KivetonMinerLillian MargaretDRURYDaughter of Herbert, Miner25Kiveton 
06 01 1906FritzSEAGERBachelor, Son of Charles Albert, Wool Buyer20KivetonSea MerchantAnnie ElizabethBATEMANDaughter of George, Carter22Kiveton 
29 01 1906WilliamHAYLANDWidower, Son of John, Farmer32Canal Road MarthaFISHBOAKSWidow, Daughter of Peter Belk, Farmer21Wales 
16 04 1906John ThomasSIMMONSBachelor, Son of Jonathan, Miner22WalesMinerElsie WoodsworthHOLMESDaughter of Sydney Robert, Carpenter20Wales 
02 06 1906JamesGOLLICKBachelor, Son of Benjamin, Miner23KivetonMinerJanePEARSONDaughter of Elijah, deceased25Kiveton 
02 06 1906AlfredBOWMANBachelor, Son of Edward, deceased25NortonBuilderMabel AldersonMORTONDaughter of John Newbourne, deceased25Wales 
04 06 1906AlbertWHETTON/WHETTEMBachelor, Son of William, Miner25WalesMinerMillicentTRUMANDaughter of John, Miner21Wales 
08 09 1906WilfredBARBERBachelor, Son of George, Miner21KivetonMinerEmma GertrudeNOBLEDaughter of Fred Mill, Miner18Kiveton 
08 12 1906JohnLEECHBachelor, Son of William Henry, Miner22KivetonMinerMillicentILLSLEYDaughter of John, Miner20Kiveton 
25 12 1906John ThomasBUTLERWidower, Son of James, Miner53KivetonMinerLydiaNEALWidow, Daughter of James Steel, Cutler62Kiveton 
04 02 1907William ErnestBURGINWidower30WalesMinerSarah JaneLAMBDaughter of William, Labourer21Wales 
30 03 1907GeorgeOAKTONBachelor, Son of Thiophidas, Miner30KivetonMinerLilyFATHERSDaughter of Jonathan, Miner31Kiveton 
01 04 1907JohnMARSHBachelor, Son of William, Stone Mason28WalesWoodMinerEliza FlorencePALMERDaughter of Walter, Miner29  
20 04 1907WilliamLUTONBachelor, Son of John, Fruit Salesman20KivetonMinerClaraBATEMANDaughter of Henry, Miner20Kiveton 
08 06 1907EdmundMANNBachelor, Son of Edmund, deceased29KivetonMinerMargaretREDFEARNDaughter of William, Miner18Kiveton 
23 06 1907GeorgePOLTERBachelor, Son of Joseph, deceased23SheffieldLabourerEllitonCHECKLEYDaughter of Joseph, Miner22Wales 
26 06 1907Harry PercivalSNOWDENBachelor, Son of Henry, Tailor26KivetonTailorEdith MaryHALLDaughter of James, BlackSmith24Kiveton 
24 08 1907RichardDAVIESBachelor, Son of William, Miner28WalesMinerMary ElizabethCAPILDaughter of William, Miner23Wales 
14 10 1907Arthur AtkinsonFLETCHERBachelor, Son of James, Gardener27SheffieldGardenerAnnieGUDEDaughter of William, Railway Porter26Wales 
15 12 1907FrankROBINSONBachelor, Son of William, Coachman22WalesMinerAnnieSAYLESDaughter of John, Miner22Wales 
22 12 1907HerbertPEMBERTONBachelor, Son of Joseph, Moulder28KillamarshCollierCharlotteBANKSDaughter of George, Collier29Wales 
25 12 1907Arthur MillsNOBLEBachelor, Son of Fred Mills, Miner21KivetonMinerMariaHEATHDaughter of William, Miner21Kiveton 
26 12 1907LewisGREGORYBachelor, Son of George Henry, Law Hardener25SheffieldLabourerHannahCHECKLEYDaughter of Joseph, Miner24Wales 
11 01 1908HoratioFRETWELLBachelor, Son of William, Miner24WalesMinerAdaFROGGATTDaughter of Henry, Colliery Deputy23Wales 
15 02 1908William EdwinROBINSONBachelor, Son of William, Coachman21WalesMinerSabrinaREVITTDaughter of Ernest, Labourer20Wales 
20 04 1908John FisherWHITFIELDBachelor, Son of William, Miner23AnstonMinerPhoebeMEESEDaughter of William, Miner18Kiveton 
21 04 1908Samuel DavidNEWTONBachelor, Son of Frederick, Miner28WalesMinerGertrudeHARRISDaughter of William, deceased27Wales 
