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These Muster Rolls were kindly supplied by Denise Oyston.
Militia - Sr. Michaell Wentworth's Regimt.,
within the wappentakes of Agbrigg, Staincross, Osgoldcross, Strafford, and Tickhill

Surname Christian
name Rank Abode
ADAMS, William [Pikeman] Worsborough
ALLOT, John [Pikeman] Worsborough
ANLEY, Thomas [Musketeer] Cumberworth
BAGGALEY, William [Musketeer] Barnsley
BAITSON, Thomas [Musketeer non app] Clayton
BARBER, John [Pikeman] Bargh
BEAUMONT, Mr William [charge to HP] Darton
BINGLEY, John [Musketeer] Worsborough
BLACKBURN, Robert [Musketeer] Denby
BOTTOMLEY, Alex [Musketeer] Clayton
BRAMHALL, Widdow [Musketeer] Roystone
BROADHEAD, Jonathan - Monk Bretton
BROOKE, William [Pikeman] Dodworth
BROOKE, Thomas [Musketeer] Dodworth
BROWN, Matthew [Musketeer] Darton
BURDET, Mr Francis [Musketeer] Silkstone
BURDET, Thomas [Musketeer] Denby
CLAYTON, Samuel [Musketeer] Denby
COCKIN, Samuel [Pikeman] Langsett
COLDWELL, John [Pikeman] Silkstone
COTTON, Mr William [Musketeer] Kexbrough
CRESWICK, Nicholas [Musketeer non app] Stainborough
CROOKES, Mr William [Musketeer] Monk Bretton
ELLINSON, Richard [Pikeman] Barnsley
ELLIS, Daniel [Musketeer] Worsborough
GILL, Mr John [Musketeer] Havercroft
GOODWIN, Matthew [Pikeman] South Hiendly
GREAVES, John [Pikeman] Hunshelf
GREENE, John [Pikeman] Hoylandswaine
HAGUE, William [Musketeer] Thurlestone
HAGUE, Francis [junior Musketeer] Denby
HAGUE, Thomas [Musketeer] Thurlestone
HAWKESWORTH, John [Musketeer] Denby
HELLENLEY, George [Musketeer] Brierly
HERNE, Mr William [Musketeer] High Hoyland
HINTHMAN, Daniel [Musketeer] Cawthorne
HOBSON, Thomas [Musketeer] Dodworth
HOBSON, John [Pikeman] Thurgoland
HOLGATE, Robert [Musketeer] Brierly
LEAKE, Michael [Musketeer] Hemsworth
LEE, Henry [Musketeer] Silkstone
LEGGETT, George [Musketeer] Barnsley
LITTLEWOOD, William [Pikeman] Cawthorne
MARSDEN, Richard [Musketeer] Oxspring
MARSH, Richard [Pikeman non app] Bargh
MAWHOOD, Richard [Musketeer] Ardsley
MICKLETHWAIT, John [Pikeman] Ingbirchworth
MICKLETHWAIT, Josias [Musketeer] Cawthorne
MICKLETHWAIT, Richard [Pikeman] Ardsley
MILNER, Mr [Musketeer] Worsborough
MIRFIELD, Mr [Pikeman] Thurgoland
MORTON, Francis [Musketeer] Thurgoland
MOSLEY, Joseph [Musketeer] Cumberworth
NEWTON, John [Musketeer] Langsett
OXLEY, John [Musketeer] Shafton
PRINCE, Mrs [Pikeman] Ardsley
PRINCE, John [Pikeman] Woolley
RAMSDEN, Thomas [Musketeer] Cudworth
RAMSDEN, Thomas [Pikeman] Hemsworth
RAWSON, John [Musketeer non app] Dodworth
RHOADES, Thomas [Musketeer] Barnsley
RICH, Daniel [Pikeman] Thurlestone
RICH, Silvanus [Pikeman] Thurlestone
ROOKE John [non app] Bargh
SANDERSON, John [Musketeer] Hoylandswaine
SENIOR, Thomas [Musketeer] Dodworth
SKYERS, William [Musketeer] Worsborough
SLACK, Richard [Musketeer] Ryhill
SMITH, Robert [Musketeer] Cawthorne
SOTWELL, John [Pikeman] Hoylandswaine
SWALLOW, Matthew [Pikeman non app] Clayton
USHER, Mrs [Pikeman] Barnsley
WALD, Thomas [Musketeer] Barnsley
WALKER, George [Musketeer] Hunshelf
WHEATLEY, Mary [Pikeman] Woolley
WILSON, Mrs [Pikeman] Thurlestone
WOOD, George [Musketeer] Monk Bretton
WOOD, Mrs [Musketeer] Silkstone
WORDSWORTH, John [Musketeer] Langsett
WORDSWORTH, Josias [Musketeer] Hunshelf
WORDSWORTH, Richard [Musketeer non app] Penistone
WORDSWORTH, Issac [Pikeman] Stainborough

Copyright © Denise Oyston 1997. All rights reserved.