LIST OF OFFICERS in the North York Militia




LIST OF OFFICERS in the North York Militia
and the 4th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment, from 1758 to 1907.

LIST OF OFFICERS who have held commissions in the North York Militia and the 4th Battalion (Alexandra, Princess of Wales' Own) Yorkshire Regiment, from 1758 to the present time. (ie 1907)

Taken from
The History
of the
now known as
The Fourth Battalion
(Yorkshire Regiment)

A Major in the same Battalion

LEEDS: J Whitehead & Sons, Printers, Alfred Street, Boar Lane. 1907

Col.=Colonel. L.-C.=Lieut.-Colonel. M.=Major C.=Captain. L.=Lieutenant
or Second Lieutenant. Adj.=Adjutant. Qr.-Mr.= Quarter-Master
E.=Ensign. S.= Surgeon. Asst.-S.= Assistant-Surgeon

An asterisk (*) distinguishes those who served in South Africa.

Acomb, Thos. E. 1804
Addison, John. E. 1811
Aitken, Alexander. L. 1812
Akers, Jas. E. 1810; later, Line
Allen (or Allan), Chas. L. 1814
Allen Jas. E. 1759
Allen John. C. 1804
Allen Wm. L. 1759
Allinson, Thos. L. 1778
Anderson, Jas. E. 1803; later, 7th Foot
Anderson, Thos. L. 1799; later, 43rd Foot
Appleby, Thos. E. 1758
Archer, Basil Henry.* L. 1902
Archer, Jas. Douglas Stoddart Douglas. C. 1897; Hon. M.; late 3rd Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Arden, Fredk. W W Munro. * L. 1902
Arderne, John C. 1758
Ashfield, Jas. S. and E. 1781
Ashworth, Thos. Knowles. L. 1887; C. 1893
Atkins, Thos. L. 1804; later, 45th Foot
Atkinson, Edw. Tweddell. Asst.-S. 1853; S. 1856
Atkinson, Rich. S. 1852
Atkinson, Thos. L. 1803
Ayre, Geo. E. 1817; Qr.-Mr.
Bacon, Chas. Corn. L. 1799; C. 1801; later Line
Bagley, Frank Adams. * L 1900; C. 1902; later , South Lancashire Regiment
Bagnall, Chas. Edward. L. 1880 (resigned); L. 1892; C. 1893; M. 1902
Bagnet, Jas. E. 1806; later, 19th Foot
Bagnett, Geo. C. 1814
Bainbridge, Geo. E. 1815
Baines, John Huley. L. 1779
Baldwin, Anthony. L. 1803; later, 7th Foot
Barton, John. E. 1762; L. 1768; C. 1778
Barton, Lawrence F. L. 1878; later, 1st Royal Scots
Bates, C.F.* L. 1902
Bates, Saml. L. 1779
Bayly, Montagu W. L. 1878; later, 105th (Madras Light Infantry)
Baynes, Thos. E. 1806
Beadnell, Christ. Qr.-Mr. 1798
Beal, Barnard E. 1811
Beaumont, Jas. E.1799; late West Lowland Fencibles
Beaumont, Miles Thos., The Lord C. 1824
Beckett, Thos. L. 1758
Begbie, Jas. E. 1809; later 56th Foot
Bell, John L. 1855 (never joined)
Bell, Fredk. L. 1852; C. 1855 (Thirsk Hall)
Bell, Peter. C. 1758
Bell, Ralph M. 1758
Bell, Reg. L. 1874; C. 1879 (Thirsk Hall)
Bell, Rich. C. 1813
Bell, Stephen. L. and Adj. 1797
Bell, W.F.I. L. 1905
Bentley, Netherwood. L. 1876
Bentley, Philip Arthur. L. 1871
Berry, Robt. Alexander John. L. 1886
Best, Geo. Qr.-Mr. 1778
Beswick, Geo. E. 1809
Betson, Ralph. L. 1758
Bewicke, Bewicke Percy H. L. 1881
Biddle, Thos. E.1806; L. 1807
Bidgood, Hy. Walter L. 1881
Bindley, Reg. J. Trouncer.* L. 1900; C. 1902
Blombergh, Wm. C. 1759
Bone, C.* L. 1902; later, Yorkshire Regiment
Bonfrey,-- E. 1782
Booth, Rich. Bower. L. 1846; L. 1853; later, Rifle Brigade
Bothamley, Saml. E. 1812; L. 1814
Boulby, Thos. C. 1758
Bower, John L. 1758
Boynton, Sir Fras, Bart. L. 1794; C. 1795
Bradford, John. E. 1805; L. 1806; later, 19th Foot
Bradley, Chas. Sidney E. 1852; L. 1854; C. 1855; M. 1872; L.-C. 1883
Bristow, Henry L. 1803
Brougham, Saml. Lindsey. L. 1798; later Line
Broughton, Edw. L. 1804
Brown, Brown, Austin Wren. * L. 1901; C. 1903
Brown, Courtney. L. 1807; later, 52nd Foot
Brown, Henry. L. 1797
Brown, Rich. C. 1779 (Aberford)
Bruno, Ernest Edw. Bruno. * L. 1885; later, Royal Munster Fusiliers
Buchan, Geo. L. 1801; later, 10th Foot
Buckle, Edw. John Bentley. L. 1874; later, 19th Foot
Buckle, John Edw. E. 1853; L. 1854; C. 1856 ( Scruton Bedale)
Bull, Jas. N. L. E. 1796; later, 39th Foot
Buller, Jas. L. 1762
Burton, John E. 1762; L. 1768; C. 1778 ( Cawdstone, Middleton Quernhow,
Wath and Arncliffe Cote W. R. Y.)
