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WALES: Wales Registers: Marriages, 1910-1920

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom notesAgeGroom ParishOccupationBride nameBride SurnameBride notesAgeBride Parish
01 01 1910Ernest AlbertTOMLINSONBachelor, Son of Albert Henry, Carpenter24WalesClerkHarriet AnnaWILLIAMSONDaughter of Fred, Collier26Gleadless
15 02 1910Ernest OliverSMITHBachelor, Son of Robert, deceased27BlackpoolJoiner & BuilderEthelBATEMANDaughter of George, Carter20Kiveton Park, Wales
08 03 1910Herbert FrankWILLISBachelor, Son of William, deceased21HarthillMinerAlice GertrudeSOARDaughter of Samuel, Miner20Kiveton Park, Wales
07 05 1910John WilliamTHROOPBachelor, Son of John, Moulder23KillamarshMinerFlorenceWRAGGDaughter of John Withe, Miner19Wales
14 05 1910CharlesSTACEYBachelor, Son of Thomas, deceased30Kiveton Park, WalesEngine DriverMary JaneMCCLARTYDaughter of Malcolm28Kiveton Park, Wales
19 06 1910Alfred William EdwardBAKERBachelor, Son of Alfred, Carriage Builder25ShirebrookMinerFlorenceGROVESDaughter of John, IronWorker27Wales
23 07 1910ThomasCHILDSBachelor, Son of Henry, Miner28WalesMinerAnnie ElizabethPARSONSDaughter of Ishmael, Miner26Wales
27 07 1910Charles AlfredKILLEENBachelor, Son of Arthur, Tailor25StaintonJoinerSusanREVITTDaughter of Ernest, Colliery SurfaceMan24Wales
12 11 1910Thomas FrederickCARRBachelor, Son of John, Moulder22WalesMinerMargaret AliceRIDGEWAYDaughter of John, Miner20 
20 11 1910ArthurHALLBachelor, Son of Arthur, Farm Labourer23WalesFarm LabourerRebeccaSARGESONDaughter of William, Miner19Beighton
21 11 1910ThomasWOODBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miner24Kiveton Park, WalesMinerSarah GertrudeCASHDaughter of William, Miner18Kiveton Park, Wales
27 11 1910SamuelFRETWELLBachelor, Son of William, Miner28WalesMinerFannySTABLESTeacher, Daughter of William, Miner25Wales
04 03 1911HaroldHARTLEYBachelor, Son of Joseph Isaac Norton, Confectioner202 Catherine Street, PitsmoorEngineerAmeliaATKINSDaughter of Thomas, Collier21Kiveton
09 04 1911Eli WinterNEWTONBachelor, Son of Frederick, Miner29WalesButcherAliceARCHERDaughter of Charles, Farmer28Wales
17 04 1911AaronBARKBachelor, Son of Abraham, Stone Mason28WalesWoodMinerEdithRAMSDENDaughter of George, Miner29WalesWood
14 05 1911SamuelJACKSONBachelor, Son of William, Farm Labourer23WalesMinerAnnieTHORPEDaughter of William22Wales
17 06 1911IsaacSMITHBachelor, Son of George Swift, Miner22KivetonMinerGertrudeSTANLEYDaughter of George, Miner25Wales
22 06 1911George ArthurWYERBachelor, Son of Arthur, Coachman22BeightonMinerHannah MarthaTURVEYDaughter of Frederick, Fitter22Wales
29 07 1911HerbertTAYLORWidower, Son of Edward John, deceased27WalesFarm LabourerAnnieWHITEDaughter of William, Farmer24Wales
09 11 1911JohnBARKERBachelor, Son of Frederick, Labourer28WalesCollierEmmaBENNETTDaughter of John, Collier30Wales
12 09 1911OliverBERESFORDBachelor, Son of John, Clerk26DinningtonFitterMarthaGRANT/GAUNTDaughter of William, StationMaster23Wales
23 10 1911SamsonSHORTBachelor, Son of Thomas, Collier22WalesMinerAdaBENNETTDaughter of Henry, Collier22Wales
30 10 1911HarryCADMANBachelor, Son of William, deceased26WalesElectricianEdith MaryEVANSDaughter of Alfred, Miner22Wales