08 06 1908Robert GeorgeMOODYBachelor, Son of Robert, BlackSmith22WalesWoodBlackSmithBerthaBELLDaughter of Thomas, deceased22WalesWood 
08 06 1908ThomasPEARSONBachelor, Son of Elijah, Miner25KivetonMinerMinnieSALTERDaughter of William, Foreman23Kiveton 
08 06 1908HerbertFITZACKERLYBachelor, Son of Henry, Carter21BeightonMinerEmilyGRACEDaughter of Henry, Engine Driver18WalesWood 
08 06 1908John RobertCOWLISHAWBachelor, Son of John, Miner23Wales BarMinerAdaLAMBDaughter of William, Labourer21Wales 
08 06 1908AshleyUNWINBachelor, Son of William, Cobbler24KivetonMinerLilyLEBANDDaughter of Job, deceased23Kiveton 
09 06 1908James HerbertHOLLANDBachelor, Son of Herbert, Miner23WalesMinerFlorenceELLISDaughter of Isaac John, Miner21Wales 
09 06 1908Joe William StanilandPILGRIMBachelor, Son of James, Farmer24WalesMinerPatienceFRETWELLDaughter of William, Miner20Wales 
13 06 1908JohnWHITEHEADBachelor, Son of Claude Lorraine, Civil Engineer26Wales BarColliery DeputyMarySTOKESDaughter of William, Miner18Wales 
15 06 1908AlfredTHOMPSONBachelor, Son of John, Miner27Kiveton Park, WalesEngineerLizzieGUDEDaughter of William, SignalMan24Kiveton Park, Wales 
23 07 1908JamesGUESTBachelor, Son of James, deceased28WalesMinerBeatriceBENNETTDaughter of Henry, Miner22Wales 
05 09 1908JosephBUTLERBachelor, Son of Enoch, Miner20Kiveton Park, WalesMinerFrances Ethel EddershawDUKESDaughter of George, Miner21Kiveton Park, Wales 
04 10 1908HarryGLOSSOPBachelor, Son of George Edward, Cutlery Maker25WalesMinerNorahDODDDaughter of Patrick, Miner21Wales 
24 10 1908LeviSTREETBachelor, Son of James, Miner21Kiveton Park, WalesMinerEliza AnnDENNISDaughter of Thomas, Miner18Kiveton Park, Wales 
19 12 1908Thomas ArthurTHROOPBachelor, Son of John, Labourer23WalesMinerMary JaneATKINSDaughter of Amos, Miner21Kiveton Park, Wales 
09 03 1909George LeonardNICHOLLSBachelor, Son of John, Miner25WalesMinerAliceRAMSDENDaughter of George, Miner19Wales 
28 03 1909HenryBENNETTBachelor, Son of James, Miner24Wales BarMinerMaryWRIGHTDaughter of John, deceased19Wales 
05 04 1909HerbertHAITHBachelor, Son of Henry, Railway Servant24WalesRailway ServantEdith HeyATKINSONDaughter of George, HorseMan34Kiveton Park, Wales 
11 04 1909SamuelHOLDENBachelor, Son of Samuel, Miner26WalesMinerLilyJONESDaughter of John, Miner21Beighton 
12 04 1909William HenryHUTCHINSONBachelor, Son of William, Miner21WoodhouseMinerElizaCAPPDaughter of John, Joiner21Wales 
29 05 1909ArthurWILKSBachelor, Son of Willis, Miner23WalesMinerLilianGOODMANDaughter of Samuel, Colliery Deputy22  
27 06 1909JosephWOODBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miner24WalesMinerMartha MinnieBLACKHAMDaughter of Richard, Lamp Lighter22Wales 
05 07 1909William AlbertMEADBachelor, Son of William Henry, WhiteSmith23WalesSteel WorkerFlorenceHOLMESDaughter of Walter, Miner20Wales 
07 08 1909GeorgeASHTONWidower, Son of William, deceased41Kiveton Park, WalesMinerBetsyMURGATROYDWidow, Daughter of James Butler, deceased42Kiveton Park, Wales 
06 11 1909WilliamHOLDENBachelor, Son of George, Miner23Kiveton Park, WalesMinerEleanorDOUGLASDaughter of Robert David, Clerk25Kiveton Park, Wales 
13 11 1909John CharlesTURNERBachelor, Son of George, Miner23WalesMinerAliceHOWSONDaughter of William Henry, Labourer20Wales 
27 12 1909ErnestELSHAWBachelor, Son of Charles, Miner22WalesMinerAnnieWHYLESDaughter of Robert, Miner22Wales 

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