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YORK: Subsidy Rolls


Richard Hutchonson in goods 20li20s. 0d.
The same Richard for a child's porc~on in his hands the which is 12li6s. 0d.
William Huby in goods 40li40s. 0d.
Thomas Baly in goods 20li20s. 0d.
William Eryngton in goods 40li40s. 0d.
Thomas Toon in goods 30li30s. 0d.
John Barwik his servant in wages 20s4d.
William Dawson his servant in wages 20s4d.
Wydo Dowson in goods 5li2s. 6d.
Johanna Spark wydo in goods 5li2s. 6d.
Mawde Chapman in wages 20s4d.
William Hey in goods 3li18d.
Thomas Mason in goods 3li18d.
Thomas Knayton in goods 20li20s. 0d.
Symon Bolton his servant in wages 26s. 8d6d.
Margery Slotheman in goods 40s12d.
Jeffray Williamson in goods 5li2s. 6d.
John Rychardson in goods 33li. 6s. 8d33s. 4d.
William Bachelor in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Thomas Wright in goods 4li2s. 0d.
Richard Webster in goods 3li18d.
Thomas Chadwyk in goods 40s12d.
William Man in goods 16li8s. 0d.
William Agar in goods 40li40s. 0d.
Richard Foxgale in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Wiiliam Cullyng in goods 40s12d.
William Holdesworth in goods 40s12d.
Peter Grey in goods 40s12d.
John Lee in goods 3li18d.
Leonard Jonson in goods 4li2s. 0d.
Cristofer Colson in wages 20s4d.
John Watson in wages 20s4d.
John Caldbek in goods 40s12d.
John Rok in goods 40s12d.
Robert Foxgale in goods 40s12d.
Robert Hill in goods 40s12d.
Wydo Colson in wages 20s4d.
John Allanby in goods 40s12d.
Nicholes Harryngton in wages 20s4d.
Thomas Bramley in goods 40s12d.
Pattrick Knight in goods 40s12d.
John Burton in goods 40s12d.
Hewe Maxwell in wages 20s4d.
Summa-15li. 0s. 12d.

Thomas Jameson in goods 5li2s. 6d.
Thomas Goddeshalle in goods 20 marks6s. 8d.
Roger Chambre in goods 10li5s. 0d.
John Pollard in goods 10li5s. 0d.
William Webster in goods 10li5s. 0d.
William Helme in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Hewe Ryg in goods 40s12d.
John Hewson in goods 40s12d.
Cristofer Tomson in goods 40s12d.
Cristofer Allanson in goods 10li5s. 0d.
William Mowbrey in goods 5li2s. 6d.
John Bisshop in goods 40s12d.
William Baxster in goods 40s12d.
Robert Jenkynson in goods 40s12d.
William Crathorn in goods 40s12d.
John Bell in goods 40s12d.
Nicholes Chambre in wages 20s4d.
Johamrmia Croludson in wages 20s4d.
Thomnas Mason in wages 20s4d.
Summa-45s. 8d.

Thomas Knapton in wages 20s4d.

John Olyff in wages 20s4d.
Thomas Rasebok in wages 20s4d.

Thomas Levenyng in wages 20s4d.
Antony Mountney in wages 20s4d.
Edward Darwentwater in wages 20s4d.
John Heubank in wages 26s. 8d6d.
William Lowrans in wages 26s. 8d6d.
Rolland Crage in wages 26s. 8d6d.
William Sydburroo in wages 26s. 8d6d.
John Hustwyk in wages 20s4d.
Herry Felle in wages 20s4d.
John Tindayle in wages 26s. 8d6d.
Thomas Clerk in wages 20s4d.
Thomas Dobson in wages 20s4d.
William Trewe in wages 20s4d.
John Foxgale in wages 20s4d.
Trestram Tesshe in goods 20li20s. 0d.
Robert Beisley his servant in wages 26s. 8d6d.
Stephen Melle in goods 6li3s. 0d.
Herry Smyth in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Thomas Baker in goods 5li2s. 6d.
John Milner in goods 40s12d.
Robert Lorans in goods 40s12d.
Nicholes Raynald in wages 20s4d.
Stephen Whenffell in wages 20s4d.
Thomas Wilkynson in wages 20s4d.
Gilbert Dode in wages 20s4d.
Thomas Parke in wages 20s4d.
Robert Wyldon servant to Mr. Stanceby in wages 20s4d.
Martyn Wardeman servant to Mr. Tesshe in wages 20s4d.
William Dawson in wages 20s4d.
Wydo Robynson in goods 5li2s. 6d.
Wydo White in lands 26s. 8d16d.

