65th Regiment of Foot Standing Orders




STANDING ORDERS for the 65th REGIMENT (of Foot).

[Formed in 1758, later to become the Yorks & Lancs].



Probably, the book belonged to Lieut. Bingley whose recruiting
list of 1776/7 was found with it.

page numbers are given as in the Original document.

1st The Companies to Parade every Morning (except Sundays when they are to Parade for Church) at beating of Troop an Officer of each Comp(an)y to attend and Inspect carefully into the dress of the Men, and see that they are perfectly Steady.

2nd The same to be observed at retreat beating, at both which times, they are to Acco(un)t for their Companies to the Eldest Off(ice)r on the Parade without calling the Roll.

3rd Whenever the Regim(ent) Parades, there is to be a [2] a small Interval between the Companies, the Corporals to be on the Right of each Rank, provided their size will allow the Sirjeants to be in the Rear.
4th As often as the Companies are ordered to Parade with Arms, Off(ice)rs & their Servants are to attend, and when an Off(ice)r mounts Guard, his Serv(an)t is to mount also.

5th The Off(ice)rs are to give particular attention to the Companies they are appointed to, & to take care that the Non-Commis(sione)d Off(ice)rs and soldiers are provided with Necessaries as follows---.

6th Four good Shirts, 3 pairs of white Worsted Stockings, [3] not ribbed, and one pair of white thread, 2 pair of good shoes, whole & half Gaiters, black Tops, black stock, shoe and knee Buckles, Stock Clasps, according to the Regimental Pattern, Cloathes and Shoe Brushes, black Ball, Haver Sack & Knapsack with double straps to come over each Shoulder.

7th No Sirj(ean)t or Corp(ora)l is ever to take any private advantage to himself in what is bought for the Men, on penalty of being reduced.

8th The Men's Necessaries to be reviewed once a week, and those [4] those that are in debt, or want any part of their (Necessaries)crossed out) Compliment are to be put under Stoppages, till they are compleat and clear of debt.

9th On a March soldiers are to be paid daily.

10th The Regiment to be Accompt(e)d with every Nine weeks for arrears & Stoppages, Certificates signed by the Captain, or Officer Commanding the Comp(an)y, of this being done to be given in to the Commanding Officer, & he to examine the Acco(un)ts as often as he thinks Necessary.

11th Captains having leave [5] of absence, are, before they go, to compleat their Comp(an)ys Necessaries, and Settle their Acco(un)ts, to prevent mistakes and Inconveniences to the Off(ice)rs who succeed to the payment of the Company.

12th When any Officer has got the Command(in)g Off(ice)rs leave to be abs(ent) from Quarters, he is to send the Adj(utant) notice of it, also when he Returns, when he is taken Sick, & when he Recovers, that the Roster may be regulated accordingly.

13th All Casualties to be Immediately Reported to the [6] Adjutant by a Sirj(ean)t of the Company.

14th If any Man is taken out of a Comp(an)y to be promoted in an other, the Comp(an)y that gives him is to have the 6th best Man of the Comp(an)y he is given to.

15th A private book of each Comp(an)y is to be kept in w(hi)ch is to be entered a View Roll & all Returns, this book is to be compared with the Reg(iment)al one as often as ordered

16th When in Barracks a Subaltern Off(ice)r is to visit all [7] the Rooms of the Regiment each day to see that they are kept sweet & Clean, and that a Kettle be Cooked in each, which he is to report; and all Off(ice)rs must be careful of signing Reports from the Information of a Sirj(ean)t or Corp(ora)l as they will be answerable for any mistake they make, if afterwards found to be Incorrect.

17th Gaming of all kinds is Strictly forbid, any Non-Com(issione)d Off(ice)r or Soldier that shall be found guilty of ruinous a practice, may depend upon it that no favour will be shown him. [8]

18th Each Comp(an)y to be divided into Squads, the Non-Com(issione)d Off(ice)rs of which, are to be answerable that the Men are properly dressed.

19th An Orderly Sirj(ean)t & Corp(ora)l to be appointed for the Week, to each Comp(an)y who are to examine all Parades with Arms, and if they find any Man whose Arms & dress is not proper, they are to return him to his Squad and report their having done it, and the Squad they belong to, to the Adj(utan)t; they are also to make all Reports of their Comp(an)y for the week, & see that the [9] Men of their Comp(an)y turn out with allertness for all duties, the Sirj(ean)ts to Rep(or)t at Tattoo.

