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Yorkshire Surname Interests - O
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O'BRIEN(1) 1869-1948 Sculcoates, Sheffield
Steven Montgomery

O'BRIEN(1) 1840-1900 Halifax, Rotherham
Steven Montgomery

O'CONNOR 1854 Rotherham
Paul Whitaker

O'GRADY 19thC Leeds
Peter East

OAKDEN 1800-1890 Sheffield

OAKES 1800-1850 Sheffield Parish Church
Bruce Todd

OAKES Bef 1730
Warwick Bell

OAKES Knottingley
Jade Marie

OAKLAND Hemsworth
Lynda Pattison

OAKLAND Wakefield
Deana Kirk

OAKLAND Wakefield
Oliver Oakland

OAKLAND 1840-1860 Kirkhamgate
Helen Slack

OAKLEY 1800-1900 Pateley Bridge, Bradford, Ripon
Mark oakley

OASTLER 1729-1850 Thirkleby, Thirsk, York
Milton Gray

OASTLER 1700-1861 Kirby Wiske, Thirsk, Brompton by Northallerton, Leeds, Huddersfield
Richard Thomson

OATES 19thC Wakefield, Morley, Batley

OATES 1600-1900 Batley, Morley, Wakefield

OATES 1736-1793 Salterhebble
Patrick Oates

OATES Bef 1851 Bowling, Tong, Dudley Hill
Margaret Bartlett

OATES Bef 1820 Halifax, Southowram
Alison Lawrie

Brian Howroyd

OATES Sheffield Stocksbridge
Ron Adams

OATES 1700-1820 Halifax, Northowram
Tana Willis Johnson

OATES 1750-1850 Leeds, Kirkgate
Suzan and Frank Kaye

OATES 1800s Mirfield
Tammie Lee

OATES 18thC Northowram, Halifax
Duncan Mitchell

OATES Bef 1850 Sheffield
Dave Boston


OATES Bef 1860 Mountain, Queensbury
Jane Downey

OATES early 1800s Leeds, Sheffield
Jane Tully

OBEE Bef 1780 Selby
Mike Horton

OBRIEN 1850-1920 Sheffield
Conrod Mercer

Henry Oddie

ODDY Bef 1800 Otley, Calverley
Ann Ryder

ODDY 17thC-19thC Birstall, Huddersfield
Joan Gaskin

ODDY 18thC-19thC Halifax, Northowram
Billy Normington

ODDY Bef 1885 Dewsbury, Wakefield area
Kathleen Hobson Bok

ODDY 1840 Stanwick St John
Stephen Oddy

ODONNELL 1870-present
Tim O'Donnell

OFFICE Aft 1850] east Riding
John Feltham



Lester Sheard

OGARA 1872 Leeds
Julie Moss

OGDEN Bef 1850 Midgley

OGDEN 1800-1870 Todmorden
Audrey Romero

OGDEN 17thC Wadsworth (Halifax)
Duncan Mitchell

OGDEN Bradford
K Barrett

OGDEN Cowling Sutton Kildwick
Andy Teal

OGDEN Wath-on-Dearne, Goldthorpe
Jean French

OGDEN 1739 Arksey, Bentley
Roger Quick

OGDEN 1830-1907 Gawber, Worsbrough, Barnsley
Mary Lou

OGDEN 1840-1880s Halifax
Rayelle Williamson

OGDEN Aft 1885 Elland
Trevor Maxfield

OGLE 1909 Sheffield
Janet Foreman

OGLE Hutton Buscel, Harpham, Muston
Di Herbert

OGLE 1700-1900 Pocklington
Caroline Gibson

OGLE Bef 1850
Arthur Morley

OGLES 1600-1800
June Osborne

OGLEY 1800s Wakefield

Paul Orton

OLDALE 1750-1950 Sheffield, Attercliffe
Grant Simpson

OLDALE Bef 1875 Sheffield
Lesley Hardwick

OLDER Huddersfield
Pauline Harrison

OLDFIELD Bef 1785 Mirfield
David Bowers

OLDFIELD Armley, Bramley, Marston
Christopher W.Walker

OLDFIELD Brotherton, Wakefield
Ann Brixey

OLDFIELD 1700-1950 Skipton Wigglesworth
Diane Lindsay

OLDFIELD 1790-1900 Kirkheaton, Dewsbury
Helen Slack

OLDFIELD 17thC Midgley(Halifax)
Duncan Mitchell

OLDFIELD 1851-1908 Pontefract, Almondbury
Steven Whitaker

OLDFIELD c.1823 Thornton-in-Lonsdale
Neville Price

OLDHAM Middlesbrough

OLDHAM Aft 1800

OLDHAM 1700-1850 Sheffield
Jan Rhodes

Jane Hughes

OLDROYD Bef 1875 Middlestown, Thornhill, Horbury
Michael Greaves

OLDROYD 1800 Dewsbury
Helen Sutherland

OLDROYD 1840 Leeds
Evelyn Oldroyd

OLEY 1600-1700 Wakefield, Leeds, Newton of parish Wakefield
Vivien Martin

OLIVER late 18thC-early 19thC Guisborough, Slapewath Cottage
Donna Oakley-Davidson

OLIVER Sculcoates, Kingston upon Hull
Audrey Travis

OLIVER 1700 Scarborough
Claire Taylor

OLIVER 1800-present Sheffield, Leeds, Barnsley
David Mark Watkin

OLIVER Bef 1840
Jeff Sutcliffe

OLIVER 1700-1850
John Greaves

OMBLER Sheffield
Lynette Baker

OMEARA Bef 1931 Halifax, Rotherham
Sam Morris

Sue Monaghan

ONEILL 1860-1875 Newton on Ouse, Shipton, Poppleton, Great Ouseburn
Vincent O'Neill

