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WHITKIRK: Transcription of the Burials 1875 -1879

Transcription of the Burials 1875 -1879

?OWLER John WilliamTemplethorpe6 Jan 187514 mths
AEVITTS? ThomasHalton26 Sep 18759 mths
ATACK JosephAusthorpe21 Mar 187560yrs
BEAN Barbara GleigColton4 Jun 18757yrs
BRIGGS MariaHalton3 Jan 187563yrs
BRIGGS SarahHalton4 Nov 187555yrs
BROWN JosephAusthorpe3 Oct187534yrs
BURTON SarahChapeltown5 May 187578yrs
BYWATER EllenColton7 Mar 187578yrs
COUNER JamesHalton22 Sep 18752yrs
DALBY John HirstLeeds4 Mar 187532yrs
DAWSON Mary HannahHalton6 July 197515 mths
DAWSON EdwardScholes1 Nov 18757 wks
DIXON RichardColton17 May 187550yrs
DICKINSON CarryHalton15 Aug18751yr
DICKINSON LilyHalton20 Aug18751yr 8 mths
FRYER DavidHalton30 May 187568yrs
FALL JaneAusthorpe17 Nov 187551yrs
GIBSON JuliaSeacroft3 Mar 187585yrs
GLAZIER JosephHunslet20 Feb187567yrs
GLOVER GeorgeWhitkirk1 May 18757 wks
GOODALL AmyWhitkirk20 Apr 187526 hrs
GREEN ArthurHalton21 Feb 187522yrs
HARRISON Alice MaryWhitkirk2 Jan 187513 mths
HEBDIN AnnieHalton27 Aug18756 days
HEBDIN ElizabethHalton7 Sep 187570yrs
HESKERMAN? JudithHalton21 Mar 187271yrs
LAMPORT ElizaHalton23 May 187559yrs
LANON? (lawson) JaneHalton12 Aug 187573yrs
MANBY DenisHalton2 Jun 18752yrs
MARSH RhodaHalton31 Jan 18751 mth
MASON Minnie KathleenAusthorpe20 Jan 18756 mths
MONKS ClaraAusthorpe28 Jul 18757 days
MORGAN GeorgeOsmondthorpe28 Nov 18754 mths
MORTON WilliamColton3 Apr 187528yrs
PALMER CharlesHalton17 Aug 187515 wks
PEACOCK AnnHalton17 Aug 18758 mths
RUSSEL WilliamAusthorpe4 Apr 187514 days
SCHOFIELD LucyHalton18 Aug 187584yrs
SCOTT SarahDewsbury20 Feb 187531yrs
SCOTT ChristopherWhitebeck1 Nov 187579yrs
SUGDEN AlphaLeeds2 Oct 187555yrs
TEALE JamesBarwick in Eland2 Apr 187554yrs
WATSON Gideon LumbHalton14 Oct 18751yr
WESTMORELAND Sarah HannahHalton30 Oct 187510 wks
WHISLEY? MarieHalton2 May 187514yrs
WHITE AdaTemple Newsom16 Sep 18756 mths
WIDITH? William HenryHalton19 May 18755 mths
WOODHEAD WilliamHalton4 Feb 187561yrs
WOODHEAD AnnHalton17 Feb 187538yrs
WOODHEAD JulianHalton17 Feb 187534yrs