Butterwick, Matt. C. 1778 (Thirsk)
Butterwick, Simon C. 1758
Byron, John. C. 1782
Caffin, Ernest George. * L. 1888; later, Yorkshire Regiment and
Northumberland Fusiliers.
Callander, Adam. E. 1810; L. 1811; later, 19th Foot
Carlyon, L.E.K. L. 1887
Carmarthen, Marquis of, see Leeds, Duke of  
Carter, E.B. L. 1860 (never joined)
Carter, Jas. Adj. 1816
Carter, Reg. Childers L. 1896; later, West Riding Regiment
Carter, Thos. Asst-S. 1873; Surg. L.-C. 1892
Cathcart, Allen Fredk., The Earl C. 1852; M.1853; L.-C. 1854
Cathcart, Alan, The Earl L. 1874; later, Grenadier Guards
Cathcart, Hon. Geo L. 1879
Chapman, Edw Henry. L. 1891; C. 1895 (Whitby)
Chapman, Harold. * L. 1895; later, B S A Police, Rhodesia
Chapman, Joseph John. L.1870; C. 1872 (Whitby)
Chapman, Percy L. 1893; later, 21st Lancers
Chapman, Wilfred Hubert. * L. 1899; C.1901
Charge, Thos. L. 1797
Chaytor, Wm. C. 1758
Chaytor, Wm., jun. C. 1803 (Spennithorne)
Christian, Samuel L. 1857; late of Bombay Army
Clarkson, Christ. Qr.-Mr. 1790
Clarkson, John E. 1804; L. 1805
Clarkson, Wm. E 1807
Clegg, Eric Calder * L. 1900; C. 1902; later, Manchester Regiment
Clough, John Hilary. E. 1804; later, 35th Foot
Coates, John Wind. L. 1852; C. 1854; M. 1859 (Thornton le Beans)
Coates, Robert. L. 1809; later, 7th Foot
Coates, Wm. L. 1758
Coffin, Wm. Late Royal Regiment of New York; L. 1794; C. 1796; later, 15th Foot
Colling, Robert (1). L.1778; C. 1779; M. 1788 (Grinton upon Swale)
Colling, Robert (2) E. 1808; C.1808; L.-C. 1853 (Healaugh and Hurworth)
Consett, Matt. C. 1758
Consett, Peter. C. 1758
Constable, Jas. Geo. L. 1890; later, Royal Lancaster Regiment
Constable, Marmaduke C 1803
Constable, Sir Thos. Clifford, Bart. C. 1834
Cooke, Sir Geo., Bart. C. 1789 (Arksey W.R.Y.); later, Col 5th West York Militia.
