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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for WHITKIRK in White's Directory of 1853.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for WHITKIRK in White's Directory of 1853.

Miscellany of trades

  • Ackroyd William, farmer, Osmondthorpe
  • Adams James, toll collector, Halton
  • Adkin Thomas, farmer, Halton
  • Atkinson William, joiner, Halton
  • Bates George, colliery owner, Osmondthorpe
  • Bramham George, farmer, Osmondthorpe
  • Bride George, farmer, Osmondthorpe
  • Briggs Edwin A, bricklayer, Halton
  • Briggs George, bricklayer, Halton
  • Briggs William, joiner, Halton
  • Brown Richard, packing board maker, Newsam Green
  • Brown Richard Boothman, farmer, Newsam Green
  • Carlile John, Halton
  • Chiesman Matthew, farmer, Halton
  • Clark Mrs B, Halton
  • Clark Peter, bunting manufacturer, Halton
  • Clifton John, grocer, Halton
  • Coates James, farmer, Osmondthorpe
  • Connell John, farmer, Halton
  • Connell Matthew, blacksmith, Colton
  • Craven Abraham, draper, Halton
  • Crosthwaite G, boot & shoemaker, Colton
  • Crosthwaite G, boot & shoemaker, Halton
  • Crosthwaite Js, grocer, Colton
  • Dalby John, Brown Cow, Whitkirk
  • Dawson Miss Mary, Halton
  • Dickinson John, gardener, Halton
  • Dobson Charles, farmer, Colton
  • Elam Joseph, boot & shoemaker, Osmondthorpe
  • Faviell Jeremiah Bourne, colliery owner, Colton
  • Gibson William, grocer, Whitkirk
  • Graveley Thomas, gent, Halton
  • Graveley William, gent, Halton
  • Green William, regr.& school & postmaster, Whitkirk
  • Haigh James, farmer, Halton
  • Hall Joseph, gentleman, Colton
  • Hardwick Isaac, plumber, Colton
  • Hargrave John, grocer, Halton
  • Hartley Benjamin, farmer, Newsam Green
  • Hawkhead John, Woodman Inn, Halton
  • Hebden Jeremiah, blacksmith, Halton
  • Hope Henry, official assignee, Osmondthorpe
  • Horsfall Abraham, solicitor & deputy coroner, Whitkirk
  • Hoyle Samuel, plumber, Halton
  • Hoyle William, boot & shoemaker, Halton
  • Hudson Timothy, butcher, Whitkirk
  • Ingram Hugo Charles Meynell esq., Temple Newsam
  • Jackson John, farmer, Colton
  • Jennings John, farmer, Halton
  • Joy Henry, farmer, Templethorpe
  • Joy William O., farmer, Templethorpe
  • Joy William Thomas, gentleman, Templethorpe
  • Judson Mrs Sarah, Colton
  • Keighley James, plumber, Whitkirk
  • Lawson Edward, flax scratch mills, Halton Cottage, h., Osmondthorpe
  • Leather John T., coal owner, Osmondthorpe
  • Lister Samuel, farmer, Osmondthorpe
  • Longden Rev.H.J., curate, Halton
  • Lumb Wiliam, boot & shoemaker, Halton
  • Mann James, colliery owner, Osmondthorpe
  • Maris Mrs Mary, Colton
  • Martineau Rev.Arthur, vicar, Whitkirk
  • Mathers William, farmer, Halton
  • Miller William and Mrs, school, Halton
  • Mills John, farmer, Colton
  • Nelson Miss Ann, Whitkirk
  • Nelson Miss Jane, Whitkirk
  • Nelson Miss Mary, Whikirk
  • Oldroyd James, farmer, Newsam Green
  • Pashley John, tailor, Halton
  • Patchett John, gent., Temple House, Newsam Green
  • Patchett John, farmer, Templethorpe
  • Pawson Martha, Irwin Arms, Whitkirk
  • Peacock Mrs A., Osmondthorpe
  • Pearson Stephen, farmer, Halton
  • Pearson William, horse dealer, Halton
  • Phillips Edward, oil merchant, Halton
  • Phillips Edward Alvara Powell, farmer, Halton
  • Phillips Thomas, gamekeeper, Halton
  • Pickersgill John, bricklayer, Colton
  • Pickersgill Thomas, coal agent, Osmondthorpe
  • Pycock William, Halton
  • Rhodes Robert, Traveller's Inn, Halton
  • Riley John, farmer, Osmondthorpe
  • Robinson Benjamin, chemist, Halton
  • Rollinson John, boot & shoemaker, Halton
  • Ross John, farmer, Osmondthorpe
  • Sanderson William, farmer, Colton
  • Sanderson William, Drummer's Arms, Colton
  • Seur Misses, Halton
  • Shaw Thomas, farmer, Halton
  • Shaw Thomas, beer house, Halton
  • Shaw William, farmer, Halton
  • Shephard John, butcher, Halton
  • Simpson William, coal agent, Osmondthorpe
  • Singleton William and Co., maltsters, Osmondthorpe
  • Skelton Henry, tailor, Halton
  • Smith George, cooper, Halton
  • Smith Thomas, beer house, Whitkirk
  • Steel Richard, White Horse, Osmondthorpe
  • Stephenson T., farmer, Halton
  • Swift John, cattle dealer, Halton
  • Swift Joseph, butcher, Halton
  • Taylor Arthur, gardener, Colton
  • Tinker George, gardener, Halton
  • Tinker John, gardener, Halton
  • Tinker Mrs Elizabeth, Colton
  • Tinker Joseph junior, joiner, Halton
  • Tinsdale Edward Windill, surgeon, Halton
  • Tomlinson Jno., joiner, Colton
  • Tomlinson Thomas, joiner, Colton
  • Tomlinson Thomas, farmer, Newsam Green
  • Townend John, farmer, Newsam Green
  • Varley James, tailor, Colton
  • Vause Henry, horse dealer, Halton
  • Waddington James, Whitkirk
  • Waddington Nathan, Salutation Inn, Whitkirk
  • Walker John, farmer, Halton
  • Walker Thomas, farmer, Halton
  • Westerman Jno., farmer, Halton
  • Westerman W., farmer, Halton
  • Westerman William, hay dealer, Halton
  • Williamson Benjamin, Whitkirk
  • Wilson William, farmer, Osmondthorpe
  • Wood Joseph, farmer, Colton
  • Wrigglesworth George, joiner, Halton

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for AUSTHORPE in White's Directory of 1853.


  • The Wilson and Atkinson families own most of the soil.

Miscellany of trades

  • Appleyard Joshua, farmer, Hall
  • Atkinson Benjamin Esq., Manston Lodge
  • Atkinson John Esq., Austhorpe Lodge
  • Baker Robert, factory inspector, Manston
  • Crosthwaite William, hay dealer
  • Steel Thomas, corn miller

Transcribed by Shaun Cohen. ©2000