25 11 1911AlfredFROGGATTBachelor, Son of Alfred, Miner20KivetonMinerLucyBOFFYDaughter of Willie, Miner20Kiveton
26 12 1911HarryCOULSONBachelor, Son of Harry, BlackSmith23Wales BarFiremanAliceHILLDaughter of John Thomas, Miner19WalesWood
26 12 1911SamuelCOUSINBachelor, Son of Joseph Carman, Miner20WalesMinerMabelWILKSDaughter of Willis, deceased21Wales
03 02 1912WilfredATKINSBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miner19KivetonMinerRoseMEESEDaughter of Henry, Miner19Kiveton
04 03 1912ArthurSCOTTBachelor, Son of William John, Joiner21KivetonMinerMaryMEESEDaughter of William, Miner18Kiveton
07 04 1912CliffordORCHARDBachelor, Son of Harry, deceased20515 Penistone Road, WalesHairdresserMyrtle AnnieSTABLESDaughter of William, Miner18Wales
27 05 1912FredTRISTRAMBachelor, Son of Enoch, Miner18KivetonMinerRhodaEAMESDaughter of William, Miner19Kiveton
06 06 1912DavidDAVIDSONBachelor, Son of Daniel, Moulder29Bury StreetWhipperRoseDUNNDaughter of Harry, Miner23Kiveton
01 07 1912Albert EdwardSOARBachelor, Son of Samuel, Miner21KivetonMinerRoseGODFREYDaughter of Samuel, Miner18Wales
20 07 1912EdmundROWLEYBachelor, Son of Frank, Collier23KillamarshCollierEthelCLARKSONDaughter of George Henry, Collier19Wales
26 08 1912Albert EdwardGODFREYBachelor, Son of Albert, Engineer22WalesWoodEngineerHarrietRAMSDENDaughter of George, Miner26WalesWood
04 09 1912JonathanKINGBachelor, Son of Samuel J., Miner23KivetonMinerOlive MayHOLLAN[D]Daughter of Arthur, Miner22Wales
25 12 1912ThomasLIVEYBachelor, Son of Thomas, deceased26Wales BarMinerCharlotte ElizabethELLIOTTDaughter of Frank, Miner20Beighton
26 12 1912Frederick WilliamHODDINOTTBachelor, Son of George Thomas, deceased24Richmond, SurreyButcherLaura LouisaCARRDaughter of William, Labourer25Wales
22 02 1913TomROBERTSBachelor, Son of Tom, deceased24KivetonMinerClaraBOFFYDaughter of Willie, Miner20 
24 03 1913LanceWILKSBachelor, Son of Willis, Miner26WalesMinerBeatrice EllenLOUDERDaughter of John, Licensed Victualler20Wales
12 05 1913GeorgeSPACIEBachelor, Son of Thomas, Veterinary22TodwickEngineerMary EllenHILLDaughter of John Thomas, Miner23Wales
23 06 1913GeorgeWHITFIELDBachelor, Son of Sam, Publican30KillamarshMinerDorothyHOLLANDDaughter of Herbert, Miner21Wales
30 08 1913HenryBLACKBURNBachelor, Son of Henry, Butcher31KivetonElectricianMaudMILWARDDaughter of William, deceased24Kiveton
02 11 1913Allan JosephFEATHERSTONEBachelor25WalesFarm LabourerAnnieCLARKDaughter of William Marshall, Miner24Wales
09 11 1913WilliamPARKINSON/PARKHAMBachelor, Son of Richard Parkham, deceased36WalesEngineerEllenPERRYDaughter of John, Builder33Wales
10 11 1913David JohnDAYWidower, Son of William, deceased5744 Berkeley Street,MotorManAnnie DeborahBRADFORDDaughter of William, deceased41Sheffield
25 12 1913HerbertBAUGHBachelor, Son of Brian, Miner23WalesMinerGladysLEEDaughter of Thomas, deceased25Wales
25 12 1913ReedMANGHAMBachelor, Son of Reed, Horse Keeper21WalesMinerMaudKIRKDaughter of Thomas, Weighman23Wales Bar
25 12 1913Dennis WilliamWHITFIELDBachelor, Son of William, Miner21KillamarshMinerJuliaDENNISDaughter of Joseph, Miner21Kiveton