Mr. Doctor Spencer in goods 10li5s 0d.
Johanna Rychardson in goods 40s12d.
Edward Gurnald in goods 40s12d.
Richard Sydez in wages 20s4d.
Robert Stabell in goods 40s12d.
John Morthyng in goods 40s12d.
John Herryson in goods 40s12d.
Herry Garnett in goods 5li2s 6d.
John Rychardson in goods 40s12d.
John Hebdale in wages 20s4d.
John Herryson in goods 40s12d.
Isabell Vertee in goods 40s12d.
Alexander Leke in wages 20s4d.
Richard Symson in wages 20s4d.
William Robson in wages 26s. 8d6d.
Roger Shawe in goods 3li18d.
Alice Clyff in wages 20s4d.
Margaret Prynce in goods 40s12d.
William Dikson in wages 20s4d.
Edward White in wages 20s4d.
John Umfreyson in goods 20li20s 0d.
John Screvyn in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Richard Gurnard in goods 20li20s.0d.
Richard Dawtree in wages 20s4d.
William Taillyell servant to Umfreyson in wages 26s. 8d6d.
Cristofer Hahle servant to Gurnard in wages 23s. 4d8d.
Summa-3li. 7s. 1d.

John Smyth tanner in goods 40li40s. 0d.
William Jonson in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Thomas Hunter in goods 8li4s. 0d.
Wydo Launce in goods 5li2s. 6d.
John Mason in goods 40s12d.
John Stanceby in goods 40s12d.
John Walker in goods 40s12d.
Roger Walles in goods 40s12d.
John Walles in wages 20s4d.
John Smyth in wages 20s4d.
John Rychardson in wages 20s4d.
William Myles in wages 20s4d.
John Halle in goods 40s12d.
John Stephenson in wages 20s4d.
Robert Hirst in wages 20s4d.
William Brydge in wages 20s4d.
Thomas Grenebank in wages 20s4d.
George Godson in wages 20s4d.
Thomas Langthorn in wages 20s4d.
Rolland Cony for too children's porc~onz 5li2s. 6d.
Summa-3li. 2s. 4d.

Edmond Walles in goods 40s12d.
William Chambre glover in goods 40s12d.
Wilfride Pynder in goods 10 marks3s. 4d.
William Vycars in lands 3li3s. 0d.
Herry Colson in wages 20s4d.
The same Herry for a child's porc~on of 40s12d.
Rychard Tyson in goods 40s12d.
Richard Wilkynson in wages 20s4d.
Jamys Harland in wages 20s4d.
Olyver Walton in wages 20s4d.
William Marshall in wages 20s4d.
Nicholas Girdlyngton in wages 20s4d.
Summa-12s. 4d.

Wydo Fraderyk in goods 40s12d.
Margery Donmoo wydo in lands 10 marks6s. 8d.
Charles Clerk in goods 40s12d.
John Ashby in goods 5 marks20d.
John Herpar in goods 4li2s. 6d.
Mathewe Garstell in goods 40s12d.
Thomas Bacon in goods 40s12d.
Alexander Watson in wages 20s4d.
Thomas Davy in wages 20s4d.
Roger Honey in wages 20s4d.
Robert Wilson in wages 20s4d.
John Ryddesdall in wages 20s4d.

Summa Totalis de Monke Warde predicta- 27li. 10s. 5d.

Thomas Goddshalfe chandler

Richard Foxgale bocher

William Hay girdler

Subcollectors of Monke Warde afforeseid.

The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal Vol. IV, 1877.
Information repoduced here by kind agreement with the Yorkshire Archaeological Society.
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scanning and formatting software by Colin Hinson.