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Yorkshire Surname Interests - Baa-Bar
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BACHE Bef 1721-1760 Settle
Francine Modderno

J Larissey

BACKHOUSE 1700+ Wakefield, East Ardsley
Gail Collins

BACKHOUSE 1790-1900 Tadcaster, Masham, Bedale
Janet Backhouse

BACKHOUSE Bef 1879-1901+ Huddersfield
Jennifer Hudson

BACKHOUSE 1938 Hunslet
Dave Backhouse

BACKHOUSE 1764-1872 Armley, Burley, Headingley, Roundhay, Kirkstall
Helen Smith

BACKHOUSE 1790-1877 Wakefield
Gillie Lomax

BACKHOUSE 1810 Huddersfield
Kathy Witheridge

BACKHOUSE 1900 Huddersfield
Clare Lambert

BACKHOUSE 1900-2001
Jonathan Backhouse

BACKHOUSE Bef 1830 Wistow
Margaret Cromack

Joe Jewett

BACON/BACON-GILPIN 1800-1900 Leeds

BADGER Bef 1800-1870 Sheffield
Stephanie Steevenson

Stuart Badley

BAGBY 1600-1800
Clarence Burton Bagby

Keith Bage

BAGGALEY Goldthorpe
David Baggaley

BAGGAN Pontefract
Maureen Walters

BAGGIN Sheffield, Leeds, Haworth

BAGLEY 1700-1800 Hipswell, Catterick, Middleton Tyas, Melsonby
D A Reed

BAGNALL Rotherham
Barry L Kelly

BAGSHAW Rotherham, Sheffield, Pontefract
Marion Coupe

BAGSHAW Darfield, Wombwell
Brian Gent

BAGSHAW 1700-1800 Rotherham, Barnburgh
Sandra Peacock

BAGSHAW 1700-1858 Rotherham
Deborah Sheldon-Koehler

BAGSHAW 18thC-19thC Birstall, Dewsbury
Judy Sutton


BAGSHAW Bef 1825 Ecclesfield, Sheffield
Andrew Simpson

BAHN Bef 1730 Cowick
Suzanne Brown

BAILDON late 17th-early 18th century Kirkheaton
Elise Mais

BAILDON 18thC-19thC Bradford
Alistair Knight

BAILEY 1835 Worsborough, Barnsley
Janet Shafer

BAILEY Bradford, Wakefield, Keighley
Beverley Humphries

BAILEY 1820+ St Peters Parish, Leeds
Steve Marshall

BAILEY Sheffield
Audrey Travis

BAILEY 1808-present Saxton in Elmet
Steve Moran

BAILEY Thornton in Craven
Tony Irwin

BAILEY 1700-1842 Hemsworth
Diane Mychael

BAILEY 1790-1840 Guiseley
Bruce Whiteley

BAILEY 17thC-19thC North Rigton, Stainburn
Geoff Marshall

FA Bailey

BAILEY Sheffield
Mark Townsend

BAILEY 1700-1900 Adwalton
Joan Barnes

BAILEY 1800-1833 Skipton, Kildwick, Addingham
Edward Rushworth

BAILEY 1800-1850 Low Bentham, High Bentham
Chris Bailey

BAILEY 1800-1900 Doncaster
Lynn Dunn-Marlersl

BAILEY 1830-1860 Bingley, Hull
Ms V A Oldham

Nancy Shafer

BAILEY 19thC-20thC Elsecar, Sheffield
Lorna Wilson

BAILEY Bef 1850 Elland, Halifax
Jo Watts

BAILEY Keighley
Sue Davis