25 12 1913Thomas HenryJOHNSONBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miner27WalesWoodMinerEmmaGASCOIGNEDaughter of Aaron, deceased27WalesWood
17 03 1914JosephHARRODBachelor, Son of Joseph, deceased24BillinghamBuilderEliza AnnGILBERDaughter of Thomas, Miner23Wales
18 04 1914ThomasBELLBachelor, Son of Thomas, deceased25WalesWoodMinerElizaJOHNSONDaughter of Thomas, Horse Keeper25WalesWood
13 04 1914HoraceHUMPHREYBachelor, Son of Edward, Police Officer22KivetonMinerLilyKINGDaughter of Samuel James, Miner20Kiveton
13 04 1914John ThomasSMITHBachelor, Son of William Henry, Miner20AnstonMinerMarieBUTLERDaughter of Ernest, Miner16Kiveton
30 05 1914WalterHOLLANDBachelor, Son of Arthur, Miner22WalesMinerMaggieFATHERSDaughter of Henry, Miner18Kiveton
01 06 1914EdwardEVANSWidower, Son of Moses, deceased50KivetonMinerSarah AnnWILKSWidow, Daughter of Samuel Walker, deceased54Kiveton
06 06 1914ArnoldHACKINGBachelor, Son of Reuben, SteelWorker24AttercliffeSteelWorkerAnnieMANGHAMDaughter of Reed, Horse Keeper20Wales
24 06 1914ThomasWOMBLEBachelor, Son of Henry, Miner26Clowne, DBYMinerSylvia LauretaSMITHDaughter of Joseph, Miner26WalesWood
12 10 1914HarrisonELSHAWBachelor, Son of James Harrison, Miner21BeightonMinerEmmaROBERTSDaughter of Edward, Miner19Wales Bar
02 12 1914Clarence JohnHARRISONBachelor, Son of Sam, SchoolMaster25HarthillClerkNellieBAGSHAWEDaughter of George Turner, deceased23 
24 12 1914ErnestROSSBachelor, Son of George Henry, Miner24KivetonMinerAnnieMALLENDERDaughter of John, Miner24WalesWood
28 12 1914William EdwardEVANSBachelor, Son of Alfred, Miner24WalesMinerRuby MariaCLARKSONDaughter of David, Butcher25 
04 02 1915Frank WalkerWILLERTONBachelor, Son of Frank, Farmer28WalesMinerSarahUNDERWOODDaughter of John, Groom22Wales
01 03 1915CecilEYLEYBachelor, Son of Hargrave, Miner21KivetonSoldierJessieSMITHDaughter of William, Miner21Bovington Camp
13 03 1915ReginaldCHAMBERSBachelor, Son of Thomas, deceased23Kiveton Park, WalesSoldierLucySISSONSDaughter of John William, Miner22Kiveton Park, Wales
05 04 1915FredLANEBachelor, Son of William, Sealer23WalesMinerWinifred MaryHOLLANDDaughter of Herbert, Labourer25Wales
24 05 1915WilliamHILLBachelor, Son of Joseph32WalesFiremanEdithCOSEONDaughter of Charles Loney, deceased23Wales
24 05 1915John ThomasFEARYBachelor, Son of John Thomas, deceased26 SoldierElsieHERBERTDaughter of George, deceased20Kiveton Park, Wales
14 06 1915HerbertPAGEBachelor, Son of James, Foreman26128 Firth Park, Pitsmoor, SheffieldExaminerLilianHAWKINSDaughter of William Lewis, Miner19Wales Bar
03 06 1915WalterFITTONBachelor, Son of Joe William, Cotton Wainer?25ElbankMoulderMaryFATHERSDaughter of Henry Emmerson, deceased23Kiveton Park, Wales
15 07 1915William WardMARSHALLBachelor, Son of George Henry, deceased23Wales & Aerdon CampSoldierEllenEYLEYDaughter of William, Miner21Wales
04 08 1915John EdwinWALKERBachelor, Son of George, Miner32Aston DaisyBAUGHDaughter of John, Miner30Wales
23 08 1915Richard EarnestPHILLIPSBachelor, Son of Albert Arthur, Labourer21LaughtonCoke Oven LabourerLucyCASHDaughter of William, Miner20Kiveton Park, Wales
28 08 1915ArthurCOLEBachelor, Son of William, Farm Labourer23WalesPlate LayerHarrietSMITHDaughter of Albert, Miner19Kiveton Park, Wales
