Yorkshire alphabetical list, letter K


Alphabetical list and index for graves in the East Riding of Yorkshire



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Letter K

K.I. Little Driffield,
KIng North Newbald Cemetery, North Newbald Cemetery,
KJC Ellerton,
KL Riccall,
KPWandSW Holme On Spalding Moor,
KRL Escrick,
KS Sherburn,
Kahler Birdsall, Bridlington Cemetery,
Kaine North Ferriby,
Kair Withernsea Cemetery,
Kal Pocklington Cemetery,
Kalamat Bridlington Cemetery,
Kalle Brandesburton,
Kalson Anlaby Cemetery,
Kamara Bridlington Cemetery,
Kaminski Brandesburton,
Kamstra Elloughton,
Kane Bridlington Cemetery,
Karsera Aldbrough Cemetery,
Kashuba Walkington,
Kates Anlaby Cemetery, Hedon,
Kaufmann Bridlington Cemetery, Thorngumbald Cemetery,
Kavanagh Anlaby Cemetery, Filey Cemetery,
Kavill Lissett,
Kay Anlaby Cemetery, Bempton, Bridlington Cemetery, Easington Cemetery, Eastrington Cemetery, Elloughton, Filey, Flamborough, Garton On The Wolds, Great Driffield Cemetery, Halsham, Hemingbrough, Heslington, Holme On Spalding Moor, Hornsea Cemetery2, Howden Cemetery, Long Riston, North Ferriby, North Frodingham Cemetery, Norton Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Riccall, Settrington, Sherburn, Shiptonthorpe Cemetery, Skipwith, Thorngumbald Cemetery, Thornton, Withernwick,
Kaye Anlaby Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Bugthorpe, Laxton, Preston Cemetery, Rimswell, South Dalton, Withernsea Cemetery, Withernwick,
Keable Hedon Cemetery,
Keal Withernwick,
Kealey Howden,
Keall Sigglesthorne,
Kealty Withernsea,
Kean Anlaby Cemetery, Holme On Spalding Moor,
Keane Bridlington Cemetery, Newport,
Kear Bridlington Cemetery, Rillington Cemetery,
Kearns Anlaby Cemetery, Bilton Cemetery, Bubwith, Hedon Cemetery, Riccall,
Kearry Rise, Withernwick,
Keates Bridlington Cemetery,
Keating Flamborough, Leconfield,
Keay Howden,
Kebdy Cherry Burton,
Keczkes Anlaby Cemetery,
Kedar Howden,
Keddey Bridlington Cemetery,
Keddie Burstwick, Withernwick,
Keddy Lund, South Dalton,
Kedge Sherburn,
Keeble Anlaby Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Filey, Howden Cemetery,
Keech Keyingham Cemetery,
Keegan Bridlington Cemetery, Willerby,
Keel Elloughton,
Keeling Bridlington Cemetery, Huggate, Market Weighton Cemetery, Reighton,
Keelty Keyingham Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Keen Barmston, Bridlington Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery,
Keena North Ferriby,
Keenan Leven,
Keene Howden Cemetery,
Keenleyside Great Driffield Cemetery,
Keeping Bridlington Cemetery,
Keetley Cherry Burton,
Kehoe Hedon Cemetery,
Kehof Stamford Bridge,
Keighley Bridlington Cemetery, Hemingbrough, Hornsea Cemetery,
Keir Hornsea Cemetery2,
Keith Anlaby Cemetery, Bilton Cemetery, Brandesburton, Burstwick, Carnaby, Elloughton, Hornsea Cemetery, North Frodingham, Willerby, Withernsea Cemetery, Withernwick,
Keld Beeford, Filey, Ganton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery, Market Weighton Cemetery, Nunkeeling, Willerby,
Kelk Foxholes,
Kell Anlaby Cemetery, Bishop Wilton, Bridlington Cemetery, Langtoft, North Ferriby, North Frodingham Cemetery, Patrington Cemetery, Shiptonthorpe, South Cave Cemetery, Tickton, Withernsea Cemetery,
Kelland Anlaby Cemetery, Preston Cemetery,
Kelleher Howden Cemetery,
Keller Withernsea Cemetery,
Kellett Bridlington Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hollym, North Ferriby, Withernsea Cemetery,
Kellington Elloughton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Howden, North Ferriby, Rowley, Sherburn, Sledmere, South Cave Cemetery, Sproatley Cemetery, Weaverthorpe,
Kellock Burton Pidsea Cemetery,
Kelly Anlaby Cemetery, Bishop Burton, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Dunnington, Filey, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hemingbrough, Mappleton, Market Weighton Cemetery, Naburn, Pocklington Cemetery, Reighton, Ruston Parva, Withernsea Cemetery, Withernsea,
Kelman Great Driffield Cemetery,