Coore, Augustus Lechmere L. 1868
Coore, Henry Mark Gale C. 1865 (Scruton Hall)
Coore, Thos. L. 1759
Cormack, Robert. E. 1809; later, 19th Foot
Corney, Robt. E. 1758
Coulson, Gustavus H. Blenkinsop L. 1898; later, K.O.S.B
Coulson, John Blenkinsop L. 1794; later, 43rd Foot
Courage, Anthony. L. 1894; later, 15th Hussars
Cradock, Christ. C. 1852 (Hartforth)
Cradock, Henry L. 1858; C.1861
Cradock, Sheldon Wm Keith L. 1875; later, 5th Dragoon Guards
Cradock, Sheldon C. 1800; M. 1804; L.-C. 1814; Col 1820
Crowe, Christ M. 1758; L.-C. 1773
Crowe, Geo C. 1787
Crowe, Robert. C. 1778; M. 1779; L.-C. 1787 (Kipling)
Cumberland, Richard Ormsby. L. 1882; later, the Lincolnshire Regiment
Dale, John. E 1758
Dalton see Wade  
Danby, Wm. C. 1778 (Swinton)
Dankhaerts, John. L. 1807; later, Commissariat Department.
D'Arcy, Right Hon. Sir Conyers, K.B. Col 1758
Davis, Chas. Wm. L. 1796; later, 15th Foot
Davis, Wm. E. 1779
Dawson, Anthony. L. 1814
Dawson, Chas. C. 1778 (Kermincham, Swettenham, Cheshire)
Dawson, Geo. C. 1795; M. 1797 (Osgoodby); late 3rd Queen's Foot
Dawson, Wm. C. 1814
Dennis, Jno L. and Asst.-S. 1796
Dennis, Peter L. 1792
Dennison, Geo E. 1809; L. 1811; later, 19th Foot
Dennison, Saml. L. 1795; C. 1803
Dent, John E. 1781
Devonshire, Chas. Jas. Asst.-S. 1856
Dickenson, Edw. Stanley-Newton. M. (Lanc. Fusiliers); Adj. 1884
Dixon, Matt. E. 1758
Dobson, Wm. L. 1795
Dodds, Matthew Bowser L.1869; C. 1872; M. 1883
Dodsworth, Matthew. C. 1758
Dolby, John Edw. Adolphus. L. 1851; C. 1853
Dove, Robt. E. 1762
Dowker, Chas. H M. 1859; L.-C. 1873; late 1st Royals
Downes, John Geales. L. and Qr.-Mr. 1889
Duck, Geo. L. 1758; C. 1762
Dudding, Reg. Edw. F. S. * L. 1888; C.1894; M. 1902
Duesbury, John Travis Thornton E. 1853
Duncan, John E. 1806; later, 19th Foot
Duncombe, Thos. Col. 1759
Dundas, Hon. Cospatrick Thomas L. 1879
Dundas, Hon. Lawrence (afterwards the 1st Earl of Zetland) C. 1789; M. 1795
Dundas, Sir Thomas, Bart. (afterwards Lord Dundas). L.-C. 1789; Col 1797
Dundas, Hon. Wm. Fitzwilliam James. L. 1878
Dunn, Edw. William E. 1795; L. 1796; later, 15th Foot
Dupont, Francis. E. 1779
Edgar, Robert. L. 1798
Edkins, Parry E. 1855
Elliot, Chas. * L. 1893; C. 1899; later, 13th Hussars
Elliot, Thos. L. 1805; later, 2nd Life Guards
Ellis, Henry James. C. 1809
Ellis, Phineas. E. 1804; later, Line
Elsley, Gregory (1) C. 1758
Elsley, Gregory (2) C. 1804; M. 1814; L.-C. 1820 (Mount St John)
Elwon, Thos. Light. L. 1852; C. 1855; M. 1870 (Eston)
Elwon, Thos. Henry Vaughan L. 1871; later, 3rd Dragoon Guards
Emmerson, Geo. L. 1803; later, Line.
Evans, Edw. Wm. Adj. 1874; C. 19th Foot
Evans, G. G. L. 1902
Evans, Michael Thomas Lee L. 1887
Everet, Jacob Blackburn L. 1794
Falkland, Byron Plantagenet, The Viscount. L.-C. 1891; Hon.-Col.; late L.-C.