04 09 1915William JamesJONESBachelor, Son of William, Miner20DinningtonWeighmanClaraPARKERDaughter of James, Miner20Kiveton Park, Wales
06 11 1915GeorgeKNAPTONBachelor, Son of Thomas, Boiler Firer2536 Compton Street, Walkley, SheffieldSoldierLavinia AnnHOLMESDaughter of Walter, Miner22Wales Bar
25 12 1915Luther StanleyMARSHBachelor, Son of Frank, Collier23Kiveton Park, Wales ElsieWIDDISONDaughter of Joseph, Collier20Kiveton Park, Wales
27 12 1915WilfredSMITHBachelor, Son of Alfred, Miner24Kiveton Park Colliery EdithCAPPDaughter of John, Carpenter26Kiveton Park Colliery
27 12 1915ThomasSAYLESBachelor, Son of John, Miner23Wales & PortsmouthSailorMaryDOBSONDaughter of Thomas, Miner24Wales
06 03 1916Albert EdwardSMITHBachelor, Son of Albert, Miner22Kiveton Park, WalesMinerAliceDENNISDaughter of Joseph, Miner20Kiveton Park, Wales
24 04 1916EarnestBAILEYBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miner29Wales BarMinerRuthHOLMESDaughter of Walter, Miner24Wales Bar
07 05 1916Edwin CDAWSONWidower, Son of Thomas Henry, deceased37Bedgreave Mill, WalesMiller & FarmerLucy Ellen?Widow, Daughter of Arthur ?, Farmer36Bedgreave Mill, Wales
10 06 1916ErnestBARBERBachelor, Son of George, Miner26Kiveton Park, WalesMinerFlorenceSHAWDaughter of Thomas, deceased19Kiveton Park, Wales
21 08 1916JosephSMITHBachelor, Son of Walter, deceased24WalesMechanicGladysCOOKEDaughter of Henry, deceased22WalesWood
30 09 1916John CloughSTIMSONBachelor, Son of George, Coal Miner22Kiveton Park, WalesCoal MinerFrancesSISSONSDaughter of John William, Coal Miner22Kiveton Park, Wales
16 10 1916Edward MaltbyLAMBERTBachelor, Son of William, Turner20WalesWoodTurnerFlorenceHILLDaughter of John William, Coal Miner18WalesWood
10 12 1916Albert RichardARCHERBachelor, Son of Charles, Farmer41WalesFarmerEthel GertrudeHUTCHINSONDaughter of Robert, deceased35Wales
25 12 1916Ian BaskeyfieldJONESBachelor, Son of James, Miner25Kiveton Park, WalesMinerRuthBOFFYDaughter of Willie, Miner22Kiveton Park, Wales
17 01 1917GeorgeBLACKWELLBachelor33Kiveton Park, Wales Phoebe EmilyHALLDaughter of Edward Benjamin, Colliery Clerk25Kiveton Park, Wales
22 01 1917JohnBAUGHBachelor, Son of Briah, Coal Miner23Wales IvyGOLLICKDaughter of Benjamin, Coal Miner25Kiveton Park, Wales
10 02 1917WilliamPENNBachelor, Son of William, Miner21Wales LillyGILBERTDaughter of Thomas, Miner19Wales
01 03 1917Albert EdmundPRICEBachelor, Son of Edmund, Cabinet Maker2468 Clun Street, Sheffield MurielGODFREYDaughter of Albert, Engineer21WalesWood
09 04 1917Frank ReginaldTAYLORBachelor, Son of Henry, Miner26Kiveton Park, WalesMinerDaisy MatildaNUTTDaughter of Septimus Benjamin, Miner24Kiveton Park, Wales
11 05 1917WallacePRESTONBachelor, Son of Edward, deceased24 RAF SergeantElizabethNEWBALDDaughter of James, Miner22Kiveton Park, Wales
16 06 1917HarryBLACKWELLBachelor, Son of William30Kiveton Park, WalesMinerLucyMILWARDDaughter of William22Killamarsh
11 07 1917HarryGOODMANBachelor, Son of Samuel, deceased27WalesUnderground Engine WrightJaneREVITTDaughter of Ernest, Colliery Labourer27Wales
26 07 1917FrankCOPEBachelor, Son of John William, Engineer21HarthillLocomotive DriverEdithFAWKESDaughter of Samuel Aaron, Collier20Kiveton Park, Wales
14 08 1917George WilliamSTEPHENSONBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miller28Kiveton Park, Wales RubyPARKERDaughter of Jesse, Collier24Kiveton Park, Wales
23 08 1917HaroldDOVEBachelor, Son of William, deceased28Kiveton Park, Wales MaryBAGSHAWDaughter of George, deceased27Kiveton Park, Wales
05 09 1917John EdwardBOTTOMLEYBachelor, Son of Joe, deceased27Kiveton Park, WalesCoal MinerElsieBAUGHDaughter of John, Coal Miner21Wales
10 10 1917GeorgeMILLERBachelor, Son of Moses, Farm Labourer30Kiveton Park, WalesCoal MinerSabraBARBADaughter of Harry, Coal Miner28Kiveton Park, Wales
20 10 1917ThomasSTONEBachelor, Son of William, deceased2446 Scarsdale Road, Woodsetts, SheffieldChauffeurNellieMEESEDaughter of Benjamin, Miner20 
22 10 1917WilliamATKINSONBachelor, Son of William, Miner22Kiveton Park, WalesMinerMahalah CollisisSTIMSONDaughter of Henry Deater, Miner22Kiveton Park, Wales
20 11 1917WillisPLUMMERBachelor, Son of Joseph, Miner25BeightonMinerLilianWILKSDaughter of Willis, deceased20Wales
28 11 1917JamesCARTWRIGHTBachelor, Son of Benjamin, Miner22WalesRAF SergeantElsieBLACKWELLDaughter of William Henry22Wales
05 12 1917Charles RobertELSONBachelor, Son of William, Miner26Roslinton Catherine AnnieREDFERNDaughter of William, Miner18Kiveton Park, Wales
25 12 1917John EmmersonFATHERSBachelor, Son of Henry Emmerson, deceased28Kiveton Park, WalesMinerMarthaKINGDaughter of Samuel James, Miner32Kiveton Park, Wales
26 12 1917HaroldFROGGATTBachelor, Son of George, Woodman21WalesWoodMinerHarriettCHAMBERLAINDaughter of William, deceased28WalesWood
06 01 1918William ThomasBLEWITTBachelor, Son of William Walter, deceased24Wales BarRAF Flier?FlorenceBOULTONDaughter of Joseph, deceased24Aughton, Aston
10 01 1918Joseph JamesFORDBachelor, Son of Joseph, deceased25Wales EdithSTOKESDaughter of William, deceased22Wales
14 01 1918Frank WilliamGOODSONBachelor, Son of James, Collier22WalesRailway FiremanFlorence AnneGREAVESDaughter of Arthur, Farmer26Wales
20 03 1918William ArthurLADDSBachelor, Son of William, Miner23Kiveton Park, WalesMinerWinifredEYLEYDaughter of William, Miner22Kiveton Park, Wales
30 03 1918HarryBEADMANBachelor, Son of Joseph, BlackSmith21AstonMinerLouisaHOLDENDaughter of Thomas, Miner19Kiveton Park, Wales
03 04 1918John ThomasHATTONBachelor, Son of John Edward, Miner25Rugeley, STSKOYLI SergeantAlice MaudeSAXBYDaughter of John, Mouseman19WalesWood
20 05 1918ArthurHERBERTBachelor, Son of George, Miner28Kiveton Park, WalesMinerGertrude AnnFROGGATTDaughter of Henry, Miner21Kiveton Park, Wales
20 05 1918DavidLLOYDBachelor, Son of Robert, deceased26Kiveton Park, WalesMinerAda ElsieWEBSTERDaughter of George, Miner25Kiveton Park, Wales
20 07 1918LeonardCHAPMANBachelor, Son of Henry, Farm Labourer24Thorpe SalvinMinerGladys MaySISSONSDaughter of Isaiah, Miner20Kiveton Park, Wales
22 07 1918Gervase EllisANCLIFFEBachelor, Son of Gervase, Miner22WalesMinerAnnRUFFDaughter of Charles, Miner20Wales
22 07 1918George HenryWOODBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miner24Kiveton Park, WalesMinerBeatrice IdaCAPPDaughter of John, Joiner20Kiveton Park, Wales
