Copyright contact page


Copyright contact page


Page for requesting contact with a copyright owner
of a photograph on the Genuki Yorkshire* site.

If you are trying to report an error on one of the Genuki pages which I (Colin Hinson) maintain,
please return to the page containing the error and take the link at the bottom left of that page.

If you are trying to contact me (Colin Hinson), on another subject, please use my
email page.

If you are asking to use a photograph on your web page,
please read the conditions of use page first.

In order to use a photograph from the Genuki Yorkshire* site, you need the permission of the copyright owner.
In the first place, you will need to email me (Colin Hinson) and I will forward your email to the relevant person (if it is not myself), and you will be contacted by that person by email.

If you wish to use my photographs, you must ask first. Failure to do so may well result in your being billed for royalties.

Photographs for use on Web sites, Hardcopy, CDroms etc.:

  • Permission will normally be given for the free use of church photographs on web sites of the relevant churches or sites associated with the churches, but you must ask first.
  • If the photograph is not mine (Colin Hinson), then I will forward any request to the copyright owner.
  • Please be aware that I sell images as part of my business, and so if you are looking to publish my photographs on the web, in hardcopy or on CDrom or any other means, then I will expect to be paid royalties as is normal in the publishing world. Exceptions to this are:
    • Websites that have password restricted access where the password will only be known to a few people e.g 20 or less
    • Where only very few books are published (e.g. 20 or less)
    • Where only very few CDs are made (or copies thereof) e.g. 20 or less.
  • You are very welcome to use a link instead of the photograph, but you must link to the Genuki html page containing the photograph and not either directly to the photograph or in such a manner that the photograph appears on your web page.
  • If you wish to pay for the use of the photograph(s) please go to my charges page.

In order to process a request to use a photograph, I need:

  1. The name of the person holding the copyright
  2. The file name of the "Frame" around the photograph complete with the Riding letters - e.g. ERY/EllertonPriory.html or an accurate description of the church ("the church at Wakefield" is not helpful!). To get the file name, you can switch back to the page you came from by selecting the other browser window (on the task bar on a PC) and then copy and pasting the name from the address bar - switch back here using the task bar again.
  3. A detailed description of what you want to use the photograph for, e.g.
    1. use of a photograph once only in a single family tree book/CDrom.
    2. use of a photograph in several family tree books/CDroms.
    3. use of a photograph in a book to be published.
    4. etc.
  4. Whether or not money will change hands in exchange for the item in which the photograph will appear. i.e. are you bearing the expense yourself, or are you being recompensed for the item (even if "non-profit" making)?

You can contact me via the "Find help......" link at the bottom left of the page (this may take you to a link near the top of the page.)
Please remember that my time is valuable to me and I am not a Family History expert.

Thank you very much. You can kill off this window by pressing the "X" at the top right corner. This will put you back where you came from.

Colin Hinson.

* This page is written for GENUKI Yorkshire, but the same applies to any of the GENUKI counties that I maintain or have data in.

Written by Colin Hinson © 2017