Royal Sussex Regiment
Faucett, John C. 1801
Fauconberg, Henry, The Earl. Col. 1779
Fenwick, John. L. 1781
Fenwick, Michael Stoven. C. 1797; late 22nd Foot and New South Wales Corp
Fernandes, Thos Weddell. L. 1891
Fielden, John L. 1898; later, Royal Scots Greys
Fielding, George. C. 1758
Fletcher, Walter J. Cumberlege. L. 1898
Foord, Richard L. 1871; later, 19th Foot
Forbes, Duncan L. 1856
Ford, Francis. L. 1778; C. 1778 (High Tolby, Cold Dam, Croft)
Foulis, John Robinson. C.1789 (younger son of late Sir Wm. Foulis)
Foulis, Sir William, Bart. C. 1789 (Ingleby Greenhow)
Frankland, Wm. L.-C. 1803 (Ashton Keynes, Wilts., and Alne)
Franklin, Geo. E. 1780
Frayer, Chas. H. L. 1813; later, 14th Foot
Fryer, James Whaley L. 1886; C. 1890
Fryer, Percy Spencer. * L. 1897; later, West Yorkshire Regiment
Gale, Conyers E. 1782
Gale, Henry C. 1778 (Scruton)
Gale, Roger L. 1758
Gardner, John Asst.-S. 1888
Garth, Wm Bowser L. 1796; later, 82nd Foot
Gerard, Arthur L. 1813; later, 4th Foot
Gilbert, Arthur Stronge C. 1874; Hon. M.; late Capt. 70th Foot
Gipps, Herbert Leigh Adj. 1879; M. 19th Foot
Gore, Henry John Edw. L. 1881
Goren, Berkeley Rumbold * L. 1886; later, Oxfordshire L.I.
Goulton, Christ. E. 1758; C. 1778
Graham, Sir Bellingham C. 1758
Graham, Reginald Guy. L. 1895 (Norton Conyers); later, the Rifle Brigade
Greenock, Alan, The Lord see Cathcart
Grenside, Ralph E. 1759; L. 1759; C. 1779; M.1800 (Great Broughton and Kirby)
Griffiths, Chas. L. 1781
Grillet, Richard L. 1812
Gwynne, Sackville L. 1796; later, Line
Haines, Henry Chudleigh. L. 1795
Haire, John L. 1803, later, Line
Hale, Wm. L. 1793; C. 1796; M. 1803; L.-C. 1804
Hall, Samuel L. 1861
Hall, Thos. E. 1855 (never joined)
Hall, Wm. L. 1794
Hammond, Peter L. 1810; C. 1811
Harding, Ralph L. 1762
Harland, Wm Walter L. 1846
*Harrison, Bernard Gauntlett L.1884; C. 1886; M. 1896; L.-C. 1902; Hon-Col.
See also Powles
Harrow, G T O. C. 1889
Hartley, Francis C. 1803
Haslop, John L. 1778
Hassard, Jason L. 1880
Hatton, James C. 1797; H. P., 90th Foot
Havelock, Thomas E. 1781; later, 43rd Foot
Hawkes, Wm L. 1809
Hawtrey, Chas H (Aldin House, Slough) L. 1876; later, Antrim Rifles
Hayes, John L 1762
Healey, Geo. L. 1803; C. 1806; M. 1814; L.-C. 1852
Healey, John L. 1804
Healey, Wm. E. 1815
Hebden, Henry E. 1853
Hedingham, Jas. Qr.-Mr 1882
Hennah, Charles Tulin Adj. 1889; Capt. Yorkshire Regiment
Henson, Knowsley Smith E. 1814
Heslop, John L. 1778
Hewgill, Arthur Scott E. 1855
Henry. L. 1810; C. 1811
Hicks, Geo. L. 1758
Hildyard, Sir Robert D'Arcy M. 1797
Hill, Alan Richard (now Hill-Walker) L. 1876; later, Northamptonshire Regiment
(Victoria Cross, Laing's Nek)
Hill, Geo. C. 1803 (Kirby-cum-Broughton)
Hill, John E. 1801; L. 1803; later, Line
Hill, Richard C. 1903 (Thornton near Pickering)
Hill, Strickland C. 1758
Hill, Thos. L. 1852; C. 1855; later, 24th Foot (late Chief Constable NRY)
Hinckley, Norton E. 1782
Hobson, Henry Hare * L. 1900; C. 1900
Hobson, Robert. E. 1803
Hobson, Samuel C. 1798 (West Burton, Aysgarth)
Hodgson, Wm. L. 1758
Holden, Wm. E. 1804; later, Line
Holland, Charles Grunby. L. 1885; C.1889; later, Thames Div. Submarine Miners
Honner, Hy. Qr.-Mr. 1884
Hopkinson, John ffarthing * L.1887; later, 6th Dragoon Guards
Hopkinson, Robt. Geo. E. 1854; L. 1855; C. 1859; M. 1873; L.-C. 1885; Col. 1891
Horn, Francis E. 1781
Hudson, Joseph Henry C. and Adj. 1852; M. 1855
Hunton, Wensley Barclay L. 1895
Hutchinson, Jas. L. 1774
Hutton, John L.1865; C. 1869 (M.P. for Richmond Division)
Hutton, Robert, see Squire
Ikin, Wm. Ian L. 1880
Iles, Wm. L. 1790
Ingleby, Ralph Mitford Preston E. 1814
Jackson, Robt. L. 1794
Jackson, Robt. Ward. L. 1846
Jackson, Thos. L. 1758
Jackson, Wm. Ward C. 1801
James, Chas. C. 1795 (Loftus, from West Middlesex Militia)
Jeffery, John Morton M. 1855; late, 98th Foot
Jelfe, Wm. L. 1759
Jervoise, Arthur H. Clarke L. 1874; later, Coldstream Guards
Johnson, Chas. Richard L. 1887; later, Royal Warwickshire Regt.
