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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for WATH UPON DEARNE in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Barker Mrs. Frances, Wath
  • Bingley Mr. Godfrey, Swinton
  • Brookes Mr. James, Brampton
  • Carr William, esq. Cross house, Wath
  • Clarke Mr. Thomas, Wath
  • Crossley Mrs. Jane, Wath
  • Dawes Mrs. Mary, Brampton
  • Faber Charles David, esq. Swinton
  • Gawtress the Misses, Wath
  • Gawtress Mr. Richard, Wath
  • Jackson Mr. William, Wath
  • Kaye William, esq. Wath hall
  • Lowe Rev. John, jun. Swinton
  • Maud Rev. Francis, Hoyland
  • Moorhouse Rev. William, Wath
  • Newman Mr. William, Brampton
  • Otter Robert, esq. Wath
  • Partington Rev. Henry, Wath
  • Payne John, esq. Newhill hall, Wath
  • Rayner Mrs. Sarah, Wath
  • Roby Miss Bridget, Swinton
  • Scaife Mrs. Mary Ann, Wath
  • Shaw Mr. Thomas, Wath
  • Sorby Mr. Frederick, Hoyland
  • Tofield Mr. William, Wath
  • Wade John, esq. Wath
  • Wright Miss Ann, Wath
  • Wright Miss Mary, Wath

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools

  • Braithwaite Rev. Thomas, Wath
  • Jenkinson George, Wath
  • Langley Larrett (gents boarding) Brampton
  • Parkinson Thomas, Swinton
  • Richardson Rev. John, Woodfield
  • Scott Mrs. Matilda (ladies boarding) Wath
  • Sims Octavius Coulthard, Brampton
  • Worsley John, Wath


  • Bingley Charles, Swinton
  • Birks John, Hemingfield
  • Nicholson Thomas, Wath


  • Garfitt Francis (& iron founder) Swinton
  • Hardcastle George, Wath
  • Rodgers Joseph, Brampton
  • Rodgers Thomas, Wath
  • Royston Cornelius, Hoyland
  • Sykes John, Swinton
  • Walker William, Swinton

Booksellers & Stationers,

  • Bagley Ann, Wath
  • Woodhead Edmund George (& bookbinder, printer, circulating library & news room) Wath

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Dyson John, Wath
  • Dyson William, Wath
  • Ellis Joseph, Brampton
  • Gill Charles, Wath
  • Hague William, Hoyland
  • Holdsworth John, Brampton
  • Joell Matthew, Wath
  • Longley Charles, Wath
  • Peck John, Swinton
  • Taylor Christopher, Wath
  • Walton Joseph, Wath


  • Harrop George, Wath
  • Lister Toomas, Wath


  • Addy Henry, Wath
  • Bamforth Joseph, Wath
  • Bingley John, Swinton
  • Blackburn George, Wath
  • Blackburn William, Wath
  • Finch Thomas, Wath
  • Gill William, Swinton
  • Haden John, Swinton
  • Pepper Samuel, Hoyland
  • Pepper William, Wath
  • Swallow John, Wath
  • Swallow William, Wath
  • Thompson George, Swinton
  • Trickett John, Wath

China Manufacturers,

  • Brameld & Co. Rockingham Works, Swinton, near Rotherham

Coal Owners,

  • Beever James, Wath
  • Haigh Joseph & George, Melton field


  • Kemp Henry, Wath
  • Kemp William, Wath

Dress Makers,

  • Armitage Sarah, Wath
  • Brodie Elizabeth, Wath


  • Bishop John, Wath
  • Robinson Charles, Swinton
  • Saville Mary, Wath

Earthenware Manufacturers,

  • Brameld & Co. Rockingham Works, Swinton, near Rotherham
  • Frost Septimus, Kilnhurst
  • Green George, Thryber dale
  • Twigg Joseph & Brothers, Newhill


  • Hoyland Thomas, Brampton
  • Marcroft John, Swinton
  • Rodgers William, Wath

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Union (fire & life) Thomas Nicholson, Wath

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

  • Clarke George, Wath
  • Harrison Edward, Wath

Hop Merchant,

  • Johnson Samuel, Wath

Iron & Steel Works,

  • Fitzwilliam the Earl, Elsecar and Milton
  • Wilson Thomas & Charles, Kilnhurst


  • Blackburn Joseph, Wath
  • Harrop George, Wath
  • Morton Joseph, Kilnhurst
  • Shaw William, Swinton
  • Staniforth Samuel, Wath
  • Wade Edwin, Wath

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Brailsford Isaac, Wath
  • Clarke George, Wath
  • Siddall James, Joseph & George, Wath


