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THE ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISIONS - THE WAPENTAKES In common with the rest of Yorkshire, the North Riding was divided at an early period into Wapentakes. These are now twelve in number, but they appear to have been more numerous before the Norman Conquest. The word in its old Saxon form is Wæpen-tac, signifying weapon-touch, from which it is evident that the divisions to which the name was applied, were formed for military purposes. Bawdwen, in his Domesday Glossary, tells us that when a new governor or chief was appointed, all the men of the wapentake were assembled together, and the newly-appointed chief, alighting from his horse, held aloft his spear, which every person present approached and touched with his own weapon, in token of a mutual bond and agreement to stand by one another. The wapentakes had their separate courts until A.D. 1340, when by a statute passed in the 14th year of Edward III, they were discontinued, and the business transferred to the courts of the County. The following are the wapentakes in the North Riding, with the townships or civil parishes contained in each :-

Allertonshire Wapentake. - Birkby, Borrowby, Brompton, Cotcliffe, Crosby, Deighton, Ellerbeck, Girsby, Holme, Hornby, Hutton-Bonville, Hutton-Conyers, Hutton-Sessay, Kirkby-Sigston, Knayton with Brawith, Laudmoth with Catto, Lazenby, Leake, Little Smeaton, Northallerton, North Kilvington, North Otterington, Norton-Conyers, Osmotherley, Over Dinsdale, Romanby, Sessay, Sowerby-under-Cotcliffe, Thimbleby, Thornton-le-Beans, Thornton-le-Street, West Harsley. West Rounton, Winton-Stank and Hallikeld, High Worsall.

Birdforth Wapentake. - Ampleforth, Birdforth, Angram Grange, Arden-with-Ardenside, Bagby, Balk, Bilsdale West Side, Birdforth, Boltby, Byland Abbey, Carlton Husthwaite, Carlton Miniott, Catton, Cold Kirby, Cowesby, Coxwold, Dale Town and Morton, Dalton, East Harlsey, Eldmire with Crakehill, Fawdington, Feliskirk, Gueldable, Hawnby, Hood Grange,Husthwaite, Kepwick, Kilburn, Kirby Knowle, Nether Silton, Newburgh, Newsham with Breckenbrough, Old Byland, Oldstead, Oulston, Over Silton, Sand Hutton, Skipton-upon-Swale, Snilesworth, South Kilvington, South Otterington, Sowerby, Sutton-under-White-stone-cliffe, Thirkleby, Thirlby, Thirsk, Thornbrough, Thornton-on-the-Hill, Thornton-le-Moor, Thorpe-le-Willows, Topcliffe, Upsall, Wass, Welbury, Wildon Grange, Yearsley.

Bulmer Wapentake. - Aldwark, Alne, Barton-le Willows, Beningbrough, Brafferton, Brandsby with Stearsby, Bulmer, Buttercrambe with Bossall, Claxton Clifton, Coneysthorpe, Craike, Crambe, Dunsforth High and Low, with part of Branton Green, Earswick, Easingwold, Farlington, Flawith, Flaxton-on-the-Moor, Foston, Ganthorpe, Gate Helmsley, Harton, Haxby, Helperby, Henderskelfe, Heworth, Holtby, Huby, Huntington, Huttons Ambo, Lillings Ambo, Linton-upon-Ouse, Marton-cum-Moxby, Murton, Myton-upon-Swale, Newton-upon-Ouse, Osbaldwick, Overton, Raskelfe, Rawcliffe, St. Olave, Sand Hutton, Scackleton, Sheriff Hutton with Cornbrough, Shipton, Skelton, Skewsby with Dalby, Stillington, Stittenham, Stockton-on-the-Forest, Strensall, Sutton-on-the-Forest, Terrington with Wiganthorpe, Tholthorpe, Thormanby, Thornton-le-Clay, Tollerton, Towthorpe, Upper Helmsley, Warthill, Wellburn, Whenby, Whitwell-on-theHill, Wigginton, Youlton.

Gilling East Wapentake. - Ainderby Steeple, Barton, Bolton-upon-Swale, Brompton-upon-Swale, Cleasby, Croft, Dalton-upon-Tees, Danby-Wiske, East Cowton, Ellerton-upon-Swale, Eryholme, Great Langton, Great Smeaton, Kiplin, Kirby-Wiske, Little Langton, Manfield, Maunby, Middleton Tyas with Kneeton, Morton-upon-Swale, Moulton, Newby-Wiske, Newton-Morrell, North Cowton, Scorton, South Cowton, Stapleton, Thrintoft, Uckerby, Warlaby, Whitwell, Yafforth.

Gilling West Wapentake. - Aldborough, Arkengarthdale, Aske, Barforth, Barningham, Boldron, Bowes, Brignall, Caldwell, Cliffe, Cotherston, Dalton, Easby, East Layton, Egglestone-Abbey, Eppleby, Forcett and Carkin, Gayles, Gilling, Gilmonby, Grinton (part of), Holwick, Hope, Hunderthwaite, Hutton-Magna, Kirkby-Ravensworth, Lartington, Lunedale, Marrick, Marske, Melbecks, Melsonby, Mickleton, Muker, New Forest, Newsham, Ovington, Ravensworth, Richmond, Reeth with Fremington and Healaugh, Rokeby, Romaldkirk, Stanwick St. John, Scargill, Skeeby, Startforth, Whashton, West Layton, Wycliffe.