BAILEY 14/2/1765 Wakefield
Reginald cavell Bauley

BAILEY/BAYLEY Dewsbury, Batley
Tim Brooke

BAILIFFE 1700-1900s Leeds Bradford
David R Hall

BAINBRIDGE Bef 1800 Downham/Downholme
Alan Middlemass

Janet B. Huige

BAINBRIDGE 18thC Romaldkirk, Bowes, Middleton-in-Teesdale
Brian L. Cartwright

BAINES Wakefield
Janet Hunt

Otto Sayles

BAINES 18thC-19thC Wakefield
Michael Baines

BAINS Bef 1700
Maggie Kistner

Victor Markham

BAIRSTOW 1732 Bradford
Sharon Noble

BAIRSTOW 1810 Wilsden

BAIRSTOW Halifax, Northowram
Deb Beban

BAIRSTOW 1750-1794 Bradford
Val Hepworth

BAIRSTOW 1500-1800 Halifax, Bradford
Tony Bairstow

BAIRSTOW Bef 1900 Leeds, Bradford

BAIRSTOW 16thC Halifax, Giggleswick
Tana Willis Johnson

BAIRSTOW 1730-1810 Southowram, Northowram, Halifax
Colin Bairstow

BAIRSTOW 1790-1860 Northowram, Halifax
Debe Beban

BAIRSTOW 17thC-18thC Ovenden
Duncan Mitchell


BAKER Bef 1850 Brompton by Sawdon, Ebberston, Wintringham
Kristina Bedford

BAKER Bef 1800 Knottingley

BAKER 1740-1830 Brompton by Sawdon, Ebberston
Kathy Chopee

BAKER 1800-1900
Violet Stokes

BAKER 1850-1900 Wakefield, Scarborough
Carol Metcalf

BAKER Fadmoor
Sherry Pfeffer

BAKER Bef 1860 Oswaldkirk
Gill Fox

BAKER 1750-1970 Pickering, Goathland
Janet Stevens

BAKER Brotton, Redcar
Rose Morrison

BAKER 1870-1899 Doncaster
Andy Clark

BAKER Bradford
Diana Sereda

BAKER South Milford, Sherburn in Elmet
Peter Watkinson

BAKER 17thC-present Sheffield
Darron Stone

BAKER 1800-1850 Kellington

BAKER 1810-present Brotton, Redcar
Janine Clatworthy

BAKER 184?-c.1881 Leeds

BAKER 1850-1930 Leeds
Sandie Radcliffe

BAKER 1860-present Royston, Barnsley
Jane Easter

BAKER Aft 1850 Leeds
Naomi Barnett

BAKER Bef 1611 Otley area
Claire Smith

BAKER 1780-1890
Violet Stokes

BAKES 1820 Idle
Carolyn Cameron

Bruce Whiteley

BALDERSTONE 1700-1800 Thornton-In-Lonsdale
Wes Balderson

Steve Wrack

BALDWIN 1746-1850 Halifax
Sally Pocock

BALDWIN 19thC Hull
Peter Lee

BALDWIN 1800-1900 Bradford
Malcolm Knights

BALDWIN Aft 1850 Sheffield
Elaine Holmes

BALDWIN Aft 1900 Morley, Gildersome, Leeds
Lynette Haw

BALDWIN Bef 1750 Kildwick Cononley
Doris Blott

BALDWIN early-mid 19thC Halifax
N M Atkinson

Bob Chapple

BALL Bef 1800 Selby
Harry Needham


BALL 1900-2000 Hull
Carol Bissett

BALL 1908-1916 Rotherham

BALL Aft 1860 Sheffield, Rotherham

BALL 1850-1999 Hoyland Nether, Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley

BALL 1800-1900 Sheffield

BALL Wakefield
Anne Brignall

BALL 1800-1900s Bradford
Debbie Medeiros

BALL Bef 1830 Haddlesey, Church Fenton

BALLAN 1700-1800 Masham
Sue Hosford

Ed Wilson

George Tompkins

BALMFORD Huddersfield
David Edward Balmford

BALMFORTH 1870-1950 Warley, Halifax
Fe Sendall

BALMFORTH 1700-present Queensbury, Halifax
Geoff Bennett

BALMFORTH 19thC Elland, Rastrick, Ovenden
Mark Francis

BAMFORD 1841-1910 Todmorden, Hunslet
Paul Marshall

BAMFORD 1800-1900 Bradford
Jack Marshall

BAMFORTH Huddersfield
Evelyn Pearce

BAMFOR(D)TH Aft 1840 Barnbrough, Mexborough
John Taylor

BAMFORTH Marsden, Huddersfield
Karen Bamforth

BAMFORTH Brightside
Nicole Bamforth Moss

BAMFORTH 17thC Ovenden
Duncan Mitchell

BAMFORTH Aft 1736 Royston
Margaret Briggs

BANCROFT Haworth, Oakworth, Bocking
Jeff Wright


BANCROFT 19thC Sheffield
Alan Saville

BANCROFT Bef 1860 Heptonstall, Wadsworth, Halifax, Sowerby Bridge
Karen Harrison

BANCROFT 1750 Heptonstall
Liz Holliday

BANCROFT 1750-1850 Halifax
John Walter Thomas

BANCROFT 1800-1900
John Bancroft

BANCROFT Bef 1750 Oxenhope, Haworth, Keighley
Jarlath Bancroft


New!BANCROFT Burnley
David L Bancroft

BANGS 1879-1923 Wakefield

BANK(S) Aft 1800 Grindleton
Milly Banks

BANKS 1777 Hutton Buscel
Don Hayes

BANKS Ampleforth, Hovingham
Andrew Banks

BANKS Aft 1850
Margaret Morton

BANKS Bef 1850 Wakefield, South Kirkby
Liz Sargeantson

BANKS Cleckheaton, Birstall
Dianne Guy

BANKS 1851-1910
Mike Banks

BANKS 1790-1860 Thornton Watlass, Bradford
Susan Wiseman

BANKS 1856-1867 Sheffield, Leeds
Louise Mercuri

BANKS Aft 1850 Outwood, Wakefield
Ian burns

BANKS Bef 1815 Leeds
K. Banks

BANN 1730 Birkin
Gail Barbitta

BANNISTER Aft 1850 Rudston
Wayne Bannister

BARBER 1740+ Richmond

BARBER Garforth, Leeds
Sylvia Harrison

BARBER 1800-1900 Sheffield, Wombwell
June Tooth

BARBER 1800-present Swillington, Garforth
Joyce Pashley

BARBER 19thC Barnsley, Sheffield, Leeds
Billie Dawson

BARBER 17thC-20thC Sheffield
Fiona Wilson

BARBER 1650-1750 Pateley Bridge
Graham Pratten


BARBER Bramley, Leeds, Wortley
David R Hall

BARBER Hartshead, Southowram
Susan Wiseman

BARBER 1700-1750 Leeds
Liz Milbourn

BARBER 1810-1850 Brighouse, Halifax
Steve Gledhill

BARBER 1850-present Wortley
June Booth

BARBER Aft 1750 Cartworth, Holmfirth, Kirkburton
Jane Lachs

BARBER Aft 1871 Leeds
Christine Thompson

BARBER Bef 1900 Pontefract
Jenifer Portergill

BARBER(1) Bef 1600 Ecclesfield
Mary W Rogers

BARBER(2) 1582-1700 Kirkburton
Mary W Rogers

BARBER(3) 1700-1728 Silkstone
Mary W Rogers

BARBER(4) 1728-1758 Almondbury
Mary W Rogers

BARBER(5) 1757-1800 Hepworth
Mary W Rogers

BARBROOK Aft 1850 Bradford
John Barbrook

BARCOCK 1880-1900's Sheffield
Bev Hill

David Bardell

BARDEN Kirkby Overblow, Dunkeswick
John Lindley

BARDEN Kirkburton, Holmfirth
Kathy Périna

BARDEN 1740-2000 Wakefield, Rothwell, Bramley, Rodley
Lyn Knowles


BARDSLEY Bef 1890 Batley Carr
Cathy Terry

BARKER Bef 1900 Barnsley
B Staines

BARKER 1740-1890 Sheffield
G W Barker

BARKER Sheffield
Gail Dickson

BARKER 18thC Badsworth
Ian Buckley

BARKER 1820-1950 Holbeck, Leeds

BARKER 1800's Scarborough, Middlesbrough
Anne Graham

BARKER 1715 Barwick in Elmet, Castleford
Gail Collins

BARKER 1740+ Richmond

BARKER Aft 1899 Wheatley, Doncaster
Janice C

BARKER Bef 1841 Crosland, Marsden
Gillian Taylor Shaw

BARKER 1808-c.1830 Bradford
Ron Youngash