19 08 1918WilfredBAXTERBachelor, Son of John, Farmer21 Lance CorporalEthel SophiaBURGINDaughter of Eli, deceased23Wales
14 09 1918Harold VincentSNOWDENBachelor, Son of Henry, Sailor24Kiveton Park, WalesPrivate, Royal Defence CorpAmyNETTLETONDaughter of John Pearson, deceased25Kiveton Park, Wales
20 11 1918Alfred EdwardDENNISBachelor, Son of Thomas, deceased23Kiveton Park, WalesPrivate, Yorkshire & Lancashire RegimentJaneHAIRDaughter of George, Miner22Kiveton Park, Wales
28 12 1918Harold WilliamSPILSBURYBachelor, Son of William, deceased28Barcome ?, WORLance Corporal, Royal EngineersLilianNEWBALDDaughter of James, Miner22Kiveton Park, Wales
10 02 1919LeonardINGLEBachelor, Son of John William, Gentleman24WalesDoctor, RHAKaron MayMYLANDDaughter of Thaddaeus, deceased28Holbeck, Leeds
12 02 1919Alfred JamesGOODCHILDBachelor, Son of Amos, Farmer22Victoria Road, ??? On SeaSapper REAnnieBAUGHDaughter of Brian, Miner20Wales
22 04 1919AaronSMITHBachelor, Son of Joseph, deceased23WalesWoodMinerEvelynLADDSDaughter of William, Miner20Kiveton Park, Wales
30 04 1919CedricSAXILBYBachelor, Son of Henry, deceased38Wales AnnieFEARNEWidow, Daughter of William Balderson, deceased39Wales
09 06 1919ArthurWOODMANBachelor, Son of Thomas John, deceased27South WalesMinerMarjorieSISSONSDaughter of Isaiah, Miner19Kiveton Park, Wales
21 06 1919James CHUMPHREYSBachelor, Son of David, deceased31BeightonCoke Oven MechanicEthel MayandCOBBDaughter of Joseph, Engine Driver21Wales
17 07 1919HarryEVANSBachelor, Son of Edward, Miner22Kiveton Park, WalesMinerFlorence EJACKSONDaughter of William, Miner22Wales
19 07 1919William JamesCOOKEBachelor, Son of Harry, deceased27SwallowNest, AstonMechanicEthelSCOTTDaughter of Harry, Sawyer24Kiveton Park, Wales
05 08 1919FrederickTHORNEBachelor, Son of George, deceased27Westbury-on-TyneLabourerSarah ElizabethREDFERNDaughter of William, Steward36Kiveton Park, Wales
11 08 1919PercyFOXONBachelor, Son of Arthur, Checker25WalesFarm LabourerLilian MarthaGREAVESDaughter of Arthur, Farmer24Wales
06 09 1919George WilliamBATTERSBYBachelor, Son of George, RailwayMan35Kiveton Park, WalesRGA SergeantFlorenceROSSDaughter of George Henry, Miner32Kiveton Park, Wales
29 09 1919ArnettGARDENERBachelor, Son of George, Miner18KillamarshMinerLilyBAILEYDaughter of George, Miner17Wales
06 10 1919ClarenceMALLENDERBachelor, Son of William, deceased24KillamarshButcherSallyCLARKSONDaughter of David, Butcher25Wales
29 10 1919FrankNEWTONBachelor, Son of John, Labourer29Woodhouse MillMinerRuth EvelyneNEWTONDaughter of Frederick, Miner25Wales
10 11 1919JosephGODFREYBachelor, Son of Albert, Engineer25WalesWoodProfessional FootballerLottieFRYDaughter of Joseph, Miner24WalesWood
22 11 1919GeorgeBOFFYBachelor, Son of Willie, Miner23Kiveton Park, WalesMinerFlorrieMORLEYDaughter of William, Miner24Kiveton Park, Wales
22 11 1919JohnANCLIFFEBachelor, Son of Gerald, Miner23WalesMinerHilda MayFREEMANDaughter of William, deceased19Wales Bar
24 19 1919GeorgeHOPKINSONBachelor, Son of George, Miner25WalesMinerGertrude EthelGREAVESDaughter of Arthur, Farmer32Wales
24 12 1919HoraceFRETWELLBachelor, Son of William, Miner22WalesMinerEdith MaySMITHDaughter of Thomas, Miner20Wales