Hallikeld Wapentake. - Ainderby-Quernhow, Asenby, Baldersby, Burneston, Carthorpe, Cundall with Leckby, Dishforth, Ellenthorpe, Exelby with Leeming and Newton, Gatenby, Howe, Howgrave, Humburton, Kirby-on-the-Moor, Kirklington with Upsland, Langthorpe, Marton-le-Moor, Melmerby, Middleton-Quernhow, Milby, Norton-le-Clay, Pickhill with Roxby, Rainton with Newby, Sinderby, Sutton-Howgrave, Swainby with Allerthorpe, Tanfield East, Tanfield West, Theakstone, Thornton-Bridge, Wath.

Hang East Wapentake. - Ainderby Myers with Holtby, Aiskew, Appleton East and West, Arrathorne, Bedale, Brough, Burrell-cum-Cowling, Burton-upon-Ure, Catterick, Clifton-upon-Ure, Colburn, Crakehall Great and Little, Ellingstring, Ellington High and Low, Fearby, Firby, Hackforth, Healey-with-Sutton, Hipswell, Hornby, Ilton-cum-Pott, Killerby, Kirkby Fleetham, Langthorne, Masham, Newton-le-Willows, Patrick Brompton, Rand Grange, Rookwith, St. Martin, Scotton, Scruton, Snape, Swinton with Wathermask, Thirn, Thornton, Watlass, Tunstall, Well.

Hang West Wapentake. - Abbotside High, Abbotside Low, Askrigg, Aysgarth, Bainbridge, Barden, Bellerby, Bishopdale, Burton-cum-Walden, Caldbridge with East Scrafton, Canton, Carlton Highdale, Carperby, Castle Bolton, Constable Burton, Coverham with Agglethorpe, Downholme, Ellerton Abbey, Fingall with Hutton Hang and Akebar, Garriston, Grinton (part of), Harmby, Hauxwell East, Hauxwell West, Hawes, Hudswell, Hunton, Leyburn, Melmerby, Middleham, Newbiggin, Preston-under-Scar, Redmire, Scrafton West, Spennithorne, Stainton, Thoraldby, Thornton Rust, Thornton Steward, Walburn, Wensley, Witton East Within, Witton East Without, Witton West.

Langbaurgh Liberty and Wapentake (East Division). - Aislaby, Barnby, Borrowby, Brotton, Commondale, Danby, Easington, Egton, Ellerby, Eston, Glaisdale, Guisbrough, Hinderwell, Hutton Lowcross, Hutton Mulgrave, Kilton, Kirk Leatham, Liverton, Loftus, Lythe, Marske-by-the-Sea, Mickleby, Moorsholm-cum-Gerrick, Morton, Newton Mulgrave, Normanby, Pinchingthorpe, Redcar, Rorby, Skelton, Skinningrove, Stanghow, Tocketts, Ugthorpe, Upleatham, Upsall, Westerdale, Wilton.

Langbaurgh Liberty and Wapentake (West Division). - Acklam, Appleton-upon-Wiske, Broughton Great and Little, Carlton, Castle Leavington, Crathorne, Easby, East Rounton, Faceby, Great Ayton, Great Busby, Hemlington, Hilton, Hutton Rudby, Ingleby Arncliffe, Ingleby Barwick, Ingleby Greenhow with Greenhow and Battersby, Kildale, Kirk Leavington, Kirkby-in-Cleveland, Linthorpe, Little Ayton, Little Busby, Lower Worsall, Maltby, Marton, Middlesbrough, Middleton-upon-Leven, Newby, Newton-in-Cleveland, Nunthorpe, Ormesby, Picton, Potto, Rudby-in-Cleveland, Seamer, Sexhow, Skutterskelf, Stainton, Stokesley, Thornaby, Whorlton, Yarm.

Pickering Lythe Wapentake. - Aislaby, Allerston, Barughs Ambo, Brompton, Burniston, Cawthorne, Cayton, Cloughton, Cropton, East Ayton, Ebberston, Goathland, Great Habton, Gristhorpe, Hartoft, Hutton Buscel, Irton, Kingthorpe, Kirkby Misperton, Levisham, Lebberston, Little Edston, Little Habton, Lockton, Marishes, Marton, Middleton, Newby, Newton, Osgodby, Pickering, Rosedale East Side, Ryton, Sawdon, Scalby, Scarborough (Borough of), Seamer, Sinnington, Snainton, Stainton Dale, Thornton Dale, Throxenby, Troutsdale, West Ayton, Wilton, Wrelton, Wykeham.

Ryedale Wapentake. - Amotherby, Ampleforth St. Peter's, Appleton-le-Moors, Appleton-Ie-Street, Aryholme with Howthorpe and Baxter Howe, Barton-le-Street, Beadlam, Bilsdale Midcable, Bransdale West Side, Brawby, Broughton, Butterwick with Newsham, Cawton, Coulton, East Newton and Laysthorpe, Fadmoor, Farndale East Side, Farndale West Side High Quarter and Bransdale East Side, Farndale West Side Low Quarter, Fryton, Gillimoor, Gilling, Great Edston, Grimstone, Harum, Helmsley, Hildenley, Hovingham, Hutton-le-Hole, Kirby Moorside, Kirkdale, Laskell Pasture, Lastingham, Malton Old and New, Muscoates, Nawton, Ness, Normanbv, North Holme, Nunnington, Oswaldkirk, Pockley, Rievaulx, Rosedale West Side, Salton, Scawton, Skiplam, Slingsby, South Holme, Spaunton, Sproxton, Stonegrave, Swinton, Thornton Riseborough, Wath, Welburn, Wombleton.

Whitby Strand Liberty and Wapentake. - Broxa, Eskdaleside-with-Ugglebarnby, Fylingdales, Hackness, Harwood Dale, Hawsker with Stainsacre, Newhelm with Dunsley, Ruswarp, Silpho, Sneaton, Suffield-cum-Everley, Whitby.

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Bulmer's North Riding
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