BARKER Wheldrake?
Angela Hausler

BARKER Bef 1750 Bradford
Pam Dick

BARKER 1830 Starbotton, Kettlewell
Anne Leyland

BARKER Bef 1881 Sheffield Crookes Handsworth
Pete Barker

BARKER 1700-1870 Nafferton
Sue Barker

BARKER Aft 1850 Hampsthwaite, Harrogate
Barry Chapman

BARKER Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield
June Vasey

BARKER Armley, Todmorden, Langfield
Ray Montgomery

BARKER Otley, Horsforth, Esholt, Brighouse, Kildwick
Sandra Ascough

BARKER 1900+ Dodworth, Barnsley
Dave Allemby

BARKER Bef 1830 Stokesley

BARKER 1850-1900 Sheffield, Old Malton
Lorry Cahill

BARKER 1840 Doncaster
Dianne Guy

BARKER Bramby, Newland, Newport, Goole
Marilyn Kozak

BARKER 1700-present Sutton-on-Hull, Wawne, Hull
Peter Cook

BARKER Horbury
Jane Borg

BARKER Bef 1850 Carlton Miniott, Thirsk


BARKER Bef 1870 Malton, Norton
Andy Simpson

BARKER 1800-1900 Sheffield
Linda Barker

Alison Spear

Lesley Austen

BARKER Bradford, Yeadon
Sue Brown

BARKER Leeds, Collingham, Scarborough
Mary Read

BARKER Sheffield, Rotherham
Frank Pearson

BARKER South Crosland
Mike Page

BARKER Aft 1850 Wibsey
Denise Valadez

BARKER 1624-1717 Mirfield
Linda Davidson

BARKER 1700-1800 Bramham,Collingham
Ray King

BARKER 1790-1890 Knaresborough
Angus Cameron

BARKER 1800-1850 Barnsley, Sheffield, Halifax, Doncaster
Trish Dehmel

BARKER 1700-1830 Barwick-in-Elmet
Roger Quick

BARKER 1839-1900 Heaton, Manningham
Christine Barbour

BARKER 1848-1900 York
Maryellen Jacobson

BARKER 1880-1900 Wombwell, Barnsley
Anne McSheffrey

BARKER Bef 1837 Todmorden, Stansfield, Heptonstall
M Keir

BARKER Bef 1850 Stannington, Sheffield
Dave Boston


BARKER Bef 1786 Thornton-by-Bradford, Leeds
Maureen Oemcke

BARKER 1800-1850 Sheffield
Margaret Elliott

BARKER(1) 1806 Bolton Percy, Keighley
Joanne Landers

BARKER(1) Aft c.1850 Leeds
Marian Noble

BARKER(2) c.1786 Keighley
Joanne Landers

BARKER(2) c.1880/1881 Badsworth, Thorp Audlin
Marian Noble

BARLEY Kirby Wiske, Breckenbrough
Heather Burrow

Carl Gibson

BARLOW Bef 1880 Wath, Emley

BARLOW Aft 1880 Middlesbrough

BARLOW Bef 1850 Leeds



Hazel Burt


BARNABY 1710 Beesby
Liz Moran

BARNARD Bef 1750
Grace Hutty

BARNARD 18thC-19thC Aughton ERY
Sheila Wallace

BARNARD 1822-99 Pontefract, Attercliffe
Thomas A. Barnard

Yvonne Erett

BARNBY 1750-1920
Barrie Clifford

BARNBY Bef 1900 York
Nick Higton


BARNES 1800-1900 Sheffield
Bev Hill

BARNES 19thC Leeds
Frances Laird

BARNES Stillingfleet
Helen Speight

BARNES 1775-1925 Bolton Percy, York, Beverley
Bruce Barnes

BARNES 1780-1853 Leeds, Appleton, Bolton Percy, Hull
A K Latham

BARNES 1800 Sheffield
Lorraine Wake

BARNES 1800-1890 Sheffield
C Sweeney

BARNES 18thC-19thC Beal
Shirley R

BARNES Aft 1850 Cadeby
Nancy Finn

BARNES 1800 Ilkley
Keith Reynard

BARNETT 1700-1900 Acklam, Kirkleatham, Guisborough, West Rounton, Welbury, Appleton, Wiske
Sandra Jenkinson

BARNETT 19thC Bradford
Anne Andrew

BARNETT Aft 1860 Leeds
Naomi Barnett

Angela Chapman

Lee Cognetta


Mark Barnfather


BARNSFATHER Bef 1800 Pontefract, Kippax
Richard Senior

BARNSLEY c1560 Ecclesfield
Silvia Harrison

BARNSLEY Bef 1802 Sheffield

BARNSLEY Aft 1850 Ecclesall Bierlow Sheffield

BARNSLEY Attercliffe, Darnall, Sheffield, Elsecar

BARNSLEY Bef 1700 Sheffield
Mark Townsend

BARON 1790-1840 Bacup, Cross Stone, Heptonstall, Nafferton, Stansfield, Todmorden, Newchurch in Rossendale
Richard A. K. Baron