Kelsall Filey,
Kelsey Anlaby Cemetery, Barmby Moor, Bilton Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Elloughton, Foxholes, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hemingbrough, Hornsea Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Hutton Cranswick, Market Weighton Cemetery, North Cliffe, Pocklington Cemetery, Sancton,
Kelshaw Sigglesthorne,
Kelso Preston Cemetery,
Kember Great Driffield Cemetery,
Kemp Anlaby Cemetery, Bainton, Barmby Moor, Beeford, Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Burstwick, Burton Pidsea, Cherry Burton, Elloughton, Filey, Flamborough, Great Driffield Cemetery, Halsham, Hedon Cemetery, Hollym, Hornsea Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Howden Cemetery, Keyingham, Kilham Cemetery, Lockington, Low Catton, Market Weighton Cemetery, Newport, Paull, Pocklington Cemetery, Preston Cemetery, Rillington Cemetery, Rise, Roos, Skirlaugh, South Cave, Thornton, Tickton, Welwick, Wetwang, Withernsea Cemetery, Withernsea, Withernwick Cemetery,
Kemplay Heslington, Stillingfleet,
Kempley Everingham RC, Market Weighton Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Shiptonthorpe,
Kempster Dunnington,
Kempton Bridlington Cemetery,
Kench Birdsall, Norton Cemetery,
Kendall Anlaby Cemetery, Barlby, Bridlington Cemetery, Dunnington, Eastrington Cemetery, Elloughton, Escrick, Everingham, Full Sutton, Hayton, Heslington, Hutton Cranswick, Keyingham, Langton, North Grimston, Norton Cemetery, Riccall, Seaton Ross, Shiptonthorpe Cemetery, Skeffling, Withernsea Cemetery, Yedingham,
Kendill Roos,
Kendra Escrick, Fangfoss, Hayton, Pocklington Cemetery, Thornton, Wilberfoss,
Kendrew Beeford, Bridlington Cemetery, Norton Cemetery, Skirlaugh,
Kendrick Bridlington Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hedon Cemetery,
Kenhope Hedon Cemetery,
Kenington Leconfield, Preston Cemetery, Skirlaugh,
Kenneally Sledmere,
Kennedy Anlaby Cemetery, Barmby, Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Ellerker, Filey, Filey Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hollym, Howden Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery, Market Weighton Cemetery, Norton Cemetery, Weaverthorpe, Wressle,
Kenney Bridlington Cemetery,
Kennie Great Driffield Cemetery,
Kennils Roos,
Kennington Anlaby Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Keyingham Cemetery, North Dalton Cemetery, Rowley, Withernsea Cemetery,
Kenny Anlaby Cemetery, Barlby, Bridlington Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Holme On Spalding Moor,
Kent Bridlington Cemetery, Bubwith, Everingham, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Huggate, Kexby, Lockington, Market Weighton Cemetery, Norton Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Settrington Cemetery, Welwick,
Kent-Waite Great Driffield Cemetery,
Kenworthy Bridlington Cemetery, Filey,
Kenwright Anlaby Cemetery, Heslington,
Kenyon Burton Fleming, Dunnington, Flamborough, Heslington,
Keohane Bridlington Cemetery,
Kerbert Bridlington Cemetery,
Kerins Howden Cemetery,
Kerlew Hemingbrough,
Kerling Holmpton,
Kerman Leven, Withernsea Cemetery,
Kermeen Hornsea Cemetery2,
Kerr Anlaby Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Filey, Hedon Cemetery,
Kerr-Little Sledmere,
Kerridge Anlaby Cemetery,
Kerrigan Market Weighton Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Kerrison Bridlington Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Kerry Bridlington Cemetery, Elloughton, Filey, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hayton,
Kersey Bridlington Cemetery,
Kersh Sigglesthorne,
Kershaw Anlaby Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Eastrington Cemetery, Elloughton, Filey, Hornsea Cemetery2, Howden Cemetery, Market Weighton, Riccall, Skidby Cem1, Stillingfleet,
Keryakoplis Great Driffield Cemetery,
Keswick Easington Cemetery,
Ketcher Bridlington Cemetery,
Ketley Cottingham Cemetery, Rillington Cemetery, West Lutton, Withernsea Cemetery,
