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YORK: Subsidy Rolls


John Dogeson in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Thomas Mason in goods 30li30s. 0d.
A servant of the same Thomas in wages 20s4d.
Robert Peircy Gent, in lands 8 marks8s. 4d.
Thomas Shawe in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Wydo Whitehede in goods 3li18d.
Isabell Yates in wages 20s4d.
John Lamyman in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Thomas Suttell in goods 40s12d.
Wydo Davy in goods 20s4d.
Thomas Rodemelle in wages 20s4d.
Margaret Symson in goods 40s12d.
John Taillour in wages 20s4d.
Katheryn Farco in wages 20s4d.
William Hamylton in wages 20s4d.
Wydo Cotes in goods 16li8s. 0d.
Cristofer Hessylwodde in goods 3li18d.
Richard Lynsey in wages 20s4d.
William Colman in wages 20s4d.
John Lupton in goods 5 marks20d.
Thomas Walton in wages 20s4d.
Vidua Bewe in wages 20s4d.
Johanna Cristoferson in wages 20s4d.
Richard Sclater in goods 40s12d.
Walter Burnett in wages 20s4d.
John Scayff in goods 4li2s. 6d.
Richard Sawer in goods 40s12d.
John Gylle in goods 40s12d.
Thomas Scayls in wages 20s4d.
William Bolton in wages 20s4d.
Robert Tyler in wages 20s4d.
Herry Wright plomer in goods 16li8s. 0d.
William Hewbank in goods 5li5s. 0d.
Margaret Speght in goods 16li8s. 0d.
John Morresby in goods 18li9s. 0d.
John Plewman in goods 20 marks6s. 8d.
Thomas Sclater profetts for wages 20s4d.
James Toller in goods 8li4s. 0d.
Symon Hawton in goods 4li2s. 6d.
William Halle in goods 40s12d.
Cuthbert Smyth in goods 4li2s. 6d.
John Nycholson in goods 40s12d.
John Dawson in goods 40s12d.
Cristofer Rychardson in goods 40s12d.
Wydo Barker in goods 40s12d.
William Smyth in wages 20s4d.
James Herpham in wages 20s4d.
John Kilburne in wages 20s4d.
Johanna Biggyn in wages 20s4d.
John Ridlyngton in wages 20s4d.
Roger Conk in wages 20s4d.
William Huntclyff in wages 20s4d.
Stephen Foxgate servant wt ye seid Dawson in wages 20s4d.
Thomas Huton glover in wages 20s4d.
Robert Chamlan in wages 20s4d.
John Scott in wages 30s6d.
Summa-6li. 9s. 2d.

William Neleson gent. in goods 40 marks26s. 8d.
Richard Langton gent. in lands 10 marks6s. 8d.
Thomas Staveley in wages 20s4d.
Edmond Redeman in wages 20s4d.
William Calverley in wages 20s4d.
John Graunge in wages 20s4d.
William Nixon in wages 20s4d.
Simon Michell in goods 40s12d.
Robert Hornclyff in wages 20s4d.
Thomas Been in goods 40s12d.
John Been in wages 20s4d.
Wydo Poynter in wages 20s4d.
William Payver in wages 20s4d.
Thomas Lowson in wages 20s4d.
Summa-38s. 8d.

Wydo Constable in lands 12li12s. 0d.
William Blomer in goods 5li2s. 6d.
Edward Vykceman in goods 3li18d.
Richard Pynder in goods 40s12d.
William Edmonson in goods 40s12d.
Robert Sclater in wages 20s4d.
John Conk in goods 40s12d.
Agnes Bollyng in goods 40s12d.
John Rudby in goods 40s12d.
John Walker in goods 40s12d.
John Mylner in wages 20s4d.
John Atkynson in wages 20s4d.

John Caldbek in goods 4li2s. 0d.
John Blakey in wages 20s4d.
Richard Esshby in goods 3li18d.
William Goldesmyth vyntner in goods 40s12d.
George Churcheman in goods 5li2s. 6d.
Thomas Garnett in goods 40s12d.
John Story in wages 20s4d.
John Huntyngton in wages 20s4d.
John Myrns in wages 20s4d.
John Lucas in wages 20s4d.
Summa-9s. 8d.

John Ellys in goods 10li5s. 0d.
John Mason in goods 10li5s. 0d.
John Bacheler in goods 20 marks6s. 8d.
Wi1liam Pennyngton in goods 5li2s. 6d.
William Pulley in goods 5li2s. 6d.
William Godson in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Thomas Wartyrer in goods 40s12d.
Richard Trewe in goods 5li2s. 6d.
Cristofer Nevyle in goods 40s12d.
Guy Neleson in goods 40s12d.
John Tomson in goods 40s12d.
Richard Gybson in goods 40s12d.
Robert Wilkynson in wages 20s4d.
John Watson servant to Wilkynson in wages 20s4d.
Summa-34s. 10d.

John Hall in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Herry Derson in goods 20li20s. 0d.
Richard Halle in goods 20 marks6s. 8d.
John Newby in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Adam Atkynson in goods 10 marks3s. 4d.
William Lorans in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Thomas Smyth in goods 5li2s. 6d.
Richard Morresby in goods 5li2s. 6d.
William Tomson in goods 5li2s. 6d.
John Barnes,in goods 5 marks20d.
William Bailton in goods 40s12d.
Thomas Lonnesdayle in goods 40s12d.
William Collyngwodde in goods 40s12d.
William Cleuston in goods 40s12d.
Thomas Clerk in goods 10 marks3s. 4d.
Summa-3li. 18d.

William Barker in goods 30li30s. 0d.
John Thornton in goods 60li3li. 0s. 0d.
James Shipton in lands 8li8s. 0d.
Herry Wodde in goods 20li20s. 0d.
Bryan Bradeley in goods 20li20s. 0d.
Richard Middelton in goods 40s12d.
John Lee in goods 40s12d.
Robert Carlile in goods 5li2s. 6d.
Cristofer Clerk in goods 5 marks20d.
Rolland Conny in goods 18li9s. 0d.
Thomas Wande in goods 6li3s. 0d.
Robert Braithwate in goods 6li3s. 0d.
Richard Wright in goods 40s12d.
Thomas Plaskot in goods 5li2s. 6d.
William Morgan in goods 40s12d.
William Gate in wages 20s4d.
Thomas Custance in wages 20s4d.
Thomas Robynson in wages 20s4d.
Cuthbert Birtbek in wages 20s4d.
William Fletcher in goods 40s12d.
George Ledale in goods 5li2s. 6d.
John Shipton in goods 40s12d.
Henry Morres in wages 20s4d.
John Wilkynson in goods 5li2s. 6d.
Robert White in lands 4 marks2s. 8d.
Richard Tomson in goods 10li5s. 0d.
Thomas Bek in goods 40s12d.
Horny Cartwright in wages 20s4d.
Robert Faceby in goods 40s12d.
Summa-10li. 2s. 4d.

Summa Totalis de Mikylleth Warde cum North strete postern 24li. 19s. 2d.

Robert Carlile lyster

Thomas Shawe

William Laurence tylemaker

William Blewmar

Sub-collectors of Mikyllyth warde and North strete postern afforseid

Summa Totalis oi~m Wardur' and Postern' dicte Civitatis- 191li. 19s. 8 1/2d.