ONEILL 1928 Barnoldswick
Jayne Hobson

ONEILL Aft 1860 Bradford
R N Bailey

Trevor O'Neill

ORAM 1800-1849 Darnall, Sheffield
Beth Wearing

ORANGE Leeds, Hook, Goole
Anne Fryer

ORANGE(1) 1801-1868 Wakefield, Blaby
Paul Orange

ORANGE(2) 1760-1870 Wakefield, Horbury
Paul Orange

ORBELL Aft 1880 Hull
Debbie Regan

Dawn Brock-Mezciems

ORDISH Aft 1870 Wetherby, Mickelwaite
John Scott Mckay

ORMANROYD 1842-1909 Horton, Great Horton, Bradford
Sharon Wardle Harrington

ORMEROD Waddington/West Bradford
J McNeilly

ORMEROD 1800 Bradford
Pat Horton

Steve van Dulken

ORMONDROYD 1750-1980 Wibsey, Wyke, Scholes, Bradford
Martin Bentley

ORMONDROYD 1860-1910 Wibsey
Denise Valadez

The Ormrods

ORREL(L) 18thC-19thC Barnsley
Steve Harris

Angela Cross

ORRELL 18th-19thC Leeds
Trevor Hainsworth

ORREY Folkton
Sherry Pfeffer

ORROW Folkton
Sherry Pfeffer

ORTON Bef 1700 Calverley
Pam Dick

Heather Punshon

ORTON c.1800 Hauxwell
Nancy McLaughlin


ORTON 19thC Ripon
Ken Silver

ORTON Kippax, Swillington, Leeds
Liz Moran

ORTON 1700-1740 Harewood
Steve Gledhill

Susan Horner

ORWYNNE c1580-1610 Ingleby Greenhow, North Riding
Carol Gebhart Marlo

ORWYNNE/ORWIN 1607 Ingleby Greenhow, North Riding
Carol Marlo

OSBALDISTON 1800-1900 Bradford
Penny Campbell

OSBORN 1910 Sheffield
Janet Foreman

OSBORNE Aft 1870 Barnsley, Wakefield
Geoff Osborne

OSBORNE 1800-1930 Cleckheaton, Gomersal
Pat Dimuantes

OSLER 1800-1900 Beverley, Hull
James Ernest Osler

Sally Lou Ostick Eckelman

OSTICK 1800-1890 Leeds
Sheila Shoesmith

John Lancaster

OTLEY Sheffield, Doncaster
Lisa Brammer

OT(T)LEY 1800-1850
Ray Tuck

OTTER 1780-1870 Sheffield
Margaret Day

OTTER Bef 1850
Steve Otter

OTTERBURN 1600-1890s Appleton le Moors, Lastingham
Lynda Croft

OTTLEY 1800-1850
Ray Tuck

Ali Hill

Gareth Oubridge

Steven W. Outterbridge

OUTHWAITE 1660-1839 Marrick
Peg Whiteman

OUTHWAITE 18thC-19thC Hunton
Aileen Orr

OUTHWAITE Bef 1820 Brearton, Knaresborough