Kett Hedon Cemetery, Holmpton,
Ketteringham South Cave Cemetery,
Kettle Easington, Flamborough, Great Driffield Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery, Withernsea,
Kettleborough Anlaby Cemetery,
Kettlewell Bridlington Cemetery, Escrick, Flamborough, Folkton Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hemingbrough, Holme On Spalding Moor, Howden Cemetery, Lowthorpe, Market Weighton Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Sancton, Settrington, Stamford Bridge, Stillingfleet, Walkington,
Kettlewood Settrington, Weaverthorpe, Wilberfoss,
Kettley Bilton Cemetery, Hedon Cemetery,
Key Anlaby Cemetery, Bewholme, Elloughton, Everingham RC, Leconfield, Low Catton, Preston Cemetery, Rillington, South Cave Cemetery,
Keyes Dunnington,
Keyland Nafferton,
Keymer Preston Cemetery,
Keys Filey Cemetery,
Keyworth Easington Cemetery, Rimswell,
Khan Anlaby Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Pocklington Cemetery,
Kidall Bridlington Cemetery,
Kidby Withernsea Cemetery,
Kidd Anlaby Cemetery, Blacktoft, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Bridlington Baptist, Burton Fleming, Catwick, Dunnington, Escrick, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Leconfield, Lissett, North Ferriby, North Newbald, Norton Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Thornton, Tickton, Withernsea Cemetery,
Kiddle Wintringham,
Kiddy Filey, Hemingbrough, North Ferriby,
Kidson Bridlington Cemetery, Skipwith,
Kiel Anlaby Cemetery, Bilton Cemetery, Long Riston,
Kiener North Ferriby,
Kiff South Cave Cemetery,
Kifrznowski Anlaby Cemetery,
Kift North Dalton Cemetery,
Kilbane Pocklington Cemetery,
Kilbourn Dunnington,
Kilbride Pocklington Cemetery,
Kilburn Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Kilby Filey, Hornsea Cemetery2, Millington, Pocklington Cemetery, Rillington Cemetery, West Heslerton,
Kildin Norton Cemetery,
Kilduff Market Weighton Cemetery,
Kilford Great Driffield Cemetery,
Kilham Norton Cemetery,
Killeen Bridlington Cemetery,
Killen Bridlington Cemetery,
Killingbeck Filey, Filey Cemetery,
Kilmartin Riccall,
Kilner Bridlington Cemetery, Filey, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery,
Kilpatrick Brandesburton,
Kilshaw Hornsea Cemetery2,
Kilvington Acklam, Anlaby Cemetery, Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Easington, Easington Cemetery, Hedon, Kilham Cemetery, Leven, Nafferton, Norton Cemetery, Roos, Settrington Cemetery, Stamford Bridge, Weaverthorpe, Wetwang, Withernsea Cemetery,
Kimber Heslington, Seaton Ross,
Kimberley Mappleton,
Kime Hornsea Cemetery2,
Kimm Etton,
Kinch Holme On Spalding Moor,
Kinder Bridlington Cemetery,
King Acklam, Aldbrough, Anlaby Cemetery, Barlby, Barmby Moor, Bempton, Bishop Wilton, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Burstwick, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Burythorpe, Dunnington, Easington Cemetery, East Heslerton, Elloughton, Etton, Extraparochial, Filey, Foston On The Wolds, Foxholes, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hedon Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Hotham, Howsham, Huggate, Hutton Cranswick, Kirkburn, Leconfield, Long Riston, Market Weighton Cemetery, Marton RCgraveyard, North Ferriby, North Newbald, North Newbald Cemetery, North Newbald Cemetery, Norton Cemetery, Ottringham, Patrington Cemetery, Paull, Pocklington Cemetery, Rowley, Seaton Ross, Settrington, Sewerby, Shiptonthorpe Cemetery, Skipsea Cemetery, South Cave Cemetery, Swine, Thorganby, Warter, Watton, West Heslerton, West Lutton, Wheldrake, Wilberfoss, Willerby, Withernsea Cemetery, Wold Newton,
King_Alfred Little Driffield,
Kingdom Hornsea Cemetery2,
Kingdon Bridlington Cemetery,
Kingett Anlaby Cemetery, Bilton Cemetery,
Kingham Preston Cemetery,
Kingman Anlaby Cemetery,
Kingsley Barlby,
Kingston Anlaby Cemetery, Bessingby, Bilton Cemetery, Brantingham, Bridlington Cemetery, Flamborough, Langtoft, Stillingfleet,
Kinnaird Bridlington Cemetery,