  • Bamforth Benjamin, Wath
  • Bingley Thomas, Swinton
  • Gray William, jun. Hoyland
  • Haigh George, Wath
  • Hampshire George, Swinton
  • Jackson Robert, Wath
  • Wigfield Robert & William, Hoyland


  • Ryalls Edward, Brampton
  • White Jonathan, Wath

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Hardcastle John, Wath
  • Ridgill John, Wath
  • Smith Joseph, Wath

Rope & Sacking Manufacturers,

  • Hides Abel, Wath
  • Mawson John, Wath


  • Mawson George, Wath
  • Saville Robert, Wath

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Aldridge Henry, Brampton
  • Bamforth Joseph, Wath
  • Barlow William, Swinton
  • Bower Joseph, Wath
  • Coggin Joseph, Swinton
  • Cooper Margaret, Brampton
  • Firth George, Brampton
  • Flower Samuel Simpson, Wath
  • Haden Ann, Swinton
  • Holdsworth John, Brampton
  • Lancashire William, Brampton
  • Saville George, Swinton
  • Sherburn John, Swinton

Stone Masons,

  • Lister Thomas, Wath
  • Wadsworth & Lee, Swinton
  • Waring George, Wath
  • Waring William, Wath


  • Blythman Robert, Swinton
  • Booth Samuel, Hoyland
  • Burman James, Wath
  • Wade Jonathan, Wath


  • Barlow Francis, Swinton
  • Frost Abraham, Brampton
  • Hoult William, Wath
  • Huntington Richard, Wath
  • Matthews Joseph, Wath
  • Matthews William, Wath
  • Myers John, Wath
  • Myers William, Swinton
  • Senior Humphrey, Swinton
  • Smith Robert, Brampton
  • Thorpe James, Wath

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Clarke George, Wath
  • Harrison Edward, Wath


  • Russell James & George, Hoyland
  • Shaw Nathaniel, Brampton

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Board, Sarah Hall, Brampton
  • Bull's Head, John Crossley, Brampton
  • Canal Tavern, George Hampshire, Swinton
  • Cross Keys, Thomas Lister, Wath
  • Fox, Mary Iredale, Brampton
  • Gate, William Harrop, Swinton
  • Old King's Head, George Kemp, Swinton
  • Plough, John Simpson, Brampton
  • Red Lion, Thomas Rodgers, Wath
  • Ring of Bells, Elizabeth Woodward, Swinton
  • Ship, Joseph Morton, Kilnhurst
  • Ship, Charles Simpson, Swinton
  • Star, William Briggs, Wath
  • White Bear, William Gill, Brampton

Retailers of Beer,

  • Dyson John, Wath
  • Dyson William, Wath
  • Frost Abraham, Brampton
  • Mansfield Thomas, Wath
  • Morton Joseph, Brampton
  • Rawlin Isaac, Swinton
  • Shaw Edward, Swinton
  • Taylor Thomas, Swinton
  • Thompson William, Wath


  • Blackburn John, Wath
  • Duke John, Brampton
  • Kenyon George, Wath

Wine & Spirit Merchant,

  • Johnson Samuel, Wath


  • Adams John & Sons, flax spinners, Wath
  • Dickinson Robert, hair dresser, Wath
  • Dyson Aaron, painter, Wath
  • Flower Samuel Simpson, plasterer, Wath
  • Hardcastle George, ironmonger, Wath
  • Higham John, boat owner, Wath
  • Hobson Edward, wharfinger, Swinton
  • Kemp William, brewer, Wath
  • Reckless John, baker & confectioner, Wath
  • Saville Mary, spirit vaults, Wath
  • Scorah & Liversidge, engravers, Swinton
  • Scott James, artist, Wath
  • Shaw William, fellmonger & wool merchant, Wath
  • Shoesmith Thomas, whitesmith, Swinton
  • Simpson Charles, boat builder, Swinton
  • Swallow John, cattle dealer, Wath
  • Torton John, hat manufacturer, Wath
  • Wagstaff Elizabeth, straw hat manufacturer, Wath
  • Wigfield Thomas & William, nail manufacturers, Nether Hoyland
  • Wragg William, leather seller, Wath
  • Wright Thomas, engineer, & agent to the Dearne and Dove Canal Co. Wath


  • To Barnsley, John Fowlstone, every Wednesday
  • To Doncaster, John Fowlstone & William Moore, every Saturday
  • To Pontefract, Benjamin Blackburn, every Saturday
  • To Rotherham, Benjamin Blackburn, every Monday & Friday, and William Moore, every Monday
  • To Sheffield, William Moore, every Tuesday, and Benjamin Blackburn, every Tuesday & Thursday

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000