Yorkshire alphabetical list, letter N


Alphabetical list and index for graves in the East Riding of Yorkshire


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Letter N

N.L. Wharram Le Street,
N.T.K. Little Driffield,
NR Filey,
Nabawi Norton Cemetery,
Naden Stamford Bridge,
Nadin Bridlington Cemetery,
Nagel Kilham Cemetery,
Naidoo Beeford,
Nairn Winestead,
Naisby Marton RCgraveyard,
Naitby Bridlington Cemetery,
Nalton Burythorpe, Great Driffield Cemetery, Langton, Market Weighton Cemetery, Watton, Wilberfoss, Yapham,
Nancarrow Atwick,
Nangle Bridlington Cemetery,
Napilrski Elstronwick,
Napper Sproatley Cemetery,
Napthine Willerby,
Narcross Langton,
Naseby Marton RCgraveyard,
Nash Bainton Cemetery, Keyingham Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery,
Nassau Bridlington Cemetery,
Nattress Fridaythorpe,
Nattriss Hornsea Cemetery,
Naughton Hornsea Cemetery,
Nawton Burton Agnes, Folkton, Folkton Cemetery,
Naylor Beeford, Bempton, Bilton, Bridlington Cemetery, Catwick, Extraparochial, Fangfoss, Filey, Garton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Hutton Cranswick, Paull, Pocklington Cemetery, Skirpenbeck, West Lutton, Withernsea Cemetery,
Naylor-Rawson Hornsea Cemetery2,
Neadley Hilston,
Neal Bridlington Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Keyingham Cemetery, Low Catton,
Neale Great Driffield Cemetery, Leconfield, North Cave, Stamford Bridge, Wilberfoss,
Neasham Westow,
Neath Bridlington Cemetery,
Needham Atwick, Bridlington, Filey, Lockington, Lund, Norton Cemetery, West Heslerton,
Needler Bridlington Cemetery, Flamborough, Humbleton, Langtoft,
Needley Filey Cemetery,
Neesam Patrington,
Neesham Filey,
Neesom Bridlington Cemetery,
Negus Bridlington Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Neilands Cherry Burton,
Neill Withernsea Cemetery,
Neilson Bridlington Cemetery, Catwick, Withernsea Cemetery,
Nekervis Rillington Cemetery,
Neller Bridlington Cemetery,
Nellie Kilham Cemetery,
Nellist Filey Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Muston, Sledmere, Thwing, Wold Newton,
Nelson Barmby Moor, Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Burstwick, Dunnington, Fangfoss, Filey, Folkton, Ganton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Kirkburn, Lowthorpe, Norton Cemetery, Patrington, Pocklington Cemetery, Reighton, Rillington Cemetery, Settrington, Sigglesthorne, Skeffling, Thwing, Weaverthorpe, Willerby, Yedingham,
Nemecek Roos,
Nendick Flamborough, Hutton Cranswick, Lund, Middleton On The Wolds Cemetery, Norton Cemetery, Rise, Wilberfoss,
Nesbit Filey,
Nesbitt Bridlington Cemetery,
Nesfield Bempton, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Fleming, Cherry Burton, Filey, Folkton, Folkton Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery, Market Weighton Cemetery, Muston, Norton Cemetery, Sherburn, Willerby,
Nesom Millington, Pocklington Cemetery, West Heslerton,
Ness Burton Pidsea, Cherry Burton, Filey Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Lockington, Norton Cemetery, Paull, Pocklington Cemetery, Thorngumbald Cemetery, Weaverthorpe, West Lutton,
Nessfield Bridlington Cemetery,
Nesti Withernsea Cemetery,
Nettelton Hollym,
Nettleship Beswick,
Nettleton Bilton Cemetery, Birdsall, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Burstwick, Burton Agnes, Flamborough, Foston On The Wolds, Harpham, Langtoft, Mappleton, Nafferton, Norton Cemetery, Rimswell, Roos, Sewerby, Skeffling, Withernsea Cemetery,
Neusam Nunkeeling,
Nevard Great Driffield Cemetery, Nafferton,
Neve Sledmere,
Nevens Bishop Wilton,
Neville Bilton Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Hunmanby Cemetery,
Nevis Bridlington Cemetery,
Nevison Bridlington Cemetery,
New Bridlington Cemetery, Skirlaugh,
Newall Filey Cemetery,
Newbald Shiptonthorpe, Wilberfoss,
Newball Bridlington Cemetery,
Newborn Bridlington Cemetery,
Newbould Pocklington Cemetery, Rillington Cemetery,
Newbound Hornsea Cemetery,
Newburn Brandesburton,
Newbury Market Weighton Cemetery,
