Yorkshire alphabetical list, letter O


Alphabetical list and index for graves in the East Riding of Yorkshire


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Letter O

O'Boyle Bridlington Cemetery,
O'Brien Bridlington Cemetery, Paull, Sewerby,
O'Connell Bridlington Cemetery,
O'Connor Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Hollym, Withernsea Cemetery,
O'Doherty Norton Cemetery,
O'Donald Great Driffield Cemetery,
O'Donnell Nafferton,
O'Donoghue Roos,
O'Gorman Stamford Bridge,
O'Grady Bridlington Cemetery,
O'Gram Allerthorpe, Yapham,
O'Hanlon Bridlington Cemetery,
O'Hara Bridlington Cemetery,
O'Kane Norton Cemetery,
O'Keefe Bridlington Cemetery, North Cliffe,
O'Kelly Pocklington Cemetery,
O'Mahony Bridlington Cemetery,
O'MalleyMarketWeightonCemetery, Patrington Cemetery,
O'Neill Bridlington Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
O'Regan Great Driffield Cemetery,
O'ReillyMarketWeightonCemetery, Pocklington Cemetery,
O'Rourke Bridlington Cemetery, Flamborough, Great Driffield Cemetery,
O'Ryan Norton Cemetery,
O'Shea Bridlington Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Thorpe Bassett,
O'Sullivan Bilton Cemetery, Sproatley Cemetery,
O'Toole Filey, Flamborough,
OS Burton Agnes,
Oak Bridlington Cemetery,
Oakes Bridlington Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Norton Cemetery,
Oakley Bridlington Cemetery, Nafferton, Norton Cemetery,
Oaten Paull,
Oates Bridlington Cemetery, Filey Cemetery, Goodmanham, Sherburn, Stamford Bridge,
Ockleton Keyingham Cemetery,
Ockley Birdsall,
Ockwell Bridlington Cemetery,
Octavie Bridlington Cemetery,
Oddemont Bridlington Cemetery,
Odlin Aldbrough, Little Driffield,
Odmond Hollym,
Odone Beswick,
Officer Bridlington Cemetery,
Offley Winestead,
Offord Great Driffield Cemetery,
Ogden Bridlington Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery, Langtoft, Pocklington Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Ogilvie Thorngumbald Cemetery,
Ogle Atwick, Flamborough, Pocklington Cemetery, Sherburn,
Oglesby Holmpton, Leconfield, Roos, Skeffling,
Ogram Allerthorpe, Barmby Moor, Bugthorpe, Humbleton, Lund, North Dalton, Patrington, Patrington Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Roos, Sproatley Cemetery, Yapham,
Ohlson Burstwick,
Oke Bridlington Cemetery,
Okey Preston Cemetery,
Olbison Flamborough,
Oldfield Flamborough, Great Driffield Cemetery, Keyingham, Norton Cemetery, Patrington Cemetery,
Oldridge Hutton Cranswick, Withernsea Cemetery,
Oldroyd Bridlington Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Langtoft, Norton Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Thorpe Bassett,
Oliphant Burstwick,
Oliver Bempton, Blacktoft, Bridlington Cemetery, Burstwick, Burton Pidsea, Carnaby, Dunnington, Eastrington Cemetery, Fangfoss, Filey, Filey Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery2, Keyingham Cemetery, North Cave, Norton Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Preston Cemetery, Ruston Parva, Scrayingham, Sigglesthorne, Stamford Bridge, Swine, Weaverthorpe, Withernsea Cemetery, Yapham,
Ollard Bainton,
Ollerenshaw Pocklington Cemetery,
Olley Patrington Cemetery,
Ollivant Aldbrough,
Ollivier Bridlington Cemetery,
Olsen Aldbrough Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Olson Aldbrough Cemetery,
Olsson Blacktoft,
Oman Bridlington Cemetery, Reighton, Withernwick,
Ombler Brandesburton, Bridlington Cemetery, Catwick, Folkton, Keyingham, Kilnsea, Paull, Weaverthorpe, Welwick, Withernsea Cemetery,