Johnson, John H. C. 1806
Johnson, Wm. E. 1808; L. 1809
Jones, John S. 1779
Jordison, Anthony E. 1792; L. 1793
Jurster, Robt. E. 1762
Katinakis, George Demetrius L. 1894
Kemp, Edw. E.1854; L. 1855; C. 1860 (East Layton)
Killick, George L. B. L. 1879; later, the 60th Foot
Kincaid, Sir John E. 1807; L. 1808; later, the 95th Rifles
Kirby, Luke Hall L. 1865; C. 1870; Hon. M.
Kirsop, Wilkinson L. 1803
Lakeland, Robt. L. 1797
Landers, Thos. E. 1796; later, 49th Foot
Langford, Wm. C. E. 1812; later, Line
Langhorn, Thos. L. 1798
Latham, Francis * L. 1901
Law, John Pilling L. 1869
Lawson, Adolphus Henry Wormald de Burgh. L. 1873; C. 1879;
Lawson, Hon. M. (Gatherley)
Lawson, Sir John, Bart. C. 1853 (Brough Hall)
Layton, Wm. L. 1804
Leach, H. E. Burleigh * Adj. 1899; Capt. Northumberland Fusiliers
Ledgard, Eyre L. 1857
Lee, Jas. L. 1759
Leeds, Duke of (7th) Francis Godolphin D'Arcy Col. 1846
Leeds, Duke of (9th) Geo. Godolphin C. 1852-9; 1861.
Leeds, Duke of (6th) Geo. Wm. Fredk., K.G. C. 1796
Lennon, William Homan L. 1803; later, 47th Foot
Lillingston, Wm. Edw. Gordon L. 1887; later, West Riding Regt.
Livinston, David Chas. E. 1801; later, Line
Lloyd, Frank Lewis. * L. 1899; later, Cheshire Militia
Locock, Edw. Ainslie C. 1900; late West India Regiment
Lupton, Alan Cecil L. 1900; C. 1901
Lyle, W (Lancs Fusiliers) * C. and Adj. 1906
MacCartie, Gerald de Courcy. L. 1886; C. 1890
McKay, Robert Skeene E. 1799; late West Lowland Fencibles; later, East India Service.
Maclean, Wm. E. 1804; later Line
McPherson, James L. 1807; later, Line L. L. 1799
Maidment, James L. 1799; later, Line
Mair, John H. E. 1801; later, 7th Foot
Mair, Peter Adj. 1797; C.L; Paymaster
Maling, John L. 1803; later, Line
Mallinson, Henry * L. 1898; later, K.O.Y.L.I.
