YKS map printing instructions.


YKS map printing instructions.


Thumbnail map of Yorkshire
(20 times reduction of actual map size)

Printing the "Detailed map of Yorkshire."

by Bill Potts.

This map has changed my view of Yorkshire. Of course, I live a very long way from the scene, but so do many others. As a result of questions asked by 50 or more interested Yorksgen members I have modified my original posting slightly and the revised text can be found below.
Again, I want to thank you, Colin, for a treasure it took me so long to appreciate.
Bill POTTS near Orlando.

The Poster program URL is downloaded from http://www.postersw.com

Registration is $18.00, but I still think you will find it well worth while. You get to make 12 posters before registration is called for anyway, so enjoy now and worry about registering later!

Colin's map of Yorkshire is in .png format (Portable Network Graphics). Use Poster to open the file into a blank poster page, and select the size you desire. View it and if it looks OK, and it should, go ahead and select "Print" from the File on the menu bar. You will be given lots of printing options, but they are all self-explanatory. I suggest a small poster of four sheets as a starter to get the feel of how things are going to work. When comfortable with the program, go ahead and make a BIG one! Colin's map is incredibly sharp and I don't think you can make it too big. No jaggies or rough edged print visible at 48 sheet size.

After you have printed out the separate sheets (number varies with the finished size you want) you have to glue them together. The program leaves about a half inch border around each sheet so you trim one and overlap it on the borders of the adjacent pieces. I used rubber cement. Comes in a can and you get it at a business supply store. No mess, goes on with a brush in the cap, and is easy to adjust exactly before it sets. To help keep the sheets in place as you add new ones I used peel-off Scotch tape to temporarily hold the freshly glued edged together. Don't worry, I found that if you accidentally put peel off tape over a rubber cement spill, it peels off, no problem. To clean up small cement spills. let it dry, and then rub it with a finger. It will rub off and leave no mark. Also, it does not dissolve Inkjet ink, if well dry! My printer is HP 2000Cse, but I'm sure any Inkjet will do. Set it for highest plain paper quality.

So in addition to the Poster program you will need:

  1. Rubber cement (I'm told special library book tape might be better, but I have never used it)
  2. Sharp pair shears (or paper cutter)
  3. Roll of Peel-off tape
  4. A large table top as work space
  5. Old newspapers (to cover dining room table if that's what you use)

Have at it, make it fun, and take your time. I got a good geography lesson in my ancestors hometown locations just by reading the map as I pieced it together.
I know it sounds complex when you read these details, but it is not at all difficult. It would make a good final exam for a Kindergarten class!
I guarantee you will be more than satisfied with the result.
Good luck,
Bill POTTS near Orlando

Written by Bill Potts © 2001