24 12 1919Frederick ErnestBATTERSBYBachelor, Son of George William, Railway Porter29Kiveton Park, WalesMinerFlorence EvaPRICEDaughter of Henry, Miner22Kiveton Park, Wales
25 12 1919George EdwinATKINSBachelor, Son of Thomas, Miner23Kiveton Park, WalesMinerAudrey JoyGRAYSONDaughter of Frank, Miner20Aston
24 01 1920FredSAMPSONBachelor, Son of William, Farm Labourer25Woodhall, HarthillElectrician's AssistantArmand ? GertrudeROSSDaughter of Phillip, Miner21Kiveton Park, Wales
26 01 1920Bruce HorsleyBERRYBachelor, Son of Alfred Joe, Miner30Kiveton Park, WalesMinerLilyKIRKLEYDaughter of Mark, deceased29Harthill
21 02 1920Charles LewisSCOTTBachelor, Son of Charles, deceased21Kiveton Park, WalesMinerGladys MaryTAITDaughter of William, Carpenter18WalesWood
29 03 1920Ernest RALDROYDBachelor, Son of Alfred, deceased22Monk Bretton GladysPASHLEYDaughter of Harry, Engineer21Wales
12 06 1920George WatsonBUCKLEYWidower, Son of Thomas, deceased45Kiveton Park, WalesMinerSusannahSPROWELLWidow, Daughter of Thomas Marshall, deceased3212 Sandhill Street, Worksop
19 06 1920Francis EdwardDEAKINBachelor, Son of Arthur, Miner21Kiveton Park, WalesMaltsterDorrisPASHLEYDaughter of Harry, Engineer19WalesWood
22 06 1920ArthurNEWBALDBachelor, Son of Herbert, deceased20WalesWoodCoke Oven WorkerOlive EvelynKIRKDaughter of Lancelot, Foreman18WalesWood
20 07 1920HerbertBRAMALLBachelor, Son of Fred, Miner29Kiveton Park, WalesClerkBessie JaneSTEPHENSONDaughter of Thomas, Miller22Kiveton Park, Wales
17 07 1920AlbertSELSLEYBachelor, Son of Edward, Miner25Kiveton Park, WalesMinerMabel RuthBRADLEYDaughter of William, Miner23Kiveton Park, Wales
17 07 1920John AnthonyFRETWELLBachelor, Son of William, Miner29WalesMinerEstherKNIGHTDaughter of William, Miner25WalesWood
20 07 1920Albert HealeySNOWDENBachelor, Son of Henry, Sailor31Kiveton Park, WalesClerkEvelyn GertrudeARCHERDaughter of Charles, deceased Farmer20Wales
07 08 1920Ian RobinsonSYKESBachelor, Son of Ian Haigh, Oil Manufacturer32Lynwood, HuddersfieldCloth ??AdaFROGGATTDaughter of Tom, Colliery Fireman25WalesWood
14 08 1920James JohnKILLINGSWORTHBachelor, Son of James John, deceased25WalesTailorFlorrieBAGSHAWDaughter of George Turner, deceased24Kiveton Park, Wales
16 08 1920Francis WilliamBEIGHTONBachelor, Son of Francis William, Labourer24MaltbyShunterRebeccaELLIOTDaughter of Frank, Miner22Wales
23 08 1920John SeniorTOWNENDBachelor, Son of John, Colliery Labourer23AskernMinerLilyKILBOURNEDaughter of Frederick, Farmer22Wales
23 10 1920WilliamPITCHARDBachelor, Son of Samuel, deceased24BrinsworthMinerCharlottePITCHARDDaughter of Joseph, Miner22Kiveton Park, Wales
30 10 1920AdrianDENNISBachelor, Son of Joseph, Miner22Kiveton Park, WalesMinerLilyJACKSONDaughter of William, Miner25Wales
09 11 1920JosephCALEDHILLBachelor22Dewsbury Carrie IllightmanSTIMSONDaughter of George, Miner24Kiveton Park, Wales
20 11 1920LeonardCHEETHAMBachelor, Son of Richard, Engineer38WalesWoodEngineerAnnie BeatriceTAYLORDaughter of John Selford, deceased32Kiveton Park, Wales
27 11 1920FrederickGASCOIGNEBachelor, Son of Edward, Miner21Kiveton Park, WalesMinerEdithSISSONSDaughter of Samuel, Miner22Kiveton Park, Wales

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
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