Newby Bishop Wilton, Bridlington Cemetery, Burstwick, Dunnington, Filey, Pocklington Cemetery, Rillington Cemetery, Shiptonthorpe, Wetwang, Willerby, Withernsea,
Newcombe Cherry Burton, Norton Cemetery, Patrington, Rillington Cemetery, Wold Newton,
Newdick Paull, Withernsea Cemetery,
Newell Bridlington Cemetery, Elvington, Hunmanby, Withernsea,
Newhill Bridlington Cemetery,
Newland Muston,
Newlands Bridlington Cemetery,
Newlove Beeford, Birdsall, Bridlington Cemetery, East Heslerton, Filey, Fridaythorpe, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Kilnwick On The Wolds, Kirby Grindalythe, Kirby Underdale, Langton, Leconfield, Mappleton, Middleton On The Wolds, Middleton On The Wolds Cemetery, Nafferton, North Dalton, Norton Cemetery, Nunkeeling, Patrington, Patrington Cemetery, Paull, Thwing, Weaverthorpe, West Heslerton, Westow, Wetwang, Wintringham, Withernsea Cemetery, Yedingham,
Newman Barmby Moor, Bridlington Priory Monuments, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Dunnington, Fimber, Hutton Cranswick, Norton Cemetery, Withernsea,
Newman-Miller Pocklington Cemetery,
Newmarch North Cave,
Newport Great Driffield Cemetery,
Newsam Beeford, Bilton Cemetery, Easington Cemetery, Halsham, Hollym, Langton, Patrington Cemetery, Skeffling,
Newsholme Flamborough,
Newside Bridlington Cemetery,
Newsom Hornsea,
Newsome Bridlington Cemetery, Millington, Pocklington Cemetery,
Newstead Filey, Wilberfoss,
Newton Bilton Cemetery, Bilton, Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Catwick, Filey, Flamborough, Folkton, Garton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Halsham, Hornsea Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Hunmanby Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Long Riston, Lowthorpe, Norton Cemetery, Paull, Preston Cemetery, Roos, Sherburn, Skerne, Skirlaugh, Sledmere, Swine, Thorngumbald Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery, Wold Newton,
Nichol Filey, Folkton Cemetery, Ganton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery,
Nicholl Bridlington Cemetery,
Nicholls Bempton, Bessingby, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Broomfleet, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Burton Pidsea Cemetery, Dunnington, Etton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hayton, Hornsea Cemetery2, Hunmanby Cemetery, Kilham, Leconfield, North Frodingham Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Ulrome,
Nichols Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Leconfield, Muston, Patrington Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Settrington Cemetery,
Nicholson Aldbrough Cemetery, Atwick, Barmby Moor, Barmston, Beeford, Bempton, Bewholme, Bilton Cemetery, Blacktoft, Boynton, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Bugthorpe, Burstwick, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Catwick, Easington, Easington Cemetery, East Heslerton, Filey, Flamborough, Ganton, Goodmanham, Goxhill, Great Driffield Cemetery, Grindale, Helperthorpe, Holmpton, Hornsea Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Hotham, Hunmanby, Hunmanby Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Keyingham Cemetery, Kilham Cemetery, Langtoft, Leconfield, Leven, Little Driffield, Lockington, Low Catton, Lowthorpe, Millington, Muston, Nafferton, North Frodingham Cemetery, North Grimston, Norton Cemetery, Nunburnholme, Ottringham, Patrington, Patrington Cemetery, Pocklington, Pocklington Cemetery, Preston Cemetery, Rimswell, Roos, Sigglesthorne, Skerne, Skirlaugh, Sledmere, Swine, Thwing, Watton, Wharram Le Street, Wilberfoss, Withernsea Cemetery,
Nickerson Hornsea Cemetery2,
Nickless Hunmanby Cemetery,
Nickson Westow,
Nielsen Bridlington Cemetery,
Niemantsverdriet Bessingby,
Nightingale Beeford, Bilton Cemetery, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Flamborough, Hunmanby Cemetery, Long Riston, Preston, Sewerby, Skipsea Cemetery,
Nipe Great Driffield Cemetery,
Nisbet Bridlington Cemetery,