20th No recruit to be allowed to work; nor no Officer to take one for a Servant till he is perfect in every part of his duty.

21st Every Off(ice)r to be answerable that his Servant is provided w(i)th Necessaries as mentioned in No. 6th Article.

22nd All furlough's to be filled up by the Sirj(ean)t Maj(or), and Passes made out by the Sirj(ean)t of Companies.

23rd Officers who have Soldiers for Servants are to provide them with frocks [10] as they will be Confined if they appear in their Regimental dress, contrary to those Orders.

24th No Soldier to work or carry a burthen in their Regimentals.

25th When in Barracks the Comp(an)y's Bedding to be aired once a Week, a Sirj(ean)t of a Company to attend and report it's being done, to the Off(ice)r of the Day.

26th Whenever any Man is Transf(erre)d or exchanged from one Comp(an)y to another a Return of his Necessaries to be signed by the Off(ice)r of the [11] Company who gives him, if he should be in Debt, the Off(ice)r Commanding the Company who receives him to pay the debt.

27th No Soldier shall presume to take any Physick without the Surgeon or Mates directions, any Man so offending shall be Confined & tried for disobedience of Orders.

28th If any Non-Com(issione)d Off(ice)r is known to Suttle or sell Bread, Cheese, Liquor &c(eter)a without leave or be any ways concerned with those that do, he may depend on being brought to a Court Martial & have no favour shown.

29th Squad Sirj(ean)t & Corp(ora)ls, to examine the Arms & Ammu(nitio)n [12] of the Men of their Squads, who return either from Command or any other Party where they might have loaded, & to report to the Off(ice)r of their Company, and on no account to suffer any to draw his Charge in a Barrack Room.

30th Any Soldier missing his duty either by having the Venereal disease, or by being punished, is to bring up that duty to the Comp(an)y he belongs to when he recovers, an acco(un)t of the duty missed to be taken by the Sirj(ean)t or Corp(ora)l of his Squad. [13]

31st Any Non-Com(issione)d Off(ice)r who reports a Man sick without receiv(in)g directions from the Surgeon will be brought to a Court Martial for being an encourager of Malingering & disobeying the Standing Orders of the Regim(en)t.

32nd If any Non-Com(issione)d Off(ice)r is broug(h)t to a Court Martial & sentenc(e)d any Punishment, when the Reg(imen)t is Cantoon(e)d the Court Martial to be sent to the Command(in)g Off(ice)r of the Reg(imen)t and the Non-Com(issione)d Off(ice)r kept Confined till the sentence is approved of; and if a Corp(ora)l be reduced, 2 or 3 of the names of the Men of the [14] Company thought most deserving of being made Corp(ora)l to be sent with the Courtmartial.

33rd The Non-Com(issione)d Off(ice)rs of the different guards are to be answerable for the Men under their Command, and not to suffer any Man on any Acco(un)t to go into Dramshops or Public houses, or to strole from their Guard.

34th No Subaltern Officer is to take charge of Any Company on a Captain's leaving it, when any of the growing Subsist(en)ce of that Comp(an)y is stopped under pretence of Reimbursing the Capt(ain) in a part or the whole of a Debt due him by the Company. [15]

35th The debts of a Comp(an)y are, on a Captain's leaving it, to be drawn out on a Sheet of Paper, Each Man's (debt) opposite to his name, which the Captain is to sign: The Off(ice)r that succeeds to the care of the Company is answerable for those debts, supposing the Men allow them to be Just when stopped from them, If the debts arise from Deaths or Desertion exceed Nine pounds Annually, the overplus to be charged to the Captain.

36th No Soldier is, on any pretence, either to Cut any part of his Accoutrements, or punch [16] holes in them, the Squad Sirj(ean)ts are to be answerable that this Order is punctually obeyed, if otherwise, they are Immediately to Report it to their Off(ice)r and to the Adjutant.

As these Orders will be expected to be obeyed most strictly, every Off(ice)r is to enter them in a book which he is to shew to the Maj(o)r, every Non-Com(issione)d Off(ice)r is to do the same and shew them to the Sirj(ean)t Maj(o)r, and that the private Men may have no excuse for disobedience of Orders, the Off(ice)rs Commanding Companies will have them Read every two Months with [17] the Articles of War, and Report to the Commanding Officer.

37th When any Grenadier or Light Infantry Officer have leave of absence they are to leave with their Companies their Arms and Appointments, for the use of such Officers as may act for them.

Transcription by
Walt Norris ©1989