Fiona MacDonald

Peter Outhwaite

OUTHWAITE 1813-1900 Bradford
Carole Driscoll


OUTRAM Darton, Kexborough, West Melton

OUTRAM Greasbrough, Rawmarsh
John Beilby

OUTRAM 19thC Hull
Don Haines

OUTRAM 1800-1850 Wath upon Dearne
Dianne Neumann

Kathryn Atkin

OVENDEN Thornhill
Janet Crowe

OVENDEN Salisbury, Stanley, Wakefield
John Ovenden

OVEREND Kildwick, Dewsbury

OVEREND Sheffield
Mark Townsend

OVEREND 1700s Calverley, Bradford
Judy Smith

OVEREND Bef 1820 Idle, Calverley, Esholt, Guiseley, Baildon
J. Brian Hardaker

Susan Ferrill

Shirley Tebay

OVERTON Bef 1600
Beth Fausnaugh

Nivard Ovington

OV(E)RING 1755 Kirkby Malham
Cathie Hargreaves

OWEN Brampton, Rotherham, Sheffield
Ronald Pearson

OWENS Bef 1939 Leeds, Batley, Dewsbury
Kate Gilby

OWERS 18thC Malton
Chris Roderick

OWRAM Bef 1851 Ardsley, Darfield
Gillian Stapleton

OWRID 1900 West Riding

Steve Oxberry

Anne Oxbury

OXER Altofts
Michael Kreps

Gene Gregory

OXLEY Aft 1896 Brighouse

OXLEY 1750+ Sheffield
Georgia Clements

OXLEY Bradford
Carole Dick

OXLEY Handsworth, Normanton Springs, Gleadless

OXLEY 19thC Worsbrough, Barnsley

OXLEY Pontefract, Doncaster
Mark Townsend

OXLEY 1600-date Crofton, Normanton, Wakefield
Terry Langhorn

OXLEY 1638-1700 Sheffield, Leeds, York
Jean Oxley

OXLEY 1730-1920 Rotherham, Rawmarsh. Masbrough, Whiston
Elyse Carpenter

OXLEY 1743 Thorne
Roger Quick

OXLEY 1800+ Mirfield

OXLEY 1800-1850 Barnsley
Kevin Sutton

OXLEY 1800-present Gildersome, Adwalton, Drighlington, Birstall Parish
June Booth

OXLEY 1819-1870 Wakefield
Rhonda Lowe

OXLEY Bef 1760 Bolton upon Dearne
David W Hinde

OXLEY Bef 1800 Mirfield
David Micklethwaite

OXLEY Bef 1850 Crigglestone, Wakefield
Richard Senior

OXNARD Calverley, Broughton, Fewston, Gargrave, York, Richmond, Romaldkirk
Mike Oxnard

OXTOBY South Dalton, Hull
Patrick Cracroft-Brennan

OYLES 1700-1800
June Osborne

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