ACKROYD SarahOsmondthorpe12 May 187674yrs
ADDWELL Mary ElizabethWhitkirk7 Apr 18761 1/2 yrs
ATKINSON Louisa faithHalton8 Feb1876 49yrs
BANKS MaryAusthorpe10 Feb 187669yrs
BOOTH Lionel George ReubenOsmondthorpe28 Jun 18763yrs
BRAYSHAW John MatthewHalton18 dec1876infant
BRIGGS ArthurHalton21 Mar 187618yrs
BRIGGS AliciaHalton6 Jul 18765yrs
BROWN CharlesHalton26 Mar 187667yrs
BUTLER Robert BalbyHalton6 Apr 187640yrs
CLAPHAM MaryHalton15 Mar 187613yrs
COWMAN AndrewLeeds19 Apr 187664yrs
CROSSTHWAITE Dora HannahWhitkirk16 Apr 18765 mths
DAWSON EdithWest Leeds30 Nov 187610 wks
DIXON MaryColton24 sep 187674yrs
DOBSON GeorgeHalton26 Apr 18768 mths
DOBSON HerbertHalton6 Aug18767 wks
DOBSON GeorgeHalton25 Aug187611 wks
DOBSON SarahWortley18 Oct18764yrs
GLOVER MarthaWhitkirk6 Jul 187666yrs
HALL ThomasHalton12 Mar 187663yrs
HARDWICK James Greens?Whitebeck25 Mar 187623yrs
HICKS SamuelHalton23 Feb18763 mths
HOLDSWORTH TomLeeds28 Apr 187620 mths
HOYLE ViolettaHalton29 may 18766 mths
JESSOP EleanorCastleford26 May 187656yrs
JOHNSON EmmaSwillington common14 Sep 18763yrs
LAURIE? James William MortonColton20 Oct18769 wks
LILLEY ArthurWhitkirk20 Apr 187610 mths
LOWINGS FrankTemplenewsam20 Nov 187621yrs
NOBLE JohnColton20 Dec 187614 mths
OLDROYD JaneNewsam green6 Oct 187668yrs
PALMER LizzieHalton20 Aug 187610 wks
PASKLEY JohnHalton17 Sep 187673yrs
PAWSON Edmund TurnerHalton21 Dec18765 wks
PICK SarahWhitkirk16 Apr 187659yrs
SEPTON ClaraHalton14 Oct 18765yrs
SCHOLES Harriet BoothGarforth24 Nov 187631yrs
SIMPSON HannahSwillington common4 Jul 187657yrs
STEELE MarthaAusthorpe31 may 187669yrs
SWAILES AnnWhitkirk13 Feb187665yrs
SWIFT Lucy JaneHalton7 Jun 187611 mths
TAYLOR AdaHalton17 Jul 187617 mths
THIRSK GeorgeAusthorpe6 Aug18768 days
THOMPSON ElizaHalton28 Jun187643yrs
TOMLINSON ThomasColton10 Apr 187679yrs
TOWNSEND Annie GertrudeHalton18 Jun 18765 wks
WAINWRIGHT Thomas GraveleyHarrowgate19 Jul 187643yrs
WALKER WilliamHalton27 Oct187662yrs
WILSON JosephHalton26 Mar 18767yrs
WOODHEAD WilliamHalton29 Feb187685yrs