Kinnear Hornsea Cemetery,
Kinnersley Sproatley Cemetery,
Kinnes Hemingbrough,
Kinnon Brandesburton,
Kinroy Bridlington Cemetery, Elloughton, Muston,
Kinsella Hemingbrough,
Kinsley Anlaby Cemetery, Barlby, Bridlington Cemetery, Market Weighton Cemetery, Sigglesthorne,
Kipling Holme On Spalding Moor, Marton RCgraveyard,
Kirby Anlaby Cemetery, Barmby Moor, Beswick, Bishop Wilton, Bridlington Cemetery, Broomfleet, Bubwith, Burnby, Dunnington, Elloughton, Escrick, Etton, Fangfoss, Filey, Filey Cemetery, Fimber, Flamborough, Foston On The Wolds, Fridaythorpe, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hayton, Hedon Cemetery, Helperthorpe, Hemingbrough, Hilston, Holme On Spalding Moor, Hornsea Cemetery2, Howden Cemetery, Huggate, Hutton Cranswick, Kilnwick On The Wolds, Kirby Underdale, Kirkburn, Langtoft, Leven, Little Driffield, Londesborough, Low Catton, Market Weighton, Market Weighton Cemetery, Middleton On The Wolds Cemetery, Naburn, Nafferton, North Dalton Cemetery, North Ferriby, North Grimston, Norton Cemetery, Patrington Cemetery, Paull, Paull Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Preston Cemetery, Rillington, Rillington Cemetery, Roos, Sancton, Scrayingham, Seaton Ross, Settrington, Sewerby, Sherburn, Skerne, Skipwith, Skirlaugh, Skirpenbeck, Stamford Bridge, Sutton Upon Derwent, Swine, Thorngumbald Cemetery, Walkington, Weaverthorpe, West Lutton, Westow, Wheldrake, Withernsea Cemetery, Yapham,
Kirbyson Ganton,
Kirk Aldbrough, Anlaby Cemetery, Bilton Cemetery, Bilton, Birdsall, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Broomfleet, Eastrington Cemetery, Elloughton, Elstronwick, Filey, Filey Cemetery, Ganton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hedon, Hedon Cemetery, Holme On Spalding Moor, Hornsea Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Kilham Cemetery, Kirby Grindalythe, Laxton, Lissett, Low Catton, Market Weighton Cemetery, Naburn, Newport, North Cave, North Cave Extension, North Ferriby, Preston Cemetery, Riccall, Roos, Seaton Ross, Settrington, Sherburn, Sigglesthorne, Skidby, Skidby Cem1, South Cave Cemetery, Walkington, Wawne, West Heslerton, Withernsea Cemetery,
Kirkbride Bridlington Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery,
Kirkby Anlaby Cemetery, Bugthorpe, Elloughton, Kirkburn, Low Catton, Ottringham, Patrington, Rudston, Sledmere,
Kirke Skidby,
Kirkham Anlaby Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Flamborough, Hedon Cemetery, Hemingbrough, Hunmanby Cemetery, Keyingham Cemetery, Langtoft, Leven, North Ferriby, Patrington, Skeffling,
Kirkman Thorngumbald,
Kirkpatrick Bridlington Cemetery, Dunnington, Market Weighton Cemetery, Yapham,
Kirkus Hornsea Cemetery, Wawne,
Kirkwood Anlaby Cemetery, Dunnington Chapelry, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hedon Cemetery, Keyingham, North Cave Extension, Ottringham, Patrington, Patrington Cemetery, Preston Cemetery, Rimswell, Roos, Sproatley Cemetery,
Kirlew Watton,
Kirman Holmpton, Lockington, North Ferriby, Patrington, Skirlaugh,
Kirrane Stamford Bridge,
Kirtlan Anlaby Cemetery,
Kirton Great Driffield Cemetery, Hemingbrough, Kilham Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Preston Cemetery, Warter, West Heslerton, Withernsea,
Kirwan Bridlington Cemetery,
Kirwood Huggate,
Kisbee Anlaby Cemetery,
Kissack Elloughton,
Kitchen Aldbrough Cemetery, Anlaby Cemetery, Barlby, Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Burstwick, Cherry Burton, Etton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hedon Cemetery, Hemingbrough, Hornsea Cemetery2, Hutton Cranswick, Keyingham Cemetery, Leconfield, North Ferriby, Ottringham, Patrington, Skeffling, Skidby Cem2, Thorngumbald Cemetery, Thornton, Walkington, Welwick,
Kitcher Flamborough, Great Driffield Cemetery,
Kitchin Bridlington Cemetery, Hedon Cemetery, Sproatley Cemetery, Wold Newton,