BARON Bridlington?, Southowram, Northowram, Shelf
Marcia Sutcliffe Lloyd

BARON 1784 Nafferton
Sue Poole (nee Baron)

Nick Drax


BARR 19thC-20thC Cottingham, Bilton, Aldbrough
John Andrew

BARR 1800s Sandal Magna
Barbara J. Smith

BARRACLOUGH Bef 1851 Mirfield, Liversedge
Jane Roberts


BARRACLOUGH 1800 Bradford
Carol Whitham

Laura Green

BARRACLOUGH Bef 1800 Armley, Leeds
Darryl Milner

BARRACLOUGH 1700-2000 Bradford, Low Moor, North Bierley, Halifax

BARRACLOUGH Birstall, Leeds, Sheffield
Mary Berthold

BARRACLOUGH Shelf, Saltaire

BARRACLOUGH 11700s Eccleshill
Gloria Wilkinson

BARRACLOUGH 18thC Northowram
Duncan Mitchell

BARRACLOUGH Bef 1820 Hipperholme, Brighouse, Huddersfield
Jim Barraclough

BARRACLOUGH Bef 1820 Wibsey
Jeff Sutcliffe

BARRACLOUGH Bef 1860 Bradford, Wibsey, Gomersal
Linda Barraclough

BARRACLOUGH Bef 1937 Midgley, Halifax
Jean Ingall

BARRASS 1800s Hunslet, Leeds
Michelle Woodham

Marjorie Snedden

BARRATT Bef 1900 Sheffield
Mark Townsend

Charlene Kolterman

BARRETT 1657-1771 Sutton in Craven, Kildwick
Val Hepworth

BARRETT Bef 1850 Calverley, Bradford
Lesley Hall

BARRETT Bradford
K Barrett

BARRETT 1575+ Kildwick in Craven, Harewood
Ann Shuttleworth

BARRETT/BARROTT 1857-1866 Marske
Stephanie Saunders

BARRETTS +1820 Hull
Jackie Wing

Anne Alt

BARRON Bef 1850 Etton, Berwick

BARRON 1887-1900 Bradford, Middlesbrough
Lancelot Barron

BARRON 1757 Sowood
Marjorie Donchey

BARRON 1757 Sowood, Stainland
Carole Edwards Caruso

BARRON 1800s-1930s Mexborough
Kathleen Hobson Bok

BARRON 1830-1940 Tunstall

BARRON Aft 1840 Wakefield, Stanley
Cari-Lyn Braun

BARRON c.1850 Leeds
Marian Noble

BARROW 18thC Ingleton, Bentham
Claire Stanley

BARROW Bishop Burton, Beverley
Sheila Coy

BARROW 1800-1891 Huddersfield
Tom Miller

BARROW c.1822 Clayton
Patricia Fisher Hamill

BARROW 1700-1900 East Riding
Wayne Holmes

BARROWCLIFFE Aft 1911 Doncaster
Hilary Jackson

BARRS 1450-1550
Al Barrs

BARRY 1700-1800 Guisborough
Carol Russell

BARRY 1719
John H. Barry

BARSTOW Bef 1866 Horbury, Batley
Jane Roberts

BARSTOW 1700-1900 Nether Hallam, Sheffield, Halifax

BARSTOW Wetherby, Leeds, Spofforth

Barb[King, Patterson]

BARSTOW Bef 1600 Shelf
William Barstow

BARTH Bef 1888
Darcy Zwier

BARTHOLOMEW 1780-1900 Leeds, Killamarsh
Steve Bartholomew

BARTHOLOMEW 1800-1950 Leeds, Bradford
Sylvia Trumble

Eoy Barthorpe


BARTLE 1800 Beverley
Pat Frost

BARTLE 19thC Wakefield
Gemma Whalley

BARTLE Hull, Thirsk
Donna Edmondson

BARTLETT Bef 1750 Baildon
Pam Dick

BARTLETT Bef 1730 Thornton In Craven
Shane Boocock

BARTON 1801+ Ecclesfield, Brightside, Sheffield
Georgia Clements

Michael Blake

BARTON Stanley, Wakefield
John Ovenden

BARTRAM 1800-1865 Sheffield
Marie Hitchmough

BARTRAM 1700-1800
Gerald Bartram

BARUGH 1750-1810 Northallerton, Hull, Thwing
Barbara Hirst

Christopher Barker

BARWICK 1854+ Gilling

BARWICK 1800-1850 Coxwold, York
Keith Smith

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