AMBLER MaryHalton14 Jan 187716yrs
ATKINSON BenjaminManston lodge24 Mar 187768yrs
BAIN Charles WilliamHalton29 May 18772 mths
BALDWIN EvaHalton2 Jun 18773yrs
BALDWIN EnochHalton30 may 18771 1/2 yrs
BARDON WilliamFarnley17 Apr 187731yrs
BARSTOW Maria LouiseHalton24 Nov 18779 mths
BECKWIKE? Sarah AnnSkelton moor9 aug18772yrs
BRIGGS EphraimHalton4 may 187718 days
BURNETT Bertha SmalesLeeds(S.E)17 Jan 18774yrs
CAIN AnniePrimrose valley5 Jul 18775yrs
CAMPLING CharlesOsmondthorpe5 May 187711 mths
CARR Jane AnnHalton8 Aug 187715yrs
CHADWICK William HenryHalton23 Jun 18773 1/2 yrs
CHAPPEL Mary HannahColton11 Jul 187722yrs
COCKERSHAW Sarah JaneWakefield9 Jun 187740yrs
COMPSTOW Joseph ErnestColton29 Sep 18779 days
CROSSSTHWAITE MariaHalton2 Jan 187751yrs
CROSSTHWAITE AnnColton9 Jan 187780yrs
DOBSON PharoahLeeds2 Jul 187729yrs
EASTWOOD JamesHalton18 Dec187716 mths
ELLIS Mary ElizabethColton15 Oct18726yrs
ELLIS HarrietColton6 Nov 187751yrs
FALKINGHAM Jane ElizabethColton18 Jun 187716yrs
FRYER ThomasHalton19 Jun 18772yrs
GLOVER ThomasHalton24 Jan 187767yrs
GOLDTHORPE WilliamHalton17 Apr 187765yrs
JACKSON WilliamHalton22 Mar 18779 days
JACKSON AnnColton26 Apr 187766yrs
JACKSON ElizabethColton11 may 18772yrs
LEAROYD JohnHalton27 aug187713 days
NICHOLSON HeleneWest Leeds16 Jan 187749yrs
NICHOLSON RichardHalton23 Jul 187754yrs
ROSS JohnParwal1 Mar 187786yrs
SEPHTON Martha AnnHalton10 Jun 18774 1/2 yrs
SEPHTON EmmaHalton10 Jun 18773 1/2 yrs
SMITH FrederickColton26 Sep 187720yrs
STEAD JohnHalton24 Aug187756yrs
TARLAY EleanorHeadingley9 Mar 187775yrs
TAYLOR Sarah AnnHalton19 Nov 18773 1/2 yrs
TEALE AlfredHalton31 May 187714yrs
TENNANT JohnHalton28 Jun 18774yrs
TINKER GeorgeColton17 Sep 187746yrs
WADDINGTON James HenryWhitkirk10 July 187718yrs
WALKER KateHalton31 May 18777yrs
WATSON Martha ElizabethHalton16 Aug187736yrs
WHARTON JaneWhitkirk2 July 18773yrs
WHITE MayTemple Newsam24 may 187736 hrs
WILSON ThomasColton4 Oct 187736yrs
WAINWRIGHT WilliamColton1 Dec187775yrs

AMBLER HannahHalton5 Jun 187880Yrs
AMBLER JohnHalton23 Dec 187882Yrs
ATKINSON Naomi RoseLondon5 Nov 187878Yrs
BAILEY SarahShadwell20 Jul 187886Yrs
BEDFORD WilliamColton1 May 187844Yrs
BENNETT EdgarHalton21 Jul 187813 mths
BRIGGS GeorgeHalton15 May 187871Yrs
BRIGGS Alfred SpencerHalton14 Nov 187839Yrs
BURNET GeorgeLeeds22 Jul 18781 mth
CARR DavidOsmondthorpe23 Aug 18784 mths
CROSLAND JohnColdcotes13 Aug 187856Yrs
DAWSON HannahAusthorpe13 Nov 18781yr
DOBSON SarahColton8 Mar 187868Yrs
GIBSON MargaretCross Gates12 Jun 187880Yrs
HANNABY SamuelHalton25 Oct 187810 mths
HART SarahHalton12 Dec 187870Yrs
HEBDIN JeremiahHalton21 May 187873Yrs
HOLDERSON ThomasWhitkirk17 Dec 18785 1/2 mths
HUNT AloaraColton24 Apr 18781yr
LIVERSEDGE DavidHalton4 June 18789 mths
LIVERSEDGE HenryHalton10 Sep 18782Yrs
MCKENZIE Hannah MariaAusthorpe26 Dec 18782Yrs
MASON JosephHalton7 Jun 18784Yrs
NOBLE ArthurColton6 Feb 187812 days
RAINS StephenHalton25 Jun 187828Yrs
SCHOFIELD MatildaHalton1 Jul 18782 days
SCOTT George CooperHalton12 Dec 187810Yrs
SMITH EmmaHalton27 Dec 187855Yrs
SUNTER EllenHalton17 May 187815 mths
TAYLOR ElizabethHalton1 May 187860Yrs
WALKER AnnHalstow11 Feb 187874Yrs
WALKER HenryHalton22 Sep 18789 mths
WALSH AnnOsmondthorpe25 Apr 187843Yrs
WARD Annie ElizabethHermon Terrace12 Apr 18789 mths
WILBY ArthurHalton5 May 18785 mths
WILSON Mary HelenStanley Nr Wakefield28 Apr 187813Yrs
WILSON HerbertHalton24 Nov 18781yr 8 mths