Manley, Geo. E. 1857
Martin, James L. 1807; later, 85th Foot
Martin, Thos. L. 1758
Marwood, Wm. C. 1797 (Busby Hall)
Mason, Samuel E. 1809; L. 1811
Mauleverer, Thos. M. 1758
Mawer, Christ L. 1795
Mears, Rich. L. 1804; later, Line
Mee, J. H. M. L. 1905
Meeke, Geo. E. 1758
Mellwan. L. 1811; later, Line
Merry, Robert Harold. L.1894
Metcalf, Chas. S. 1798
Metcalf, Geo. L. 1759
Metcalf, Rich. L. 1765
Mewburn, Simon Thos. E. 1809; L. 1810; Qr.-Mr. 1821
Mewburn, Wm. E. 1812; L. 1813; later, 56th Foot
*Meyrick, Fred. Charlton. M. 1897; late 11th Hussars; Commanding Battalion Imperial Yeomanry
Milbank, Mark William Vane C. 1852 (Barningham)
Milbank, Wm. C. 1798
Milbanke, Sir Ralph, Bart.(1) Col. 1759
Milbanke, Sir Ralph, Bart (2) L.-C. 1778 (Halnaby)
Milburn, Joseph S. 1780
Miller, Cecil S. L. 1877; later, 94th Foot
Miller, Dugald Stewart (1) C. and Adj. 1855
Miller, Dugald Stewart (2) L. 1873
Miller, George Nigel L. 1903; later, Northants Regiment
Miller, James Gordon C. 1885
Miller, John. E. 1799; later, Line
Minshull, John. E. 1779
Mitchell, Wm. L. 1804; later, Line
Montgomerie, Hugh L. 1799; late, West Lowland Fencibles; later, 15th Foot
Mordue, Wm. Hume E. 1782
Morley, Francis C. 1831
Morley, Josias Readshaw C. 1798 (Beamsley, Shipton)
Morrison, Wm. L. 1799; later, 43rd Foot
Mosenthal, Frederick L. 1882; C. 1886
Moss, Thos. Qr.-Mr. 1803
Mott, Sam Adj. 1758
Munro, Malcolm L. 1797
Musgrave, Samuel E. 1782
Myres, Ant. E. 1758
Nairn, John L. 1799
Napier, Arthur Lenox (Yorkshire Regiment) Capt. and Adj. 1894
Ness, Job S. 1798
Newcomen, Arthur Henry Turner L. 1865
Newton, George Frederick L. 1813
Nicholson, Joseph L. 1807; later, 53rd Foot
Nicholson, Rich. E. 1758
Nicholson, Robert E. 1817
Normanby, George Augustus Constantine, 2nd Marquis of. M. 1846
North, Richard S. 1792
North, Wm. S. 1792; later, S. 30th Foot
Northcott, Walter Wynne L. 1882; C. 1884
Oates, Anth. L 1758
O'Brien, Morgan L.1809; later, 7th Foot
O'Carroll, John C. 1778; M. 1778; L.-C. 1779 (heir of Sir John O'Carroll, Bart., of Dalton.)
O'Hara, C. J. L. 1797
Osbaldeston, Geo. L. 1790
Osborne see Leeds, Duke of
Ovington, Robt. E. 1762
Paget, Chas. E. 1812; L. 1813; later, Paymaster
Parke, Thos. E. 1759
Peacock, Saml. L. 1758
Pearson, Robert S. * L. 1899; later, 3rd Dragoon Guards
Pease, Arthur Godfrey L. 1880; C. 1883; Hon. M.
Peate, Samuel. L. 1797
Peirse, Thos. L. 1758
Peirson, Jas. Bradshaw. L. 1779; C. 1792 (Stokesley Manor)
Pendlebury, W. M. F. L. 1905
Perkins, Milner Adj. 1796
Petch, Geo. E. 1758
Petch, Robt. E. 1759
Phene, Phineas S. 1804
Pilkington, Chas. Carlisle L. 1897
Pomfret, The Earl of. L. 1793; C. 1794
Porter, Henry L. 1815; H.P.R.M.
Powell, Wm. Folliott. L. 1874; C. 1878 (Sharow, Ripon)
Powles, John Powles Harrison L. 1804; C. 1808
Powlett, Hon Amias Chas. Orde C. 1853
Pratt, John L. 1793; C. 1794
Pratt, John Backhouse E. 1795; L. 1801; later, Cadet East India Company
Preston, Jas. C. 1758
Preston, Wm. L. 1779
Prior, Harold Astley Somerset C. 1903
Prissick, Robert Morris H. L. 1889
Pulleine, Henry Percy C. 1900; late South Wales Borderers.
Pulleine, Thos Babington C. 1758
Puxley, Frank Lavallin * L. 1900; C. 1900 (Matabele Medal)
Raines, Hy. C. L. 1795
Raper, Wm. E. 1758
Raw, George L. 1779
Raynes, John L. 1806
Reveley, Henry C. 1758; M. 1778
Rhodes, John E. 1809; L. 1810; later, 19th Foot
Richardson, James Wilson L. 1870; C. 1872; M. 1885; L.-C. 1896; Hon. Col (Sneaton)
Riches, Isaac. L. 1779; C.-L. 1789
Riddell, John Alexander. C. 1804 (died before joining)
Ridley, William Danby E. 1812; L. 1812; C. 1814
Rivis, John Charles L. 1888; C. 1894; M. 1902; L.-C. 1904
Robins, John E. 1801
Robinson, Geo. C. 1774
Robinson, James E. 1799; L. 1803; later, 83rd Foot Layton, Melsonby).