Niven Bridlington Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Withernsea,
Nix Bridlington Cemetery, Nafferton,
Nixon Bridlington Cemetery, Easington, Leven, Market Weighton Cemetery, Patrington,
Nobbs Bridlington Cemetery, Kilham Cemetery,
Noble Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Burythorpe, East Heslerton, Filey, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Howsham, Hunmanby Cemetery, Kilnwick On The Wolds, Kirkburn, Low Catton, Market Weighton Cemetery, Middleton On The Wolds Cemetery, North Cave, North Frodingham, North Frodingham Cemetery, Norton Cemetery, Patrington Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Preston Cemetery, Reighton, Ruston Parva, Sherburn, Thixendale, Warter, Wilberfoss,
Nock Bridlington Cemetery,
Noddle Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Harpham, Kilham Cemetery, North Frodingham Cemetery, Skipsea Cemetery,
Nolan Bridlington Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery,
Nolton Fangfoss, Pocklington Cemetery, Wilberfoss,
Noon Bridlington Cemetery, Kilham Cemetery,
Noonan Marton RCgraveyard,
Noone Pocklington Cemetery,
Norbutt Paull,
Norcliffe Langton,
Nordass Flamborough, Great Driffield Cemetery, Kilham Cemetery,
Nordon Aldbrough Cemetery, Preston Cemetery,
Norfolk Flamborough, Paull, Preston Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Norland Sherburn,
Norman Atwick, Beeford, Bewholme, Bilton Cemetery, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Dunnington, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Keyingham Cemetery, Long Riston, Middleton On The Wolds, North Cave, Preston Cemetery, Settrington Cemetery, Sigglesthorne, Skipsea Cemetery, Skirlaugh, Wetwang,
Normandale Burton Agnes, Flamborough,
Normanton Norton Cemetery, Sewerby,
Normington Filey, Stamford Bridge,
Nornabell Lockington, Market Weighton Cemetery, Watton,
Nornabelle Nafferton,
Norris Barmby Moor, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Agnes Cemetery, Filey, Great Driffield Cemetery, Holmpton, Hunmanby Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Keyingham Cemetery, Leven, Lockington, North Grimston, Patrington, Patrington Cemetery, Paull, Sherburn, Sigglesthorne, Skirlaugh,
Norrison Elstronwick, Roos,
Norriss Beswick,
North Aldbrough Cemetery, Bainton Cemetery, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Pidsea, Catwick, Dunnington, Etton, Filey, Goodmanham, Halsham, Hornsea Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery, Keyingham Cemetery, Langtoft, Leconfield, Norton Cemetery, Ottringham, Patrington, Preston Cemetery, Rudston, Sherburn, Sigglesthorne, Skipsea, Sproatley Cemetery, Wilberfoss, Wintringham,
Northey Preston Cemetery,
Northgraves Aldbrough Cemetery, Barmston, Bewholme, Brandesburton, Burstwick, Hornsea Cemetery2, Leven, Thorngumbald, Withernwick,
Northover Filey,
Northrop Hornsea Cemetery2,
Norton Aldbrough Cemetery, Bishop Wilton, Bridlington Cemetery, Catwick, Ganton, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hutton Cranswick, Keyingham, Keyingham Cemetery, Langtoft, Norton Cemetery, Patrington, Paull, Sewerby, Stamford Bridge, Winestead,
Norwood Eastrington,
Nostone Flamborough,
Notarianni Bridlington Cemetery,
Nottingham Barmby Moor, Low Catton, Patrington Cemetery, Sancton, Stamford Bridge, Wilberfoss,
Noutch Bridlington Cemetery,
Novice Filey,
Nowacka Roos,
Nowacki Roos,
Nowak Brandesburton, Wilberfoss,
Nowell Bridlington Cemetery,
Noy Leconfield,
Noyes Dunnington,
Nudd Leconfield,
Nugent Bridlington Cemetery, Norton Cemetery,
Numbrich Norton Cemetery,
Nundy Great Driffield Cemetery,
Nunn Bridlington Cemetery, Filey, Great Driffield Cemetery,
Nunns Filey, North Cliffe, Pocklington Cemetery,
Nunton Patrington,
Nunwick Norton Cemetery,
Nurse Eastrington, Eastrington Cemetery, Humbleton, Paull, Skirlaugh,
Nutbrown Great Driffield Cemetery, Kirkburn,
Nutt East Heslerton, Sproatley Cemetery,
Nuttall Bridlington Cemetery, Norton Cemetery, Skeffling,
Nutting Beeford, Bridlington Cemetery, Catwick,