Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: WHITGIFT.     Church dedication: ST. MARY MAGDALENE.     Church type: Peculiar. Perpetual Curacy.

Area, 7,180 acres. Osgoldcross wapentake, L.D. -Population. 2,252 *1; Church-room, 400 *2; Net value, £287.

Patron, N. E. Yarburgh, Esq.

Impropriator, - Worsop, Esq.

William the Conqueror gave a fishery at Whitgift to the monastery of Selby; and Henry de Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, gave to the same monastery the churchyard, formerly dedicated, for the monks to build a Church or Chapel in the same, to the honour of Mary Magdalene, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Ousefleet, Whitgift, Eastoft, Reedness, and Swinefleet, and also for certain landowners in Folcarby and Haldenby, all in the parish of Snaith.

Torre particularly mentions the way in which the tithes of this parish were settled.

Valued in 1707 at £40 per annum ; and in the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xviii. page 374, it is thus stated, "Vicarage £10; Rectory, £200"

A Chantry was founded in this Church.

Inclosure Acts were passed 30th Geo. II. (Whitgift pasture); 33rd Geo. III. cap. 108, inclosure and drainage (Reedness and Swinefleet) ; and 9th Geo. IV. (Ousefleet).

The glebe house is fit for residence.

The manor of Whitgift was granted to the Constable of Chester, and afterwards by Edward II. to Henry Lord Scrope, of Massam. It appears to have been subsequently given to the Abbey of St. Mary's at York.

The Register Books commence in 1562. Chasm 1630 to 1652.

Mrs. Mary Stephenson's charity, by deed, 20th September 1740. £1. 10s. per annum for clothing (generally flannel petticoats), and 12s. per annum in bread.

Skerne's gift. Rent-charge of 6s. 8d. to the poor.

Ousefleet School, for six poor children. Reading, writing, arithmetic, and grammar. Founded by Emanuel Empson, by will, dated 19th February 1727. Income: rent of a moiety of 41a. 2r. 28p. of land and a house, &c. The Commissioners recommend a division of the land.

Reedness School, &c. John Wressel, by will, dated 11th May 1705, devised about 70 acres of land to the minister of Whitgift for the time being, who should preach a sermon every Friday in the Church there ; and he also subjected the said estate to a payment of £15 per annum to a schoolmaster, £5 per annum to the poor, and 20s. a piece to the clerk and sexton; and the testator appointed the Archbishop of York to be a trustee. The master is appointed by the minister, and licensed by the Archbishop, and he instructs four free scho lars of Reedness in reading, writing, and arithmetic. The Commissioners report that it was said four free scholars used to be, sent from Swinefleet, two from Whitgift, and two from Ousefleet, in addition to those sent from Ousefleet.

Joseph Rennard's charity, by deed, 5th April 1814. Interest of £300 for educating four poor boys and four poor girls for four years, and for premiums, apprentice fees, and marriage portions.

Catherine Hawkes's charity, by will, dated 26th May 1699. Rent of three acres of land for the poor.

Poors land. Rent of 3a. 2r. of land.

Nicholas Wressel's charity, by will, in 1703. Rent-charge of £2 per annum for four sermons, and 10s. to the poor in bread. -Vide 21st Report, page 604.

Post town: Howden.

Torre's MS. (Peculiars) page 1,393. Abp. Sharp's MS., vol. i. page 302. Mon. Ang. vol. vi. page 1644.

*1 Viz. Ousefleet, 243; Reedness, 644 ; Swinefleet, 1,055; and Whitgift, 310. In 1834, the Population was returned at 1,197.

*2 In 1818, the Church-room was returned sufficient for the then Population of 736.

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