Robinson, John James C. 1846; late Gentleman-at-Arms (East and West
Robinson, Thos. C. 1758
Robson, Chas. Thos. Young L. 1884; C. 1886
Robson, Jas. P. L. 1877
Robson, Thos. E. 1758
Roper, Chas. L. 1780
Rowcliffe, Robt. E. 1759
Rutledge, David. E. 1809; later, 56th Foot
Ryan, Jeremiah L. 1804
Sadler, Bywell L. 1797
Sammut, Herbert Joseph * L. 1887; later, Essex Regiment
Samuel, Julian Henriques. * L. 1901; later, Worcestershire Regiment
Saunders, D'Oyley L. 1774
Saville, John James Asst.-S. 1867
Sayer, Ambrose E. 1759
Schack, W. F. E. 1813; later, Line
Scott, A. D. B. * L. 1902
Seaton, George E. 1809; later, 7th Foot
Seavers, John E. 1758
Seavers, Ralph E. 1759
Seavers, Thos. L. 1759
Shafto, Thos. C. 1803
Shaftoe, Hy. Wm. L. 1856; late 92nd Foot
Shannon, Wm. Boyd * C. 1902; late Bedford Militia
Sheridan, John * Qr.-Mr.; L.1899
Sherlock, John E. 1854; L. 1855; C. 1857
Sidgswick, Marm. E. 1759
Silvaugh, Michael L. 1794; late 6th Foot
Sleigh, Chas. E. 1759
Smelt, Cornelius M. 1797; L.-C. 1803 (Fylingdales and Loftus)
Smelt, Leonard (1) C. 1759
Smelt, Leonard (2) C.-L. 1797
Smith, Chas. John L. 1870
Smith, Geo. L. 1821; C. 1853
Smith, Harry Jacob.* L. 1894; later, 6th Dragoon Guards
Smith, Reginald L. 1874; later, Bell
Smurthwaite, John. L. 1853; Qr.-Mr. 1862
Smyth, Fras. C. 1758
Snodgrass, Campbell L.1799; later, Line
Soames, Gerald Martin L. 1891
*Somervell, E. C. (Hon. M.) 1905; late 19th Foot
Spedding, John C. 1803
Spilsbury, Albert Gybbon C. 1885; Hon. M.; late 5th West York Militia
Squire, Robert Hutton L. 1869; C. 1874; M. 1889; Hon. L.-C. (Holtby Hall)
Standish, William Pery. L. 1879; later, East Yorkshire
*Stansfeld, Thos Wolryche. L. 1895; later Yorkshire Regiment and Royal Warwick Regiment.
Stapleton, Hon. Brian. Qr.-Mr. 1858
Stapleton, N. L. 1885; see also Lord Beaumont
Stennett, Chas. B. L. 1811
Stephenson, Henry E. 1758
Stephenson, William (1) L. 1796; Qr.-Mr. 1803
Stephenson, William (2) E. 1797
Sterling, George. C. 1806; later, 9th Foot
Stevens, George Prendergast. * L. 1900; later, Yorkshire Regiment
Stewart, Alexander L. 1807
Stirling, Alexander E. 1793; later, 7th Foot
Stirling, John L. 1804
Stockwell, Thos. S. 1813
Story, Henry James E. 1855; L. 1856
Strangways, John Swainson E. 1855
Strangways, Richard Purchas. C. 1803 (Well)
Straubenzie, Turner L.-C. 1797
Strickland, Walter George L. 1871; C. 1875 (Mosley)
Stroude, John Purling C. 1797; later, 95th Rifle Brigade (Easington and Loftus)
Stubbs, Jas E. 1758
Sturton, Wm. L. 1778
Sullivan, James Martin L. 1807; later, 34th and 19th Foot
Sullivan, John L. 1807; later, 49th Foot
Sullivan, Rupert Edward L. 1879; later,Somertsetshire L.I.