Ong Bridlington Cemetery,
Ongley Nafferton,
Onions Filey, Sigglesthorne,
Opie Etton,
Oram Rise, Sewerby,
Orchard Bridlington Cemetery, Filey Cemetery,
Ord Sherburn,
Organ Bridlington Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Orman Great Driffield Cemetery,
Ormanroyd Barmston,
Orme Bridlington Cemetery,
Ormerod Bridlington Cemetery,
Ormesher Wilberfoss,
Orr Bridlington Cemetery, Filey, Filey Cemetery, Norton Cemetery,
Orry Hornsea Cemetery2,
Orsborn Bridlington Cemetery,
Orvis Birdsall, Etton,
Orzechowski Bridlington Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery,
Osbaldeston Hunmanby,
Osborne Bridlington Cemetery, Filey Cemetery, Flamborough, Hornsea, Hornsea Cemetery2, Kilnwick On The Wolds, Pocklington Cemetery,
Osbourne Bilton Cemetery, Paull Cemetery,
Oscar Hornsea Cemetery,
Oscroft Bilton Cemetery,
Osgerby Bridlington, Extraparochial, Hornsea Cemetery, Thorngumbald Cemetery, Withernsea Cemetery,
Osler Paull, Pocklington Cemetery, Thorngumbald Cemetery,
Ossiach Hornsea Cemetery2,
Ostick Bridlington Cemetery,
Ostick-King Settrington Cemetery,
Ostler Bilton Cemetery,
Oswald Sproatley Cemetery,
Oswin Bilton Cemetery, Flamborough,
Othick Bridlington Cemetery, Filey,
Otley Filey, Millington,
Ott Withernwick,
Ottaway Burstwick,
Otter Bridlington Cemetery, Hornsea Cemetery,
Otterburn Ganton,
Ottley Warter,
Ottwell Bridlington Cemetery,
Otway Westow,
Oubridge Nafferton,
Ougden Nafferton,
Ougham Flamborough,
Oulton Sherburn,
Ounsworth Hornsea Cemetery2,
Ouston Bridlington Cemetery,
Outhart Langtoft,
Outhert Filey,
Outhet East Heslerton, Weaverthorpe,
Outhwaite Long Riston,
Outon Bridlington Cemetery,
Outram Filey, Kilham,
Ovendale Sherburn,
Ovenden Hunmanby Cemetery,
Ovens Hornsea Cemetery2,
Overend Bridlington Cemetery, Eastrington, Eastrington Cemetery, Filey, Hayton, Nunburnholme, Pocklington, Sigglesthorne, Withernsea Cemetery,
Overfield Filey, Filey Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Hunmanby Cemetery, Muston, Pocklington Cemetery, Rudston,
Overington Allerthorpe,
Overment Bridlington Cemetery,
Overton Cherry Burton, Easington, Hornsea Cemetery2,
Overvoorde Keyingham Cemetery,
Overy Filey, Flamborough,
Owbridge Nafferton, Skirlaugh, Sledmere,
Owen Birdsall, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Garton On The Wolds, Great Driffield Cemetery, Helperthorpe, Hunmanby Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, Sledmere, Watton, West Lutton,
Owens Aldbrough Cemetery, Barmby Moor, Paull, Withernsea Cemetery,
Owers Dunnington, Ottringham,
Owst Barmby Moor, Ottringham, Patrington, Withernsea Cemetery,
Owston Bainton, Bridlington, Bridlington Cemetery, Burton Agnes, Harpham, Huggate, Hunmanby Cemetery, RillingtonCemetery, Roos, Sherburn, Skirlaugh, Thixendale, Thorpe Bassett, West Heslerton,
Oxberry Bridlington Cemetery,
Oxbey Bridlington,
Oxendale Hornsea Cemetery2, Kirby Grindalythe, RillingtonCemetery,
Oxer Bridlington,
Oxlade Hutton Cranswick,
Oxley Bridlington Cemetery, Filey, Filey Cemetery, Great Driffield Cemetery, Kilham Cemetery,
Oxtoby Bishop Wilton, Bridlington Cemetery, Cherry Burton, Dunnington, Filey, Garton On The Wolds, Goodmanham, Great Driffield Cemetery, Humbleton, Hutton Cranswick, Kirkburn, Lowthorpe, MarketWeightonCemetery, Middleton On The Wolds Cemetery, Millington, Nafferton, North Cliffe, Norton Cemetery, Pocklington Cemetery, RillingtonCemetery, Sancton, Sherburn, Skirlaugh, Skirpenbeck, Stamford Bridge, Warter, Wetwang, Wharram Le Street,
Oyston Bridlington Cemetery,