AGAR AliceWhitkirk5 Nov 18796mths
ATACK ArthurHalton7 Dec 18796 mths
BROWN TommyHowley Hall Morley10 Jun 187926Yrs
CARTER AdelaideWhitkirk20 Dec 187921Yrs
CONNELL HannahBradford15 Feb 187978Yrs
CROCKET Sarah AnnHalton22 Oct 18793 1/2 YRS
DACRE WilliamHalton4 Apr 18794 days
DACRE JanetHalton27 Dec 18794Yrs
DAWSON MaryHalton7 Jun 187913Yrs
DAWSON JamesHalton5 Sep 1879Inf
DOBSON JaneHalton10 Feb 187969Yrs
FIRTH Herbert WilliamHalton29 Mar 187917Yrs
FIRTH AnnHalton22 Jul 187951Yrs
GREEN JosephHalton21 May 187963Yrs
HAMMOND John HousemanHalton22 Aug 18795Yrs
HANNABY SarahHalton23 Mar 187935Yrs
HARDWICK JamesColton9 Mar 187937Yrs
HARDWICK Eli ArthurHalton30 Apr 18799 mths
HEBDIN LucyHalton9 Feb 18791yr
HOYLE MabelHalton2 Dec 18798Yrs
HUNSWORTH GraceHalton17 Dec 187969Yrs
INGLE GeorgeHalton2 Mar 187975Yrs
LAWTON MarthaHalton4 Feb 187975Yrs
LIVERSEDGE CalebHalton28 Dec 18793wks
LUMB WilliamHalton16 Jul 187969Yrs
MATHERS Phoeby AnnHalton30 Nov 187969Yrs
MORRELL Donnell?Colton22 May 18792mths
MOLLIT George WilliamHalton19 Mar 187911 1/2 mths
NOBLE ThomasColton6 Jul 187962Yrs
OLDROYD Mary ElizabethHalton30 Apr 187942Yrs
PEACOCK MaryHalton7 Mar 18791yr
PHILLLIPS JohnHalton26 Mar 187970Yrs
ROLLINSON RobertWhitkirk22 Nov 187987Yrs
ROLLINSON EleanorOsmondthorpe15 Dec 187984Yrs
RILEY HarryOsmondthorpe2 Apr 1879Infant
SCHOFIELD ElizabethHalton8 Aug 187935Yrs
SHAW EmilyHalton16 Aug 18794wks
SPENCER Elizabeth Mary AnnHalton3 Aug 187931Yrs
STEEL Alice LillianColton18 May 18798mths
STEVENSON SydneyHalton8 May 187914wks
STOTHARD? PhilisAusthorpe7 May 187922Yrs
SUGDEN JosephPontefract Lane, Leeds2 Apr 187962Yrs
SUGDIN JosephLeeds21 May 187936Yrs
SWIFT EvaHalton21 Aug 187910Yrs
TALBOT EvaHalton7 Mar 18797Yrs
TALBOT ElizaHalton6 Jun 187948Yrs
TAYLOR CatherineHalton23 Mar 187929Yrs
TURNER Mary HannahHalton27 Mar 187910 days
TINKER BenjaminHunslet from Halton7 Jun 187960Yrs
THOMPSON ElizabethHalton1 Oct 18793mths
TOWNSEND? AlbertWaterworks13 Dec 18791yr
THOMPSON Jane AnnHalton18 Dec 187930Yrs
VARLEY Sarah AnnHalton7 Nov 187922Yrs
WALKER ThomasHalton22 Apr 187967Yrs
WALKER JamesHalton5 Mar 187937Yrs
WALKER MarthaHalton29 Jul 18795mths
WELLOCK CharlotteHalton27 Jul 187962Yrs
WHITFIELD Ann BrookHalton7 Jan 187938Yrs
WILSON LancelotColton14 Jan 187963Yrs
WOODHEAD EdithHalton7 Mar 187917 mths
WRIGGLESWORTH WilliamOsmondthorpe9 Mar 18796 mths
WRAITH WilliamTemplenewsam10 Jun 187976Yrs

Transcribed from Films of the parish registers.
To help others who do not have the advantage of looking up the records.
Transcribed by "C.P."
To help others who do not have the advantage of looking up the records.