King Henry VIII reigned from 1509 to 1547, so the 15th year of his reign would be 1523. This means that any dates given will be in the old style (i.e. the first day of the year was March 25th).
Much use is made in the original text of the "tilde" symbol (~) to indicate abreviations. The tilde is used above the relevant characters, but as most modern fonts do not contain the required characters (e.g. c tilde), in this transcription, the tilde is placed after the character it was originally on top of.
In order to make the files a sensible size, the text surrounding the original parish information is produced on this page, with the 4 wards of the city of York, and the Ainsty parishes each having their own files as indicated by the links below.
The text you see on these pages is all that there was in the book - I have no more information on either the people or the original documents.
The data is given here in good faith, but is not guaranteed to be without errors, so if you spot any errors, please drop me a line via the link at the bottom of the page.



This is the sedule Indentyd made the ixth. day of Aprill in the xvth yere of the reign of oure soverain lorde king Henry the viijth by the grace of God king of England and of France Defensor of the Faith and lorde of Irlond John Norman Maior of the said City of York John Dogeson John Halle William Wright Thomas Parker Symon Vycars Thomas Burton William Barker Peter Jakson Robert Wyld John Rasyng Thomas Mason aldermen of the same Jamys Bladys & Rychard Huchonson shyreffs of the forsaid City and Commissioners of oure said soverain lorde the king w'in the forsaid City of York suburbes of the same and also w'in the Wapentyke of the Ainsty the whiche is annexyd to the said City. Wherein is conteigned both the names and surnames of all persons dwelling w'in the said City Suburbes & the Wapentyke afforsaid chargeable to the Acte of Parliament grauntyd to his grace in the xvth yere of his said reign with the valuac~on bothe of their goodes and landes & also the sommes whereunto they be assessed & due to his grace by reason of the forsaid Acte, and the names of all subcollectors and also the sommes wherew't they be particularly charged w'all.

This endenture made the 9th day of Aprill in the 15th yere of the reign of oure sovereign Lorde King Henry the 8th by the grace of god King of Ingland and of Fraunce Defender of the Faith and Lorde of Irland betwixt the right worshipfull John Norman major of the City of York Sr William Gascoigne Knight Recorder of the same John Dogeson Thomas Drawswerde John Halle William Wright Thomas Parkour Simon Vicars Thomas Burton William Barker Peter Jason Robert Wylde John Rasyng Thomas Mason Aldermen of the seid City James Blades and Richard Hutchonson Sheriffs of the forseid City and Commissioners for oure seid sovereign Lorde the King named and assigned by his commissyon Datyd at Hampton Courte the 30th day of August in the 15th yere of his reign within the seid City of York suburbes of the same and the Wapentyke of the Aynsty for the execuc~on of the Act of Subsidie graunted to oure seid sovereign Lorde in his last parliament of this present yere of that oone partie And John Mason Inholder John Umfreyson tapytour John Richardson paynter John Rayncok Cordyner Robert Cokkett and Thomas Prynce yomen named and appointed by the aboveseid Comissyoners to be High Collectors for our seid sovereign Lorde the King to ged levie and receyve all the Sommes of money assessed and due to His grace for the furst payment of the seid subsidie within the forseid City suburbes and the Wapentyke aboveseid of that other party Witnessith that the seid Commissyoners hath delyvered the day and yere above writtyn unto the aforenamed High Collectors a Cedule Indented whereot the oone part to the oone partye of this Indenture rernanyng wt the seid High Collectors And the other part of the seid Cedule remanyng the seid Commissyoners is annexed in whiche Cedule Indented plainly is expressed and specifyed the particuler names and surnames of all persons chargeable to the seid Subsidie Wt the valuac~on of their goodes and lands and the Sommes where unto they and every oone of thaym be presented taxed and sessed dwellyng within the City aforeseid suburbes of the same and the Wapentyke of the Ainsty aboveseid. And of all sub-collectors and of all suche sommes of money in grosse as the seid sub-collectors particularly be charged within their Estrets reteinyng in your hands 6d. of every pownde for yours ours and sub-collectors Fees according to the seid Act the whiche charge and sommes of money the seid High Collectors shall truly accompt and make payment thereof unto the Kings Highnes at his Courte of Eschequar at Westmynster after the tenour of the forseid Act of parliament In witnes whereof to either parte of these Indenturez the seid Commissyoners hath putte their sealls and signe manuells the day and yere abovewrittyn.

(Endorsed) "Per manus Johannis Castell de Scaccario Domini Regis xxj. die Junij &c."

The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal Vol. IV, 1877.
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