Summers, H. J. L. 1887
Summers, Wm. L. 1815
Swan, John George. L. 1868; C. 1870 (Upsall-in-Cleveland)
Swire, Wm. E. 1854; L. 1855
Talbot, Roger L.-C. 1758
Tanfield, John L. 1758
Tatham, Richard C. 1805
Taylor, Wm. Adj. 1759
Theakston, John Chap. 1779
Thomas, Philip Adj. 1779; C.L. 1796
Thompson, George Lowther C. 1821
Thompson, Robert. E. 1854; L. 1855; later, Paymaster 4th German Legion
Thompson, Thos. E. 1812; L. 1813; Qr.-Mr. to 1858
Thorley, Chas. L. 1796; later, 56th Foot
Thorne, J.F.V. * Adj. 1901; Capt Lancashire Fusiliers
Thoyts, Chas. L. 1797; C. 1803; M. 1811
Thunder, Stuart Harman J. L. 1899; later, Northants Regiment
Topham, Lupton. L. 1797
Topham, Wm. C. 1797; H.P., 90th Foot
Torbett, Francis Herbert English * L. 1892; later, Loyal North Lancashire Regt
Tower, Geo. C. 1803
Trotter, Alexander William Lewis. L. 1893
Trotter, John L. 1792; C. 1793
Turner, Arthur Pemberton * L. 1900; C. 1902
Turner, Charles. L.-C. 1758 (Clints, Richmond)
Turner, Wm. Gill L. 1794 (never joined)
Turney, Arthur Robert L. 1886
Turton, Edmund. C. 1821 (Upsall, Larpool, Roxby)
Turton, Ralph Douglas L. 1882; later, Cheshire Regiment (Larpool)
Turton, Robert Bell * C. 1900; M.1902 (Kildale)
Usher, Cuthbert S. 1793
Vaughan, William E. 1854
Verney, Hon. H. P. L. 1889
Vescy, Arthur L. 1875
Wade, Hamlet Coote (later, Wade-Dalton) L.-C. 1855; Hon. Col 1873; late 13th Foot
Walcott, Henry E. Chas. L. 1901; West African Frontier Force
Walker, John Chapman * L. 1889; later, Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry and
Assistant Political Officer, Somaliland
Wallers, John L. 1799; later, Line
Walters, Herbert Flamstead L.1883; later, Gloucestshire Regt
Wardell, Jacob Wilson C. 1792 (Bedale)
Warner, Rich. C. 1803; later, 5th Foot
Watson, Robt. E. 1762
Watson, Thos. L. 1804
Wharton. L. 1859
*Waudby, Cecil L. 1900; C. 1902; later, 18th Hussars
Wayne, Thos. C. 1758
Webb, George L. 1807; later, 19th Foot
Webster, William L. 1805; C. 1806
Westlake, Rich. E. 1813; L. 1814; later, Line
Whaley, Henry L. 1875; C. 1882
Wharton, George Heneage Lawrence C. 1852; late 46th Foot
*Whatford, Stuart Lumley L. 1900; later, Yorkshire Regiment
Wight, Alexander Asst.-S. 1809; L. 1810
Wigley, Benj. E. 1766; L. 1772; C. 1781
Wilkinson, Thos. (1) E. 1758
Wilkinson, Thos. (2) L. 1793
Willows, Thos. E. 1810
Wilson, Christ. E. 1758
Wm. E. 1762
Winn, Abraham Proby. E. 1806; later, 19th Foot
Winslow, Thos. L. 1797; late 47th Foot
Wisden, Lyon H. Faulconer * L. 1901
Withington, Geo. Richard E. 1853; L. 1855; C. 1856
Wombwell, Sir George, Bart. C.-L. 1793; C. 1794 (East Newton)
Woodall, John Woodall. L. 1852; C. 1855 (Scarborough)
Woodham, John L. 1797
Worsley, Thos. Robinson. L. 1852
Wray, Thos. Fawcett L. 1807; later, 7th Foot
Wray, Wm. L. 1811
Wright, Archibald * L. 1900; later, 4th Dragoon Guards
Wright, Charles Rupert. L. 1894
Wright, George Nathaniel L. 1789; C.-L. 1794; later, 43rd Foot
Wright, John (1) L. 1758
Wright, John (2) L. 1804
Wright, John Edward C. 1787; later, C.-L. in Lord Darlington's Fencible Cavalry
(Bolton upon Swale)
Wrightson, Richard L. 1812
Wycliffe, John L. 1790
Wycliffe, Thos. C. 1781
Wynn see Winn
Yorke, John (1) C. 1758
Yorke, John (2) C. 1801; M. 1808
Zetland, Earl of, see Dundas, Hon. Laurence

Data provided by Anji Mungham.