Kitching Anlaby Cemetery, Bainton, Bempton, Bridlington Cemetery, Broomfleet, Carnaby, Cottingham Cemetery, Dunnington, Easington Cemetery, East Heslerton, Eastrington Cemetery, Ellerker, Elloughton, Flamborough, Garton, Garton On The Wolds, Great Driffield Cemetery, Howden Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Kirby Grindalythe, Langtoft, Londesborough, Nafferton, Newport, North Cave, North Dalton Cemetery, North Ferriby, Norton Cemetery, Nunburnholme, Ottringham, Paull, Rillington Cemetery, Rimswell, Sewerby, South Cave Cemetery, South Dalton, Stillingfleet, Swine, Warter, Welwick, Withernsea Cemetery,
Kitchingman Patrington,
Kitchman Anlaby Cemetery,
Kitson Bridlington Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Holme On Spalding Moor, Market Weighton, Norton Cemetery, Rillington Cemetery, Thorpe Bassett, Wansford,
Kitwood Howden Cemetery,
Klar Anlaby Cemetery,
Klassen Bridlington Cemetery,
Klepper Everingham RC,
Kloda Bridlington Cemetery,
Klymczuk Bridlington Cemetery,
Knaggs Anlaby Cemetery, Brandesburton, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Burstwick, Filey, Flamborough, Garton On The Wolds, Great Driffield Cemetery, Grindale, Howden, Hutton Cranswick, Keyingham Cemetery, Kilham, Langtoft, Leven, Long Riston, Norton Cemetery, Paull Cemetery, Sewerby, Sherburn, Weaverthorpe, West Heslerton, Wetwang,
Knapp Skipsea Cemetery,
Knapton Aughton, Barmston, Bempton, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Filey Cemetery, Hedon Cemetery, Humbleton, Leven, Londesborough, Reighton, Skirlaugh, Sproatley Cemetery, Thornton,
Kneen Bridlington Cemetery,
Kneeshaw Beeford, Brandesburton, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Filey, Filey Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery, Market Weighton Cemetery, Nafferton, North Dalton, North Grimston, North Newbald, North Newbald Cemetery, Norton Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Ulrome, West Heslerton, Wilberfoss,
Knell Bridlington Cemetery,
Knibb Bridlington Cemetery,
Knight Bilton Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Broomfleet, Elloughton, Garton On The Wolds, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Howden Cemetery, Keyingham Cemetery, Newport, North Cave Extension, Norton Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Riccall, Wheldrake,
Knighton Keyingham Cemetery,
Knights Great Driffield Cemetery, Wilberfoss,
Knock Holme On Spalding Moor, Howsham,
Knott Anlaby Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Agnes, Flamborough, Great Driffield Cemetery, Leconfield,
Knowles Allerthorpe, Beswick, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Hutton Cranswick, Kilham Cemetery, Lockington, North Ferriby, Patrington Cemetery, Sigglesthorne, South Cave Cemetery, Swine, Thorngumbald Cemetery, Walkington, Watton, Wheldrake,
Knowlson Wheldrake,
Knowlton Londesborough,
Knowsley Great Driffield Cemetery, Langtoft,
Knox Anlaby Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Filey, Sherburn,
Knutton Bridlington Cemetery,
Knyvett West Heslerton, Wheldrake,
Koch Anlaby Cemetery,
Kocher Heslington,
Kooijman Elloughton,
Korte Anlaby Cemetery,
Koscielniak Bridlington Cemetery,
Koster Little Driffield,
Kotchie Bridlington Cemetery,
Kotek Skipwith,
Kowalski Great Driffield Cemetery,
Krebs Anlaby Cemetery,
Kreppel Bridlington Cemetery,
Kress Everingham RC,
Krinkel North Ferriby,
Krispinussen Howden Cemetery,
Krouse Anlaby Cemetery,
Krows North Ferriby,
Kruger Humbleton,
Krzanowski Bridlington Cemetery,
Kubanski Hemingbrough, Howden Cemetery,
Kuchta Bridlington Cemetery,
Kuehnle Holme On Spalding Moor,
Kugler Bridlington Cemetery,
Kuhling North Ferriby,
Kundu Preston Cemetery,
Kurvits Bridlington,
Kuschnitzky Anlaby Cemetery,
Kutevu Bridlington Cemetery,
Kwiatkowski Anlaby Cemetery,
Kwiecinski Bridlington Cemetery,
Kwok Anlaby Cemetery,
Kydd Hunmanby Cemetery,
Kyle Dunnington,
Kyme Hedon,
Kynman Anlaby Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, South Cave Cemetery,
Kynoch Anlaby Cemetery,
Kyte Bridlington Cemetery,